What are the kinds of global warming?

Types of globalization

There are many symptoms of climate change however the two types that need to be distinguished are anthropogenic (human activity induced) and geological.

,Geological comes from such things as volcanic eruptions, asteroid impacts and natural cycles.

Historically, for example, our planet has been a dirty little snowball a few times however each time continuing volcanic emissions have reversed it.

,In a sense the Earthu2019s inhabitants have always affected the climate.

The evolution of bacteria affected the atmosphere via their emissions and, as other life such as plants evolved, there was more change.

There were always winners and losers but the pace allowed life to comfortably evolve and continue.

,This distinguishing factor between then and now was this happened sufficiently slowly that ecosystems had a chance to evolve with the change.

Whatu2019s different this time is human activity is inducing such rapid change that evolution canu2019t keep up.

,This applies to every facet of life from species to the evolution of our civilisations.

Natural systems change isnu2019t linear.

There are tipping points where a system goes from one state to another (E.


The Atlantic conveyor ceasing to flow.

),The only precedents for this are the mass extinctions induced by asteroid impacts and each time the dominant species disappeared.

Characteristics such as fast breeding and hogging of resources that once assisted a species colonisation of the planet became a liability.

,Whatever happens life will continue on this planet (short of us irradiating it so itu2019s uninhabitable) however the homo sapiens place is not reserved and could easily cease to exist.

Examples of globalization

What are the best examples for globalization?Globalization, in simple terms can be defined as the free movement of labour, capital (both investment & working capital), technology, entrepreneurship, goods & services across national borders - guided by the market forces of supply and demand.

,Just like the way India was forced to embrace Globalization in 1990s when the nation was in the verge of bankruptcy, United Kingdom has its own story of globalization.

,In the beginning of the 19th century, as a part of the ongoing Anglo-french rivalry, Napolu00e9on Bonaparte enforced the Continental System across the mainland Europe through Berlin Decree (and later Milan Decree).

By these decree, he restrained countries of mainland Europe from trading with UK.

This compelled the British to look for trading opportunities outside Europe.

This would prove to be a driver for British Industrialization, renewed conquest for colonies and embrace of free trade.

,Here is a description of a single interesting episode.

In 19th century, British had set up Rubber plantations in Malay peninsula.

But, how did they do it?,From the study of natural regions of the world, it became clear that similarly circumstanced distant places across the world share the same climatic parameters.

The British applied this idea and embanked on an experiment and brought natural rubber from the Amazon rainforest (Brazil) and planted them in Malay.

Essentially, the entrepreneurship and capital were contributed by the British.

They brought in cheap labourers from neighbouring India and China.

Natural rubber, thus grown was exported to British industrial towns like Liverpool and Manchester.

,Here you can see all aspects of globalization:,Labour: From India & China to Malay,Entrepreneurship and capital: From London to Malay,Technology: From Brazil to Malay,Export: From Malay to Britain,Profits & Dividends: From Malay to Britain,Remittance / repatriation: From Malay to China & India,Even today, Malaysia is among the top producers of natural rubber.

(It is noteworthy that Brazil is not among the major producers of rubber).

Also, about 30% of todays Malaysian population (23% Chinese and 7% Indians) could be traced back to the British initiated migration wave in 19th century for working in plantations (among others).

,What a legacy!,Hope you enjoyed the story.

Globalization definition Economics

I am against Globalization because I know that I have need for my nation state the USA.

At this moment it is defending me against an Epidemic coming in from China (2/15/2020) and that need doesnu2019t go away when the epidemic is gone as there is always another threat like it.

I am against it because the oligarchs of China will steal my economy if the USA doesnu2019t stand in the way.

I am against it because in laws one size doesnu2019t fit all.

Shall I go on.

Globalism is a very dangerous and very bad idea in government.

History of globalization

Maybe we should think of globalization as another form of global capitalism, although globalization may have distributed the worldu2019s products to everyone on Earth, it may have also contributed to social and economic inequality, and, also, empowered the 1% over the 99% of the population who created and purchased these products.

,Yes, the above is not appealing but it may be too bluntu2026maybe because for every successful endeavor, there will be negative implications/outcomes of that endeavor ?

Characteristics of globalization

Really there is only one aspect of globalization.

,The ability to communicate and travel to anywhere on the globe in a short period of time.

,This implies a lot.

No longer are people separated by distance.

One can know people on the other side of the globe (think Facebook).

One can interact efficiently with anyone anywhere.

One does not have to limit one to something u201ccloseu201d.

Everywhere is close.

,I live on a street.

Just because someone lives in the house next door does not limit me to that someone.

,I live in Sidney, OH.

Just because Piqua is a u201cneighboru201d does not limit me to just Piqua.

,I live in Ohio.

Just because Indiana is a u201cneighboru201d does not limit me to just Indiana.

,I live in the USA.

Just because Canada is a u201cneighboru201d does not limit me to just Canada.


, etc.

,THAT is globalization.

Effects of globalization

A horribel side effect of globalisation is that companies look for places where they can produce cheaply.

Child labour, health hazards or environmental damage are only issues in their home country and they usually pride themselves for being an excellent corporate citizen.

However, when they can get away with it, they exploit all the resources of a country, both human and natural.

Globalisation shows the most ugly face of capitalism.

What is globalization PDF

u201cu2026,Betul Yalcin,Essay MSc.

Comparative Social Policy Programme,University of Oxford, 2009,What is globalisation and in what ways does globalization affect social policy ?,In its general definition, globalization can be defined as an extensive network of,economic, cultural, social and political interconnections and processes which goes beyond,national boundariesu2019 (Yeates 2001) However its agreed that globalization u2018is not a policy,option but a fact to which policy makers must adaptu2019 (Wells 2004)u2026,ud83dudc4d,u2026u201d