How do I get a small business licence?

How do you get a business license

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Theyu2019ll help you fill out the form.




,But on the off chance that you werenu2019t looking for information about this one tiny corner of Central Europe, you might want to ask a more specific question seeing as this is an international website.

,Or, you know what? Letu2019s be honest here.

If this is how youu2019re doing your research and it didnu2019t occur to you to ask a lawyer, a friendly local business owner, or Google, then this might not be the right time to quit your job and go all in on a business.

How to start a business as a kid

Before I write the answer, some quick overview about me.

,I am Ritesh & I started my first company at 13 and currently turned 19 while I run Oravel.

com - Indias #1 and fastest growing marketplace of clean, comfy, affordable rooms + strong management team (Ivy, IIT & large company alum) with a growth of over 20% every week + successfully raised investments from Venture Nursery (Fund backed by some very accomplished angels in India including Shravan Shroff (Fame Cinemas Founder), Ravi Kiran (Ex Starcom CEO) etc !),---nNow to answer:,- Its all about passion.

Being a 16yr old; dating women, partying, studying etc could be ideas.

But the love for running a company, solving a problem, have millions use your product is something one needs.

If one persists that below are things you could look at!,- Meet people whore running companies .


meet a lot of them.

I used to attend every conference of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and talk A LOT with those people i.



I met Mr Sanjeev Bikhchandani from Indias most accomplished Indian companies - turned out to be one of my first idols.

,- WORK WITH STARTUPS/ENTREPRENURS :No matter how smart, cool, great youre - there is no substitute to real experience.

Meet and work with entrepreneurs; thats where youll learn great basics of running a company and yes, awesome connections on your way ahead.

,- Use your advantages: Some great advantages of starting at 18 - youre frugal; you can afford to be (fun bit: you dont need to pay for anything other than your girl friends bills, if you end up having one :D), try something wild and new (for example Facebook (product)) & get all your smart friends to work with you!,Having said it all, there is no hard and fast rule to start a company at 18.

I am a strong believer of Paulo Coelhos: And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

,So, stop thinking and be awesome instead.



I am the finalist invite to SF from Peter Thiel (businessman)(Facebooks 1st Investor) for The Thiel Foundations 20under20 where he invests $100,000 in 20 Entrepreneurs under the age of 20 - Strongly recommend.

,My 0.


How to start a small business as a teenager

Iu2019ll speak from personal experience.

,Iu2019m 17 years old.

Iu2019m currently involved in two startups.

They have nothing in common and exist in different industries.

,The first startup was part of a competition that ran across my country.

We as winners of the competition had the support of a billionaire and his entity.

It quickly grabbed the attention of supporters.

After we won, many things went smoothly.

Weu2019re currently in an incubator and moving to an accelerator summer of 2019.

Our product should be out by 2020 or earlier hopefully.

,As for my second startup, I solely run it at this point in time.

Iu2019m currently developing the website, and hopefully by February 2019 Iu2019ll have funding for my venture.

,To get back to your question; as a teenager you need to be open.

You canu2019t think like the rest of your age group if you want to start a business.

Most teenagers party and waste time, while the other half focus only on academics.

,Find a need to solve, or create a need and solve it.

If you canu2019t find a need, do something your passionate about.

I know that most teenagers have a tight budget, and canu2019t spend a ton of money to start a business.

Thatu2019s why I recommend you read u201cThe $100 startupu201d.

This book shows you how many different individuals started their business, and have returned over $100k in yearly revenue with a $100 dollars.

,Any person can start a business, but not everyone can run the business.

There are tons of books that you can read to gain knowledge over businesses and startups.

Being a teenager is not a constrain, unless you choose to view it as one.

,Me being a teenager has only motivated me to work harder and look for ways to boost my creativity.

,One extra thing.

Youu2019ll make many mistakes, donu2019t let them bring you down.

The smartest and most successful individuals are the ones who mistake the most and learn from their faults.

Many people will talk, and criticize you.

Theyu2019ll try to enforce their opinions on you, donu2019t allow them to do so.

Donu2019t accept any criticism that isnu2019t constructive.

,Thanks for reading this far, and I wish you the best in all your ventures.