How do you get VC or angel funding for a start-up idea?

How to start a eCommerce business without money

The best funding you can get for the idea is that first paying customerIf you get that one paying customer, you are off to the races (it is very hard, trust me).

You have a reference for future clients, validation for your offering, feedback for improvement, proof of concept for investors, and so on.

As they say, money follows money.

,Itu2019s strange that most entrepreneurs focus on funding rather than their first customer, which is why they usually donu2019t succeed.

How to register an ecommerce business

please send me a brief description how to start a ecommerce buisness in india by legal means

Starting an ecommerce business from scratch

If you are reading this you might have got tired of the monotonous 9-5 job.

Do you feel itu2019s time to change your life?,Imagine - sitting in your living room and making millions in your pajamas.

Or maybe renting that awesome office downtown and leading the whole team?,For all that to become a reality you only need fast web hosting, a domain, and a website.

So Itu2019s all up to you!,Actually, itu2019s perfect timing to jump into the eCommerce train.

By the year 2040, researchers are predicting that 95% of purchases will be made from the web.

,So if you plan to build your eCommerce business yourself, letu2019s get our hands dirty!,Coming up with an ideaFirst and foremost - you have to come up with an idea.

What will your business be about? What do you want to sell? You can brainstorm, research businesses for inspiration, do a survey, or even talk with your friends for inspiration.

,You must be passionate about the thing you want to sell.

After all, youu2019ll have to work on it day by day and convince your customers that they need it in their life.

,Finding your productSince products are the core element of the eCommerce business, you will have to spend a fair amount of time researching it.

Finding the right product can be tricky if you donu2019t know what you are doing.

Hereu2019s where you can start:,Use google trends.

As the name suggests, you can check what is trending at the moment.

Type in any keyword, and look whether people are looking for it on google.

If you see that itu2019s trending, thatu2019s a good sign, and you can go for it! However, you need to catch the latest trends rather than going for something that has been popular for a while.

Chances are many others who are already selling it.

,Is it easy to get? The more popular the product, the less successful you will be while trying to sell it due to the competitive market.

Donu2019t go for such things as books or basic t-shirts; there are already thousands, if not millions of retailers selling that.

,Look for a niche.

Your main task is to find an underfilled niche, and supply to that.

Maybe you have already looked for a product and couldnu2019t find where to buy it? Perhaps itu2019s not sold in your county? Those are the products that are going to sell.

,Solve a customer problem.

Another approach to finding the right product is finding what problems customers have.

You can go through other storesu2019 reviews and collect valuable feedback.

Maybe there is something specific customers need, but itu2019s nowhere to find.

,Product sourcingAfter you come up with a product idea, you need to find the supplier.

There are a few main ways of how you can get your products:,Making it.

You can easily sell your handmade products in your online store.

Making your products is great because you have total brand and price control.

However, itu2019s very time-consuming.

,Manufacturing it.

Simply put, you find a manufacturer to make your product for you.

Itu2019s an excellent choice for someone who has a unique idea of a product that doesnu2019t yet exist.

You have total control over quality and quantity.

However, it requires significant investments upfront, which comes with considerable risk.


Here you buy other brandsu2019 products at wholesale discounted rates and sell them on your store.

Itu2019s a pretty straightforward solution.


Itu2019s a very trendy way of handling your online store.

You sell products which you never come in contact with.

It goes straight from the manufacturer to a customer, and you act as intermediate.

Itu2019s great because you almost donu2019t need any investments.

However, the competition is pretty fierce.

,Creating your websiteA website is going to be the primary tool, which you will use for your business.

Donu2019t worry; even if you have never made a website, with some guidance, you can do it easily.

,First of all, you need to decide which platforms you will make your website on.

Here is a great tutorial, which will help choosing the best platform for you.

,I personally would recommend using WooCommerce, which is an eCommerce plugin for a WordPress platform.

,Since you are making an online store, the speed of your website is of the utmost importance.

Shoppers wonu2019t wait around if your website load time is too long.

,It should load in no more than 4 seconds; however, the faster it is, the better.

With every reduced load second, your bounce rate decreases, and you generate more sales.

,Not only that, but website speed significantly affects your SEO ratings.

The faster it is, the higher your store will rank on google.

,In order to make a website, you will need to buy a hosting plan and a domain.

Make sure that the host you choose is fast and has 99.

9% uptime.

Fast web host servers will significantly increase the overall performance of your website.

,For example, with Hostingeru2019s LiteSpeed cache plugins and SSD drives, your website will load at lightning speed.

And all that comes at a great price too - starting only from $0.

99 per month.

,You might even get a free domain name together with the plan!,Donu2019t forget the security measures either.

Since you are going to deal with customersu2019 payment information, your site becomes more vulnerable.

Your host will provide some basic security features such as SSL, but you need to set a lot of it yourself, and here is how.

,Customer serviceCustomers often abandon their cart if there isnu2019t an option to reach out for customer support.

The good news is that there are several ways to prevent that!,First of all, try to include as much information as possible on your site.

That will help to decrease the number of repetitive questions that could have been answered directly on the website.

,A well-written FAQ could help with answering important questions like shipping, payment methods, returns policy, product qualities, and many others.

,For more complicated queries, you could opt for an email form, connected to the u201ccontact usu201d button.

,However, if you think that online assistance is a must for your clients - then you should invest in human resources.

Either phone or chat support will require someone constantly on call.

,Marketing strategyAfter you are done with technicalities - itu2019s time to spread the word.

E-commerce marketing can be tricky, but there are a few main points that I recommend doing right away.

,The key to an eCommerce marketing strategy is finding the right channels.

Find where your customers are gathering, advertise yourself there, and blow up your sales.

,I know it sounds easier said than done, but Google Analytics and tools like Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin helps you to track all your sales and see where your customers are coming from.

,After you have those insights, you can start planning your ad campaigns - Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, or anything else.

Only through trial and error, youu2019ll know for sure what works the best.

,Donu2019t forget to implement SEO for better search results and keep an active social media presence for better brand recognition!

How to start an ecommerce business on Amazon

Thereu2019s no one tip for that, business is all about experience.

Simply get into it and give your 110% even 200 percent.

,Better to learn every model of Amazon before getting into it:,Amazon PL(Private Label),Amazon Wholesale,Online Arbitrage,Retail Arbitrage,Drop-shipping,Handmade,I recommend Private label cause you got more control over it.

Itu2019s gonna be your own brand.

Also categories into two further sections: FBA and FBM.

Fulfilment by amazon is highly recommended because Amazon take cares of returns and orders everything, charges a fee for that but you donu2019t need rush for anything.

FBM also recommended but it requires a lil work.

Research, join fb groups, youtube is also a great source of free knowledge.

Learn, experience.

,WHY I RECOMMEND PL OVER ANY OTHER BUSINESS MODEL? Just a simple and understandable reason that i have been providing my services to the real sellers, who are already selling on Amazon and believe me if you really wanna win Amazon PL is the way to go.

I provide, product research, sourcing, even listing and ranking services and they are loving it.

So, PL if you really wanna get something in your plate.

How to start ecommerce business PDF

Cashing in on the Ecommerce BoomE-commerce is just another word for business transactions that happen online.

Popular e-commerce websites include Amazon, Zappos, eBay, Overstock, and others.

Itu2019s a billion dollar industry that continues to grow with each passing year.

,According to the United States Census Bureau, e-commerce sales for retailers were over 340 billion in 2015, the most recent year to date.

To learn more about e-commerce data, download this PDF, E-Stats 2015: Measuring the Electronic Economy.

,The exciting thing about e-commerce is that it levels the playing field.

Fifty years ago, you would have needed a large amount of capital to start your own business.

You would have spent that capital by renting a store, buying inventory, paying for advertising, hiring employees, and more.

,Thanks to e-commerce, you donu2019t need to have deep pockets to get into business.

What you need now is a desire to serve customers and a strong work ethic.

If you have these two traits, then you can become part of the e-commerce movement.

,Choosing a Niche,The first thing you need to consider when starting an e-commerce store is what your niche will be.

Picking a niche will allow you to focus your e-commerce shop on a particular customer or a specific type of product.

,Amazon originally started as an online bookstore.

Zappos began by offering only shoes to their customers.

Biz Chair only offered office furniture, when it first launched.

,Now, all three of those shops are household names and they offer a variety of products.

By focusing on a small demographic early on, they were able to build their brands as they earned the trust of their customers.

,When you choose a niche, you should start by looking at what youu2019re passionate about.

If you hate being in the kitchen, starting a business that sells cookware wonu2019t work out well for you in the long run.

,Spend a few minutes brainstorming and try to come up with 5-7 ways you like to spend your time.

Choose the activities that light you up and leave you feeling fulfilled.

,Think about what you would do if you were given $10,000 to use any way youu2019d like right now.

Maybe youu2019d spend it on computer equipment.

Maybe youu2019d purchase a new set of golf clubs.

Maybe youu2019d use it to travel for a week.

,Keep in mind that you donu2019t have to focus on an existing passion.

You can explore a niche youu2019ve always wanted to learn more about and build a business at the same time.

,When you have a niche in mind, start thinking about the problems you could solve.

For example, you decide to focus on healthy eating and fitness.

You look around and realize thereu2019s a huge market of people who want to get fit, but they have medical conditions that make it difficult to exercise or eat right.

Maybe you even have a medical problem of your own that allows you to relate to your audience.

,So, as you think up problems, pause to list them.

Some problems you could solve for your niche might include:,u2022tEasy Meal Prep for Diabetics,u2022tWorkouts for People Who Are Immobile,u2022tExercises for Patients with Back Pain,u2022tFitness Activities for Asthmatics,u2022tHealthy Snacks for People with Allergies,Researching Your Competition,Now that you have a few ideas in mind, itu2019s time to look around for your competition.

If youu2019re considering a niche and you canu2019t find any competition, be careful.

A niche without any competitors may indicate that youu2019ve stumbled upon an unprofitable market.

,When you find a niche that has plenty of competitors, make a list of sites and industry leaders who are popular.

Note common themes, how big their following is, and what topics they regularly cover.

Then list what they arenu2019t focusing on.

This can help you spot gaps in the market so you can stand out.

,Next, go beyond websites and start exploring social media.

Which sites have the biggest followings?,Do they spend most of their time promoting their products on Facebook? Do they use Instagram or Pinterest?,Which one seems to be getting them the most traction?,As you research your competition, observe what theyu2019re doing right and whatu2019s working for them.

For example, you might notice a fitness website has a ton of followers on Instagram but isnu2019t active on Pinterest.

This may mean that your audience prefers to get their content through Instagram and not Pinterest.

,Of course, once you start your own website, youu2019ll want to test these theories.

You may even discover that what works for one site doesnu2019t necessarily work for yours.

,Keep in mind that every niche has their influencers, too.

You want to spend time examining these people.

They can help shape the direction your industry goes in.

But donu2019t just research influencers; look for up-and-comers, too.

These people arenu2019t quite at the top of their game yet.

,But they usually have a solid social media presence, a well-written blog, or vlog, and a website packed with information.

These influencers are happy to talk about your niche as well as where they see it going, within the next few years.

If youu2019re willing to listen, they can give you some amazing tips that will allow you to position your e-commerce site for success.

,Donu2019t let your research lead to feeling threatened by others who are seeing success in your niche.

Many well-known solopreneurs and small businesses work together behind-the-scenes.

In fact, these sites occasionally promote each other using affiliate links.

,The reason they do this is because one person or one business canu2019t serve everyone in a niche.

And even if they could, customers like options.

After all, there are dozens of burger chains serving customers and making millions.

,Doing your research will also help you narrow down exactly who you want to serve.

A website centered around fitness advice for anyone with a chronic illness might be too general.

Instead, you may want to focus on selling health and wellness gear and aim it strictly toward diabetics.

,Remember that you may start with one niche and find yourself broadening your site later on.

For example, Amazon no longer sells just books.

It can be a good thing to expand your e-commerce shop when the time is right.

Evaluating Your Ideas,Youu2019ve found a niche that you can serve and youu2019re excited.

But itu2019s not enough to be passionate about your idea.

You have to make sure that consumers will want what youu2019re offering; otherwise, even huge amounts of marketing wonu2019t be able to save your business.

,You can begin your evaluation by doing some keyword research.

If youu2019re not familiar with this process, itu2019s about analyzing the keywords people use to find products and services.

,The best tool to use for keyword research is Googleu2019s Keyword Tool.

This is a free service but you do need a Google account to login.

Click on u201cSearch for new keywords using a phrase, website, or categoryu201d and enter your keywords.

,Google will display your results and even go a step further by providing you with related keywords.

These keywords can provide even more insight into what consumers are searching for.

,Another helpful way to evaluate your idea is to join online groups where your ideal customers hang out.

For example, you may want to join a Facebook group of avid swimmers, if your products will be geared toward this demographic.

,Pay attention to the posts people in the group ae making.

Are they complaining about a problem that you product would fix?Do they like an existing product but wish it functioned differently?,What questions are beginners asking? How about advanced swimmersu2014what do they need?,One big mistake to avoid when evaluating an idea is asking friends or family for feedback.

They may give your product or website glowing reviews.

This can lead you to believe your idea is going to make you a lot of money or that your project is perfect the way it is.

,Your family and friends mean well.

But they donu2019t want to risk hurting your feelings.

They want to encourage you and see you succeed with your idea.

Add in the fact that most of your friends and family wonu2019t be in your target demographic and you have a recipe for disaster.

,Another helpful technique for marketing analysis is sending out a survey.

To get people to participate, you may want to offer the chance to win a grand prize.

This prize should appeal to many people.

Examples might be a gift card to a certain store or a big-ticket item, like an Xbox.

,If you donu2019t want to offer a grand prize, you could instead give each participant something in exchange for their time.

For example, you might give people a free sample of your product or you might offer a discount code they can use on your website.

,Keep in mind that you want people who are in your target demographic to take your survey.

Youu2019ll get skewed results if you invite just anybody take your survey.

Focus on the people youu2019re excited to serve and listen to their responses.

Theyu2019re the ones who really matter.

,Finding Hot Products to SellWhen it comes to e-commerce, you want to sell products that are popular or on the verge of becoming popular.

Picking hot products means itu2019s easier to make a sale and you have to spend less time marketing because the product often sells itself.

,But how do you find these hot products and tap into these up-and-comer ones? Thatu2019s where a little research can come in handy.

The first place to look is on Google Trends.

,Google monitors various keywords and can tell you how popular they are at any given time.

,You can even use trends to compare whatu2019s popular now and what was popular a few years ago.

This can give you plenty of insights into the niche youu2019re targeting.

,Another way to research hot product is to use Amazon.

You may not know this but Amazon has best-seller lists for each product category.

These lists allow you to see what the top 100 products are and it ranks them for you.

,To find these lists, go to Google and type in u2018Amazon Best-Seller List for (Product)u2019 without quotes.

Use a general niche to get the best results.

For example, try u2018Amazon Best-Seller List for Makeupu2019 in Google.

Youu2019ll see best-seller lists for Best Face Makeup, Best Eye Makeup, Best Makeup Sets and more.

,You can also find what the newest releases are on Amazon.

Go to Google and use the phrase u2018Amazon Hot New Releases (Niche)u2019 without quotes.

For example, you might look for u2018Amazon Hot New Releases Toysu2019.

This will show you the newest releases in toys and games.

,But thatu2019s not all.

Amazon also keeps a list of u2018Most Wished Foru2019 items according to niche.

You can find these lists by searching for them.

Use the phrase u2018Amazon Most Wished For (Item Category)u2019 without quotes.

So you might look up u2018Amazon Most Wished for Womenu2019s Shoesu2019.

This will give you plenty of ideas about what products your niche really craves.

,Obtaining Your Products,When it comes to creating your products, you have a few different options.

The first option is to make it yourself.

This is a good choice if youu2019d like to be involved in every stage of production and you can get the materials to create your product.

,Youu2019ll also need the knowledge and experience to do it yourself.

You can either learn through online videos or by taking classes locally.

Products you may want to make yourself include jewelry, lotions, soaps, cosmetics, and other items.

,The second option is to buy wholesale.

When you buy wholesale, you purchase a product thatu2019s already been made but you buy it in bulk.

If you purchase a lot of the product or if the product is big, you may have to rent a space to store it in.

,The disadvantage of buying wholesale is that you need a significant amount of cash in advance.

But you do save money since youu2019re paying in bulk.

This savings can translate into bigger profits for your business.

However, itu2019s risky because if your product doesnu2019t sell then youu2019ve lost a lot of money.

,The third option to consider is drop-shipping.

When you get a customeru2019s order, you collect payment and send the information to the drop-shipping company.

You pay the drop-shipper and the company puts your customeru2019s product in the mail.

,The advantage of drop-shipping is that you donu2019t have to worry about inventory or associated costs.

You can simply focus on marketing and advertising your e-commerce website.

,However, the disadvantage of drop-shipping is that your profit margin is smaller.

You also have less control over your product.

If thereu2019s a problem, you may not know about it, until your customer lodges a complaint.

,Evaluating Wholesale Suppliers & Dropship VendorsIf you donu2019t want to be responsible for making products yourself, then youu2019ll need a wholesale supplier or dropship vendor.

But you donu2019t want to pick just any supplier or vendor.

You want a company thatu2019s going to be reliable and trustworthy.

,You can start your search by looking at the manufacturer of the items youu2019d like to stock.

Call the company and ask if they offer wholesale or drop-shipping services.

If they offer one or both of these services, ask about a minimum order.

,Most large manufacturers prefer to do business with large companies and have strict minimum order requirements.

If the company isnu2019t right for you, thank the representative youu2019re speaking with and move on.

,Keep in mind that when it comes to suppliers, the price you pay depends on the size of your order.

If you only order 100 units, donu2019t expect to get rock bottom prices.

The way it works in wholesale and drop-shipping is that the bigger your order is, the bigger your discount will be.

,You can find plenty of suppliers and distributors by attending trade shows, searching directories like Worldwide Brands, or looking in trade magazines.

If you already have contacts in the wholesale or drop-shipping industry, reach out to them and ask for guidance.

,If possible, arrange a face-to-face meeting with your supplier.

This lets you get to know the people behind the company and gives a chance to get a feel for their personality.

Remember, youu2019ll be working closely with your supplier in the coming years.

This means you need to be polite and professional in all of your dealings with each other.

,Steer clear of companies or individuals that have a constantly changing business name.

If your supplier re-invents themselves every 2-3 years, itu2019s a sign they may not be using the best business practices.

,Popular Platforms for Selling Products,Regardless of what products youu2019re selling, youu2019ll need a platform that allows you to accept e-commerce transactions.

The good news is there are a variety of solutions you can try.

With so many options, youu2019re sure to find one you like.

,Shopify,Shopify is an online e-commerce website.

You can use it to open your online store.

The advantage of using Shopify is that their software is simple and easy to use.

You wonu2019t have to spend hours learning how to use complicated software.

,Big Commerce,Big Commerce allows you to create an online store through their website.

Not only can you create a beautiful store, but you can also see detailed analytics.

This data can help you determine which products are your most popular and profitable.

,Magento,Magento is open-source software that can be used as an e-commerce solution.

If youu2019re not techy, Magento can create your store on their server.

This prevents outages and other hosting problems.

If youu2019d rather have complete control, you can download the software and install it on your site yourself.

However, you may need a programmer to help.

,Big Cartel,Big Cartel is another e-commerce solution.

Itu2019s different in one key wayu2014you donu2019t have to transaction or listing fees.

Instead, you pay one hosting fee a month and youu2019re done.

But there is one downside to Big Cartelu2014it doesnu2019t support shops that have over 300 items for sale.

So if you plan to grow your commerce store, you may have to move later on.

,WooCommerce,WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that you can use on your website.

When a customer places an order, sheu2019ll sign up for an account and checkout.

After the transaction is completed, youu2019ll get an email in your inbox informing you of the order.

,Other Ways to Sell Your Products,If you donu2019t want to open an e-commerce store to sell your products, donu2019t worry.

You can always join an existing e-commerce shop and sell your items that way.

Here are a few sites that welcome independent sellers:,Amazon,The advantage of becoming an Amazon seller is that youu2019re siphoning traffic from one of the biggest websites in the world.

Youu2019ll also be associated with the Amazon brand, which customers already know and trust.

,eBay,eBay is a good place to sell items that have been discontinued, are rare, or collectible items.

But you have to study your competitors and make sure youu2019re pricing your items correctly.

If you price too high, customers may not buy your product.

If you price too low, potential customers may worry thereu2019s a defect in the product.

,Rakuten,Rakuten is a global marketplace that was started by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997.

It generates over seven hundred billion dollars each year and for a small monthly fee, you can list your products for sale on Rakuten.

,Alibaba,Alibaba is an online site where consumers and businesses can shop.

Although you may not have heard of this site, itu2019s more profitable than Amazon and Wal-Mart.

It also offers a more robust product line and is trusted by consumers.

,3 Essentials Your E-Commerce Business Needs,Youu2019ve decided on your branding.

You know what products youu2019ll be selling.

Youu2019ve chosen an e-commerce solution and you feel like youu2019re ready to start your business.

Before you fulfill your first order, there are a few more things your business needs.

,Business Plan,Just because your business is online doesnu2019t mean you should skip the invaluable step of creating a business plan.

Your business plan is a bit like a GPS device.

It helps you chart your course so you can arrive at your intended destination.

,So, start thinking about your e-commerce business.

What do you want it to look like in 5 years? Do you want to be a small family owned business? Do you want to grow into a big industry name with thousands of employees? Will your business be a part-time or full-time operation?,When you have a clear vision guiding you, itu2019s easier to make the day-to-day decisions that come up as youu2019re running your business.

Take a moment right now and make an appointment to write out your own business plan this week.

,Bookkeeping Solution,If you want a successful business, you have to know how much money youu2019re spending and how much youu2019re earning.

Without this vital information, youu2019re flying blind.

You have no idea if youu2019re making a profit or if youu2019re losing money.

,You can do your own bookkeeping yourself using financial software.

Some good options include QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and GNUCash.

,Keep in mind that you donu2019t have to do your own accounting if you donu2019t want to.

You can hire a professional bookkeeper.

This can be helpful because a bookkeeper will be aware of taxes and laws that apply to your small business.

,Coach or Mentor,There are always a hundred decisions to make when it comes to your business.

Thatu2019s where a business coach or mentor can come in.

A coach or mentor has years of experience and plenty of wisdom to share, if youu2019re willing to listen.

,A good coach will help you make sure youu2019ve set up your business correctly and guide you through common problems.

For example, if your supplier didnu2019t deliver your order and has become unresponsive, you might freak out.

,This is a great opportunity to call on your coach.

Your mentor can calm your nerves and give you a clear action plan so you know exactly what to do.

,Tips for Marketing Your E-Commerce SiteOnce you have your store set up, youu2019ll need to spend time marketing and promoting your business.

Even if youu2019re on a huge platform and youu2019re getting good traction, you still want to inspire brand loyalty in your customers.

,A simple way to promote your business is to use content marketing and search engine optimization.

You can do this by having a blog you keep regularly updated.

Your blog content should be in the same niche as your store.

If you sell pet supplies, then your blog should be about pet care.

This gives you the chance to educate your readers and point them toward your products at the same time.

,As soon as you have a blog, start a mailing list.

Your email list allows you to contact your subscribers about sales youu2019re running, new products you have available, and discounts youu2019re offering.

,When you have a mailing list and blog with some content, itu2019s time to get on social media.

You should be on several different platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Use hashtags to find and share relevant content.

,How to Scale Your BusinessScaling a business is all about growing it without creating more work for the owner.

This gives you the freedom and time to focus on activities that bring in profits.

,The biggest step to scaling your business is to improve the customer experience.

As soon as your customer makes a purchase, they should be sent two emails.

,The first one should be a confirmation of their order.

The second one should let them know whatu2019s happening with your order.

But you shouldnu2019t be sending these emails yourself.

They should be part of an automated campaign thatu2019s triggered as soon as a new order arrives.

This saves you time and reduces customer follow-up,You should also focus on how to improve shipping.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to offer email or SMS notifications.

This way your customer will be aware of whatu2019s happening to their purchase every step of the way.

To do this, you can use a service like Twilio or Phone Tree.

,Regardless of what products you offer, you need a backup way to complete orders.

This can be done through a third party fulfillment service.

You may have to pay a little more and you may even lose money on a transaction but itu2019s a great customer service move.

When customers are satisfied, they return to your shop again and again.

,Best Practices for E-Commerce Shops,The most important part of running an e-commerce shop is making it simple and easy for customers to check out.

It doesnu2019t matter how great your products are, if customers canu2019t easily checkout, theyu2019ll get frustrated and leave before the transaction is finished.

Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by following these best practices.

,Use multiple payment gateways.

When you only accept one type of payment, it can lead customers to abandon their cart.

Try to offer at least 2-3 different payment gateways.

That way, your customer can pick the one they prefer to use.

,Offer affordable and quick shipping options.

When your customer is ready to checkout, the first thing they look for are your shipping choices.

They want to know when they can expect their item and how much youu2019ll charge for this service.

Give customers several options so they can choose the one that works best for their needs.

,Minimize page load time.

More consumers are making purchases from their tablets or smart phones than ever before.

This means that your page load time is important.

If your shop takes too long to load, then your potential customer is likely to move on.

,Keep your checkout speedy.

Your customeru2019s transaction is more likely to be completed if your checkout requires only a few screens.

Ideally, it should be no more than 3 pages of informationu2014one for the customer information, a second one for the payment gateway, and the third for shipping options.

,Make customer service accessible.

Donu2019t make your customers hunt for a contact number or email address.

This information should be visible on every page of your site.

If you outsource customer support, be sure to train your representatives so theyu2019re fast, knowledgeable, and friendly.

,Major retailers are shutting down local stores, citing customer preferences for shopping online as one of the main factors.

Big-name closings include JCPenney with 138 stores, Payless ShoeSource with 512+ stores, RadioShack with 1,000 stores, and others.

With the number of online buyers increasing, it will literally pay to get in on the ecommerce boom as soon as possible.

Use these tips and strategies to start cashing in with your own ecommerce business.

How to start an ecommerce business like Amazon

If you have any past experience in developing a website or app you might be aware that the cost of development is decided on the time it takes to develop.

Time is money is considered literally in web and app development.

,So instead of finding the development cost derive the timeline of development and then multiply it with the per hour developer cost.

A good e-commerce developer from WebClues Infotech would charge around $15 - $40 per hour depending on the type of work.

,You can also check out the detailed development guide along with a detailed timeline at webcluesinfotech.

com/how-to-build-an-ecommerce-website-like-amazon-ebayThe development timeline of the e-commerce platformThe above approximate timeline for an e-commerce website and app can be referred to below.

The timeline mentioned above should not be considered final as there are various factors that can decrease or increase the timeline.

,I hope I was able to clarify the cost to develop an e-commerce platform.

To get an exact cost feel free to reach out to us at WebClues Infotech.

Ecommerce business from home

please send me a brief description how to start a ecommerce buisness in india by legal means