I make a lot of money in cash- how can I best legitimize it as to not get in trouble with the IRS and also not pay a ton of tax?

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Anonymousu2019s answer is goodu2026 but let me put you at rest.

,Many people make money u201call cashu201d u2014 itu2019s not that unusual.

To make it legitimate, well, it is legitimate, since you are earning it lawfully.

You donu2019t need to u201cstartu201d a businessu2026 you already have one! So the issue is not one of having to come out from the shadows or somehow make what you are doing legalu2026 itu2019s already OK.

,What you do have to do is do the things that a good business owner should always do.

That includes these things:,Keep a record of who pays you and for what.

A simple log book or even a calendar would do.

,You should open an account which is only used for the business.

It does not have to be a business account per se.

Just a separate account.

Banks will try to sell you some expensive business account.

No thank you.

A free personal checking account will do just fine.

,Deposit all the cash you receive, intact, on a daily basis.

Donu2019t take some of it for personal use, or pay expenses with it.

Doing that will show a clear trail from your revenue record ( # 1) to the bank.

,Get a debit card or a credit card (preferred) and pay business expenses with it.

Donu2019t use it for personal expenses! Donu2019t pay for business expenses with cash, because itu2019s hard to track.

,For every business expense, get a receipt or invoice.

Have a folder for each month.

On one side of the folder, put your revenue log.

On the other side, put a list of your expenses.

Have an envelope inside the folder with all the receipts.

,Track your travel expense on business related trips, such as going to the store to buy supplies, going to the bank to make deposits, etc.

So, if you drive keep track of the miles driven for business, or your bus fare or subway fare if you use those modes of transport.

,At least once a quarter, summarize your income, and expenses by category ( in other words, prepare a Profit & Loss or Income Statement)u2026 you will need this to figure out your taxes.

,You do NOT need to buy a computer, you do NOT need to pay for an expensive bookkeeping program, you do NOT need QuickBooks.

Use the KISS system- u201ckeep it systematized and simple.

u201d,You must pay estimated income taxes.

They are due quarterly, on April 15, June 15, September 15 and January 15.

For two quarters ( June and September) the estimates are due before the end of the quarteru2026 go figure.


(but they are u201cestimatesu201d only ) Generally, for small businesses, you can figure on somewhere between 25 - 30% of your net profit is due the government.

That sounds outrageous, but you have to pay social security (self employment) taxes which are about 15%, and then federal income tax starts at about 10%.

You also owe State and City taxes.

So depending on where you are on the income ladder, you owe at least a quarter of what you make.

I know, this sounds crushing, but thatu2019s the reality of taxation.

Just figure that you have a partner in the business, a silent, somewhat greedy one.

,You have some expenses you may not have thought of u2014 things like an office in the home, etc.

Because each business is a bit different, income tax rules are complex and confusing and ever changing, you should get a good CPA or EA to help you.

I cannot over-stress the importance of consulting with a good accountant.

They can save you many times their cost.

You need to find one who likes small business clients.

Unfortunately, many CPAs and EAu2019s are more interested in chasing after high dollar clients than helping small business owners.

Find someone who values you as a person and a client.

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Sales and marketing - specifically an automated lead generation and marketing tool.

Thats on top of my current wish list.

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Actually, the best way to purchase a new bimmer is through the European Delivery method (ED).

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Only legit medical expenses that are not reimbursed by your insurance, and exceed 7.

5% of your income, are deductible.

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If you run a business, I am sure that you need to deal with thousands of documents.

Dealing with thousands of documents and signing on those manually, keep tracking signed and non-signed documents, collecting signatures from various parties u2013 I know these are very hazardous.

E-signature programs can solve your all problems.

,Here are my lists of best e-signature apps for business uses:,Best Program: Signaturely - Very effective and easy signature processFrom my personal perspective, Signaturely ranks first because of its comprehensive services regarding e-signature service.

,Its comprehensive services regarding e-signature free you from hazard maintenance.

,You can type, draw, or upload your signature using this program.

Also, team collaboration service makes your office management easier as your team can virtually collaborate in signing.

,This programs best feature is probably the alert service that notifies you about your signed and non-signed documents.

,You can customize the signing schedule as you want.

The price for your business is only $15 per month, but you can even get free access for three months.

Runner Up: Adobe SignAdobe is one of the popular programs which serves customers with various services.

An e-signature service known as Adobe Sign is one of those.

It has many functions and features.

,The monthly package price for small businesses is $34.


Besides, using Adobe Sign is very easy, and it offers an authentication service.

This service ensures that every document meets basic legal requirements.

,Alternative: DocuSignThis program ranks third in my lists because it is very expensive for single users, and it costs $10 per month.

,In contrast, it has a unique feature, and that is the application of Binding Corporate Rules.

BCR is the highest level of certification for data transferring so you can use DocuSign for legal supports.

,Besides, DocuSign integrates a strong encryption technology that can provide your documents with high security.

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Before looking out for investors for a startup, the first thing you must do is the compilation of a spreadsheet that lays numbers behind profitability path.

,Here are the simple steps of building the financial model for the startup:,Separate the signups u2013 make the distinction between the trackable signups and others.

,Calculate conversion rates u2013 calculate one conversion rate for wholesales funnel,Determine the average revenues per account by dividing total monthly revenue with paid customers number you serve during the time,Calculate revenues u2013 multiply the ARPA with average customers number per month,Figure in the expenses u2013 look at suggested expense categories on the template and adjust them to meet your business.

,Calculate SAAS Customer Churn u2013 at the early stage of company growth, start the tracking of customer churn.

It equals the customers number who cancel service over a particular interval divided with the customer number you had at the beginning.

What are business expenses

What are business expense categories?For Businesses, there are five business expense categories that you should pay extra attention to:,Business travels: The authorities are always studying such business travels.

They might ask extra details to explain why those are not also personal activities, and merely business expenses.

Therefore itu2019s important to keep track of your receipts, which also provide a paper trail of your business activities while your employees or yourself are away.

,Meals and entertainment: When you are conducting business meetings on a regular basis, in a hotel, cafe or restaurant, itu2019s a pleasant option to discuss business and bond with relations as well.

Just make sure that you keep track of these expenses (on a daily basis).

A helpful suggestion is to write on the back of the receipt the basic information about meeting or connection, in order to record who attended and the purpose of the meal or outing.

,Vehicle-related expenses: Make sure to record when, where, and why you used the automobile for business purposes, and then apply a percentage of the usage of this vehicle as related expenses.

,Receipts for gifts: When you buy gifts for your business relations, for example, tickets to a football match it matters whether the gift giver goes to the event with the recipient.

If they do, itu2019s better to mention those expenses are categorized as u201centertainmentu201d, rather than a gift.

Note these details on the back of the receipt as well.

,Home office receipts: Keeping your office receipts is similar to the vehicle expenses.

You need to calculate what percentage of your home is used for business and then apply that percentage to home-related expenses.

When you are starting your business from your own home, it provides a good way to keep your overhead low, and it also might qualify you for some unique tax breaks (depending on your country of residence and business).

Youu2019re able to deduct the portion of your home thatu2019s used for business, as well as your internet connection, cell phone, and transportation to and from work sites and for business errands.

,An example that is useful is this Business Expense Excel sample, which shows how to: Every month the expense statement should be authorized by a supervisor before submitted to the Finance Manager or Department.

,Explainer video on this topic: