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Our esteemed Governor and his posseu2019 are treading a very, very thin line and one that could go very badly for them if they arenu2019t careful.

,To sum up the political situation in Virginia, upon winning the Legislature and already having the Governorship the Democrats have issued a slew of prefiled bills into the Virginia House and Senate under which everything under the sun that can be thought of to attack and undermine the Right to Bear Arms.

You can thank Bloomberg for dumping a TON of money into the Democrats coffers for this election cycle.

Just a surface glance across many of these raise eyebrows as they are clearly Unconstitutional or are questionable at best.

,The Democrats entering office are trying to make over 1/2 the state residents Felons overnight.

,An excellent video on some of whatu2019s going on can be summed up by Liberty Doll:,But in short some of the more egregious bills submitted:,Senate Bill 64 - 2020 session > Legislation n- Attempt to ban drilling, parading and marching.

Clear attack on oneu2019s 1st and 2nd amendment Rights and knee-jerk reaction to 2A Rallyu2019s and Protests.

Class 5 felony.

Rife for abuse.

,Senate Bill 16 - https://lis.



exe?201+ful+SB16n- General common Semi-Automatic ban.

Greatly expands 1994 Assault Weapons Ban to a new made up designation called u2018Assault Firearms that is very, very extreme and restrictive.

If itu2019s been made in the past 100 years, it likely wonu2019t be legal outside of maybe a couple bolt action rifles, break-open shotguns (Shotguns cannot hold more than 7 rounds), and some revolvers (no pistols above 50 ounces unloaded, cannot hold more than 7 rounds in a magazine).

Based over largely cosmetic features to include the kitchen sink, only 1 of which is needed to declare a firearm an u2018Assault Firearmu2019.

No grandfathering.

Instant Class 6 felony for owning any commonly owned semi-automatic firearm (to include the AR-15) or any parts thereof that could be used or attached to a firearm to make it a possible u2018Assault Firearmu2019.

n- Further introduces a 10 round magazine capacity limit and makes it a Class 1 misdemeanor to import, sell, buy, or transfer a standard capacity (read: 10+ rounds) magazine.

,House Bill 67 - Allowing the State to terminate any employee (to include Law Enforcement) that refuses to enforce the Unconstitutional Gun Laws being pushed by Richmond.

A direct result of the Sanctuary Counties and Sheriffu2019s rejecting the above nonsense.

Can we say Toe the Party Line or be Fired? These personnel are sworn to uphold the Constitution, not illegal laws passed that are counter to the Constitution.

n- https://lis.



exe?201+ful+HB67Typical Red Flag laws that completely bypass Due Process and makes one Guilty until proven Innocent.

Also confiscates property on some pretty flimsy pretexts and does not hold accusers responsible for false accusations.

,For Class 5 felonies, a term of imprisonment of not less than one year nor more than 10 years, or in the discretion of the jury or the court trying the case without a jury, confinement in jail for not more than 12 months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.

n- u00a7 18.


Punishment for conviction of felony; penaltyFor Class 6 felonies, a term of imprisonment of not less than one year nor more than five years, or in the discretion of the jury or the court trying the case without a jury, confinement in jail for not more than 12 months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.

n- u00a7 18.


Punishment for conviction of felony; penaltyFor Class 1 misdemeanors, confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.

n- u00a7 18.


Punishment for conviction of misdemeanorNeedless to say, some very, very ugly stuff for a state that has historically and traditionally been very firearm friendly.

And the state residents have not been taking kindly to such suggestions.

,I should note these are prefiled for consideration prior to the new session come January.

So before theyu2019re even in office theyu2019re pushing this nonsense and the Governor and AG, (both Democrats) have made it very clear they will sign off on this nonsense.

,As such, many counties after discovering this gun ban push have been pushing back.

As of my last count (12DEC2019) 91 counties in the state out have declared themselves either 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries or Constitutional Sanctuaries declaring their intent to not use public funds or personnel to enforce Unconstitutional gun laws passed by Richmondu2019s as a result.

This is 91 localities (counties and cities) out of 133 total in the state.

Only 4 have rejected such resolutions, with several still undecided.

A picture can help better illustrate this:,In other words, an overwhelming majority do not agree with these bills being pushed.

,While Sanctuary status has some questionable status legally it is sending what should be a very clear message to Richmond that they need to tone this nonsense down or abandon it entirely.

One Sheriff has even gone so far as to say heu2019ll deputize citizens to reject such if necessary.

These proposed bills are NOT wanted or needed.

However Richmond seems to be particularly deaf as of late, leading to threats of pulling funding from counties that do not toe the line (Which I find HILARIOUS given how the cities pushing this nonsense get a good chunk of their monies FROM the very counties that are rejecting thisu2026 not the other way around.


,This has since escalated to a suggestion theyu2019ll grandfather existing firearms in (verbal, nothing in writing) IF folk submit to Registration.

Registration leads directly to Confiscation, so this is no better than what was originally written and proposed in the bill.

,Given the opposition, Richmond, the Governor and his Ilk have since turned up the heat and are now threatening to call in the Virginia National Guard (whom are subject to the Governoru2019s orders) to enforce any passed Unconstitutional Gun Legislation.

,I anticipate many issues arising for this and this will NOT end well for the Governor and the Democrats if they keep pushing this Unconstitutional and Illegal nonsense.

,To startu2026 The National Guard are also Virginian Citizens and are sworn to uphold the Constitutions of the US and Virginia.

Both of which very clearly state that the Right to Bear Arms u2018Shall not be infringedu2019.

Further, multiple Court and Supreme Court rulings have made it plain that firearms in common use, to include Semi-Automatic firearms, are protected under the 2nd Amendment.

As such, they are legally required to refuse to obey Illegal and Unconstitutional ordersu2026 even if they come from the Governor whom is whom they report to as part of the Oath.

Further, the Virginia National Guard are subject to being Federalized by the President of the United States, which removes them from the Governoru2019s control if it comes to such.

,Following such, Virginia has itu2019s own State Defense Force, the Virginia Defense Force ( Virginia Defense Force ) which the Governor could call upon, but glancing upon their own Oaths, they are subject to the same restrictions as the National Guard and are sworn to Uphold the Constitutions of both Virginia and the USA.

It should be noted the VDF largely is not armed more intended for disaster response and logistical support.

However they cannot be federalized by the presidentu2026 their numbers top out at 7800 personnel (likely less in reality) unless augmented by conscripted personnel by the Governor.

Suffice it to say, there would be some who would refuse to enforce such Unconstitutional and Illegal laws given their Oaths so would detract from the number of bodies the Governor has available to call upon.

A good summary and definition of what makes the national Guard and State Militias different can be found here: nUnited States National Guard - Wikipedianhttps://en.


org/wiki/State_defense_forceBy and large Police and Sheriffu2019s are against these policies and support the Constitution and the rights of the People to bear arms.

Outside a couple Police Chiefs and such whom are more political animals than your average officer of the law, it is near certain many if not most across the state wouldnu2019t support something Unconstitutional being forced down the pipe like what are being proposedu2026 and may even actively oppose such.

,Next, Assuming these bills survive in part of whole, they are subject to some very serious scrutiny by the courts.

Right out, they are in violation of the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th, and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution, the last of which prohibits the States from overriding Federally Guaranteed Rights, put in place because states were doing so and denying the newly freed slaves their Rights following the Civil War.

States Rights do not apply here.

,Virginiau2019s own Constitution makes such questionable at best as u2018Shall Not Be Infringedu2019 in itu2019s constitution is a clear prohibition from the State from interfering with the Right to Bear Arms as banning and restricting nearly everything under the sun that are commonly owned is a clear violation of the letter and spirit of.

In short, the State Government has little authority here to affect such.

This is not California.

,From a legal perspective, I strongly suspect the Governor and his ilk are breaking the law if they push this.

Title 18, U.



, Section 241 and Title 18, U.



, Section 242 are starting to sound particularly applicableu2026,From : Federal Civil Rights Statutes | Federal Bureau of InvestigationTitle 18, U.



, Section 241 - Conspiracy Against RightsThis statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

,It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of any rights so secured.

,Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.

,Title 18, U.



, Section 242 - Deprivation of Rights Under Color of LawThis statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.


,This law further prohibits a person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to willfully subject or cause to be subjected any person to different punishments, pains, or penalties, than those prescribed for punishment of citizens on account of such person being an alien or by reason of his/her color or race.

,Acts under color of any law include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under color of any law, the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc.

, persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.

,Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or both, and if bodily injury results or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire shall be fined or imprisoned up to ten years or both, and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

,u2014-,Not to mention blatantly violating and ignoring their Oaths of Office they all swear to uphold.

The Constitutions are not optional and they cannot ignore the parts they donu2019t like, to include the Right to Bear Arms.

This is also applies to the Governor who ALSO swore an additional oath when he was an Officer in the Army - that Oath doesnu2019t have an expiration date.

This particular dirtbag shipwreck needs to be brought to justice for this alone, not to mention all the other controversies and issues that have been clouding his office.

,u2026 and should I mention how particularly stupid it is to try to disarm a populace that believes they are on the Right side of the law and Constitutions? The explicitly Armed side of the populace? Expect any such nonsense to be quickly tied up in court if not rejected as soon as these Democrats are removed from office either by Recall or after 2 years during the next election cycle.

If they try to force the issue with these illegal and Unconstitutional u2026 well, I anticipate people will die.

Please see the Battle of Athens for when the last time a set of government officials abused power and was ousted by the populace.

n- Battle of Athens (1946) - WikipediaBuckle up and hang on as the next couple months and years are going to get very interesting.

This could end up going very, very badly for the Democrats in office if theyu2019re not careful.

Whatu2019s been put forth will not pass muster and given the opposition to such, I would not be surprised to see even some Democrats rejecting it.

The House is 100 members with 55 Democrats and 45 Republicans come January 2020.

The Senate is MUCH closer at 21 Democrats and 19 Republicans.

It would not take many defections or wavering to kill some of the more egregious bills.

Expect lawsuits to follow for those that do manage to get through, if not further actions.

Grab some popcorn.