I was invited for a job interview, but HR did not reply to my email about the dates I am available. How do I follow up politely?

Reply to interview invitation availability

Send another email, saying something like, u201cIu2019m afraid my earlier email to you of [date] may have gone astray.

Could I ask whether any of the dates I suggested is convenient for you?u201d

Second interview confirmation email example

I am a recruiter, and I certainly do not prefer phone interviews.

I will do them as necessary (especially for first interviews), but it is very rare that second interviews will be done by phone.

,That being said, there are certainly some tricks to making phone interviews as successful as possible.

,When booking the phone interview:n,Ensure youve thought about time zones when setting interview times.

,Specify who will make the phone call, and at what phone number.

,Send an email confirmation of your plans.

,nDuring the phone interview:n,Start by cordially greeting the applicant.

Ask if he or she is ready to start.

,Explain how the interview will proceed (for example.



Im going to tell you all about the job, then Ill answer your questions, and then well do the interview itself.


,Tell the applicant lots and lots about the workspace, the company culture, the location, etc--think of all the things an applicant would normally be able to see in an in-person interview, and try to recreate those things with words.

,Stop frequently to ask if the applicant has questions.

,Try not to interrupt the applicant.

But if it happens (and it will, due to long distance delays), apologize.

,Finish by describing the next steps and ensuring the applicant knows how to ask further questions as needed.

,nFinally, just accept that the phone interview is going to feel slightly strange:n,It may take longer than youre used to.

Or it might zip by in a flash.

,There could be dropped or missed calls, noisy backgrounds, and interrupting dogs/children/spouses.

,You wont have body language to rely on, so you may need to ask far more follow-up questions to get to the truth.

,You may or may not be able to get a good sense of the applicant.

This is irritating, but unavoidable.

,And, finally, know that the applicant is going to look nothing like you imagine, when you finally meet.

,nWith enough experience, phone interviews actually become fun.

I treat them almost as guided tours (hearkening back to my museum days), ensuring that the applicant gets as much info as possible.

I also delight in learning as much about the applicant as I can.

You will, too.

Good luck!

How to reply confirmation email for job

Ideally, by saying something like u201cOK, thanks, just what I was hoping for.

Iu2019ll be there, at [place] at [time] on [date]u201d.

,The interview request is exactly what you have been looking for.

What i your hesitation about giving an immediate agreement?

Never received a confirmation email of interview

Same her I also received an automated call and an email which scheduled my interview for 30/8/2021 but no one called or no updates I emailed them back but no reply?