How can you find all of your Gmail accounts?

How to delete old Facebook account without password or email 2022

How can you find all of your Gmail accounts? This is a question mostly asked in Quora.

Many people tried to find the solutions but could not.

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Reply for,As mentioned above, Instagram doesnt let you entrance deleted messages and way in them.

Actually, in the behind few years, there was a bug that would let you attain for that reason and that was related to the notifications.

Whenever someone sends you a publication upon Instagram, you get a notification and at that time, the notifications wouldnt be deleted after unsending the message.

But now, this bug is resolution and the notification disappears right after a statement is subconscious unsent.

Thanks to quora all my problems were solved.

Complete Solution In the Link Given Above.

The quickest quirk to resolve an unrecognized transaction, or an situation later than a transaction you complete agree to is by contacting the merchant directly.

If theyre unable to put up to you out, were here to help.

,If you have a transaction you want to dispute, the transaction must be completed.

If your card transaction is nevertheless pending, the merchant is best positioned to urge on you resolve the event subsequent to the transaction.

,Googles Threat Analysis Group warns of new espionage group Gmail threatnA newly published report from Googles Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has revealed that an espionage threat group it says is backed by the Iranian government has a new tool that has been used to successfully hack a small number of Gmail user accounts.

nThe group goes by the name of Charming Kitten, although this cat is far from charming and has very sharp claws, it would appear.

nThe report, written by TAGs Ajax Bash, confirms that the tool, called HYPERSCRAPE, is used to steal user data from Gmail, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Outlook accounts.

nBash confirms that the state-sponsored group behind the HYPERSCRAPE hack has already successfully compromised a small number of Gmail accounts.

We have seen it deployed against fewer than two dozen accounts located in Iran, Bash said, adding that Google had notified the affected users and taken actions to re-secure these accounts.

nThe HYPERSCRAPE tool was first detected by Google TAG researchers in December 2021, although further investigation revealed the oldest attack seems to date to 2020.

nIt uses spoofing techniques so as to seem to be an old, outdated web browser.

This enables the tool to see Gmail inboxes in a basic HTML view.

HYPERSCRAPE can step through the contents of the compromised Gmail inbox and other mailboxes to download the email messages one at a time.

Once it has completed this process, the emails are marked as unread, and any Google security messages or warnings are deleted.

nBash also said that some versions of the hacking tool were able to export all user data as a downloadable archive using the Google Takeout feature.

It is unclear if or why, this feature was removed.

nObviously, to those targeted by Charming Kitten, HYPERSCRAPE is a very dangerous threat.

However, those targets will be very carefully selected, and, as Bash has said, only a handful of users are known to have been compromised.

All of those users were based in Iran.

nFurthermore, in order for HYPERSCRAPE to be executed, the attackers need to have already acquired the victims user credentials.

This, again, reduces the chances that everyday users will be affected.

If an attacker has your user credentials, then its pretty much game over anyway.

nIn the case of HYPERSCRAPE, the attackers dont want the victims to know their credentials have been compromised and their Gmail accounts accessed.

Charming Kitten is an advanced persistent threat group, and by covering its tracks by resetting mailboxes back to their original state and removing any security warnings from Google, it hopes to be able to repeat the email hacking at leisure.

nBash said that the news of this discovery was being made public so as to raise awareness on bad actors like Charming Kitten within the security community, as well as for the high-risk individuals and organizations that could be targeted by the threat group.

nIf you fall into such a category, then Google encourages you to join the Advanced Protection Program (APP) as well as make use of Google Account Level Enhanced Safe Browsing.

nIf you dont, then you should continue to be security-minded despite being at low risk of falling victim to HYPERSCRAPE.

That is the extreme end of the threat spectrum, but using weak passwords and not implementing two-factor verification on your Google account leaves you in the crosshairs of everyday cybercriminals.

Gaining control of your Gmail account is like getting the keys to the hacking kingdom.

Password reset links coming to your email, details of bank accounts, and personal data all add up to a huge security mess that can be avoided by ensuring a better basic security posture.

nIan Thornton-Trump, CISO at threat intelligence specialists Cyjax, says: We live in a world where we are secure one moment and completely insecure the next.

I maintain that threat models need to drive response and investment.

Sometimes on-premise brings advantages in terms of security with agility as the casualty.

I think what we are learning is that there is no u201cone size fits allu201d when it comes to cyber security.

Vendor support and responsiveness becomes a value proposition.

This is the world we live in.

Whatu2019s interesting to me is itu2019s no longer about the u201cvulnerability or the exploitu201d itu2019s about how we deploy technology with a philosophy of u201cleast level of harm.

nDID you know that you have more than one Gmail address - in fact, you have an unlimited number all secretly attached to your existing email.

nTech geek Matty McTech revealed the special hack most people probably didnt know existed.

n1nAnd it could be a great way to work out exactly who is selling your data too.

nAll you have to do is add a + symbol after your existing email username, followed by any word you like.

nThen, write the usual @gmail.

Com at the end.

nFor example, if your email address is: thesun2022@gmail.


nMAIL FAIL How to switch back to old Gmail if you hate the new looknNEW MAIL Billions of Gmail users urged to check app TODAY as Google issues alertnYou could create thesun2022+facebook@gmail.

Com, thesun2022+iphone@gmail.

Com and just about anything.

nNo matter what you add on, itll all go directly to your main Gmail inbox.

nWhy is this a clever idea?nWell, if youre suspicious of your personal data being sold or used, this could be a great way of catching them out.

nMost read in TechnFACE OFF Facebook DOWN u2013 users fear hack as News Feeds flooded with celeb postsnEASY PLAY Your iPhone has a HIDDEN game u2013 and youve probably never seen itnCOLD SHOULDER iPhone trick lets you secretly hang up WITHOUT mates thinking youre rudenOUT OF THIS WORLD Nasa reveals never-before-seen Jupiter photo with storm bigger than EARTHnSo next time you sign up to a site or service, add their name after the + sign.

nThen if you suddenly start receiving spam emails, you know who the source is.

nSELFISH My house is plagued by influencers taking SELFIES - its costing me thousandsnNAILED IT Youu2019ve been painting your nails wrong u2013 a hair clip stops polish getting messynJust add their name at the end of your email address, he said.

nNow if you get any spam emails to this address youll know that this website sold your data.

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UknAugust 1 Update below.

This post was originally published on July 30nAlthough many people use Gmail for throwaway, one-time, spam avoidance use, there are, according to the latest numbers I could find, around 1.

8 billion active Gmail users.

To put that into perspective, there are an estimated 4.

25 billion email users across all platforms and applications, so Gmail accounts for roughly 20% of them.

nNo great surprise, then, that Gmail is also a favored target of malicious actors.

Unlike your business email, personal Gmail accounts tend to stay in use for years; it was launched in 2004.

This creates a treasure trove of valuable data that can be used by hackers to launch ongoing attacks.

Business email accounts also tend to be better secured than personal ones by default.

And then thereu2019s the not-so-small matter of password reset requests that usually default to your email.

So, it doesnt take a cybersecurity genius to calculate the impact of your Gmail account being compromised.

In order to access your Gmail, threat actors need to compromise your Google account.

Heres how to stop them.

nBut its not all bad news as its pretty damn easy to protect your Google account and, by extension, your Gmail account, at least as well as anything that can be secured.

All you need to do is take Gmail security seriously, and Im here to explain how.

nFor most people, most of the time, Google account security comes down to two things: login credentials and two-step verification.


Ensure you have a unique and strong password.

As I always say at this point, a password manager is your friend, both in creating that password and when required to use it.


Ensure you have two-step verification enabled for your Google account.

You may already have been prompted to do this as Google has been ramping up a default to enable program since the end of last year.

nGoogle offers multiple secondary verification options, the most convenient being a Google prompt to a different device than the one you are using to sign in.

So, if you are on your laptop, it would go to your phone and vice-versa.

Add an authentication app, Google Authenticator being the default, but you can use Authy or similar as a backup.

Talking of which, make a note of your backup codes in case of failure elsewhere.

These can be stored in your password manager, for example.

nEnabling two-step verification on your Google Account is a Gmail security no-brainernThe most secure form of secondary verification is using a security key, and Google offers this option as well.

Google sells its own brand, or you can use a YubiKey.

If you enroll in the Advanced Protection Program, suggested for high-value accounts such as journalists, activists, and the like, then the use of such a key is mandatory.

nSo, those are the givens.

However, there are lots more layers that can be added to your Gmail security cake.

The first of which encompasses whats already been stated but goes further, yet only takes a few minutes of your day.

Im talking about a Google account security checkup.

Doing so will pop up recommended security actions based on your existing settings, show you what devices have logged into your account, from where and when, detail those apps youve given access to your account, and offer the chance to revoke any you no longer use or dont recognize, and highlight any sensitive Gmail settings you are using.

nLet Google check your security settings for younGoogle will recommend secure optionsnIt really is a one-stop security checklist shop and I highly recommend spending some time doing it.

The part that shows devices that have logged in to your account is beneficial for flying bright red flags regarding the security and privacy of your Gmail account.

It will show you when the device logged in, the type of device, and where it was located.

The latter not being as helpful as the former, thanks to being so easy to fake.

nKnowing what devices have logged into your account, when and where, can uncover illicit usage.

nIt would help if you also thought outside the Google box a little.

By which I mean ensuring that your operating system is fully patched with the latest security updates.

Ditto for your web browser of choice and any third-party apps you use in conjunction with Gmail.

Its also recommended that you regularly audit your browser extensions and app, deleting those you no longer use.

nAugust 1 Update:nSince publishing this how-to article on Saturday morning, I have been getting lots of emails from readers who have asked if there are any similarly simple and straightforward tips that apply to privacy for Gmail users.

Although its easy to just shrug your shoulders and contest that anyone using Gmail, or any Google service, has already made the decision that usability and functionality trumps total privacy, thats not what Im going to do.

While there is a certain amount of mileage in that argument, its also possible to regain some control over your privacy posture when using Gmail without being a technical genius or sacrificing ease of use too much.

nPlease note, however, that these are just tips to give you more control rather than some kind of magical privacy elixir: if you value privacy above all else then you may want to look at an email client that provides full end-to-end encryption instead.

However, dont expect the same levels of out of the box usability that Gmail delivers.

The balance between privacy and usability is no different in this regard from that of security.

Only you can decide where you position the risk slider, so to speak, and make that security and privacy call.


Block email trackers by taking control of external imagesnDisable external image display to kibosh email trackingnImage tracking is a very common tool used by businesses, marketing folk, and newsletter publishers.

There are myriad methods for tracking emails, but one of the simplest and so most common is the use of tracking pixels.

These, usually invisible, one-pixel images are loaded from an external server so that the sender knows the email has been opened.

This image is hosted on a different server from the mail sender which results in the email client sending a display request that will likely include things such as your IP address and browser version, even cookies set by that image server to track your behavior.

To take back control, open your Gmail settings and look for the Images configuration: set this to ask before displaying external images and the jobs a good one.

Now, all incoming emails will not display any external images.

If you want to see external images then you are given the option on a message-by-message basis, as well as being able to set all emails from that sender to always display them.


Use Googles Privacy Check-up and edit your privacy settingsnLet Google check your privacy options, but only as a starting pointnJust as you can take a security check-up using Googles own tools, so you can for privacy matters as well.

The privacy check-up is a great way to get a quick overview of your privacy position across Google services, including Gmail.

This will allow you to set your ad personalization settings and third-party app access, for example.

The Data and privacy option from your Google Account settings will give you an even greater insight into the data from apps and services, but the most granularity of privacy configuration comes, unsurprisingly, from the Gmail settings accessed from the application itself.

Under the General section, as well as the external images option already mentioned, youll find two items referring to smart features and personalization in Gmail and other Google products.

Google says that Gmail, Chat and Meet may use my email, chat and video content to personalize my experience and provide smart features if these are enabled.

nDisabling smart features improves privacy posture but at a cost to functionalitynFrom 25 January 2022, these settings are set to off by default for users based in Europe.

Id still recommend everyone check them, especially if you are not in Europe but even then, to be on the safe side.

Also, you should be aware that disabling this option will impact some automatic email filtering, smart searching, composing and replying functions, nudges, and even how Google extracts things such as event details to create a calendar entry or restaurant reservations being displayed in maps.

nGoogle states: We do not scan or read your Gmail messages to show you ads.

When you use your personal Google account and open the promotions or social tabs in Gmail, youll see ads that were selected to be the most useful and relevant for you.

The process of selecting and showing personalized ads in Gmail is fully automated.

These ads are shown to you based on your online activity while youre signed into Google, however we do not process email content to serve ads.


Consider using Confidential ModenIf you dont want to dump Gmail for a privacy-focused end-to-end message encrypted email service, then you could try Googles own Confidential Mode for Gmail instead.

Its available from the compose interface, by way of the three-dot menu.

This offers a Snapchat-like message self-destruct option, one-button access revocation, and disables printing, forwarding, or downloading of messages.

You can also set a one-time passcode to enable the recipient to open the email in the first place.

What you still dont get is end-to-end encryption though.

Gmail offers encryption in transit using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or S/MIME for those accounts with this enabled at both ends.

However, while this offers some protection in transit your email is not encrypted at rest on the server.

You could use a third-party app to encrypt the message content, but at this point, its probably easier to jump ship for an end-to-end encrypted alternative.

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How to delete an old Facebook account that was hacked

Contact the Facebook Administration Team and give them your account name.

Tell them that it has been hacked.

They will change the accounts password and give it back to you.

How to delete old Facebook account without password or email reddit

I didnt get a Facebook as soon as friends and family did.

I wasnt so sure about social media and I had only recently discovered video games! I was a new mom though and I worked full time while my (now ex) husband took a break from the Army and tried to heal.

I was busy! I also sew and knit a LOT and was a horrible cook trying to learn to make things from scratch.

I got to play roughly 30 minutes of a game in a week.

I didnt really want anything else.

,Eventually, I got Facebook.

It was dumb and I kept getting requests for Farmville stuff.

I complained about it and people laughed and told me u201coh thats SO two years ago! Its not even that bad anymore.

u201d,I quickly fell into the category of having friends and family that knew me already.

Co-workers kind of connected but not really.

It became a place where grandparents got pictures of the kids.

I had 46 friends and 46 likes on every single baby picture.


,Then the right wing crazy started happening.

I never checked it and deployed and started using it again for messenger when I could use a computer station for calling home.

I always had u201c99+u201d on that bell counter.

I just never wanted to see the feed.

,Two things pushed my split in 2018.

An old co-worker of my dads (and mine when I worked with dad) was such a creepy old guy.

When I was a teen, he would hand me ten bucks and ask for something from the nearby gas station and tell me to get myself something nice.

Harmless, right? Wrong.

He was a grooming, nasty, sexist, predator.

I hated him.

Well, I eventually friended him from my lengthy request list because I thought he wouldnt try to actively groom me online in front of everyone.

I was wrong.

He acted like I was still some awkward teen.

I usually ignored him.

Then I said something about trump being an idiot and this guy lost it.

I was already in a foul temper because I had just lost an image of my daughter that Facebook took down claiming it wasnt my image.

This all happened right as this old guy was trying to be some authoritative jerk.

The pic was definitely ad worthy and someone else thought so and stole my baby girls face for an ad!,All of this combined to make me into a mama bear powder keg.

This old guy tried messaging me but I left him unread.

Once when I was a teen, he told me not to smoke because it would make my u201cp*ssy smell bad and men dont like that.

u201d Then he looked at me an pointedly said u201cI wouldnt like that either so make sure you kick the habit.

u201d He threatened to tell my dad but I thought my dad already knew.

I think he was trying to find what I was scared of to try to have sex with me.

He was getting more and more suggestive in front of family and half of my people would like his ever more sexual crap! So much for baby pictures and family! I finally started reading all of his messages over the two years we were FB friends.

He seemed to think we would have some fight and he could save me from my divorce and the disgrace Id brought to him, my parents, my town etc.

Only he had the magic u201ckeyu201d to rescue me.

He was furious with me for u201cdefying men and gods place for women by joining the Armyu201d despite having claimed he was proud of me for doing so years ago when I signed up.

His messages made my anger and horror grow.

,So when he demanded I apologize for offending my u201celderu201d and for not showing him proper respect, I told him to eff off and internalize that he was never going to get this u201cp*ssy.

u201d I recounted his nasty behaviors and some other young women from our old town agreed immediately and shared their creepy stories of him and others in his friends group.

This caused the men to explode with rage.

Even our fathers were mad.

They thought we girls had embarrassed men and they blamed feminism instead of the men who tried to groom their daughters.

,A little over a week later, I got my photo of my daughter reinstated with a BS Facebook cheerful notification that it was a minor error.

Rape videos and videos of women being harmed were also part of their u201cminor errorsu201d excuses in the news.

They let old men threaten women but they reprimanded us women for calling men on it or retaliated against us for reporting a video of a rape (full nudity and everything).

I started the two month long process of completely removing all of my photos and permanently deleting my account.

,I had some Twitter accounts as well.

They were themed and pretty successful which made me start to use them less.

I had one banned (I tagged a guy who doxxed me and asked my followers to help bury his account as well as getting the FBI involved for a right wing terror attack threat so Twitter algorithms probably thought I was the worst account for a full day), got it back, was doxxed, had yet more angry conservative men fall back on the rape tropes and I just felt like quitting.

Twitter is impossible to live with if you have more than 500 followers.

After that, life on that platform is hell.

My last account to go was my crafting account.

I deleted that a few hours after my Facebook was officially dead.

,I now have Instagram for crafting and I have Quora.

I like clicking on reddit links for all video game or vehicle diagnostic questions, but I remain as quiet as I can.

They also have a furious man problem running rampant on their site.

I have no desire to let anyone on that site know Im a woman seeking video game tips or car diagnostic advice! Ive had enough death threats to now fear immortality because Im not really sure how Im alive at this point! I think I might still have a Twitter from an old email account but I have no idea what it was called and dont remember the password.

Both sites are horrific traps with the worst moderation Ive ever seen.

I miss my old political account back when I had just 500 followers and I followed about 1600.

Once I went past the 7,000 mark, I was on autopilot and I would see a Twitter or Facebook notification and just cringe.

,Getting rid of those toxicity machines was wonderful.

Facebook had screaming rants and those glittery filtered, poorly typed memes that could make your phone screen look like a glitch.

And Twitter felt like texting everyone all the time.

Just WAY too much stress! I recommend leaving Facebook at least.

On that site, men can threaten a terror attack or share a video of a minor being raped and the male moderators Facebook seems to love are all more than happy to let it spread.

But a woman can be doxxed or deleted for saying u201cwhats wrong with men?u201d Regarding said video or behaviors.

No one needs that right wing extremism and recruitment machine in their lives.

I also find it funny that the right claims it worries about spyingu2026until Facebook does all the spying.


Its silly and stressful and the world would be better without Facebook.

How to delete old Facebook account without password or email Quora

I personally dont think Quora is the best place to ask product support questions - Id suggest contacting Facebook for an answer!