How can you best communicate your soft skills in a resume? (Interpersonalcommunicationcritical thinking skills)

Interpersonal communication skills resume

Use the skills in configuring your resume, and statements, after you have researched the company, and what it seeks to do.

Interpersonal communication skills ppt

Speak up : It matters a lot,Indian education system (at least what it used to be in our times) is highly number driven system with very less focus on interpersonal skills and thats where things go wrong for an average B school graduate.

He/she may be very skilled but wont be expressive, so work on your communication skills both verbal/written and practice public speaking.

,Presentation : The way things look matters and thats where an effective presentation comes in picture.

Try to work on creating good ppts and practice presenting them in an effective and crisp way this skill will make you one of the sought after people at B school specially in group projects.

,Prioritize : There will be plethora of things around you once you enter in any good B school.

The key to be successful in B school is to carefully pick things which matter to you and do them without any fuzz.

Prioritizing and managing your time to do things you want with efficiency, will give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

,Finance/Maths: These are two subjects which can become dicey if you dont have prior exposure to them.

Therefore study at basic level about these subjects and get hold on terminologies, it will provide you a level field while competing with people from commerce/engineering backgrounds.