Can I use eBay as a dropship supplier for Amazon?

Dropshipping suppliers for Amazon

Question: Can I use eBay as a dropship supplier for Amazon?nAnswer: I wouldnu2019t recommend it.

,You donu2019t want to be using any supplier for products that your customer also would normally have access to that is a quality retailer.

This includes Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and all those other top brands and marketplaces.

,Find a supplier that your customer wouldnu2019t normally be able to order from.

It you are looking to get into a dropship fulfillment method of business, then sourcing from China directly with agents and using a 3PL is still your best bet for success.

Drop shipping clothing companies

It can be tough to dropship kids goods(clothing/toys), but the effects are worthwhile.

Requiring minimal capital, and risk-free inventory management.

It all happens online, and the advantage of this niche is that you can still be a stay at home mother enjoying a range of available kids items.

So, who are the dropshipping suppliers that offer kids clothing/toys that can be trusted and cooperated with.

,Maybe FashionTIY is a good try.

,For over 6 years of dropshipping experience in quality infant and kids toys and clothes, this dropshipping suppliers is beautifully packed for cotton kids products, including one-size-fits-all items, sleepwear, shorts, tank tops, coat, swimwear and general baby collections.

As well as various educational toys at 70% CHEAPER PEICES.

,Below are the product pictures from FashionTIY about kids clothing and toys for your reference.

Spocket dropshipping

I would personally recommend Spocket as it gives you access to thousands of products from reliable suppliers from all over the world.

,The app can also be integrated with Aliexpress using the Aliscraper extension for USA shipping.

,You can sign up for their 14 days trial period to which you can try out the service for free, start by signing up via this link: