Does socialism mean government control?

Socialism meaning

This is my own personal view, and observation.

,Basically most socialist governments tend to favour more government regulation and control.

The purpose is to regulate variation between rich and poor, they do this by reducing the wealth of the rich.

So they regulate business and tax anyone who makes more than a preconceived level of profit or income.

,Very often they well take businesses into public ownership, to be staffed by public employees, like National Coal Board used to be.

The profits could be diverted to government, who would then distribute the wealth to their particular deserving projects.

It, the National Coal Board, was responsible for burying a school under millions of tons of slurry in Aberfan, wales.

They donu2019t run the businesses any more responsibly, or onerously, itu2019s just about diverting money to the state.

Same with British Rail, it wasnu2019t about running a good service, that was hopeless, it was about diverting profits.

,The trouble with those projects was that they didnu2019t make much profit, because there was no incentive, their salaries didnu2019t go up with profits, so no point.

Socialist approach isnu2019t about making the business better, itu2019s about money, and control.

The working people should control the means of production.

,Let me give you an example of socialist viewpoint.

,After 15 years writing software in the commercial world, I went to teach Computing at College.

My lessons were real, the projects commercially real, using real languages for software and networks.

Like C++, A86, Pascal, Delphi, Python and using Cisco.

We built real networks, from bits I bought myself, and we would set share relational database data.

Then one day it all changed, I couldnu2019t do that anymore.

Whereas the previous students walked into well paid jobs, hitting the ground running with both qualification and skill, these new students, struggled to be successful.

I was told what to teach and how to teach it, I couldnu2019t use the wealth of experience I had, I had to follow what I had been told to teach.

The content dumbed down, the inspiration removed.

These students passed the course, but instead of becoming outstandingly successful students, they where replaced with uninspired run of the mill students with mediocre skills.

,I stopped teaching.

Socialism means government control: yes.

Examples of capitalism

You want specific examples of capitalism in America?,Walmart pays its full-time hourly employees so little that they have to apply for food stamps (Walmart even helps them with the paperwork), while the Walmart corporation makes more than $100 Billion every quarter,Amazon sold 87% of all Christmas shopping online purchases made in America during the 2017 holiday shopping season.

As a result, most of Americau2019s top tier retailers are shutting stores.

Now, Amazon is aiming to take over the grocery business.

,There are basically about six large corporations that own all of the news outlets in America.

,There are as few as five major healthcare providers who own all of the others.

,There are four telecom companies who own all of the telecom industry.

,I could go on, but I need to make an important pointu2026,Many (especially conservatives) will howl that Iu2019m wrong, that free market capitalism is the best dang economic system humans have ever created.

Letu2019s tease that apart.

,The free market is indeed the best dang economic system humans have created.

But, the free market is not capitalism.

This is where conservatives will have a brain hemorrhage.

,Capitalism is interested in only one thing: shareholder value.

Capitalism is about maximizing reward for shareholders, which requires minimizing the reward for labor.

Both of these diametrically-opposed elements are intrinsic to capitalism.

,Case, meet point: This weeku2019s record-making crash of the stock market was a reflection of a report that came out last Friday indicating that salaries in the US are increasing.

This caused the entire stock market (capital investments) to crash on the fear that corporationsu2019 profits will be squeezed.

Take a minute and let that sink in.

Capitalists recoiled at the idea that corporations might have to share the wealth created by laboru2026ready for it?u2026with labor! Gad!A free market does not exist within a capitalist economy.

They are antithetical ideas.

A free market requires four things that capitalism explicitly opposes.

,Plenty of competition.

Buyers can choose from many providers.

,Easy entry for competition.

New providers can enter the market with few obstructions.

Itu2019s easy for a mom and pop shop to open.

,Buyers must have access to market data.

Buyers must be able to make choices based on price, quality, availability, and many other factors, not the least of which is competition.

That means buyers have to be able to find whatever information they need to make a choice.

,Buyers must have a choice.

They must have equal access to all of the competing providers.

,If you donu2019t have those four fundamental elements, you donu2019t have a free market.

So, when you have companies merging with and acquiring their competition, you donu2019t have a free market.

When you have companies shutting out emerging competition, you donu2019t have a free market.

,Shareholder-driven economics (a.



capitalism) is the most insidious economic construct of our time.

It is truly a cancer.

To sustain the unrelenting thirst for increasing earnings per share, capitalists are acquiring every path for revenue they can find, leaving the lifeblood of competitive consumerism starving, powerless, and dying.

Capitalism raises prices for no other reason than to outperform the previous period of performance, and by eliminating competition they have little incentive to control prices or improve their products or services as prices climb higher.

Remember the EpiPen? An 800% increase in price and no improvement in product.

,The typical voting Republicans and conservatives live in a false belief, evangelized by the partyu2019s leadership, that the strengths provided by a free market economy are enabled by capitalism.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Meanwhile, Republican legislators continue to preach the wonders of the free market while theyu2019re lining up to suck at the tit of capitalism.

And theyu2019re making their followers believe they are both one and the same.


You have your examples.

,OP: What are some examples of capitalism in America?

Capitalism simple definition

Old Soviet joke: capitalism is the exploitation of man by man.

Socialism is the other way around.

(Im a communist, not the pro-Soviet kind.


Socialism vs capitalism

The death toll from capitalism is so high that it isnu2019t even worth comparing it to communism.

However, if you are interested, this link discusses the fraud of the u201cBlack Book of Communismu201d and its bogus claim of u201c100 million deathu201d by communism.

,The Black Book of Communismu2013aka The Black Book of BullshitAlexander Finnegans answer to Why do people deny that communism killed millions of people in China and Russia?2.

76 million.

This list is here, with sources: death toll 2.

pdfThis is the death toll of the actions of the USSR.

,The Holomodor was not intentional and should not be counted.

Alexander Finneganu2019s answer to What is the history of famines and starvation in Russia 1850-present day?All the other numbers you are used to hearing have been shown to be inflated and exaggerated, many fabricated.

,This document is based on reliable research from respected authors and official figures.

,The Black Book of Communism has been shown to be a fraud.

Alexander Finneganu2019s answer to What is the most biased book youu2019ve ever read?This includes the Great Purges, the NKVD Polish repressions, the transfer of various populations that resulted in death, the gulags, etc.

Alexander Finneganu2019s answer to Why did Stalin kill the kulaks?Gulag numbers are here: number of gulag.

pdf 1,053,829 died in the gulag.

But it must also be remembered that this includes people who died from natural causes.

The death toll went up during WWII because everyone in the nation was on food rations so there was no starvation, but sick people and older people sometimes succumbed out of the stress.

There were also outbreaks of diseases that caused deaths.

Solzehnitsyn Lied pdf.

pdf,,The Great Purges included 777, 975.

But this includes a large number that were sentenced to execution but it was never carried out.

The Great Purges were not as top down as one might guess.

Alexander Finneganu2019s answer to Was Stalin central to the Great Purge of the 1930u2019s?The problem with capitalism is that the deaths are less u201cobviousu201d to the propagandized masses.

,Consider the following:,How researchers classify and quantify causes of death across a population has evolved in recent decades.

In addition to long-recognized physiological causes such as heart attack and cancer, the role of behavioral factorsu2014including smoking, dietary patterns and inactivityu2014began to be quantified in the 1990s.


Sandro Galea,More recent research has begun to look at the contribution of social factors to U.



In the first comprehensive analysis of such studies, researchers at Columbia Universityu2019s Mailman School of Public Health found that poverty, low levels of education, poor social support and other social factors contribute about as many deaths in the U.


as such familiar causes as heart attacks, strokes and lung cancer.

,The full study findings are published online ahead of print in the American Journal of Public Health.

,The research team, led by Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH, chair of Epidemiology, estimated the number of U.


deaths attributable to social factors using a systematic review of the available literature combined with vital statistics data.

They conducted a MEDLINE search for all English-language articles published between 1980 and 2007 with estimates of the relation between social factors and adult all-cause mortality.

Ultimately they considered 47 studies for meta-analysis.

,After calculating for the relative risks of mortality from social factors, researchers obtained prevalence estimates for each social factor using primarily Census Bureau data.

Individual social factors included education, poverty, health insurance status, employment status and job stress, social support, racism or discrimination, housing conditions and early childhood stressors.

Area-level social factors included area-level poverty, income inequality, deteriorating built environment, racial segregation, crime and violence, social capital and availability of open or green spaces.

,The investigators found that approximately 245,000 deaths in the United States in the year 2000 were attributable to low levels of education, 176,000 to racial segregation, 162,000 to low social support, 133,000 to individual-level poverty, 119,000 to income inequality, and 39,000 to area-level poverty.

u2028Overall, 4.

5% of U.


deaths were found to be attributable to povertyu2014midway between previous estimates of 6% and 2.


However the risks associated with both poverty and low education were higher for individuals aged 25 to 64 than for those 65 or older.

,u201cSocial causes can be linked to death as readily as can pathophysiological and behavioral causes,u201d points out Dr.

Galea, who is also Gelman Professor of Epidemiology.

For example, the number of deaths the researchers calculated as attributable to low education (245,000) is comparable to the number caused by heart attacks (192,898), which was the leading cause of U.


deaths in 2000.

The number of deaths attributable to racial segregation (176,000) is comparable to the number from cerebrovascular disease (167,661), the third leading cause of death in 2000, and the number attributable to low social support (162,000) compares to deaths from lung cancer (155,521).

,u201cThese findings argue for a broader public health conceptualization of the causes of mortality and an expansive policy approach that considers how social factors can be addressed to improve the health of populations,u201d observed Dr.


,This study was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Capitalism leads to radical inequality and widespread poverty for a massive underclass.

The middle class in America has been receding thanks to neoliberal capitalism, which is capitalism without the government protections required to balance the savagery of the u201cinvisible handu201d of the markets.

,Brown Universityu2019s Costs of War Project this month released a new estimate of the total death toll from the U.


wars in three countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The numbers, while conservatively estimated, are staggering.

Brownu2019s researchers estimate that at least 480,000 people have been directly killed by violence over the course of these conflicts, more than 244,000 of them civilians.

In addition to those killed by direct acts violence, the number of indirect deaths u2014 those resulting from disease, displacement, and the loss of critical infrastructure u2014 is believed to be several times higher, running into the millions.

Imperialism is an important part of capitalismu2014it provides access to cheap natural resources, labor markets, consumer markets, and other resources.

As time goes on the rate of profit in capitalist nations tends to fall.

Of course the public wonu2019t swallow the governmentu2019s claim that we are attacking Iraq to steal their oil.

Instead we have to be sold a bunch of bullshit about u201cprotecting our freedoms,u201d u201csupporting the troops,u201d and u201cfinding WMDu2019s.

u201d,Working class men and women sent off to foreign lands to protect the material interests of Wall Street, Exxon, and other corporations are slaughtered and return home in coffins.

u201cThank you for your service,u201d u201che was a war hero,u201d and u201che died fighting for our freedoms,u201d is supposed to make us feel better.

,When we send drone attacks to kill a terrorist we inadvertently hit a wedding party.

The survivors of the family remember.

And the boys dream of terrorism to avenge the senseless murders they faced from a nation halfway across the planet sending death from the sky.

,On 911 Americau2019s chickens came home to roost.

This is an ugly truth that Americans cannot accept.

Of course those who were killed by Al Quaeda that day didnu2019t deserve to die.

They were just as innocent as those whom we inadvertently killed.

But letu2019s not fool ourselves into believing they u201chate us for our freedoms.

u201d To say this is to mock the senseless murder of those who died on 911.

Letu2019s pay them the respect to find out the real reason Osama bin Ladin ordered the attacks that day instead of giving ourselves smug, self serving platitudes.

Capitalism meaning in Hindi

The actual meaning of the word Dalit is oppressed.

It was first used by Jyotibha Phule (in the 19th century) in the context of the lowest castes in the Hindu caste system which were considered untouchables.

The name was then picked up by Dr BR Ambedkar (in the 20th century), and since then it has become a popular name for the Scheduled Castes communities of India, and is generally not considered offensive.