How do you find 15 percent of a number without a calculator?

How to find 10 percent of a number without a calculator

Lets take a number like 135 for which we need to find 15 percent .

It can be done by finding 10 percent ,halving it to find 5 percent and adding both.

135 10 percent is 13.

5 ,half of 13.

5 is 6.

75 adding both gives 15 percent : 13.




How to calculate 10 percent of salary

You can create huge wealth by investing as you are only 22 right now , way ahead then most of us .

I would suggest you below investment framework :,Index Mutual Funds: 20 percent of saved amount .

,Hybrid Mutual Funds: 30 percent of saved amount.

,Direct investment in stocks : 50 percent of saved amount.

,If you do not want to research on stocks then you can take help from professionals .

This is not the age to sit back and get only 8u201310 percent returns on your investments - the instruments that offer these kind of returns are debt funds , FD, RD, PF etc .

This is the time to be aggressive and take calculated risks for higher returns.

Once you have a family and responsibilities your risk taking capacity will decrease so at that time you can re-think and re-balance your investments into less volatile and relatively safer instruments.

,You are fortunate to get a good salary at an early age , please invest it wisely.

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