What are the jobs you can do with a criminology and criminal justice degree?

Criminology and criminal justice jobs

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,Here are a few of the many jobs that you can get with a degree in CJ.

This is not an exchaustive list, so use it accordingly.

,Probation Officer,Forensic Science Technician,Police Officer,Correctional Officer,Private Detective,Fish and Game Warden,Security Guard,State Trooper,Crime Scene Investigator,Computer Forensics Investigator,There are many more jobs that are available, and there is an even bigger selection of jobs outside of CJ and Criminology that you can get a job in.

Remember, the point of the degree is often to show you have the competency to complete tasks involving critical thinking, analysis, reasoning, and many other qualities.

Relationship between criminology and criminal justice

Criminology is the study of criminal behavior.

It is used to ascertain exactly what is happening, without the perpetrators knowledge, and most definitely without their consent.

It is a complex game which most people canu2019t participate in.

It requires emotional intelligence, and as much education as humanly possible.

I have nearly 4 degrees: art, art history, music and biology.

In that well educated world I am but a dilettante.