Are Han Chinese from Sichuan and Yunnan originally from the Central Plains?

Sichuan and Yunnan

It depends on how do you define what Han Chinese is.

,Since ancient time, even before the founding of Qin Dynasty - they had many ethnic groups.

Later on these small kingdoms and the barbarian tribes were unified by the First Emperor under the Qin Dynasty.

,Later the Qin Dynasty was replaced by Han Dynasty.

It is from this Han Dynasty that the name Han ethnic started to be used to called the people from the Han Empire.

Many of the ancient ethnic groups blended and assimilated with the Central Plainu2019s customs, while only those in remote areas which still maintained their purity.

,Therefore if your question Han Chinese from Sichuan and Yunnan, itu2019s really hard to answer.

Probably they were the people whose ancestors moved from Central Plains.

Or probably their ancestors were the ethnics who were assimilated with the cultures from the Central Plains.

Sichuan Province map

[Map 1A, English] How people in Jiangsu view their compatriots [Based on a series of province by province maps that has been circulating since early 2017, author(s) unknown],[Map 1B, Chinese] How people in Jiangsu see their compatriots]There wasnu2019t much room on the English map for province labels, so I used numbers instead: from North to South, East to West, rendered in Hanyu Pinyin / GR Tonal Spelling (Gwoyeu Romatzyh),0 = the Northeast provinces1 = Jiangsu2 = Zhejiang / Jehjiang (one of Chinau2019s richest provinces, often referred to as u9b5au7c73u4e4bu9109 yu00fa mu01d0 zhu012b xiu0101ng / yu mii jy shiang u201c[literally] the land of fish and rice = the land of plentyu201d],3 = Fujian / Fwujiann (mountains) and Taiwan (u201c[We] feel sad for themu201d),4 = Guangdong / Goangdong (u201c[literally] Tides = Fashion [hat tip to Chun Kai Lau]), Macau (Gambling) and Hainan / Haenan (coconuts),5 = Scenic Spots & Poverty{Anhui / Anhuei, Jiangxi / Jiangshi, Hunan / Hwunan, and Guangxi / Goangshi} = Scenic Spots{Shandong / Shandong (home of Confucius) , Henan / Hernan, Hubei / Hwubeei, Guizhou / Gueyjou, and Yunnan / Yunnan} = Poor6 = Shanxi / Shanshi, Ningxia / Ningshiah and Shaanxi / Shaanshi = Ancient Relics (including the Terracotta Army: Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor - Wikipedia),7 = Sichuan / Syhchuan and Chongqing / Chorngchinq; the text should read u201cspicy food, lovely ladiesu201d (Hat tip to Joe Huang and Weizhen Wang for pointing out my problematic rendering),8 = Qinghai / Chinghae = Poor (Qinghai - Wikipedia),9 = Tibet (original says u201cextreme lack of oxygenu201d, but AMS sounds better),10 = Xinjiang / Shinjiang (most Uyghurs are from this province: Uyghurs - Wikipedia),,Two important facts about Sichuan:,(A) In 1997, just before Sichuan was split in two, the total population was ~115 million! (Sichuan - Wikipedia).

In an alternate reality, if Sichuan was an independent nation, todayu2019s population would almost place it in the top ten countries:,[List of countries and dependencies by population - Wikipedia],(B) On May 12, 2008, 69,000 people died in a massive earthquake near Chengdu, the provincial capital: u6c76u5dddu5927u5730u9707 Wu00e8nchuu0101n du00e0 du00eczhu00e8n / Wennchuan Dah Dihjenn: 2008 Sichuan earthquake - Wikipedia,[Map 2A, English] How people in Xinjiang see their compatriots: based on a series of province by province maps that has been circulating since early 2017, author(s) unknown],[Map 2B, Chinese] How people in Xinjiang see their compatriots]The comment about u201cnot being allowed to stayu201d in Beijing and Shanghai hotels may be related to security fears: the police are very careful to verify the IDs of people from Xinjiang [hat tip to Shel Liv for her helpful comment].

,,For reference, here is a map of China showing provinces, municipalities (megacities) and SARs:,,David Jia posted some very funny maps showing Chinese stereotypes (how people in each province view the inhabitants of other provinces: usually seen in a negative light).

Unfortunately, they were all in Chinese only, so they have been rendered unavailable (temporarily, we hope).

Translating and formatting these maps is very time-consuming.

This is my small contribution.

,,People in other large countries cling to similar (mostly unflattering) stereotypes about their neighbors.

Here are two brilliant maps designed by alphadesigner:,[Mainland United States of America According to Common Sense, CC--BY-NC-ND alphadesigner],[World According to the United States of America, CC--BY-NC-ND alphadesigner],Many similar maps here: Maps of the World,A note on romanizationTones are marked in two different Chinese government-promulgated romanization systems:,(1) Hanyu Pinyin (1958, a diacritic-optional system designed only for native speakers; combines vowels and uses abbreviated spellings),(2) GR Tonal Spelling (1928, AKA Gwoyeu Romatzyh, a foreigner-friendly system with easily-guessable* full spellings): wherever possible, tones are shown via dual-use mnemonic letters [vowel + tone combined]:,(2A) On the map of China: Qinghai / Chinghae u9752u6d77 || Hainan / Haenan u6d77u5357, Shanghai / Shanghae u4e0au6d77,1st tone =u54b3 hu0101i / hai u201csighu201d 3rd tone = u6d77 hu01cei / hae u201cseau201d (the u201cbowlu201d of the -e is a fall-rise pitch mnemonic),(2B) On the map of China: Guangdong / Goangdong u5ee3u6771 || Guangxi / Goangshi u5ee3u897f (-xi / shi* sounds like English she),1st tone = guu0101ng / guang u5149 u201chonor, brightnessu201d,3rd tone = guu01ceng / goang u5ee3 u201cwide, vastu201d (the u201cbowlu201d of the -o- is a fall-rise pitch mnemonic),(2C) On the map of China: Guizhou / Gueyjou u8cb4u5dde || Anhui / Anhuei u5b89u5fbd (-hui, gui- / -huei, guei-*: Native speakers can guess the main vowel -e-, so Pinyin omits it, but GR always marks it),1st tone = u9f9c guu012b / guei u201cturtleu201d,4th tone = u8cb4 guu00ec / guey u201cpreciousu201d

Chengdu geography

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, situated in the west plain in the Sichuan Basin, is a well known recorded and social city with a history more than 3,000 years.

It serves as the common place for governmental issues, economy, society, and transportation.

Its purview is more than nine locales, four province leveled urban areas and six regions.

Known as the place where there is plenitude, Chengdu gloats ample neighborhood items, a charming climate, countless spots and chronicled destinations, and fine customary painstaking work surely understood both at home and abroad.

,As an essential city in southwest, Chengdu has helpful interchanges.

More than 160 booked battles go to more than 60 vast and medium-sized urban communities at home and abroad.

The Shuangliu International Airport is just 20 kilometers far from the city appropriate.

Whats more, Chengdu is the biggest railroad transportation center point in southwest China.

It has two railroad stations and numerous train tickets workplaces in the city appropriate.


I just came back from Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area which is located in Songpan County, southwest Chinas Sichuan Province.

The place has colorful ponds which are really amazing.

The underground water and surface water in Huanglong is rich in calcium, magnesium ion and carbon dioxide.

The water is crystal clear and appears in blue and green colors.

,The place is surrounded by snowy mountains and virgin forests.

Itu2019s home to many animals including the Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey and the giant panda.

Itu2019s so beautiful that itu2019s dubbed as a fairyland on earth and itu2019s also on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

,Here are some photos I took of this beautiful place.

,(All photos are taken by Flora Ding)

China Sichuan

So excited to answer the question.

May have some grammar mistakes and by the way containes pictures.

Here comes thr answer.

nThere are various of delicious food in China.

We have technically 8 types of food,not including specialities or snacks.

In view of those food (like sichuan) are a little difficult to cook,Ill just introduce some daily food and something as snacks.


breakfastn,this is especially in Guangzhou,we call it morning tea.

n,normal food n2.

dinnern,roast lamb(kind of barbecue )n,mapo tofun,fish flavored pork slicesn,steamed pork with rice flavorn3.

othersn,instant noodlesn,chaffy dish,I guess i should stop here,cause Im a little hungry now.



npics cr.


Sichuan Chengdu

Small in figure, pretty, fine skin.

Also , though Sichuan Chengdu is known for a slow and easy life style, Sichuan people who go out to other parts of China to make a living are usually hard workers.

Thus Sichuan women are also known to be diligent housewives who know how to make a prosperous and comfortable life.

,Another feature, Sichuan women enjoy good domestic status, I would say they feel natural and comfortable to make influences in family life.

In order to do what they think is right, Sichuan girls can be quite Bossy sometimes(not in a manly way, but in a way thats both feminine and fierce),To better illustrate the abovementioned point, its better to take a look at Chengdu men .

Chengdu men are known to have nice temper.

Theres a term in Chengdu dialect that describes a man as u8db4u8033u6735uff0c which means soft ear .

nA soft ear man is one who willingly listens to his wife and if he does not listen, his wife would tug on his soft ear hard so he would yell pain and bend to the wifes demands.

Such a image is not negative but somewhat both fun and positive.

Sichuan mountain

Iu2019ve enjoyed Da Sichuan Bistro at the South end of Palo Alto.

Itu2019s on El Camino Real and is easy to miss.

,They have very friendly service and it more of than makes up for the modest decor.