What are all the English speaking countries in Europe?

Countries that speak English in Europe

English is the official language in the U.


, Ireland (along with Irish), and Malta (along with Maltese).

,The map above shows English speakers u2013 capable of a modest conversation.

Aside from the U.


and Ireland, The Netherlands is followed by Denmark and Sweden.

A gap, then Austria and Finland, then another gap.

Near the bottom, Czechia+Portugal, Slovakia, and Bulgaria are at 27,26,25%, respectively, while Spain and Hungary at 22% and 20% end the list.

English countries

It is the same exam.

No difference.

Most English speaking countries

The answer is of course Ghana.

,Reasons:,Nigerians on a daily basis either speak their tribal language or pidgin English.

Only at work or in School do they speak English.

The semi-literate working population, speak very poor English.

More than half of the children population speak very bad English.

Is English the official language in the country? Yes, but only for business transactions.

In offices, bosses speak language to their tribal people even in meetings.

These groups are mostly Igbos,Yorubasand Hausas.

They are officially more in number in the work places.

They dont necessarily talk in their language to hide information but move in an out of English to their languages to explain things to each other.

If you understand the language, better for them the meeting continues seamlessly.

They respect foreigners but are disrespectful in this sense to fellow Nigerians.

,English is the language of business for Nigerians when dealing with outsiders.

Pidgin, however, is the official language when dealing across tribal lines because every Nigerian speaks pidgin English or understands.

In fact it is tempting to say that Pidgin English is the official language in Nigeria as over 90% (no concrete data) speak it.

From Bornubto Lagos and Sokoto to Port Harcourt,Nigerians speak and understand.

It is in fact the 100% hands down the language of the comedians.

,In Ghana , however, on a daily basis , adults, literate or other wise speak very good English.

Their children speak very good English.

In fact, when you say English is the official language of the country, you are correct.

,Nigerians in this forum will want to disagree, but that is the true position on grown.

Even with population factored in, I in my opinion still believes Ghana has more number of proper English speaking population than Nigeria.

English speaking countries map

I had to us Google images to find out what this chart is really about.

Itu2019s called a Inglehartu2013Welzel Cultural Map.

This appears to be the organization connected to it.

WVS DatabaseI find it an interesting and troubling presentation.

,It seems to indicate that countries that have a similar cultural background and that are somewhat physically near each other have similar mixes of values on the two axis.

,It also indicates that there is a correspondence in income to these groupings.

There could be a temptation to confusion correlation with causation and even to exchange what is the cause and the effect.

For example it would be easy to conclude that being Islamic makes you poor, but maybe being poor makes you Islamic or maybe geographic factors make both happen.

,What troubles me is the number of countries that are left out of this scatter plot that I canu2019t see any rhyme or reason for except that they donu2019t fit the conclusion.

I counted 75 countries on here.

The number of countries in the world is somewhere around 195.

This means that 62% of the worlds countries arenu2019t on this plot.

Does that mean adding them clutters the graphic without adding information or does it mean that the missing countries donu2019t fit the pattern.

If it is the latter tossing 5/8th of your data is troublesome.

If it is the former it should be clearly stated.

English speaking countries by population

According to Wikipedia the United States has about 300,000,000 English speakers.

India is second with 125,000,000.

,The top 15:n,

English speaking countries in Asia

English speaking countries in South America

Not only that its the only Hindu majority country in the New World.

It dates back to when the British banned slavery in the 1830s due to the efforts of William Wilberforce.

To fill the labor shortages, the British recruited coolies from southern India.

English speaking countries in Africa

English is a state language of South Africa.

One of a number of official languages and is widely spoken.

,English has been the sole official language of the Namibia since 1990, in many areas of the country German remains recognised.