What are the original members of the band Queen doing now?

What are the original members of Queen doing now

Brian May (the guitarist) and Roger Taylor (the drummer) still have concerts around the world.

,After Freddieu2019s death in 1991, they had different singers.

Such as Paul Rodgers.

,Before the quarantine, they had tours and their singer was Adam Lambert.

,Left to right: Adam Lambert, Roger Taylor & Brian MayFor now, theyu2019ve postponed their concerts to 2022 (because of the pandemic).

But in the early days of quarantine, they recorded a song with Adam Lambert name u201cYou Are the Championsu201d.

This song is based on Queenu2019s masterpiece u201cWe Are the Championsu201d.

,Queen + Adam Lambert dedicated this song to World Health Organizationu2019s Covid-19 solidarity.


be/7LcLqIHzNkYSo, Brian and Roger are performing as they always did (since they were really young),But John Deacon (the bassist) isnu2019t with Queen anymore.

,When Freddie died in 1991 because of AIDS; he was really sad and depressed.

So, he didnu2019t come on stage again.

,Now, he has a normal life with his wife and six children in England.

He doesnu2019t like journalists to take pictures of him and publish it.

But unfortunately, some people do it :(,But itu2019s not the ending of his job.

A part of the money that Queen + Adam Lambert recieves from concerts and other things are for him.

,Well, heu2019s written lots of masterpieces for this band.

He has the right to get paid for it.

,And donu2019t think that now heu2019s very sad without Freddie.

He has a good life with his family.

Something that he couldnu2019t have when he was younger.

He had to spend all his time with the band and couldnu2019t be with his family much.

,So, weu2019re glad that heu2019s fine :),P.

S: I didnu2019t post any picture of nowadaysu2019 John.

Because he doesnu2019t want people to see his pictures of now and if I do it; itu2019s disrespecting.

Queen members ages

Freddie Mercury, would be 73, died in 1991,Brian May, is going to turn 72 this year, is still active,Roger Taylor, is going to turn 70 this year, is still active,John Deacon, is going to turn 68 this year, retired in 1997

Queen band members now and then

Hi Som!,Thanks for the question.

,Guitarist Brian May has been touring along with drummer Roger Taylor as Queen + Adam Lambert.

Still 2 great musicians trying to keep the dream alive.

No longer Queen without Freddie Mercury and John Deacon.

More of an ultra cover band.

May and Taylor are just living their best lives to the end.

Canu2019t blame them for that.

Having said that I would never go see them with A.


Iu2019d spend the entire concert missing FREDDIE MERCURY.

Nooooo think Iu2019d turn in to a negative nancy.

Iu2019ll stick with Queenu2026u2026Mercury Deacon May Taylor.



our beloved bass player John Deacon.

He is living his life with his wife and children.

So comforting to know that he is still in England.

A beautiful family man.

LOVE YOU JOHN!!,Freddie Mercury.

Oh man.

How we miss the worlds #1 ROCK LEGEND.

Now and then.

nFreddie Mercury passed away at age 45 in November 1991 of AIDS.

Still hurts.

What a man.

He continues to be the #1 frontman in the world of music.

Still spreading love, excitement, peace and Queenu2019s unbelievable ROCK music through his majik voiceu2026.

the music we constantly hear and playu2026the laughter and crack us up joy his documentaries bring usu2026.


Mike Meyers reintroducing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY in his movie Wayneu2019s World.

And then in the movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY as the non believer:,In Bohemian Rhapsody, Mike Myers plays a fictional EMI record executive named Ray Foster.

He doesnt believe in the song BohemianRhapsody, and gives the Queen band members grief because it runs more than six minutes -- way too long for radio play back in the day.

,Queen certainly proved EMI W.






Check out the documentary on YouTube called u201cDays of our livesu201d.

Got to love Roger Taylor answering u2018whereu2019s the modesty?u2019 with a lovely u201cthere isnu2019t anyu201d.

Hereu2019s both part 1 and 2.

Kick back and enjoy!

John Deacon

As so many others have stated, John and Freddie were close friends.

John was only 19 when he joined Queen.

Freddie became like an older brother to John (Freddie was 5 years older), taking him under his wing and encouraging him to write more.

With Freddieu2019s encouragement, John produced classic songs like u201cYouu2019re My Best Friendu201d, u201cI Want To Break Freeu201d, and u201cAnother One Bites the Dustu201d.

I think John and Freddie had similar musical tastes that were slightly different from Brian and Rogeru2019s.

In the later years, Freddie and John often wrote songs together.

Freddie was generous in that he did not want to dominate the band with just his sole compositions.

Brian was also a prolific writer from the start, but Freddie recognized that Roger and John had to participate more in order for the band to remain balanced (and the royalties to remain balanced).

Because of Freddie, John grew more into himself and gained song-writing confidence that he probably never would have developed otherwise.

,So Freddieu2019s death was a crushing blow to John.

John had a sensitive personality, and I think he took it the hardest of all.

He just didnu2019t see any point in continuing after Freddieu2019s death, but he did try to stay on to participate in the tribute concert and the recording of u201cNo One But Youu201d presumably out of respect for his longtime friend.

After that he just stepped away to be with his large family.

,I donu2019t think John Deacon ever wanted to be a famous rockstar.

He did not have the temperament for it.

He simply enjoyed music, was a talented bass player, and wanted to join a band so he could indulge his hobby.

He ended up joining a band that became wildly successful, but I think he would have been just as satisfied (albeit a lot poorer) if heu2019d joined a band that never became famous.

John probably would have retired eventually even if Freddie hadnu2019t died, but for him, the end of Freddie was the end of Queen.

That was the last straw.

He clearly doesnu2019t begrudge the other two the right to play their music, but he just doesnu2019t want to participate aside from collecting his royalty checks.

,I have to say though, I was a little surprised that John didnu2019t even show up for Queenu2019s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

It really was the culmination of all their years of hard work and a crowning glory of an award.

I guess maybe it was just too painful for him to appear without Freddie, although even Freddieu2019s mother and sister appeared at this event.

When Brian and Roger expressed regret that John and Freddie couldnu2019t be there but were u201cthere in spiritu201d it almost seemed like they were both dead.

I do think itu2019s sad for fans that John wonu2019t even show up occasionally for special events like this one, but it is certainly his right to retire and live his life the way he wants.

He certainly earned it.

,One more side note: in recent years, Roger has been quoted as calling John a u201csociopathu201d in the press.

This is an unfortunate word choice, and suggests that Roger thinks John is mentally ill.

But I donu2019t think that is what Roger meant to say at all.

I think Roger was saying that John is sensitive and anti-social, meaning that he just prefers not to interact with the public on a big scale.

Original Queen band members

2 are original members, Roger Taylor and Brian May,Freddie Mercury died and John Deacon left the band in the 90s

Is Freddie from Queen still alive

Yes they are all alive.

,John Deacon played in the tribute concert in 1992, finished working on the very last Queen album u201cu201cMade in Heavenu201d.

It included vocals Freddie recorded in his final days.

He did a charity concert with Roger, and performed with Elton John and the rest of Queen with the Bejart Ballet in 1997.

John then retired from music for good.

To him, Queen wasnu2019t Queen without Freddie.

He lives a simple live with his wife, Veronica, in the same house where they raised their six children.

,Roger Taylor still tours with Brian May in u201cu201cQueen + Adam Lambertu201d.

However, Roger never did stop writing and recording new songs.

They can be found on youtube and other places.

This song is called u201cIsolationu201d and is about Covid.

,Brian May finished his Ph.


He is touring with Roger in u201cu201cQueen + Adam Lambertu201d.

He had some severe health scares this year, but is now OK.

Brian has become quite controversial is his promotion of Adam.

,That is the status of the 3 remaining members of Queen.

,Freddie will always be young and gorgeous.

,Freddie at Live Aid, 1985.

u201cu201cIs This the World We Createdu201d with Brian.

10 p.


Is the Queen band still performing

Been a Queen Fan since 1973, what is currently touring USA is not Queen ,is only half the band that was Queen.

,Queen or as it is Brian may and Roger Taylor are Touring the USA ATM,getting good reviews, but as a purist Queen fan Queen died on the 23rd Novermber 1991 the day Freddie Mercury retired.