What are the places to visit in 2022?

The most beautiful city in the world 2022

Su00e3o Paulo.

Rick and I are going to SP for Pride week, June 2022.

(COVID willing.

) Never been to Brazil before.

We are super excited.

We will be in the Bella Vista neighborhood.

Former Quora writer (Adriano) will be our guide.

We are reallllllllllllllly excited for it.

Top 10 most beautiful city in the world

In fact, I just happen to be in the greatest city in the world, an international city with an incredible depth of history, culture, intellect and talent, that no other city in the world comes close to.

,Every time I visit London, Im hit with a ton of emotion.

London is the city I spent the first 3 decades of my life, its the city which I began to hate - grass-greener-on-other-side-syndrome - which ultimately led to me buying a one-way ticket to a land of opportunity and sunshine, Malaysia.

,Every trip here I briefly think about moving back, but its not happening soon, if ever.

SE Asia is too full of opportunities.

,The thing is, before leaving Britain I had begun to hate the British weather, the dark winters, the city grind, the drink-culture, the miserable tube journeys - the struggle and anguish written on commuters faces is something I havent forgotten.

,Sadly, I needed to get away to appreciate the city I was born in.

I lacked perspective - I could only see things with one tint.

It happens when youve lived all your life in one corner of the planet - which is why its so important to live abroad to gain perspective.

You simply cant become broad-minded without it.

Anyway, wherever you are make sure you see its positives, as there will always be many.

Dont be blind to them, like I was, as it means you lose out.

I guess that applies to life - best to appreciate things before you no longer have them.

Is Dubai the most beautiful city in the world

It depends on how you define beauty.

,Dubai is an artificial Oasis, probably the greatest of man-made city with all kinds of attractions that you can think of,,Other than Vegas, no other city has the magnitude of Dubai probably.

The Burj Khalifa, the Fountain at the Dubai Mall, the newly created Dubai creek, as well as the architectural marvel of the Jumerah Palm and the Atlantis hotel can make you speechless.

,But sadly, nature has taken a backseat in this sun drenched country where greenery is maintained meticulously through artificial plantations and flori-culture.

But you do not find the life of San Francisco or even Sydney in Dubai, everything is of superficial gloss and glamour, a city which boasts of some fantastic engineering , landscaping exhibits as well as world class infrastructure .

Sadly most of its culture is a copy of the west, and hardly is there any depth to the heritage and knowledge that this city has.

Dubai also has an underbelly, which we need to sadly overlook.

,A few days is the most that you can stay at Dubai , that too between the months of November to March.

Come August and temperatures reach 50 degree Celsius or around 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

I guess its only the malls and shopping centers that can keep you busy then .

100 most beautiful cities in the world

this is why,and this,and these,I think pictures speak for themselves.

100 most beautiful cities in the world 2022

Eva GreenWith her unique sultry looks, Eva Green deserve top spot in any list of u201cHottest Hollywood Actressesu201d.

Green was born and raised in France.

She is the daughter of legendary actress Marlu00e8ne Jobert.

,Green is gorgeous and naturally dark blonde.

Best known for her role as Sibylla, Queen of Jerusalem in Ridley Scottu2019s historical epic Kingdom of Heaven.

Also, portrayed Bond girl Vesper Lynd in the James Bond film Casino Royale.

She also known for movies like; Dark Shadows, 300: Rise of an Empire, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, as well as the Showtimeu2019s horror drama Penny Dreadful.

,Alexandra DaddarioEven though she didnu2019t become a true star yet, but her looks make her the sexiest one.

Born and raised in New York City, U.



Daddario is of Italian, Slovak, English, and Irish descent.

Throughout her careere, she has appeared in several movies, televission shows and music videos.

Her most famous performances in movies are; Summer Quinn in Baywatch, Blake Gaines in San Andreas and Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series.

Also, in 2018 Netflix movie u2018When We First Metu2019 as Avery Martin.

,Owning one of the sexiest figures in Hollywood, there is a good reason why people want to see more and more from her in future.

Daddario, now set to appear in four films in 2018, including; We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Nomis, I Am Not a Bird and one other.

All that boost her career to another level.

,Emilia ClarkeEmilia Clarke ranked amongest the most beautiful women in the world 2022.

No doubt, she one of the hottest Hollywood actresses right now.

In 2019, Time magazine named her one of the worldu2019s 100 most influential people.

,Clarke rose to prominence in her breakthrough role within the HBO series Game of Thrones.

The role accumulated her international recognition, and a number of other accolades, including four Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

,Jennifer LawrenceA beauty with brain.

Talent, brain, looks and humanity, yes thatu2019s what she is.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the sexiest actress in the world.

,Kate UptonAmerican actor and model, the diva, who is at number 19 in our list of hottest actresses in Hollywood.

She is known for her work with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

She is the historyu2019s most famous cover model for SISI.

Upton apeared in a few movies throughout her career.

The fashion diva is known for her acting work in Tower Heist, The Layover and The Other Woman.

Most beautiful city in the US

San Franciscon,,,n,,n

The most beautiful city in the world 2021

The great and multicultural cities of the Western world, like London and New York City, are certainly amazing cities; but they have had a long time to develop.

,While I do not mean to take away from their beauty, I think that some more impressive cities exist.

Cities that were poor or basically did not even exist twenty years ago.

,If I were to say what I think the three most amazing cities in the world were, this would be my list:,Astana, Kazakhstan,Kigali, Rwanda,Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,To some, the countries they are in might be surprising.

Central Asia brings to mind images of poor people huddled in Soviet-style flats, while Africa makes people think of much worse.

Many people do not even consider how this is not the case for everyone.

,All three of these cities have seen almost all of their development happen in under twenty years, and now they are all very vibrant and beautiful.

,In this answer we will be taking a look at Astana and Dar es Salaam! This is a long answer anyways, and I believe that Didier Champion or another Rwandan Quora would be better suited than me to answer about Kigali.

,Welcome to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan!The grand and utopian city of Astana is home to some of the worldu2019s most unique architecture.

As Kazakhstan continues its rapid economic growth, the city is attracting more and more tourists who are amazed at its towers, mosques, and malls.

Kazakhs are moving too.

The population of Astana has doubled in just fifteen years to over one million people.

,But in fact, almost nothing in Astana was there twenty years ago.

,Why, you may wonder? It is because Astana was formerly a small town called Akmola, founded in 1830.

It is only in 1997 that the capital of Kazakhstan was moved from Almaty, still the countryu2019s largest city now, to Akmola - which was renamed Astana in 1998.

Located in the Kazakh steppe, technically a part of Siberia, Astana was almost empty until it became the capital.

Since then, some of the worldu2019s most interesting buildings have been built in the city.

,Astana is a very diverse city where many different cultures and religions can be found.

The government of Kazakhstan extensively funds the preservation of this, and fosters a national identity over an ethnic identity.

Kazakhstan is one of the worldu2019s most multicultural countries because of this.

,Kazakhstanu2019s only president since independence, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has put in lots of money to develop Astana to be a technologically advanced city, incorporating amazing ideas such as bike sharing in the city.

Careful planning is necessary anyways.

Due to the extreme cold in the winters, when temperatures regularly drop below -30 degrees Celsius, all big buildings must be designed to be able to sustain themselves in the cold.

Astana is the worldu2019s second coldest capital city!,A brief look at the unique, sometimes almost alien, architecture of Astana is due!The Baiterek Tower (left) looms over Astana.

Completed in 2002, the observation deck is 97 metres above the base, representing the year 1997, when Astana became Kazakhstanu2019s capital.

It is built to look like a poplar tree.

,From the observation deck a clear view of the Ak Orda Presidential Palace (right), President Nazarbayevu2019s workplace, is seen.

It is on the Ishim River, which runs through the capital.

Flower gardens border the palace.

,The Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre is a giant transparent tent that acts as a mall.

It is the tallest and largest tensile structure in the entire world, and was built in 2010.

Designed carefully to be able to sustain the extreme temperatures of Astana, the tent contains a park, a river, a golf course, and an indoor beach in addition to many shops and restaurants.

,When it was officially opened, many international leaders were present, including Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva, Turkish President Abdullah Gu00fcl, and Queen Rania of Jordan.

,The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, completed in 2006, is a testament to the diversity of Kazakhstan.

This huge pyramid, built on top of a hill, overlooks the Ak Orda Presidential Palace on the opposite side of the Ishim River.

,Originally built to host the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, the palace is now a centre for religious harmony.

It has accomodations for Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and even more faiths, along with a library that has books on Kazakhstanu2019s different ethnic groups!,Astana has more gorgeous places for religious worship! Going clockwise from the top left we have the Nur Astana Mosque, the interior of the Nur Astana Mosque, the Beit Rachel Synagogue, and the interior of the Assumption Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

Kazakhstan is a very diverse country with few issues between different religious groups!,The residential portions of Astana are also beautiful.

Simply walking through the city will calm you down as you see the plentiful parks and cafu00e9s of various cuisines, such as Kazakh, Russian, and Korean, strewn throughout the city.

Many of Astanau2019s flats are more simply designed.

The city is still relatively small in area as it continues to be constructed.

,The financial sector of Astana is truly amazing as well.

Astana is considered a smart city, and simply looking at its architecture validates this distinction.

Some ways that Astana is a smart city include its bike sharing system, the continued moving of more government services online, extensive public transport, and a smart street light program that has cut electricity usage in the city by 60%.

,One of the most amazing architectural accomplishments is currently under construction in Astana is the Abu Dhabi Plaza, planned to be completed before 2021.

Once it is constructed, it will be the second tallest building in the former Soviet Union, only beat by the Lakhta Centre in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The conceptual design is below.

,I think that Astana is the most amazing city in the world because, of how quickly it has developed.

From where there was nothing of importance, Astana has become the most important city in central Asia.

I remember how family friends who lived in Akmola have recounted the amazing growth that their city has gone through now that it is the capital.

,Below, the people of Kazakhstan gather around President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the centre.

I wish the best luck for this amazing nation.

,Another amazing city is located in Tanzania!Africa is known for u201cwar and poor peopleu201d.

Thatu2019s not entirely accurate.

This is Dar es Salaam, the largest city of Tanzania!With a name that means abode of peace in Arabic, it is no wonder that Dar es Salaam has become one of the most developed cities on the African continent.

The rapid development that Dar es Salaam has gone through the last fifteen years is one matched by few other cities.

Skyscrapers, hotels, and resorts have shot up like crazy!,Formerly known as Mzizima, it was a small fishing village in the 19th century, but Sultan Sayyid Majid of Zanzibar began developing it, and renamed the settlement Dar es Salaam.

When the Germans colonised Tanzania, they chose Dar es Salaam to be their capital.

Since then, it has been Tanzaniau2019s primary city.

Dar es Salaam has nearly five million people.

,Tanzania is currently the worldu2019s 11th fastest growing economy, and with economic growth comes a population boom.

Tanzania is expected to triple its population in 2017 (55 million) by 2060 (165 million).

Dar es Salaam will grow along with this.

,Dodoma, in central Tanzania, became the capital in 1996.

But many government offices remain in Dar es Salaam, making it the effective capital in many cases.

,Let us take a little tour of the wonders of the abode of peaceu2026Dar es Salaam sits on the Indian Ocean.

Some of its tallest buildings overlook these tranquil waters, including the PSPF Towers, the 6th tallest buildings in Africa.

The beaches of the city are famous worldwide!,The vast skyline of Dar es Salaam extends far inland.

Unlike many cities in the world, its urban sprawl has been designed very effectively; it didnu2019t exist just two decades ago.

Many parks are located in the city, even its downtown.

,Who says that Africa doesnu2019t have any fun attractions? Seriously, some people I know were surprised to hear that Africa has waterparks, zoos, or races! In fact, Dar es Salaamu2019s Kunduchi Wet-n-Wild is the largest waterpark in east Africa! In June there are also famous goat races!,Mosques and churches sit side-by-side in diverse Tanzania! While accurate religious statistics do not exist, it is believed that 60% of the country is Christian, and 35% is Muslim.

,The people are another great part of the city.

They are very welcoming to tourists.

,Lively markets, friendly people, beautiful buildings, and great weather.

this is one of the most amazing cities in the world for sure.

Since the fall of Tanzaniau2019s socialist government, Dar es Salaam has grown to become a beautiful diamond on the Indian Ocean.

,Welcome to beautiful Dar es Salaam!,-,These two cities challenge the perceptions of many people on the state of affairs in central Asia and east Africa.

Things are getting better now.

Look at other cities like Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan or Nairobi, Kenya to see how these regions of the world are developing very quickly.

,And with this comes beautiful and amazing cities such as these two.

30 most beautiful cities in the world

A2A,There are five place I want to see before I die.

These are places I have never been and that I would absolutely love to see.

,Some of them are in India.

Dont @ me lolIn no particular order ~~~,County Tipperary, Ireland.

The land of my paternal heritage.

,Im the only person who has been to India 6 times and never seen the Taj Mahal -_- one day, one day,I would absolutely die for the chance to stay in a fort or palace in Rajasthan.

The gorgeous Venice.

,Obv AssamBonus Santorini, but its hella expensive so probs no.