Which international airline between Hong Kong and South Africa has the most comfortable economy class seating on their long-haul flights?

Most comfortable international airline seats economy class

I recommend Singapore Airlines.

Not only do they have the most direct route, they have pretty comfortable economy class.

Itu2019s a better route than connecting in the gulf.

Most uncomfortable airlines

My personal dislike .


Riding in one of our airlines 757s.

NWA bought the cheapest, tinyest seats possible.

I dreaded having deadhead anywhere on one if the Jump seat was already taken.

Premium economy plane seats

Airline tickets and cheap flights at AA.

com recogbizes most BA record locators now.

Call up your reservation and eyeball the seat map.

Or just call AA and ask.

,I think true intl premium economy on AA is only on the 77W.

Most comfortable airlines

If youre flying from Chicago to Paris, your choices are American, United, Air France and Delta, with the last two sharing the route on different days of the week.

(All the other carriers on that route are code shares on those four, or else you have to connect somewhere which adds hours to the flight.

)nAir France has premium economy, more comfortable than regular economy but a lot cheaper than business.

United, American, and Delta have Economy Plus or the equivalent, same seat with extra legroom that makes a huge difference if you are tall.

AF probably has slightly better food.

nThe passengers are all pretty much the same, more French on AF and more Americans on the others, but not enough to matter.

The planes all go the same speed, newer planes are no more comfortable since they all have redone the interiors.

,So Id say pick AF if you want their premium economy, otherwise it doesnt matter.

Most comfortable domestic airlines

Air India or Indian would give you the best legroom.

I havent travelled in Vistara so not aure of them.

But conpared to Jet, Indigo, Indian gives you the best legroom.

,Not to forget the:,a) liberal baggage allowance of 25 kilos for check-in, 10 kilos for hand bag and 10 kilos of check-in allowance for an infant and,b) best in class food.

,Actually Indian rocks in the domestic airspace.

Wish it recovers from its financial woes soon.

Economy Class seat

Good question.

But your question reveals the bias of your perspective.

YOU think the seats are badly designed, presumably because they are so uncomfortable and so hard to get in and out of.

The airlines, however, think they are quite cleverly designed because they meet all of the companiesu2019 requirements, or at least most of them.

They likely meet fewer of your requirements.

But thereu2019s a little more to this.

,Airlines, and the manufacturers who design and build their aircraft and interiors, must meet a large number of safety requirements for passenger (and crew) seating.

In the U.


, these requirements are established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and include such things as crash and impact resistance, fire safety, and passenger restraint.

There are also airline business requirements that include such factors as size, mounting flexibility, ease of maintenance, and cost.

Almost none of those requirements, safety or business, coincide with your comfort interest as a passenger, and since most airline travel is brutally competitive on price, the airlineu2019s requirements, at least the business requirements related to cost, are going to win.

Do some airlines compete in the areas of passenger comfort and service? Yes, of course, but rarely in the economy-class compartments where most of us fly.