Are there some instances where a guitar is allowed for hand carry with Philippine Airlines?

Items not allowed in hand carry Philippine Airlines

On PAL you may elect to carry a guitar in its case as your chosen u2018carry onu2019 item.

However, doing so precludes you from carrying anything else, with one proviso.

As sexist as it may sound; if you have a handbag (or I think americans call it a purse), that is permitted as well.

,In the past few years Iu2019ve only flown PAL three times and actually only out of necessity, rather than choice.

Even as a First Class passenger, I found their policies and procedures to be somewhat shambolic.

A friend of mine travelling with me told me had adopted the adage that if you donu2019t like the answer from one employee, ask another.

,Personally, Iu2019ve always leant towards my own lifeu2019s adage: It is much easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission!,May all your journeys be ones of Discovery!

How much baggage is allowed in Philippine Airlines domestic

I always ensure that my baggage is within the baggage allowance or prepaid allowance, checking it multiple times with scales before departing for the airport.

I was therefore surprised when arriving to check in for a Cebu Pacific flight in Bangkok to find the counter scale to be saying I was nearly 6kg above my allowance and I would have to pay an excess baggage charge.

I then noticed that a member of check in staff was stood next to the belt with the scale and when she moved the total weight changed.

I pointed this out, but they insisted it was correct and I would have to pay.

I refused and asked to speak to a manager.

The check in agent refused insisting that I either pay or donu2019t fly.

We were in a standoff, but after about 5 -10 minutes a manager appeared and I explained the situation.

I retrieved my bag and we both went to the next counter.

This time when my bag was weighed it was within the allowed limit as I had claimed.

,I am not certain if this was a preplanned scam to get unsuspecting passengers to pay extra or just an odd occurrence.

,I am amazed at how much different airport scales weigh the same piece of luggage.

I have checked at home and my scales have read 20kg, arriving at the Heathrow airport the check in confirmed my reading of 20kg.

Luggage was out of my possession till arrival in Manila, when the same piece of luggage collected from the luggage carousel and taken upstairs to departures for my domestic flight now weighs 24kg !,Other unexpected charges.

,I had booked my flight on Philippines Airlines using my credit card about 3 months before departure.

In this 3 months my card had expired and had been replaced by the bank, with a new number and verification code on the reverse.

Arriving at check in Philippine Airlines asked for the card I had booked with.

I had explained that the card had expired and been replaced, but they refused to accept this and insisted that I pay cash for my ticket.

The credit card payment was eventually a couple of months later credited to my account.

,I am always surprised at airports when they demand a departure tax in local currency cash before allowing you to leave.

I have seen so many passengers spend all their local cash at the gift shop, or restaurants to then be suddenly hit with a tax and be forced to go find an ATM.

Manila used to have this system of departure tax, but now this is incorporated into ticket price and no longer payable at the airport.

Philippine Airlines baggage size International

They donu2019t care about TV sizes.

They care about baggage sizes.

You can generally have up to 50 pounds, with linear dimensions of 62 inches total.

Thatu2019s adding L + H + W.

Considering that youu2019ll need to securely pack it in a box, I suspect a 32u201d screen is likely the max.

More if youu2019re willing to pay for oversized baggage.

See your airline site for rules and prices.

Youu2019re likely going to find that a commercial freight company is the better option.


Hand carry luggage size

The size varies from airline to airline, as does the efficiency with which the size regulations are enforced.

,Many years ago I bought a small Samsonite backpack made to dimensions which even the stingiest American feeder airlines allow as cabin baggage u2014 it fits easily under a seat if necessary.

A number of years ago I bought an excellent travel vest which has now been all over the world with me u2014 I wear it on board and then put it in the overhead locker.

It contains enough to free me from the need for any checked baggage.