Is the movie Cats (2019) really that bad?

You and I will travel far together original singer

Many years ago, on reaching what passes with me for adulthood, I started to travel more, and I developed anxiety about flying.

,In an attempt to control my anxiety, I researched air accidents, to see if my fears were realistic.

,I read many air accident reports, trying to better understand how accidents happen.

,I came to understand that air accidents, and catastrophic accidents in general, happen because of many things going wrong.

,Not just one thing.

,That truth that I learned from studying air accidents, is what lies beneath this answer.

,,In 1939, the poet, critic and publisher Thomas Stearns Eliot took a selection of poems that heu2019d written for the amusement of his friendsu2019 children, and published them, under the title Old Possumu2019s Book of Practical Cats.

,u2018Old Possumu2019, or just u2018Possumu2019, was a joke name that Eliot often adopted in correspondence with people he was fond of.

,Eliot was known for shifting between registers in a startling and unsettling way.

He had been famously modernist with his long poem The Waste Land.

,But here he was publishing a book of whimsical poems for children, about cats.

It was one of the strangest moves ever made by a major modern poet.

,Eliot loved popular songs, and of all his contemporaries he had the most sophisticated and versatile sense of rhythm.

The poems in Practical Cats were crying out to be set to music.

But they were still fundamentally silly but enjoyable kidsu2019 poems.

,In 1980, the musical theatre composer Andrew Lloyd Webber presented a song cycle using the poems, at the Sydmonton Festival.

,Eliotu2019s widow Valerie Eliot was at the festival, and she presented Lloyd Webber with some unpublished cat poems, including u2018Grizabella the Glamour Catu2019, a fragmentary poem that Eliot had decided not to include in the original collection on the grounds that they were meant for children, and u2018Grizabellau2019 was too sad.

,Lloyd Webber began to think that there was potential in this material for something with greater depth (u2018there was very much more to the project than I had realisedu2019).

,This was, arguably, the first thing that went wrong.

,Lloyd Webber engaged the brilliant producer Cameron Mackintosh, who trusted Lloyd Webberu2019s instincts.

He, in turn, brought in the gifted artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Trevor Nunn, to direct the show.

,Nunn thought it could be a charming, slightly satirical chamber piece about 30s London.

,Lloyd Webber wanted it to be a full-blown musical.

,Nunn went along with that decision.

,This was, arguably, the second thing that went wrong.

,Shortly before rehearsals were due to start, Nunn informed the producers that the show didnu2019t have a story.

,As he recalled later, at the beginning of rehearsals they had fifteen poems set to music and by the end of rehearsals they had a complete script.

But the show still didnu2019t have that all-important u201911 ou2019clock numberu2019: the show-stopping big song that happens late in the second act, which gets the audience through to the finale.

,That song was eventually cobbled together by Nunn during the previews, using bits of Eliotu2019s poem u2018Rhapsody on a Windy Nightu2019, and was titled u2018Memoryu2019.

,In the event, Cats became a huge hit, and got glowing reviews, and ran in the West End from 1981 to 2002, and on Broadway from 1982 to 2002.

,This was, arguably, the third thing that went wrong.

,Because it meant that, inevitably, somebody, some day, would try to make it into a movie.

,,Now, I have argued many times that itu2019s impossible to say that an artwork is objectively bad or good.

And I mean to be consistent.

,I watched Cats the movie on TV, never having been to see the musical.

,I was prepared to enjoy it.

,And I did enjoy it, very much.

,Iu2019ve since watched it again, because having watched it, I bought the DVD, and I watched it with the directoru2019s commentary.

I have now watched it twice in 24 hours.

Iu2019m just not sure I enjoyed it the way I think the filmmakers intended me to enjoy it.

,,First off, we have to talk about the cats.

,The cats are beautiful.

,Not just Francesca Hayward, above, who plays theu2026well, sheu2019s sort of the protagonist, exceptu2026is she? The u2018main characteru2019? In a film whichu2026doesnu2019t really have a main character? The musical doesnu2019t, but the film does.

And itu2019s kind of her.

,Iu2019m not sure.

,Sheu2019s in it a lot, put it that way.

,All the cats are beautiful.

,I mean, theyu2019re not just pretty.

Theyu2019re gorgeous.

,Theyu2019re alluring.

Theyu2019re attractive.

Except for the old and grizzled ones, and even they are cuddly.

,The trouble with the cats is very simple.

,This movie seems to assume that I want to have sex with cats.

No, waitu2026thatu2019s not quite it.

,This movie wants me to want to have sex with cats.

Yeah, thatu2019s it.

,Thatu2019s the only explanation I can find for why the cats are designed the way they are.

,They are neither realistic cats, for they behave as humans behave, and have human-shaped bodies, but nor are they humans pretending to be cats, because the movie has gone a long way towards making them seem as much as possible like cats.

,This is, kind of, all very well, as long as the cat is a sylph-like, lissom creature like Haywardu2019s Victoria, or Robbie Fairchild as Munkustrap, seen above, who you can sort of convince yourself most of the time are cats, although because theyu2019re both great dancers they do an awful lot of dancing, and some of the dancing is, well, quite sexy.

,But then Taylor Swift comes along as Bombalurina.

,And she has actual boobs.

So, I watched the film in an increasing state of uncertainty as to whether or not I ought to be finding it sexy.

,And I eventually decided that it was sort of okay that I did.

,But then I rememberedu2026,u2026these are poems written for children.

How did we get here?!,,Then there are the cockroaches.

,Rebel Wilson plays the Gumbie cat, Jennanydots, and won a Razzie.

,I think this was unfair, as she really gave it full throttle in her big scene, and was solid comic relief the rest of the time.

,But there are these dancing cockroaches in her big scene, who have the faces of young attractive women:,So presumably weu2019re meant to find the cockroaches adorably cute and anthropomorphic.

Kind of like the cats.

Maybe even sexy, because, I mean, look at them.

,And in the course of the scene, Jennanydots picks up a couple of these cockroaches, and eats them.

And thatu2019s the point where you realise:,I am watching a movie in which Rebel Wilson is casually eating anthropomorphic cockroaches.

Presumably this wasnu2019t just some casual gesture, that accidentally ended up in the finished movie.

,Because, for Rebel Wilson to eat a CGI cockroach, she would have to have made the gesture, and then teams of animators would have to have painstakingly transferred the digital cockroach into her fingers and then into her mouth, a process that must have taken considerable work, and which director Tom Hooper presumably must have given his consent to.

,I mean, if, in the course of shooting the scene, Rebel Wilson had pretended to eat a cockroach, for the laugh, and Tom Hooper had decided that that was out of place, he could have just stopped the scene.

,He could have said Um, Rebel, maybe donu2019t eat the cockroach? I think itu2019s wrong, because they have human faces and we like them.

And she could have said Oh, sorry, Tom, good note.

I wonu2019t do it again.

But he clearly didnu2019t say that.

,Because she does it in the scene.


,Again:,How did we get here?,,Then thereu2019s the scene with Skimbleshanks, the Railway cat, in which the dancing cats magically go out onto the railway line under the moonlight:,I know that they were probably thinking This is great, we can open up the set and get a sense of London at night and blah blah blah.

And Steven McRae, as Skimbleshanks, is an incredible dancer, who can tap the hell out of whatever heu2019s doing, and who also, like Robbie Fairchild, proves to be a more than decent singer.

,But my reaction was that I wanted to shout at the screen You stupid cats!Get off the railway line!Youu2019re tiny, and this is a line along which giant steel engines travel! Youu2019re gonna get crushed!Probably by the Night Mail, which as we know from the celebrated 1936 GPO Film Office documentary, is likely to come down the tracks at any minute!But then the cats go into a sleeping car, and what with all the high-spirited dancing and shenanigans, Victoria the cat ends up in a bed with another cat, which once again gives us the image of alluring cat-folk sharing a bed with each other:,At this point it becomes difficult not to conclude that Tom Hooper, the director and co-writer, is f***ing with our heads.

But the movie has more in store.

,,Just when you think that itu2019s all going to work on the level of gloriously camp disaster, into the movie comes Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella.

,Now, I donu2019t know exactly how Hudson prepared for the role.

,But itu2019s as if, having been cast in a movie based on the poems of T.


Eliot, she thought T.


Eliot, huh? The poet? I better do some reading.

And itu2019s as if, rather than read Old Possumu2019s Book of Practical Cats, Jennifer Hudson read The Waste Land.

Because her Grizabella is not a melancholy cat reflecting on past glories.

,Her Grizabella is a raw, open fissure of pain and yearning.

She plays Grizabella as if Grizabella is a crack-addicted hooker, struggling with pain, addiction and agonising remorse for a lifetime of bad decisions.

,But, yu2019knowu2026,A cat.

Itu2019s all too clear that nobody got around to telling Jennifer Hudson that she was appearing in a ridiculous campy mess.

,Because suddenly the film has a beating heart of pain.

And then, piling on the confusion, just as Grizabella seems to be wandering out of the movie in search of meth, Francesca Hayward as Victoria sings a song at her, in her thin, untrained voice, which is unexpectedly miles better than the schlocky, bacon-wrapped musical cheeseburgers that weu2019ve been scarfing for a solid hour.

,The song, u2018Beautiful Ghostsu2019, has music by Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Taylor Swift, and itu2019s gentle, delicate and moving, and it serves to connect these two characters together, and convince us, for a few minutes, that this whole dogu2019s breakfast is more than just a series of production numbers, but has an honest-to-god story.

But the moment passes.

,And Hudson shuffles off, to watch events from behind masonry.

,Her big moment, her 11 ou2019clock number, is yet to come.

,,Bert, anybodyu2019d think you u2018adnu2019t u2018ad no reu2019earsinu2019, they would.

You u2018avenu2019t u2018ad a lapsis ou2019 memory, u2018ave you? u2018Ereu2019s u2018undreds and u2018undreds of people all waitinu2019 to u2018ear you sing that song what was wrote for you special.



Eliot, The Rock, Part II,,As I mentioned before, Rebel Wilsonu2019s performance won a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress, and I say again that that was unfair.

,Nobody can tell me that anything in this film wasnu2019t the result of a great deal of planning, thought and post-production.

,Rebel Wilson couldnu2019t make a great performance out of a character who scratches her crotch and eats cockroaches.

Judi Dench couldnu2019t make a great performance out of a character who scratches her crotch and eats cockroaches.

,Francesca Hayward was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Actress, but she lost to Hilary Duff, who was unfortunate enough to be playing the title role in the epically crappy-sounding The Haunting of Sharon Tate, a film which sounds like itu2019s a cluster headache in cinematic form.

,Cats is not that kind of film.

,Itu2019s a sumptuous, disturbing fever-dream, made of cheese, glitter, whimsy, sweat and wishful thinking.

,Hayward, one of the most acclaimed ballet dancers of her generation, was playing her first dramatic role in a feature film.

,A role in which her job, other than dancing with supreme elegance, power, eloquence and virtuosity, which she absolutely does, was to keep doing two things, over and over again.

,One was to stare at things and people with ever-renewed wonder and delight:,The other was to look sympathetic:,This is a bit like being a virtuoso sax player who, for a major command performance, is given not a saxophone, but a ukulele, with only one string, and is told:,Here you go, play anything you like.

As long as itu2019s interesting.

Oh, and it has to be in F sharp major.

Interestingly, in the musical, the character that Hayward plays is split between two characters: Jemima (Sillabub in US productions), who acts and sings but doesnu2019t dance, and Victoria, who dances but doesnu2019t sing.

,For the film, they decided to combine the roles into one role, and give it to a ballet dancer who had never before played a lead role in a feature film.

,Meryl f***ing Streep couldnu2019t have made that character unforgettable.

,Lots of things have to go wrong.

,,First, the great poet T.


Eliot had to decide that his funny little poems written for his friendsu2019 kids were worth publishing.

,Then, Andrew Lloyd Webber had to decide that they were worth setting to music.

,Then, he had to decide that they deserved to be an entire musical for adults.

,Then, Trevor Nunn had to agree with him.

,Then, people had to be entertained enough for the show to be a massive worldwide hit.

,Then, Tom Hooper had to go and see it as a kid, and fall in love with it.

,Then, years later, he had to decide that it was worth turning it into a movie.

,Then, he had to decide that the cats ought to be digital sexy cat people.

,Then, he had to engage a choreographer as brillant as Andy Blankenbuehler to bring these digital sexy cat people to full-blooded life.

And hire a bunch of great dancers who didnu2019t give a stuff about how it all originated as a silly little bunch of verses to amuse middle-class English children.

,Then, what began as a bit of fun to entertain a few children became a $100m motion picture spectacular.

,Which, having seen it, is etched forever into your long-term memory.

,The verses [Practical Cats] were certainly intended for children, in so far as they were intended to amuse anyone but myself, and unless they do really amuse children there is no point in their existing.

I donu2019t want, like one or two popular authors whom I can think of, to write childrenu2019s poems which will appeal primarily to sentimental adults.

That kind of verse seems to me definitely unpleasant.



Eliot, letter to George Barnes, 4 February 1938,,Iu2019ve never been much of a believer in the whole So Bad, Itu2019s Good thing.

,I have watched The Room, in the company of someone who thought it richly amusing, and I couldnu2019t enjoy it.

,It was like watching someone with a terrible speech impediment trying to win a tongue-twister competition.

,I felt sorry for Tommy Wiseau and the other people involved in that movie.

Because they were all thoroughly inept, but they were trying really hard to make a film that meant something.

,Eliot had the words for that:,[u2026] And so each venturenIs a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulatenWith shabby equipment always deterioratingnIn the general mess of imprecision of feeling,nUndisciplined squads of emotion.

,Butu2026Cats has brought me around.

,Everybody involved in Cats is enormously talented.

It has some damn fine actors: Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Idris Elba.

,The younger, less well-known ones are giving it their best.

Nobody can say that Taylor Swift doesnu2019t sing the hell out of u2018Macavity: The Mystery Catu2019, just as Jennifer Hudson is an image of grace and suffering in u2018Memoryu2019.

Laurie Davidson as Mr Mistoffelees plays a blinder.

,Tom Hooper directed The Kingu2019s Speech, which I have seen, and Les Miserables, which I havenu2019t.

Lee Hall, who co-wrote it, also wrote Billy Elliot and has a writing credit on War Horse.

Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music for Jesus Christ Superstar, which I will defend to anyone.

,The dancers! Mette Towley, Les Twins, Fairchild, Hayward, all of them.

Great dancers.

,The talent involved in the making of this film was unreal.

Oh, and Jennifer Hudson killed her 11 ou2019clock number.

,So why doesnu2019t it work the way they seem to have wanted it to work?,,After the story, such as there is one, has reached its climax, and we the audience are, as it were, wiping the grease off our chins, Dame Judi Dench as Old Deuteronomy starts talking to the audience about how to address cats, while Francesca Hayward stares at her fondly.

,And we, the audience, want to shout at the screen:,Shut up, Dame Judi Dench!This entire film has been teaching us how to address cats!We have entered a stranger, more frightening world!Before watching this film, Dame Judi Dench, I wasnu2019t remotely interested in tight, furry buttocks!But now I canu2019t stop thinking about them!What has it all been for, Dame Judi Dench?Why has this happened to us?,Having watched Cats, I find that it has, for reasons which I hope Iu2019ve made clear, earned a place very close to my heart.

,Itu2019s not that the performers donu2019t know what theyu2019re doing.

,They are, as it were, the flight attendants and crew on a flight that was doomed before it took off, by circumstances beyond their control.

,And yet the result is curiously more than the sum of what deserve to be considered as its parts.

,I still want to sit them all down in a big room, and provide them with the best snacks, and plenty of inexpensive champagne, and then walk over to Tom Hooper, and say this:,You never figured out whether this movie is about cats, or whether itu2019s about people.

Itu2019s because youu2019re still stuck as the kid you were who saw the original production, aged eight, and thought it was amaaaaazing.

Because, yes, Tom Hooper, I watched the whole film again with your commentary.

So I know why you at least want people to think why you made this film.

But the result is a series of poor decisions by you, and Andrew Lloyd Webber before you, and Valerie Eliot before him, and maybe even T.


Eliot in the first place, publishing these poems in the knowledge that people would read more into them than they probably deserved.

But, Tom, it doesnu2019t matter.

You, and your illustrious forebears, went through so many terrible decisions that the result has a kind of glory.

Then I would turn to everyone else in the room and say this, from the bottom of my heart:,Thank you.

ShantihShantihShantih,The dancers are all gone under the hill.



Eliot, u2018East Cokeru2019,I had a really great time working on that weird-ass movie.

You and I will travel far together chords

Yes, I would most definitely be prepared.

,My husband prepared a bag for me years ago and I keep it in the trunk.

,He gets it out and goes through it every so often.

He adds, takes out, and changes things around.

,Some of the things in it are:,Flashlights.

One with batteries and one that is wind-up.

,24 pk of bottled water,Various non-perishable snacks,Batteries,Fully stocked First-Aid kit,Car emergency kit (flares, jumper cables, tire gauge etc.

),Duct tape,A small shovel,Blankets,Small tool kit,A couple different knives,Gloves,Bungee chords,Matches and dryer lint for fire starting,Now I have to sayu2026Iu2019m not driving through the mountains anywhere, and I donu2019t travel too far from home by myself.

,I told him I didnu2019t need all that stuff, but he says u201cIts better to have it and not need it, than to need it and donu2019t have it.

u201dSo I will continue to keep this monstrosity in my trunk u201cjust in caseu201d,PS ~ donu2019t get me wrong.

I very much appreciate him putting this together and making sure Iu2019m prepared for emergencies :-)

You and I will travel far together karaoke

They waste money on throwing an huge house party, get drunk and leave a mess for their managers to find the next morning.

,^Nope, they donu2019t.

Alright on a serious Note.

If you are talking about u201cChristmasu201d or u201cNew Yearu2019s Eveu201d these holidays, then I would say, they are most likely to be working on their Year-End performances.

,Now before you guys get mad with BigHit and say u201cWhy canu2019t BTS just rest on holidays!u201d I will explain that culturally, or as far as I also noticed with my Korean friends.

Christmas isnu2019t a huge celebratory deal for them.

My close friend Jee (I wonu2019t say her full name) explained that Christmas for adults and young adult Koreans are usually spent as a sorta Lovers day?,Couples celebrate Christmas by spending time together and such.

Itu2019s a holiday to spend with friends at a Karaoke room, or out drinking.

And New Yearu2019s is well the busiest time for South Korean music industry.

They have the year-end shows, where annuals Yoongi used to sit-out, but last year Yoongi finally performed with his other members, awwww.

,BigHit however does let BTS enjoy a holiday which is usually Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), this specific holiday is a huge deal in Korea.

Itu2019s nearly a week long break for BTS.

Most often Koreans who originally lived in the provinces, would travel out of Seoul and spend time with their families.

BTS themselves spend Chuseok with their families recently for this holiday.

,Often enough, if BTS has days off work and promo, they spend it more with their families, or in smaller groups like two or three members going to each otheru2019s houses.

In an overall, whenever there is a holiday aside Christmas and New Yearu2019s BTS are most likely to spend time with their siblings and parents.


You and I will travel far together music sheet

NEET PG 2020 MARKS 839 rank 1kAIIMS PG 1kPGI 767Since I was the first doctor in my family and no one in my family even far relatives was a doctor, I had no idea about neet pg when I entered my MBBS.

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It was a private medical college in Davangere Karnataka.

,Since there is no government college in the district, our college is attached to the government district hospital, so we get to work in both government and private hospitals.

,I got to know about NEET PG in the middle of the first year.

,Since everything was new than in the first year so I did not so well concentrate on NEET PG.

,But I did watch DR.

Najeeb lectures, which cleared my concepts in physiology and doing this Najeeb lectures unknowingly was my first step towards NEET PG.

,When I entered the second year, I joined dams pre-foundation V-SAT in my college town, and I still remember there were only three guys out of a batch of 200 students who joined dams in the second year.

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We had to get good marks in internals to pass the university exams.

,The third-year was chill as we had no internal exams, and departments were not so strict, and attendance was not an issue.

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I also promised my self I will study very hard after my internship for neet pg.

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Biochem will haunt you in neet pg never give up on biochem keep reading it until you become confidant in biochem.

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,I did not use social media except for the dams club (i made a new FB account for that).

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It was the first time PGI EXAM was conducted online.

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This used to fill me with energy and give me happiness to fight my anxiety and fear of failure.

,I had even stuck photos on the wall of AIIMS college and all other top colleges in India just to keep me motivated.



I was able to revise my notes three times before neet pg as they were high yielding and concise and short (make sure your notes are brief and high yielding or else it will be difficult to revise your notes in last),Do not add anything new to your notes.

If you want to add something, add it separately in A4 sheets.



,As in the beginning, you will have lots of time to read your heavy notes, but in last, if your notes are not concise, you will miss revising them.

,Make sure you make notes such that you can revise all 19 subjects two to three weeks before the exam and give special one day before the exam to biochem, pharma, micro, and PSM as they are dam volatile.

( especially pharma should be read just before the exam or else u will end up remembering nothing in exam even though you might have read it properly previously),remember, good notes, revision, and continuous hard work is key to neet pg success.

I even kept reading until very last before entry into the exam hall.

,NEET PG 2020 was atypical with lots of lengthy and clinical questions, but somehow I was able to complete my exam on time.

,When the results came, I was out with my dad as I was accompanying him for regular medical checkups.

,Someone has posted the result pdf in our batch whats app group.

,I entered my roll no in the PDF sheet, and my PDF reader kept on searching it for five minutes, and I almost started feeling numb and felt like I will have a syncope till my result was being searched and then finally my roll no came, and I was filled in tears.

,I always had in mind that pg to government collage se hi Karna hai and after the results, I caught up with my breath and thanked god.

,Now the AIQ counseling 1 is over, and I got my dream branch Pedia in BJ MEDICAL COLLEGE AND CIVIL HOSPITAL AHMEDABAD.

,All this was possible because of my familys blessings, SUPPORT, and hard work.

,Just keep working hard and keep your papez circuit on your toes, and one day you will have your sweet results in your hands.

,Finally, a quote which I got from Rebecca mams class which I saved for today ud83dude0aud83dude0a,all the best everyone.

,pic credit: my phone camera screenshots and Google images,EDIT 1: NOW THE SECOND ROUND OF COUNSELLING IS OVER AND I AM ALLOTED MD PEDIATRICS IN UCMS AND GTB HOSPITAL NEW DELHI,EDIT 2:Since I am done with my admission procedure I have no issue in uploading my rank card,as so many people asked me regarding how many questions I attempted in neet pg,so here it is,EDIT 3:And the piece of paper for which all the fuss was about THE ALLOTMENT LETTERu2764ufe0f,You can also read my answer regarding how I kept my self motivated during neet pg here,Abhishek Naviks response to Did you have breakdowns during your NEET-PG preparation? How did you overcome it? Was the family pressure, self-pressure overwhelming?Edit 4:,And this is what it looks when You convert your dream into reality u2764ufe0f,This is me as Third Year Pg In My Nicu holding a neonate who underwent exchange Transfusion in view of neonatal jaundice and successfully being discharged

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