What are the most interesting "worlds largest ___" that are around the world?

Symphony of the Seas cost to build

Ahoy, Me Maties!,Avast ye! ( check this out!),Owned by Royal Caribbean, the worldu2019s largest cruise ship u201cSymphony Of The Seasu201d will make your jaw drop in awe!,Didnu2019t fascinate you? Here is a bit of a top view:,Symphony of the seas debuted in March 2018.

Weighing at whopping 228,081-tonnes and being 1,188 feet long and over 215 feet wide, the Symphony of the Seas has a lot to offer:,The ship can hold up to 6,680 passengers and it took 3 years to build.

,Apart from the the ships 22 restaurants, 42 bars and lounges, theaters, ice skating rinks and zip lines, customers can choose from 2,759 rooms.

,The costliest room is Ultimate Family Suite costing over $60,000!,Passengers have access to 24 pools, whirlpools, surf simulators and gigantic water slides, the highest having a 92 foot drop!,Hot tubs, sea spas, you name it, they have it for relaxation purposes.

,For adventure, they have an inbuilt amusement park, a zipline at the ninth deck, 43 foot tall rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks and a lot more.

,At the Bionic bar, robots roleplay bartenders! Also the ship has 22 restaurants with one of them having Alice in wonderland inspired cuisine!,It is a dream cruise for most of us.

Wonder of the Seas

Nearly every modern cruise ship is many times bigger than Titanic.

,Titanic was the largest ship in the worldu2026.



,That time was 1912.

,By todays standards, she is tiny.

Symphony of the Seas booking

Most of the other answers here are reading the question as u201cwhere do you stay on a cruise ship?u201d But just in case the intention of the question is u201cwhere does one stay on a cruise ship?u201d (that is, what are the sleeping accommodations like?) I figured Iu2019d show you the range.

,Residential accommodations on a cruise ship are private areas officially called u201cstate roomsu201d, but generally referred to as u201ccabinsu201d.

When you make your reservation for the cruise, you pick the exact cabin (out of hundreds, or even thousands) much as you would your seat on a plane.

And similarly to air travel, the goal of the cruise line is to clear the market at every conceivable budget.

Unlike planes, however, where there are typically only two or three classes of service, and window, aisle or center seats, on a modern cruise ship you have a nearly infinite selection of space, amentities, luxury and three dimensions.

,State rooms can be on one of a dozen or more floors (u201cdecksu201d), at the front, back or center of the ship (u201cforeu201d, u201caftu201d, u201camidshipsu201d), on the left or right side (u201cportu201d or u201cstarboardu201d), and in the center of the ship or looking out over the water (u201cinsideu201d or u201coutsideu201d).

In addition to all these choices, there is the sleeping capacity (anywhere from a single passenger to a family group of 14) and luxury level.

,At one end, the least expensive, single, inside, cabin on an older cruise ship might look like this:,But at the other end, on the largest, most modern cruise liners, the kinds of staterooms you can get will literally boggle the mind.

Here, for example, are three from the newest mega-cruise-ship, the Symphony of the Seas, from Royal Caribbean Linesu2026which is three times the size of the Titantic.

Feast your eyes:,For a small family with kids:,For a large family of up to 14 people:,And finally, the special suite reserved for Quora Top Writers:,As befits the wide variety of ships, itineraries, duration and cabin choices, booking a cabin for a cruise can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

But in all cases, keep in mind that for the vast majority of cruise passengers, the real fun comes not in your state room, but when youu2019re out and about at your ports of callu2026and exploring through the rest of the ship!

Symphony of the Seas route

It can go to smaller ports and is designed to be enjoyable in colder weather.

,A cruise line wants to have a selection of ships to cater to different markets, in the same way airlines use different size planes on different routes.

,A bigger ship is more expensive to operate so the cruise line wants to make sure that it can sell enough rooms on each sailing to turn a profit (although itu2019s about the total spend per passenger ie.

what you paid for the cruise and what you spend onboard).

So a good mix of sizes and classes of ships allows the company to meet the demands in a variety of markets.

,Personally I prefer the Quantum class to Oasis.

Although the Harmony of the Seas (currently the newest of the Oasis class, until the launch of Symphony of the Seas next summer), is a truly amazing ship, Anthem of the Seas (2nd Quantum class ship) is my personal favorite.

Itu2019s cozier, has a great music hall, ski diving simulator and is more manageable than its bigger sisters of the Oasis class.

,Both classes of ships are still being built.

For a Oasis class Symphony will arrive in 2018 and an unnamed 5th Oasis class ship is scheduled to arrive in 2021.

Spectrum of the Seas will be the next Quantum class ship and will arrive in 2019 while 5th ship is planned for 2020.

,It is currently unlikely that a significantly larger ship than the Oasis class will arrive anytime soon, there simply is not enough ports that can handle that size.

In some ways the same as why the Boeing Dreamliner is doing so much better than the Airbus A380.

Symphony of the Seas deck plan

There certainly is, and if we ignore the unrealistically part of the film, tsunami caused by earthquake will not rise up like what was depicted in the film and they will only slightly rocket the ship around.

Tsunami will go high only when they approach land masses.

,So, even if the disaster in the film 2012 should occur, then the issue of survival simply boils down to whether we can build sufficient number of passenger ships to house entire human population.

Before we start the math, please note one advantage the planners can take is the fact that tsunami will not last forever, so service life of the ships built can be reduced to simplify production - the ships only need to last long enough until water has recessed; so submarines are over kill, ocean liners are cheaper and simpler to build.

,Now, letu2019s do the math.

,The largest passenger ship we have as of 2020 is Symphony of the Seas with maximum capacity for 6,680 passengers along with her crew of 2,200 while providing excellent life quality and entertainment service.

Her dead weight tonnage (the ship itself) is 18095 tons and built in 2 years.

,To save 6 billion people, you need 6 billion / 8,880 = 6,818,181 ships on par with Symphony of the seas.

Since I like whole numbers, letu2019s say we need 7 million ships.

,Now assuming entire ship is purely made out of steel (it is not but for the simplicity of calculation letu2019s assume it is),With this number in mind, 6.

82 million * 18,095 = we need ~123 billion metric tons of steel to build these ships.

The worldu2019s production of steel in 2009 was 1.

2 billion metric tons, we can only build less than 1% of what we need.

Assuming we have 3 years to prepare: 1.

2 billion + 1.

4 billion + 1.

4 billion (Steel production of 2010 and 2011 are both roughly 1.

4 billion), we are still short by ~97%, we can only save 3% of worldu2019s population.

But the planner, who is in charge of saving human race, refuse to give up.

So planner whispered to him/herself u201cThe overtime alone will be a nightmareu201d, and phoned Chantiers de lAtlantique shipyard for schematics of Symphony of the Seas and try to science the sh*t out of it:,Symphony of the Seas Deck PlansPlanner: u201cHey! I could fit 10 or even 20 beds in that room!u201d,Planner:u201dWhy is there empty deck! I can double living quarters by removing these useless ****!u201d,Here comes: u201cSymphony of the Seas Lifeboat Edition 1.

0u201d,Every living room now has 10 extra beds, non-essential decks are converted and filled with living quarters: doubling number of living rooms available.

,This increased passenger capacity from 6680 (multiply by 10 by 2) to whopping 133,600; thatu2019s almost a population of small city on a ship the size of skyscraper.

,With this new figure, we only need 6 billion / 133,600= 44,911 ships to save everyone, right?,Now, building 44,911 ships that each need about 20,000 tons of steel requires about 900 million metric tons of steel which can certainly be satisfied by current worldu2019s resources.

,Planner is finally relieved u201cphew, that was easy, only if I could find sufficient number of ship yards to built 15,000 passenger ships simultaneouslyu2026 f!@k!u201d,u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014,NOTE: Worldu2019s ship building capacity is less than 50 million CGT (Compensated Gross Tonnage, used for calculating shipbuilding capacity), even we consider that shipyards are not working at full capacity, this number will not sky rocket to the 300 million CGT required to saver every person on Earth.

,However, we can certainly modify existing ships to carry more people, and reduces required material by further reducing operation requirement of u201cSymphony of the Seas Ark Edition 1.


In the end, it is almost certainly that we cannot save everyone on Earth should the disaster in film 2012 occur in real life; but, if humanity work hard in unity, we can certainly save most of populations

Symphony of the Seas length

The largest aircraft carrier ever was the USS Enterprise (no not the WWII one) (No, also not the Star Trek one) operated by the US navy until itu2019s decommissioning in 2017.

,USS Enterprise,With a length of 1,123 ft (342 m) and a displacement of 93,284 short tons (84,626 metric tons).

It has a beam of 132.

8 ft (40.

5 m) at the waterline.

It was the only member of the Enterprise class of carriers which was in between the Kitty Hawk class and Nimitz class.

,The largest cruise ship is the MS Symphony of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean.

It is the second-largest by length but it is the largest by gross Tonnage and the length difference is only .

1 feet (.

11 m),MS Symphony of the Seas,It has a length of 1,188 ft (362.

1 m) and a gross tonnage of 228,081 GT.

It also has a beam of 155.

7 ft (44.

478 m) at the waterline and a height of 238 ft (72.

5 m),The largest cruise ship in the world is 65 feet longer than the largest aircraft carrier.

The beam of the Symphony of the Seas is 22.

9 feet longer than the Enterprise.

Details about the height of the Enterprise couldnu2019t be found.

I have no idea how to compare tonnage to displacement so Iu2019ll leave that to those smarter than I and just say that the largest cruise ship is larger than the largest air craft carrier by all qualities except for perhaps extreme beam.

The Symphony of the Seas is larger in length and most likely weight than the Enterprise.

,Edit: Added the sourcesu2026