What are the facts about the Indian Air Force and Navy that normal people dont know about?

Largest aircraft carrier in the world 2022

As you have asked only about Indian Air force and Indian Navy, I will not be including Indian army in to it.

n(It is going to be a long answer)*******Indian Navy (Bharatiya nausena)*******1.

Indian navy is the fifth largest navy of the world.


Indians are using the sea for trading and military purposes for a long time.

The first tidal dock of India was build during the time of Indus Valley Civilization (around 2300 B.



Many Indian empires in past had used the power of navy (Maurya, Satavahana, Gupta, Pandya, Vijayanagara, Mughal, Maratha etc).

Maratha Emperor Shivaji is considered as the the u2018Father of Indian Navyu2019.


Indian Navyu2019s first operation was against the Portuguese Navy during the liberation of Goa in 1961.


Indian Navy created havoc during the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

On December 4, the Indian Navy launched Operation Trident and attacked the Pakistan Naval Headquarters in Karachi sinking a minesweeper, a destroyer and an ammunition supply ship.

The attack also destroyed oil storage tanks at the Karachi port.

This day is celebrated as Navy Day.

It was followed by Operation Python on December 8, 1971.


Indian Navy is the only navy in the world after US and Italy to have more than one aircraft carrier.

nINS Viraat and INS Vikramaditya.

n(Thanks for the correction User-12175795174960103430)nPic: INS VIRAATn,nPic: INS VIKRAMDITYA n,n6.

MARCOS is the special commando force raised by the Indian Navy for counter-terrorism, direct action, recon and rescue missions.

It is one of the best in our country.

nAn Indian MARCO on an exchange program in the US topped the US Navy SEAL course with ease.

n,All MARCOS are static line para jump qualified and some are qualified for free fall (HALO/HAHO) para jumps u2013 High Altitude Low Opening and High Altitude High Opening.

In fact, MARCOS are the handful of the special forces from around the world that are capable of being para dropped into the sea with the full combat load.

n,Even the terrorists and militants in Kashmir are scared of the MARCOS and refer to them as u2018Dadiwala Fauju2019, thanks to the beards they wear as disguise.


The Navy is upgrading its fleet with stealth ships such as Kamorta-class cruisers and Visakhapatnam-class destroyer (will get commissioned in 2018).

n,A total of four ships of the Project 15B class will be built beginning with INS Visakhapatnam.

Two follow- on ships have been named INS Paradip and INS Marmagoa and will be commissioned in 2020 and 2022 respectively.

The fourth one, due in 2024, is yet to be named.


Barak 8 missile, a surface-to-air missile being developed by India and Israel, will be used from Indian Navy ships.


India is likely to field nearly 28 submarines including Arihant class subs, Follow-on SSBNs, New SSNs, 6 Kalvari class SSKs and 6 more P 75(I) boats, making it the most formidable submarine force in the Indian Ocean region.

n,Read more here: Indian Navy Soon To Be The Most Formidable Submarine Force On The Planet!10.

For the first time ever the US will be assisting India in joint development of aircraft carriers for the Indian Navy.


Five ships will be acquired by the Indian Navy each year over the next 10 years.

It expects to be a force of 150 ships and 500 air crafts by 2027.

,*******Indian Air Force*******1.

Our Air Force is the 4th largest in the world, just behind USA, Russia and China.

That puts us ahead of the Air Force of Germany, South Korea, Egypt and Turkey.


Flying Officer Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon is the only IAF officer to have been honoured with the Param Vir Chakra.

n,He was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra, in recognition of his lone defence of Srinagar Air Base against a PAF air raid during the Indo-Pak war of 1971.


IAF launched a 3D mobile game called Guardians of the Skies to encourage youngsters to join the IAF.


IAF has its base in a foreign country.

It is in Farkhor, Tajikistan.

Its only base outside India.


Indian Air Force has replaced the old communication with its own fully secure and reliable network and gigabyte digital information grid using modern tropo-scatter technology, popularly known as AFnet in 2010.

The amazing revolution in the field of communication will be followed by the army and navy in future.


During the Indo-Pakistanwar of 1965, IAF went head on with Pakistan air force which was superior in every manner possible, thanks to the USA.

But IAF Gnats piloted by brave officers cut down Pakistani Sabres with such ferocity that the Gants came to known as u2018Sabre Slayersu2019.


The IAF destroyed more than 29 Pakistani tanks, 40 APCs and a railway train during the Battle of Longewala in the 1971 Indo-Pak War besides a number of critical installations.

By the time Pakistani forces surrendered, the IAF claimed that 94 PAF aircraft, including 54 F-86 Sabres had been shot down.


The IAF created a world record by performing the highest landing of a C-130J (Super Hercules) at the Daulat Beg Oldi airstrip in Ladakh at the height of 16614 feet (5065 meters).

The feat was accomplished on August 20, 2013.


The highest achievable rank in the air force is Marshal of the Indian Air Force.

Arjan Singh is the only officer who has achieved this rank.

This makes him the only living Indian Military Officer with a five star rank.

n,Sachin Tendulkar is the first civilian (without any aviation background) who was awarded the honorary rank of Group Captain by IAF.


Operation Rahat was the biggest civilian rescue operation in the world carried out by any air force using helicopters.


The Garud Commando Force is an Indian air force special force, which has a strength of 2000 personnel.

They are an amphibious unit of the IAF and stand shoulder to shoulder to the American Navy Seals.

n,These men protect critical Air force bases, conduct search and rescue operations, helps disaster reliefs and many more.

With the motto of Gun, Guts and Glory inspiring them, today the special unit is touching the sky with glory.


The IAF is the only air force that operates C-17 Globemaster III, C-130J Super Hercules, and IlyushinIl-76 --- the three largest transport aircrafts.


The Tejas is the second supersonic fighter developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) after the HAL HF-24 Marut.

It is all set to replace the MiG-21 series.


The Indian Air Force in 2024 is planning to finally arrest the continued decline in its combat aircraft strength and attain a combat fighter aircraft fleet of 42 squadrons.

n,For the first time, its fighter fleet will consist almost exclusively of twin engine fighters in the Rafale, Sukhoi-HAL Prospective Multi-role Fighter (PMF), SU-30 MKI (upgraded), MiG-29 UPG and Jaguar strike fighter with the exception of upgraded Mirage 2000s, Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) and few numbers of the MiG-21 u2018Bisonu2019.

Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier

Carriers have the most detailed, thorough and evolved levels of compartmentalization in the history of naval warfare.

,The USS America (a Kitty Hawk class carrier) is mentioned above regarding the SINKEX exercise that took 4 weeks of bombardemnt to wrap up and then it still had to have a boarding party come on board and open up spaces and plant demolition charges to actually sink it.

,The Gerald R.

Ford class carriers are an order beyond the Kitty Hawk class.

,During the U.


-Russia Cold War period, U.


carriers were one of Russiau2019s biggest concerns and they knew they would be difficult to sink.

So Soviet policy pretty much defaulted to nuclear tipped bombs, missiles and torpedoes when it came to taking out a carrier.

,We had a lot of data from WWII as to what would make a ship hard to sink and we had even more data from the Vietnam conflict as to what could cripple or threaten a carrieru2019s safety and operability.

,This was also the period when computer analysis began to come to the fore and all of this information and experience went into planning for future carrier design.

,The Ford class are that future.

,During the Cold War, a lot of hull stress testing was doneu2014nearby, subsurface explosions and even data from nuclear surface and airbursts were taken into account.

,We had a lot of experience and surviving nuclear near-misses was an area of great interest to U.


carrier designers.

,What went into them is classified but the Ford class may be (and probably is) the most difficult naval vessel to sinku2014ever.

,So think physical impact by small, tactical nukesu2014possibly as many as two or even three.

,Incapacitating a ship and its crew and rendering it inoperable is more practical.

Sinking it is a tall order.

Biggest aircraft in the world

Presently, the biggest aircraft carrier in the world is American built.

The class leader, USS Gerald R.

Ford (CVN-78), was commissioned in 2017 and presently is undergoing extensive u201cshake-downu201d testing of her unique systems, with expectation of her deployment in 2023.

,USS Gerald R.

Ford (CVN-78), April 2017,She is reportedly, at full displacement, +100,000 Tons.

Her length is 1,105 Ft.

(337 m), with a abeam of 256 Ft (78 m).

Her speed, although secret, is estimated to be in excess of 30 Knots.

Her air group will consist of 75+ naval aircraft, both fixed and rotary.

Her expected service life, with upgrades, is 90 years (2105).

,If you are not satisfied with the USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78), since she is not yet fully operational, then there is the USS George H.


Bush (CVN-77), a Nimitz class carrier, commissioned in 2009 and fully operational in 2011.

Her range is unlimited (20u201325 yrs.

), before her nuclear fuel needs replacement.

,USS George H.


Bush (CVN-77), June 2015,She is reportedly, at full displacement, 114,000 Tons.

Her length is 1,092 Ft.

(333 m), with a beam of 253 Ft (77 m).

Her speed, also classified, is estimated to be in excess of 30 Knots.

Her air group consist of 90 naval aircraft, both fixed and rotary.

Her range is unlimited (20u201325 yrs.

), before her nuclear fuel needs replacement.

Biggest aircraft carrier in WW2

The Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano.

It was build on what was to be the 3rd Yamato Classu2019s Hull.

Despite her size, she only carried around 40 something aircraft and was going to be used as an auxiliary/resupply carrier.

She was launched 8 October 1944 and promptly sunk a little over a month later (Just 10 days after formally being commissioned) by a submarine do to it still not having itu2019s damage control and watertight bulkheads installed yet.

It was of course the largest ship to be sunk by a sub.

Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier size comparison

It cannot.

,Iowa class battleships were smaller warships and they struggled to fit through there.

,Heres a good comparison of an iowa class and an aircraft carrier similar in size to the ford.

Largest aircraft carrier comparison

The aircraft carrier.

So far the largest aircraft carrier built is the USS Gerald R Ford.


She has a crew of 6,389 officer and men, included aircrew and carries 75 fixed wing aircraft.

That is more aircraft than many air forces.

The ship is 1,106 feet long and 256 feet in beam and was launched on 11th October 2013 and commissioned on 22nd July 2017, at a cost of 30 billion USD.

,(This huge ship can carry 75 fixed wing aircraft and has a crew of over 6,300.

),The USS Gerald G Ford is christened.

),(This picture clearly shows the immense size of the ship as she towers above the buildings around her.

),In comparison to the American ship, the next largest aircraft carrier in service anywhere in the world with any navy other than that of the United States is the British HMS Queen Elizabeth.


With a crew of 679 and carrying up to 36 fixed wing aircraft she would be dwarfed alongside the Gerald G Ford.

So the Americans better watch out when tangling with the Royal Navy.