What is something rich people buy that poor people know nothing about?

Most expensive hotel in NYC 2022

If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please comment below.

While itu2019s probably the best of such lists anywhere on the web, there must be items missing.

,Look for updates.

I will be reaching to high net worth friends and a few people with close friends who are billionaires.

,Watch winders - Expensive mechanical watches (Rolex, Patek Phillipe) need to be wound by movement, typically on your wrist.

If you have several of these watches, they wonu2019t be on your wrist frequently enough to stay wound and keep time so rotating winders inside cabinets will keep watches moving and accurate.

,Wine futures - These provide claims on exclusive wines still maturing in barrels but not yet bottled.

,Art movers - A notch above executive relocation services, fine art movers will carefully craft a relocation plan then crate and move your art from one residence to another.

This will often entail building custom crates for each piece.

In some instances armed guards may be present.

,Young wives - For American men who earn in the top 0.

01% or more than $7 million/year, the average age difference between them and their second wives is 22 years.

,Jet memberships/fractional jet ownership - One of the best things about being super rich is not having to deal with commercial airports and TSA screening lines.

Owning a jet outright even for billionaires makes little sense as it wonu2019t be used enough to cover the capital investment in a single plane.

Additionally, you might need different types of planes depending on the destination (distance, remoteness) and number of guests so jet memberships gives you 24/7 last minute access and flexibility.

,Showers in private jets - Itu2019s far too heavy and expensive to keep enough water on a business jet for long showers that merely eject the used water.

Midsized private jets can have showers that recycle, filter, and sterilize the water to reuse from onboard tanks that are 1/10th the size otherwise needed without recycling.

These can cost over $500k + installation.

,Dinosaur skeletons - Some private owners in the LA area have furnished their homes with complete dinosaur skeletons costing as much as $1.

5 million.

An anonymous buyer purchased a complete T-rex in 2020 for $38 million, which suggests it could be headed to a private residence.

,Safe rooms - Security conscious high net worth individuals can have rooms in a house impervious to intruders and can protect occupants from natural disasters such as tornados.

,Road show limousine services - Used mainly by CEO/CFOs and investment bankers, these exacting ground transportation services are used to attend 6u201310 investor meetings in a city per day at up to $1k/day.

The critical issue is that you are expected to be on time for each meeting regardless of traffic or the weather.

Drivers speak excellent English and will know the intricacies of the route, often driving it the previous day in advance to avoid any hiccups.

,Art work security systems - If you have a $20 million dollar painting, its possible to have specific technology to create alerts when it is moved separate from but tied into your home security system.

These can be left activated 24/7 regardless of who is inside the residence.

,High end home safes - There are very expensive home safes (over $200k) that are designed to resist multiple forms of attacks including from plasma cutters.

They employ a mixture of thermal and mechanical barriers.

,Koa furniture - Grown in Hawaii, Koa wood is turned into fine furniture costing as much as $50,000 for a desk or $25,000 for a bookcase.

,Concierge medicine - If you want an MD to give you his personal cell phone number and 24/7 access, this is available as a service.

Also, high net worth individuals can get various medical services/testing that might be considered wasteful given low likelihoods of positive results.

,Tailored insurance products -,Disability insurance (e.


for a surgeon) - complex details regarding what the insured can actually do post disability,Key man insurance (e.


for a CEO) - often paid for by employers,Kidnap/ransom insurance - foreign executives/local high net worth locals in developing countries,Art work insurance - Very high end art will often have often have very specific insurance that includes different types of provisions for repairable damage or total loss.

Complexity of these policies can lead to post-damage law suits.

Steve Wynn had such an issue when he put his elbow through a Picasso painting valued at over $100 million.

,Medical evacuation insurance - This insurance provides for immediate extraction when traveling should a medical emergency arise.

,Heated bathroom floors - A nice amenity in high end bathrooms, a heated floor offers additional comfort and helps water evaporate.

,Sophisticated home security technology - Very high end home security systems can employ expensive pressure sensors in flooring to see where a human might be standing in a residence.

There can also be nonlethal and lethal defensive technologies such as ultra dense glycol smoke screens and hidden panels loaded with shotgun shells.

The latter is generally not available in developed western countries where the legal system prohibits lethal force used to thwart property crimes.

,Phalloplasty or penis enlargement - Some wealthy men without any disabilities are willing to go under the knife to get larger phalluses.

,Cosmetic gynecology - There are various forms of nonessential gynecological procedures such as a labia reduction and perhaps slightly more medically justifiable, vaginal tightening or rejuvenation, especially after childbirth.

,Ultra expensive fabrics - There have been menu2019s suit fabrics with barely-noticeable metallic gold thread to create $20k+ suits.

Some expensive sheets from Pratesi can cost thousands of dollars.

,Million dollar NEW wristwatches - There are new releases of Patek Phillipe watches that cost over $3 million.

That is to say, they are not antiques or rare discontinued models.

Some of these models are only offered to existing strong collectors of Patek Phillipe watches and the prices are often not made public.

Patek Phillipe must be sure you are good enough for the watch to be allowed to purchase.

Patek watches in this category include the Ref.

2523 and the 6300G grand complication.

,Real estate that costs more than $10,000 per square foot - A few real estate transactions in NYC have exceeded the $10k/ft2 threshold.

Ken Griffinu2019s $238 million purchase of 24,000 square foot unfinished condo comes close but will likely exceed $10k/sq foot with the interior fully built out.

The average new construction home in the U.


is about 2,500 square feet, which would cost about $25 million at such prices.

,Steam showers - Sealed, self-enclosed steam showers that bathe occupants in blasts of steam but prevent steam from escaping into the bathroom or surrounding environment can be found in some ultra-luxury bathrooms.

,Credit cards with concierge service - For a $10,000 initiation fee and $5,000/year membership fee, the American Express Centurion Card (aka u201cBlack Cardu201d) offers numerous perks such as concierge service and access to special events.

,Former U.


Presidents as speakers - For a fee (like $50k to $100k per day), many former U.


presidents will speak at private events like elite investor retreats regardless of the political orientation of the guests.

In rare cases, there might be republican and democratic former presidents speaking, separately, at a single event.

,Elite college application preparation - More people have heard about this one due to the recent scandal.

However, there are still very legitimate, legal, and expensive services available to assist with your ambitions to gain admission to a top university.

The most expensive service providers will have a track record of getting marginal candidates into the best school.

Top counselors who attended top universities can charge over $1,000/hour.

,Sold out hotel rooms - Luxury hotel chains such as the Four Seasons will keep a number of rooms unavailable and outside of the main reservation system just in case a VVIP (very very important person) needs a room.

,Christmas decorations services - Professional Christmas decorators will use their lights and ornaments to decorate your home and remove them when the season is over.

You donu2019t have to lift a finger.

,Room service in condo buildings - This started with condominiums that were in the same buildings as Four Seasons and Ritz Carleton hotels.

Now some ultra high end buildings on NYCu2019s billionaireu2019s row have room service meals and other hotel-like services despite lacking a co-located hotel.

,Night nannies - Parents who need uninterrupted sleep can hire night nannies when their primary nanny is off duty in the evening.

,New release movies at home - There was a company, Prima Cinema, that gave customers same-day access to newly released movies at $500 each + $35k for special onsite equipment.

Prima may have folded but the service could be resurrected.

,Heated driveways that melt snow - While many people have heard of these, what is less well known is the operating costs that can exceed $1,000/day for the electricity.

For example, a driveway in a nice sized home (NOT a megamansion) in Westchester County would use about (50 watts/ft2 )* (5,000 ft2) * (24 hours)/1,000 = 6,000 kwh/day.

At $0.

23/kwh, this would cost $1,380/day when used continuously or $57/hour.

For reference, this is about 20x the amount of electricity required for a dual air conditioning system on a 4,000 square foot house.

,Celebrity performances at private parties - Many top entertainers will play at private events for the right price.

I was once at a party hosted by a billionaire with about 300 guests.

Maroon 5 was the main act.

Was very cool to stand 10 feet away from Adam Levine.

The speed painter (like the late Denny Dent) was really awesome as well.

,Educational vacations on charter jets w/experts - National Geographic runs charter jet u201cExpeditionsu201d to specific continents with relevant cultural experts aboard such as top university professors, starting at $90k per person.

When the Concorde was still operating, there were Alumni-only charters that started at $75k/person in the late 1990s.

These were generally branded by the university and not the operator.

,Automobile turntables in garages - For garages in luxury townhomes on busy streets, owners will install turntables so the car always faces the safest direction.

Pull in driving forward and exit driving forward.

,Faucets over stoves - Some high end kitchens will have long faucets installed behind a multi-burner stove despite no sink drain.

,Tax free art storage - Many art purchases require sales taxes, which can be quite steep if the piece costs millions of dollars.

There are legally established tax-free storage facilities that allow investors to avoid paying this tax.

,Private citizen space travel - The first space tourist paid $20 million for his flight on a Soyuz craft to the International Space Station in 2001.

The current price is $55 million/person by Axiom Space that will use the SpaceX Dragon to reach the ISS.

,Residential car elevators - There are a few [smaller] high rise buildings with car elevators that bring you directly to your condo such as 200 Eleventh avenue in NYC.

For individual homes, there are double stack lifts above ground and underground lifts for basement storage of your car collection.

Bentley Tower in Miami is planned to reach 60 stories and have car elevators.

,Private suites on commercial aircraft - Airlines who have purchased the A380 superjumbo have created private suites with double beds, including the three room u201cResidenceu201d on Etihad Airways for $38,000.

Some of the suites including the Residence have a private bathrooms with showers.

,Cryopreservation - If you have $200k and believe medical science will one day be able to turn your corpse into a sentient being, you can have your body frozen in liquid nitrogen.

,Expensive hamburgers - A few establishments in NYC sell wagyu beef hamburgers with truffles (the fungus) that cost $150 - $300 each.

,Pure cocaine - Billionaire drug enthusiasts like Henry Nicholas, who was the founder of Broadcom, have been reported to buy complete one kilo bricks of cocaine for himself and friends so that he knows it hasnu2019t been cut by dealers.

,Personal submarines - These can range from under $100k for a single person craft to over $3 million.

,Valet residential garbage service - Some affluent suburbs donu2019t want garbage cans/bags out in the open.

Wealthy residents also donu2019t want to drag the garbage to the curb.

Therefore, some cities have contracted to have valet-only garbage collection where collection staff will retrieve garbage on your property at a location of your choosing.

This service has been introduced in some more modest communities in recent years on a house-by-house basis but in more established communities it is basically mandatory.

,Intrusive police agencies - In some smaller ultra-affluent communities, the police will ask for a copy of your home keys and your alarm codes.

You can always refuse but itu2019s offered if you feel comfortable.

These arrangements appear where mostly corporate and professional types live, not celebrities that might have illegal drug use in their homes.

,Pleached trees - At large estates in Europe and in the LA area, trees are grown along both sides of a long driveway with the branches intertwined to form one continuous green upper layer but with open space between the trunks.

,Nuclear blast resistant bomb shelters - A handful of companies have created luxury underground bomb shelters, including in abandoned nuclear missile silos.

They have several months of food and fuel.

Some can withstand multi-kiloton blasts within a mile of the underground structure.

,McDonaldu2019s Gold Card - Special folks such as Warren Buffet have been given free McDonaldu2019s food for life with a secretive card, the McDonaldu2019s Gold Card.

Itu2019s actually free but extremely difficult to obtain.

,Private rail cars - In the Chicago area, Metra still operates the last private commuter rail car in the United States - Car 553.

It operates daily from the affluent North Shore suburbs to downtown Chicago.

It has amenities such as spacious seating and a bridge (card game) room.

,Ballistic doors and panels - Some upscale homes in the LA area (and presumably other third world communities) boast of ballistic doors and wall panels.

These are mostly for the front door and in the master suite.

These are slightly different than the aforementioned safe rooms as they are even used in nearly all glass structures.

,Tax attorneys - About 1,500 Americans are sent to prison each year because of income tax evasion as monetary penalties are not sufficient deterrents.

High net worth individuals who are obviously guilty will pay anything to stay out of prison.

u201cTax controversiesu201d can cost over a million USD in legal fees to defend.

,Afghan hounds - The most glamorous breed of dog, these long haired canines are extremely high maintenance and difficult to train.

,Hermes Birkin bags - This u201cnonexistentu201d purse is generally only sold to strong buyers of Hermes products and can cost over $20k new.

Itu2019s also one of the few retail goods on the planet that increases in price the minute it leaves the store.

Some special edition models have gone for over $300k,Personal chefs - If you want restaurant-quality meals at your residence, highly trained chef come to your house to prepare meals to your specifications.

,Multiple washers/dryers - This one is somewhat obvious and accessible to the middle class.

Larger mansions will have two or more each of washers and dryers in a dedicated laundry room.

Many affluent families do some or all of their laundry and donu2019t have live-in staff.

This speeds up the process and limits disruptions caused by appliance failures.

,Bespoke shoes - For $8k to $24k John Lobb will make custom shoe lasts (wooden forms) and craft a pair of shoes matching your anatomy precisely.

,Private enclave in a public museum - The Sackler family of oxycodone infamy has a private enclave in the Metropolitan Museum of Art inaccessible to the public.

,Vertu phones - In its heyday, Vertu sold mobile phones with Nokia electronics and cases of gold and platinum that cost as much as $88,000.

The company was resurrected from bankruptcy and currently slightly less expensive luxury mobile phones.

,Supersonic travel - Three companies: Spike, Aerion, and Boom are planning to resurrect commercial supersonic travel by 2030.

Business jets from Aerion will cost $120 million or about twice current top-of-the-line large business jets.

Boom plans to make supersonic travel possible with its Mach 2.

2 Overture airplane from London to NYC for $5,000 per seat roundtrip or about 1/4 of Concorde prices in 2020 dollars.

,Starlight headliners (Rolls Royce) - With up to 1,600 fiber optic lights representing individual stars, the Starlight Headliner, a bespoke option for certain Rolls Royce automobiles will show the night sky of your choosing.

,Lunch with Warren Buffett - For over 20 years, Warren Buffett has auctioned off a one-on-one lunch with the proceeds going to the Glide charity.

The highest price paid for a single lunch was $4.

6 million and over $35 million has gone to Glide.

,Unreleased studio albums - Martin Shkreli who was the u201cmost hated man in Americau201d purchased an unreleased Wu Tang Klan unreleased album u201cOne Upon a Time in Shaolinu201d for $2 million.

,Leather flooring - Companies such as Edelman and Tang make real leather flooring that costs as much as $75 per square foot compared to about $12 per square foot for the most expensive in-stock hardwood flooring, Purpleheart, or $3u2013$4/square foot for oak.

,Cocobolo flooring - Cocobolo flooring is probably the most expensive wood flooring available as flooring planks (i.


not raw wood) and costs $60 per square foot or about 20x the least expensive solid hardwood or about 5x the most expensive stocked flooring, Purpleheart.

,Artisanal ice - Chic cocktail bars in LA, London, New York, and Chicago (The Aviary) serve cocktails with artisanal ice that can include flower petals and herbs, be 3D machined, or be hollow.

Suntory in Japan has made cost prohibitive machined ice cubes that are miniature pagodas and other elaborate shapes.

,Artists in residence - A few luxury buildings in NYC (108 Leonard St.

) and Miami (Ritz Carlton Residences) have artist studios on site with semi-permanent artists working and/or living on site.

,Tree brokering and relocation - For wealthy homeowners and developers, a mature tree can really enhance a propertyu2019s aesthetics.

Procuring and relocating a mature tree can cost more than $250k.

In some cases, unsolicited offers for tree are made to landowners.

,Self-destructing art - Banksyu2019s u201cGirl With a Balloonu201d was purchased for $1.

4 million at Sothebyu2019s and abruptly shredded itself.

,Hokkaido Snow Beef - A notch about standard Waygu beef, Japanese snow beef costs about $300/lb raw and a 3 oz steak costs as much as $160 at a restaurant ($853/lb).

,Canine heart surgery - Some breeds of dogs have congenital defects that can be remedied by surgery costing as much as $20,000.

,Fugu - The poisonous pufferfish is a delicacy in Japan that can kill diners if not prepared correctly.

Most places in the U.


have made this delicacy illegal.

I believe it was once offered on Masau2019s $1k/person tasting menu in NYC about 10u201315 years ago.

,Car champagne fridge - Rolls Royce and Mercedes Maybach offer a champagne refrigerator in the center of the back seats.

,LCD privacy glass - Also known as switchable smart glass, these electrically powered glass panels can transition from clear to opaque in milliseconds.

They cost approximately $100/square foot.

,Travel nannies - Some affluent couples want to travel with young children and still have date nights.

Such freedom requires special travel nannies that are often provided by a special service u2014 even if you have a regular nanny.

,Magnetic levitating bed - Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars designed a $1.

6 million bed that floats on permanent magnets (no electricity required).

,Ultra-deep basements (7 stories) - New waterproofing technologies and a shortage of land has led to the creation of basements in London mansions that are up to four stories deep.

Some new luxury hotels have basements seven stories deep.

,La Cornue Rotisserie - Over-the-top kitchens can now get a built-in Flamberge Ru00f4tisserie from French appliance maker La Cornue.

,Gyroscopic stabilizers for yachts - Do you like spending time on the water in your luxury yacht but get seasick easily? Install a gyroscopic stabilizer (large, heavy) spinning flywheel that reduces roll motion.

,Ultra-luxury cruises and suitesRegent Seven Seas - Ultraluxury chain that uses ships costing 4x per guest to construct (800k vs $200k) than the current 2022 largest cruise ships by mainstream cruise operators.

Crew/guest ratio : guests on regent in close to 1:1 versus 1:2 on the best large cruise ships.

,Tickets can exceed $11,000 per day for $4,000 square foot Regent Suite,Free top shelf liquors, waiters that wade in tuxedos in the pool water to serve, academic experts giving academic talking, aggressive trivia nights, high end, historically important art,Around the world voyage for $400k,Six Star Cruise - Sells a $1.

2 million cruise per couple that lasts 123 days.

,Tuned mass dampers - These large weights (e.


400+ tons) attached to shock absorbers that minimize building sway in high winds have been in use for over 25 years in tall office buildings.

Supertall luxury residential buildings have installed metal blocks on shock absorbers weighing up to 400 tons.

Such dampers are now common in ultraluxury buildings on Billionaireu2019s Row in Manhattan.

,Custom fragrances for different rooms of your mansions - Some large European estates set the mood for different rooms by having custom fragrances crafted that are unique on a room-by-room basis.

,Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Bentley Furniture - Luxury car brands have partnerships with furniture makers to create unique furniture such as sofas with marble dust in the fabric that can cost over $50k.

The odd part is that information (dimensions, pricing, availability) on these pieces is scarce.

,Bookmatched marble and veneer - A signature element in very, very high-end bathrooms (over $1million for just the bathroom) is bookmatched marble.

Bookmatching is when a large slab of marble has been sliced and preserved in pieces such that corner intersections of a room having matching veins of marble.

This technique allows adjoining surfaces to look like mirror imagines.

The same strategy can be employed with wood veneers in other rooms such as the kitchen.

,Server rooms - Over-the-top homes use extensive computer resources to manage HVAC, security systems, window shades, and other mechanicals.

Server racks in these homes can take up a large room.

,Candy rooms - Some mansions in Los Angeles are being built with rooms housing giant clear acrylic containers of hard candy in many flavors.

,Tourbillon - This complex watch movement that counteracts gravity-related effects to accuracy can cost up to $200k additional to the base watch on top brands such as Patek Philippe.

7 star hotels in New York

Sorry for going anon.

,When I was 19, I worked behind the front desk of a 5-star hotel in a very affluent area of Florida.

Rooms were normally between $700u20131500 per night.

,I checked in a guest from Washington D.


who was very pleasant, and we had a great conversation.

During our conversation, I mentioned that my family was primarily in the coastal areas of New York, and that they were all nervous about Hurricane Sandy (this is important).

,3 days later, it was time for the guest to check out, but he had left his belongings in the room.

The guest did not checkout until 7 PM, and logically, we had to charge him another night, since our housekeeping staff had gone home, and we would not be able to sell the room.

,The guest lost it, screaming at our staff, slamming his fist on the counter, the whole show.

,Then he spotted me.

,With so much disdain, he snarled, u201cI hope that your family dies in that hurricane.

u201d My manager immediately grabbed the back of my suit jacket, and pulled me into the back office, because he knew what was coming next.

I still get angry thinking about that guest.

Most expensive hotel room in the world

The Ritz, London.


it doesnt rely on artificial star ratings that other hotels appoint themselves.


(anything above 5 *) its the choice hotel of HM Queen Elizabeth II attends along with other international royalty, business leaders, political leaders and of significance who command the highest attention to detail.

,Its service is second to none, along with its attention to detail and elegance.

,They even have a poet, John Armstrong, to compose poetry for the calender and communications.


(he an amazing speaker and orator- really incredible person to have at an event) not to mention there was a song in the 30s by Irvine Berlin,n,,,,,,,,it has a club down stairs, not a night club, that is famed for some interesting and rather large bets.




,Heres an example of the magazine.





com/ritz-magazine%20?mid=25There is another hotel in Germany of similar stature; however, I will only mention that in private.

The Mark Hotel

It depends on what you mean by u201copenu201d.

For the past 20 years, the hotel has been owned by the New York branch of the Church of Scientology.

The church has kept it open because it is one of the few buildings in the Village owned outright by the church, which helps it avoid property taxes.

The church recently obtained permission to begin renovations, but may be forced to evict the low-income tenants who live in the hotel to do so.

Most expensive hotel in the world 2021

It is almost impossible for the rest of the world to fathom how Perth, WA Australia can look like this every day since practically the beginning of the pandemic.

,This is what life is like when you have an absolute strong Premier like this:,Mark McGowan who has cut off Western Australia from the outside world for all intents and purposes.

,If you come in via petition and special exemption internationally which is only 500 persons per week, it is 14 days mandatory hotel quarantine at YOUR EXPENSE.

,One woman, that is right one woman u2018escapedu2019 from hotel quarantine last week and there was a full on dragnet to chase her down with mandatory imprisonment.

,THE REAL ANSWER ALSO IS:,Perth is considered the most u2018isolatedu2019 capital (state) in the world.

,All roads were cut off, all planes were restricted, everyone who entered either had to have a negative covid test, quarantine or both right from March.

,This keeps getting extended and no international travel out of Australia now until at least Mid March, 2021,I wanted to do this post to point out it can be done.

And you can live a u2018normalu2019 life in a bubble.

You have to be patient but you can go about your lives, schools are open no one wears masks because there is zero community spread of covid.

,Everyone goes everywhere, every bar and restaurant are full.

You have to register now when you go in but it is a simple QR code or sign your name and mob number.

,I didnu2019t want to post this before, but it seems as though everyone is waiting for the vaccine to save them.

,We were fortunate to be able to save ourselves with good firm leadership and our natural isolation.

Could it be done in America or the much smaller and more densely populated UK? Well Taiwan did it and they are populated even more densely and Singapore did it and both are democracies.

,In the end we are just waiting now in Perth.

We live our lives quietly we do not venture outside our state but we can live exactly as we always did otherwise.

,It is a hopeful yet sad lesson for the rest of the world.

Soon you too will be back to normal and we wish you all well to happier days in 2021 and beyond.

Most expensive hotel in NYC 2021

Nothing! These are frivolous lawsuits, going nowhere fast.

These lawsuits are used as a gimmick to raise money to help DT with his growing expenses due to his trying to rip people off.

Donald Trump is a born swindler and never misses a chance to get his hands on YOUR money.

At this time, he is more intensely eager than ever because no matter how much money he raises it still wonu2019t be enough.

,Donald Trump Has At Least $1 Billion In Debt, More Than Twice The Amount He SuggestedDan AlexanderForbes Staff,President Trump departs the White House en route to North Carolina.

,SARAH SILBIGER/GETTY IMAGES,The presidentu2019s liabilities are spelled out in dozens of documents, published here.

,No aspect of Donald Trumpu2019s business has been the subject of more speculation than his debt load.

Lots of people believe the president owes $400 million, especially after Trump seemed to agree with that figure on national televisionThursday night.

In reality, however, he owes more than $1 billion.

,The loans are spread out over more than a dozen different assetsu2014hotels, buildings, mansions and golf courses.

Most are listed on the financial disclosure report Trump files annually with the federal government.

Two, which add up to an estimated $447 million, are not.

,It is important to note, as Trump did Thursday night, that he also has significant assets.

Forbes values them at $3.

66 billion, enough to make his net worth an estimated $2.

5 billion.

He is not broke, despite what many critics claim.

,Some people also like to suggest that Deutsche Bank is the only institution willing to lend to Trump.

Thatu2019s not true.

The presidentu2019s creditors include at least six other institutions, two of which began or reworked deals while the president was in office.

,One reason for all the confusion: Trumpu2019s loans are not fully transparent.

Itu2019s still unclear to whom he owes an estimated $162 million against his skyscraper in San Francisco, for example.

The loan against 1290 Avenue of the Americas is also something of a mystery.

And itu2019s difficult to pin down the amount the president owes on a loan tied to his Bedford, New York, mansion.

When asked about all of this, the Trump Organization did not respond.

,Hereu2019s what we knowu2014and donu2019t knowu2014about the presidentu2019s debt.

,1290 Avenue of the Americas,What Trump owes: $285 millionWho is the creditor: Unclear (see below)When itu2019s due: November 2022Interest rate: 3.

34%The documents:Trumpu2019s business partner, Vornado, details the loan against 1290 Avenue of the Americas.

The accompanying 2012 document lists the original lenders that supplied Trump and Vornado with $950 million.

,Donald Trump owns a 30% interest in 1290 Avenue of the Americas, which might explain why he does not list its debt on the financial disclosure report he files annually with federal ethics officials.

Trumpu2019s share of the debt on the building appears to be the largest liability in his entire portfolio.

In 2012, he and his business partner, Vornado Realty Trust, got a $950 million loan from four financial institutions: Deutsche Bank, UBS, Goldman Sachs and the state-owned Bank of China.

It is not clear exactly who holds the debt today.

The Bank of China told Politico that it had sold off its portion of the loan.

,Trump International Hotel Washington, D.


,What Trump owes: Est.

$170 millionWho is the creditor: Deutsche BankWhen itu2019s due: Sometime in 2024Interest rate: VariableThe documents:Trumps financial disclosure report lists information about his debt in D.


This mortgage document shows the original principal amount of $170 million.

,Trump funded his redevelopment of the Old Post Office building in Washington, D.


, which now serves as the Trump International Hotel, with a $170 million mortgage from Deutsche Bank.

Itu2019s possible that Trump does not still owe all of that money todayu2014the New York Times, which has access to Trumpu2019s tax-return data, recently reported that the loan has a balance of $160 million.

Regardless of the exact amount of principal outstanding, it doesnu2019t appear that the hotel is doing well enough to cover the interest expenses with profits from the business.

,555 California Street,What Trump owes: Est.

$162 millionWho is the creditor: Unclear (see below)When itu2019s due: September 2021Interest rate: 5.

1%The document:Because Vornado is publicly traded, it shares detailed information about its buildings, including 555 California Street, where Trump has a 30% stake.

,Trump also owns a 30% stake alongside Vornado in 555 California Street, a skyscraper in downtown San Francisco.

The partners have been paying down the loan, but they might make changes to it soon.

In June, Vornado announced that it was considering whether to recapitalize 555 California Street and 1290 Avenue of the Americas.

Any transaction involving those two buildings could have a huge effect on Trumpu2019s business, given that his stakes in the two properties are his most valuable assets.

,40 Wall Street,What Trump owes: $138 millionWho is the creditor: Ladder CapitalWhen itu2019s due: July 6, 2025Interest rate: 3.

665%The documents:Trumps financial disclosure document lays out basic information about his loan at 40 Wall Street.

,The 40 Wall Street loan was broken up into several different notes, detailed here and below.

,These SEC documents provide more detail on Trumps monthly payments and his remaining balance.

,The SEC documents also confirm information on Trumps disclosure, like the interest rate and maturity date.

,Weeks after announcing his initial presidential run, Trump refinanced his skyscraper in downtown Manhattan, borrowing $160 million.

He has been paying down the debt ever since, but he still owes $138 million, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

,Trump National Doral,What Trump owes: Est.

$125 millionWho is the creditor: Deutsche BankWhen itu2019s due: Sometime in 2023Interest rate: VariableThe documents:Trump took out two separate mortgages against his famed Doral golf resort in Miami.

,The presidents financial disclosure report provides detailed information on his variable-interest loans, like these two at Doral.

,Trump got a $106 million mortgage against his Miami golf resort from Deutsche Bank in 2012, at the time that he purchased the property.

In August 2015, shortly after Trump launched his presidential bid, he got a second loan against Doral, this time for $19 million.

Itu2019s possible that his debt on the property is now more than the $125 million combined value of the mortgages.

The New York Times reported last month that Trumpu2019s balance totals $148 million.

,Trump Tower,What Trump owes: $100 millionWho is the creditor: Ladder CapitalWhen itu2019s due: September 6, 2022Interest rate: 4.

2%The documents:The first liability listed on Trumps disclosure describes the loan behind his most iconic building, Trump Tower.

,The presidents loan at Trump Tower requires no principal payments.

Thats nice for now, but it means the president will need to come up with $100 million in 2022.

,Trump took out a $100 million, interest-only loan against his signature Fifth Avenue tower in 2012.

The property kicked off $13.

3 million of net operating income in 2019, more than enough to cover the roughly $4.

2 million Trump owes in annual interest expenses.

Paying back the $100 million principal, due in two years, could be more complicated.

,Trump International Hotel & Tower (Chicago),What Trump owes: More than $75 millionWho are the creditors: Deutsche Bank, Chicago Unit Acquisition LLCWhen itu2019s due: 2024 for part of it, unclear for the restInterest rate: VariableThe document:Trumps financial disclosure report shows two liabilities against his tower in Chicago, including his ever-perplexing loan with Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC.

,The debt against Trumpu2019s Chicago tower includes the most confounding liability in his portfolio.

In addition to a Deutsche Bank loan for what seems to be $45 million, thereu2019s a loan of more than $50 million, from a creditor named Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC.

Hereu2019s where things gets confusing: Donald Trump owns Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC, so heu2019s lending money to himself.

If one of his companies owes more than $50 million to another one of his companies, then the company lending the money should theoretically be worth more than $50 million.

But Trump does not list any value for Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC on his financial disclosure report.

All of this has befuddled investigative reporters from Mother Jones, the Washington Post and, yes, Forbes for years.

,Trump Plaza,What Trump owes: $13 millionWho is the creditor: Ladder CapitalWhen itu2019s due: July 6, 2024Interest rate: 3.

85%The documents:Ladder Capital has helped Trump borrow hundreds of millions of dollars through several transactions.

,Trump is slowly paying off his debt at Trump Plaza, as this SEC document shows.

,Through a company called Trump Plaza LLC, the president controls two brownstone apartment buildings, a garage and a strip of retail shops on Third Avenue in New York City.

From 2017 to 2019, one of the tenants paying rent to Trump Plaza LLC was Trumpu2019s 2020 reelection campaign.

,Palm Beach, Fla.

home,What Trump owes: Est.

$11 millionWho is the creditor: Professional BankWhen itu2019s due: June 1, 2048Interest rate: 4.

5%The documents:Trump borrowed $11.

2 million from Professional Bank while in office.

,The Professional Bank loan helped Trump buy his sisteru2019s mansion, which sits near Mar-a-Lago.

,This 30-year mortgage has the most distant maturity date of anything in the presidentu2019s portfolio.

,Trump took out a 30-year, $11.

2 million mortgage from Professional Bank on May 16, 2018, the day he purchased an $18.

5 million home near Mar-a-Lago from his sister Maryanne Trump Barry.

,Trump National Golf Club, Colts Neck,What Trump owes: Est.

$11 millionWho is the creditor: Amboy BankWhen itu2019s due: Sometime in 2028Interest rate: 5.

25%The documents:Trump borrowed $18 million across two mortgages to help finance the purchase of a golf club in New Jersey.

,Despite all the money Trump spent on the place, the Colts Neck club has proved to be a disappointment.

,His lender on the property is a local New Jersey institution named Amboy Bank, as the presidents financial disclosure report shows.

,Trump purchased a golf club in Colts Neck, New Jersey, for $28 million in 2008, borrowing $18 million from a local institution called Amboy Bank.

In 2019, the club produced just $7.

6 million of revenue, suggesting itu2019s now worth about half of what Trump paid for it.

Forbes estimates he still owes roughly $11 million on the property.

,Trump Park Avenue,What Trump owes: Est.

$10 millionWho is the creditor: Investors Savings BankWhen itu2019s due: Sometime in 2020Interest rate: 3.

25%The documents:The debt against Trump Park Avenue is one of the presidents cheapest loans, with an interest rate of just 3.


,An employee inside the Trump Organization said that the loan had $9.

8 million of principal left in February 2019.

,The presidentu2019s financial disclosure report, which discloses assets and liabilities in broad ranges, lists the loan against Trump Park Avenue at $5 million to $25 million.

Patrick Birney, who works in financial operations at the Trump Organization, said in February 2019 that the balance was just under $10 million.

Itu2019s possible that the principal is lower today.

,Trump National Golf Club, Washington, D.


,What Trump owes: Est.

$7 millionWho is the creditor: Chevy Chase Trust HoldingsWhen itu2019s due: Sometime in 2029Interest rate: 5.

5%The documents:Of the ten traditional golf clubs in Trumps portfolio, only his properties in Colts Neck, New Jersey, and the D.


suburbs have loans against them.

,This document shows that the president took out $10 million to buy his golf course near Washington, D.


,Trump took out a $10 million loan in 2009, when he bought a golf course near his future home for $13 million.

Forbes estimates its principal outstanding is now more like $7 million.

With a 5.

5% interest rate, itu2019s one of Trumpu2019s priciest loans.

,Trump International Hotel & Tower (NYC),What Trump owes: $6 millionWho is the creditor: Ladder CapitalWhen itu2019s due: August 6, 2026Interest rate: 4.

05%The documents:Trump discloses a handful of smaller loans on his annual ethics filing, including this one against Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City.

,Trump chips away at this loan month-by-month, making payments of less than $50,000 to his lenders.

,Five months before he was elected president, Donald Trump refinanced the debt against this tower on the corner of New York Cityu2019s Central Park.

,Seven Springs,What Trump owes: $5-25 millionWho is the creditor: The Bryn Mawr Trust CompanyWhen itu2019s due: Sometime in 2029Interest rate: 4.

5%The document:Trumps financial disclosure report describes his loan against Seven Springs, a mansion he owns in New York.

,At some point last year, while the president was in office, the Trump Organization reworked the loan against his New York estate.

The maturity date moved from 2019 to 2029, and the interest rate jumped from 4% to 4.


Itu2019s unclear exactly how much the president still owes on the loan.

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