Why are most skyscrapers in Southeast Asia in capital cities (Bangkok, Jakarta, and Manila) not like the US and Australia?

Cities with most skyscrapers in US

Jakarta, according to Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Jakarta is number 13 in the list of cities with most skyscrapers in the world.


,I love Bangkok and Manila but thatu2019s the fact.


,But Paul Rogers give the positive review about that three city.


,He state u201cBangkok is one of Most biggest city in the world, Manila is one of most best city in Asia and Jakarta is one of world center.


So Asia Especially South East Asia have done a good job and now same level as North America or Western Europe.




US cities with most skyscrapers 2021


Most people hate skyscrapers and think theyu2019re ugly.

The U.


built a ton of skyscrapers from the u201870s to the early 2000u2019s, really the u201cToilet Bowlu201d decades of our architecture.

Now these are some of the ugliest things in the urban landscape.

We canu2019t bulldoze them fast enough.

But what makes you think new architecture wonu2019t suffer the same fate?,Chinau2019s doiu2026 u2014 I donu2019t give a flying f*ck what Chinau2019s doing.

If China jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too? Because one word: Evergrande.

,Europe isnu2019t building a ton of new skyscrapers.

And of course, for mostly bowing out of skyscraper mania, Europe gets a gold sticker.

The glass walls of new European financial districts are some of the ugliest, least interesting corners of Europe, exactly why people make a straight line to go see the old Renaissance and Baroque squares.

People travel to Europe in droves, for good reasons, specifically because theyu2019re so sick of architecture that belongs in the Nowheresville of Dubai u2014 a plastic oasis that, in another 20u201330 years, will have to inject botox into itself to keep from looking like a faded Playboy Bunny, while Krakow and Seville are still shining in their 500-year-old glory.

,Hell, people even go to Havana and Detroit deliberately to wallow in the Jurassic Park of fading, decomposing architecture, because the modern world seems so bland and fake in comparison.

,In 20 years, when Dubai and Wuhan are shriveled hags from a dog-eared magazine in the attic, people will still be lining up for Christmas tours of old American Victorian mansions, theyu2019ll still stand in the rain for an hour to see Biltmore Estate, buses will take them straight to the Forbidden Palace, and something in Chartres Cathedral will still move a deeper part of us to tears u2014 Gregorian chant from the 12th century as fresh as this morningu2019s dew u2014 while the latest bank building or swanky loft has trouble finding tenants, and this yearu2019s trendiest stuff is as exciting as pink bubble gum that goes pop, as cool as the fog running across the harbor on little cat feet, then itu2019s gone.



cities change every time the wind blows.

Thatu2019s why so many people think these cities donu2019t have character.

We canu2019t figure out what to do with this space, so we bulldoze u201cdowdyu201d old stuff and build trendy new real estate, then in another decade, we decide we hate that, too.

A time-lapse video of New York or Chicago would be a layer cake of constant bulldozing and rebuilding, cities rising and falling at identical GPS coordinates.

,Many American cities were only built within living memory.

The city where I live didnu2019t amount to much in 1900, maybe a brick hotel and a wooden saloon down by the river, not a whole lot else, really.

Most of what you see here was built in the 1920s.

Why tear down a perfectly good building thatu2019s barely older than an old human being just to have something flashy, big and new?,And not to crap on other countries just now modernizingu2026.

but where theyu2019re currently building big new buildings, thatu2019s partly because some of those countries are just now getting wealthier.

Naturally, new buildings are going to reflect the times theyu2019re built in.

Itu2019s why the Buenos Aires of 1900 looks like Paris: Paris was trendy at the time.

But the Medellu00edn of 2021 is going to strive to look less like something out of the past.

Most vertical city

Debatably the best skyline in the world, Hong Kong is built on less than 50,000 acres, directly resulting in a dense high-rise environment and earning it the title of the u201cworlds most vertical city.

u201d Hong Kong has more buildings taller than 500ft than any other city in the world.

City of skyscrapers in the world

China,Their soil is thousands of years old, so its packed tighter and unlike say, the twin towers in New York, you dont really have to use 2 foot hollow Box columns , with 4 inch steel sunken 121 feet into the bedrock .

Oh , and do that 68 times and you have just the center supports of the lightweight towers.

,They even used a special concrete that held considerably more air than normal concrete .

In short, the concrete used in the floors, was 70% lighter than sidewalk concrete.

The structural steel in the towers was the strongest in the world in the 1970s.

Nothing could ever take down the towers except four years of dismantling at a very large cost.

,they keep saying that China is communist.

They might be, but they are.

p better than us at Capitalism and building skyscrapers.

Go watch the YouTube of the one in Shang-hai .

It is built like a 200 story corkscrew.

That way, no matter which way the wind is blowing, it will slide across the surface and not make the building sway.

,Ask any oriental architect about skyscrapers and they say that developing new ways to minimize the sway is a main issue.

Ask them if a plane hitting a skyscraper has any way to make the whole damn thing come straight down to the ground and they will laugh at your stupid, Caucasian , capitalist ass.

,Israel owns America through the cowardly leadership and followers.

Home of the brave? Too afraid to retaliate against Israel and Daudi Srabia for 911,

How many skyscrapers in NYC

Here is the distribution of buildings by height in New York.

Depending on what you define to be a skyscraper, you can read off the count from these charts.

,Thanks for the A2A

City with most skyscrapers under construction

Because most of their skyscrapers are very new and architects prefer to use unusual shapes nowadays.

,Take a look at London, which only recently embraced skyscrapers,Torontou2019s newest skyscrapers have also embraced this trend,Aura, currently the tallest residential building in the city,One Bloor East,The plans for its neighbour, One Bloor West, currently under construction,In Torontou2019s Mississauga suburb, Absolute World is also very new,Itu2019s nickname is u201cMarilyn Monroeu201d

u.s. cities with most skyscrapers under construction

Well as some have said earthquakes for a long time made this difficult (although earthquake and construction technology has changed making it very possible today).

Also height restrictions added to this much of the 20th century (lifted by the city).

LA also came of age with skyscraper building as the larger part of the country began a suburban construction boom trend and people flocked away from city centers to the suburbsu2014something the highway boom of the 50s allowed.

Contrast that with cities like NYC and Chicago where they were built out largely before highways and where because of the cold winters and older streets, getting around by subway was more convenient than by car.

,This has changed though, and for what its worth LA does have today the tallest skyscrapers west of the Mississippiu2014yes taller than Houston, San Francisco, etc.

LA however is undergoing a skyscraper building boom as its downtown has gentrifiedu2014in fact prior to the pandemic it was one of the U.


cities with most skyscrapers under construction.

It also doesnt have just one area for skyscrapers.

LA is massively spread out with several areas of skyscraper densityu2014downtown LA, Century City, Long Beach, Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, etc.

,Some people have mentioned public transportationu2014maybe 25 years ago was non-existent, but not today.

Today LA has about the 3rd/4th most extensive metro public transport rail networks in the U.


with a combined mileage between LA Metro (subway and light rail lines) and regional commuter Metrolink rail lines.

Behind only cities like NYC, Chicago (and maybe DC).

So this might be a boon to skyscraper building.

Already you see developers building high density housing buildings near stations.