If I have a Canadian PR, which countries can I visit without a visa?

South American countries visa requirements for Indian citizens

I see that this is an old post and you may have your answer already and you may also have traveled, but I would still go ahead and provide the answer as many people have the same question and this link comes up top on google search.

,Some people have answered very hastily on this question without research .

,The answer is that u201cYOU CANu201d actually travel to many countries that substitute their national visa with a valid US or Canadian Visa/PR.

,The best link for you to refer to for this question is:,Visa requirements for Indian citizens - WikipediaGo to the notes section on the table of visa requirements and filter it.

You will find a list of countries with comments like,u201cNational visa may be substituted with a valid visa issued by Canada, the US or a Schengen Area member state.

u201d OR similar notes.

,Many Carribean, Cental and South American countries provide Visa on arrival for Indian Citizens with a US or Canadian PR.

,I would advise you to call the Embassy or Consulate of the country you find in the list of Visa exempt with Canadian PR before traveling, to know of any policy changes.

,(Please see my comment below regarding my call with Embassies of two Countries),Hope this helps.

,Happy Travels!

How long can you stay in South America without a visa

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Which countries in South America require a visa

Very easy to find out: Visa Waiver CountriesAndorra,Australia,Austria,Belgium,Bermuda,Brunei,Canada (thanks to everyone who commented that I left it out - the reason was that Canadians do not require a visa, but thatu2019s separate from the Visa Waiver Program).

,Chile,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Italy,Japan,Latvia,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Malta,Monaco,Netherlands,New Zealand,Norway,Portugal,San Marino,Singapore,Slovakia,Slovenia,South Korea,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Taiwan,United Kingdom

South America entry requirements COVID

Not only is the continuance of this policy paramount, but that we must also enforce it via federal and provincial quarantine laws.

Otherwise, the only other viable option is closing Canada to foreign flights altogether.

Further to this, we must also enforce border security at land crossings far more aggressively.

Personally, I think Canada Customs must impound any non-essential vehicle entering the country for three days, placing a Denver boot on a wheel, while the driver and passengers are quarantined at the nearest hotel or motel as mandatory isolation as well.

,Given the current situation in America where legions of GOP supporters vow resistance toward vaccination, we should only permit land entry at points where COVID-19 testing is possible for Canadians returning home.

Even while Americans are being vaccinated at a faster rate than us, the numbers of them refusing vaccination are substantially higher, too.

Although Canada might struggle with achieving herd immunity via anti-vaccination sentiment, itu2019s all but guaranteed it wonu2019t occur south of the border.

Demanding proof of vaccination will become a paramount prerequisite for future travel.

,Unless we adequately secure our borders and enforce quarantine laws, inter-provincial travel bans and or requiring COVID-19 before boarding domestic flights will be rendered meaningless.

E visa South America

VisasIf you want to cover 5 continents, you will have to at least get these many visas.

,North America: USA (160$) and Canada (75$).

You can add any visa free island nations(for Indians) like Jamaica if your budget allows.

,South America: Brazil (100$) and Bolivia (Visa on arrival at La paz airport costs around 60$ ),Europe: Schengen visa (75$).

Travel through Eastern Europe to keep it cheap.

nMake use of your Schengen visa as a Supporting document for Turkish e-visa.

( You can get it online for 45$).

Get a Georgian E-visa for 20$,Australia/Oceania: Australia and New Zealand (Both around 100$),Asia: You can travel to most South East Asian countries with visa on arrival.

some are free ( e.


Indonesia) some charge fees (e.


Thailand 30$).

Add some more South East Asian countries like Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar,.

Combined visa fees, around 300$,Total visa fees 1035$, now this is just embassy fees of all countries.

You will have to spend some money in order to get some visas.

nFor example, Hotel and flight reservations in case of Schengen visas and Approval from a travel agency in case of Vietnamu2019s visa.

,All that combined 1300$ for all the visas.

,Air faresIndia to Eastern Europe 300$,Eastern Europe to South America 600$,South America to North America 1000$,North America to Australia 800$,Australia to South East Asia 300$,Plus, 1000$ for Intercontinental travel,Total 4000$.

Daily expensesOn budget of average 50$ a day in,USA, 1 month,Canada, 1 month,Brazil and Bolivia 1 month,Australia and New Zealand 1 month,Eastern Europe 4 months,That will be 12000$,Add 3000$ more for Inter-city travel, 15000$.

South East Asia, 30$/day for 4 months= 3600$,Add 400$ more for traveling between countries.

Total 4000$.

Total 24300$.

For a couple 48600$.

If this seem out of budget Choose either USA or Canada not both.

,Same thing goes with Australia and New Zealand.

,Add that extra 45 days in South East Asia.

,Try to spend more time in Countries like Turkey, Georgia, Czech republic, Poland and Balkans.

,The costs i mentioned are for normal travelers, if you go frugal you can do this trip in less than 30000$ for both of you.

,Sorry for the long and boring answer, let me put some photos to cheer you up.

South America work visa

One big issue is the EU is a closed shop for employmentu2026so unless you fake marry or can get dual citizenship, forget the EU.

Maybe small private u201c institutes will hire you, butu2026 Middle East and Asian schools/universities pay best.

Brazil visa requirements

Only because Brazil wants to strengthen ties with the US, which were mostly severed by previous administrations.

Whatu2019s more, the visa requirement was always symbolic as Iu2019ve never heard of an American who had their visa denied.

Also, itu2019s not like Americans are lining up to become illegal immigrants.

,Brazil and US have always been close allies and trade partners, but in recent years this relationship has been shaken by politics in both countries.

,This doesnu2019t mean, however, that Brazilians have been or will be given the same luxury anytime soon, as the US sees it as an opportunity for mass illegal immigration, and although this doesnu2019t seem too fair, the decision of exempting American visitor of a visa to Brazil has increased the number of US tourists in the country and, consequently, helping local business to develop and grow stronger, which is great for Brazilu2019s recovering economy.

Latin America visa

Chile, Panama, and Costa Rica are very welcoming to foreigners from a visa standpoint.

As a Chinese citizen Venezuela and Cuba might be the easiest in which to obtain governmental approval to stay and live, but I think the security situation in Venezuela will make quality of life an issue.

Mexico, Peru, and Colombia all have exciting economic prospects for foreigners.

Really, theres almost no wrong choice of Latin American country to choose from, as most of them have a clear path towards visa approval.