Which church is the first church in the world?

The first church in the world

The Catholic Church traces its ordained leadership all the way back to St.

Peter, who led the church in Rome.

,The Orthodox Church is not in communion with the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, but they consist of the most ancient churches, established by the apostles themselves.

,The Armenian Church was the first country or nation to convert to Christianity.

Oldest Christian religion

It isnt, really.

I mean Catholics may claim that theyre the oldest branch of Christianity.

Just as some Orthodox do.

And in some ways they have good arguments.

In others not so much.

(The Latin Rite, for one, certainly is nothing more than a reflection of a reflection of what the early Christians did.

The Orthodox likely come closer.

),Catholicism and Orthodoxy reciprocally constituted each other during the Eastu2013West Schism -- before that you cannot rightly speak of the Catholic Church as it exists today, because there was no foundational opposition.

Only with the East-West Schism came something like a Catholic Identity -- which was then laboriously developed into a Latin Catholic Identity.

*,Catholicism is but a branch on a tree that split again and again in the course of history.

Some branches (like the Waldensians) were cut.

Others died off.

But speaking of the oldest christian religion in terms of denominations is not really productive in this images light.

,n* Please see Bartlett: The Making of Europe -- Conquest, Colonization and Cultural Change

Oldest Roman Catholic church in the world


The Pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholics are the largest and oldest Christian denomination.

Roughly half the Christians in the world are Catholic.

Oldest church in France

Roman basilica windows as in Cathedral of Trier are still visible on the flanks of the basilica.

Originally built to be part of a Roman spa complex, the structure was converted into use as a church in the 7th century when it became the chapel of a Benedictine monastery.

It is the oldest church building in France.

Oldest church in the world Ethiopia

There are 54 unique nations in Africa and each one is remarkably different from the next.

I find 54 things odd about Africa!In Ancient Egypt, giraffe tails were used as fly swatters!,u201cSorry man, I only need to cut off your tail.

u201d -Some Egyptian.


The hottest recorded temperature on Earth was in Libya.


The ancient city of Carthage was located in Modern day Tunisia.


Marijuana is a major cash crop in parts of Morocco.


There is a bullseye shaped formation in the middle of the Mauritanian desert.


Some taxi drivers in Senegal attach a u201ctailu201d made of goat hair to their car for good luck.

,Donu2019t rear end me, bitch!7.

In 2007 the Gambian President, Jammeh, claimed to have created a cure for AIDS from boiled herbs.


The first European outpost in the topics was in Cape Verde.


There are over 1,000 native plant species in the tiny-ass nation of Guinea-Bissau.


Conakry, Guinea is the Wettest capital in the World.

,Please donu2019t make any sexual jokes here!11.

The nation of Liberia was created for freed American slaves.


Legend has it that this Cotton Tree is where the first freed slaves (who gained freedom by fighting for the British in the Revolutionary War) settled in Sierra Leone.


The Bobo of Burkina Faso are known for their butterfly masks.


Togo has an open air market full of animal skulls,Perfect souvenir for the kids!15.

The largest basilica in the World is located in Yamoussoukro, Cote Du2019Ivore.


In Benin, there is a superstition that photography takes a bit of the soul of the person in the photo.


Agadez, Niger has the one of tallest mud brick minarets.


The Yoruba of Nigeria have one of the highest birth rate of twins for any ethnic group.


Chad is known for its gueltas (Water bodies which form in ravines in the Sahara),20.

There are nearly three times as many pyramids in Sudan than Egypt.


South Sudan is the newest nation in the World.


The name of the Dahlak Islands in Eritrea is thought to have stemmed from a word which translates to gates of hell.


The only US military base in Africa is in Djibouti,24.

Among some tribes in Ethiopia, Lip plates are fashionable.

,I bet 20$ these things will turn into a trend in 2019.


Some of the oldest known cave paintings can be found in Northern Somalia (In the Somaliland area),26.

The Masaai people in Kenya (and Tanzania) are known to drink cowu2019s blood.

,Gatorade is for wimps! Real men drink cowu2019s blood!27.

One of the smallest churches in the World is in Uganda.


Rwandau2019s parliament has a higher percentage of females (64%) than any where else in the World.


Group jogging in banned in Burundi.


The most voluminous lava lake is in The Democratic Republic of The Congo.

,Lucky bustards, they get a free hot tub!31.

The Nouabele National park in The Republic of the Congo has been referred to as the last Eden.


Cameroon is often times called a u201cMini-Africau201d as it has rainforests, deserts, mountains, and plains.


People from Equatorial Guinea are technically Hispanic.


Sao Tome and Principe actually exists (not a fun fact but still a shock to most people),35.

Comoros has experienced over 20 coups since gaining independence in 1975.


The heaviest wild tortoise can be found in Seychelles,37.

Mauritius was the only known habitat of the Dodo bird.


The Mpingo trees of Tanzania produce the most expensive timber in the World.


It speculated that the origin of dreadlocks can be traced to tribes near Angola.


Termite hills in Zambia can grow as big as a house.


By 2009 a single US dollar was worth 300 trillion Zimbabwean dollars!,42.

Malawi is the only country in the World (other than Denmark) to have a Carlsberg brewery.


Maputo, Mozambique is known as The City of Acacia Trees.


The Makgadikgadi Salt Pan in Botswana is claimed to be the largest in the World.

,Dare you to say that three times fast!45.

Swaziland is one of the last remaining absolute monarchies on Earth.


The Skeleton Coast of Namibia is known for its shipwrecks.


Lesotho has the highest elevation low-point in the World.


South Africa is the only country in the World to have voluntarily given up their nuclear weapons.


Some anthropologists say that Madagascar was settled by people from Indeonesia instead of Africa!,50.

Lake Volta in Ghana is the Worlds largest man made lake.


A court in Algeria had to settle a case where a donkey had eaten the money its purchaser was using to buy it.

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About 80% of Gabon is covered in rainforest.


The Boali Falls are a well known landmark in the Central African Republic.


One of the most famous and oldest Islamic universities in the World is located in Mali.