Why is McDonaldu2019s struggling in the Philippines?

McDo burgers Menu Philippines

It isnu2019t really struggling, but it is second to Jolibee.

,There are a few reasons it isnu2019t as profitable as it is in some other countries, but the biggest has to do with the power structure in the Philippines.

The Philippines is an oligarchy and they maintain their political and social dominance by smacking down the poor any chance they get.

As Oligarchs are the only ones who can afford a McDo franchise, and all stores in the Philippines are franchises for the record, they get to practice that smack down in a uniquely Filipino way, by putting anti-capitalistic measures into play.

One of the big ones is requiring employees to have a college a degree, something less than 5% of the country has or can afford to give to their children.

,I have seen some locations that require a masters degree in either business or tourism/hospitality management in order to be any part of the management team.

As these people expect to be paid commensurate with their degree and social status payroll is pretty bad compared to places in the US where we find the cheapest possible labor to work fast food.

We donu2019t even require high school diplomas for store managers if they can do the job.

It is however not unique to McDo in the Philippines as most franchise stores of any fast food place runs the same way,The second reason McDo struggles in the Philippines is a lot of their menu still focuses on burgers.

While Filipinos like burgers, they are not the favorite item on McDonalds menu, they much prefer the fried chicken.

While McDou2019s chicken is quite good, especially the spicy chicken, and in my opinion is much better than the Colonel ever produced, it is not nearly as good as Jolibee or what you can get at a lot of carinderia.

,In the end McDo doesnu2019t really struggling, it just isnu2019t the number one fast food choice.

This is actually understandable in a country where every peso counts.

For the cost of three cheeseburgers at McDo I can get five yum burgers from Jolibee, or 4 much better bacon cheeseburgers burgers from Minute Burger.

Chicken Burger McDo

I only tried Mcdonaldu2019s from Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan,Best variety: Philippines (Chicken Mcdo with gravy, Tocino burger, McSpaghetti, Burger Mcdo (with mayonnaise), Burger steak with rice),I remember loving the cheeseburger in Taiwan.

,Shaka shaka chicken in Japan is also very good.


Burger McDo price Philippines

PhilippinesA US Dollar in the Philippines equals to about more or less 50 pesos.

,With 50 pesos, you can buy:,Street food - street food like u201ckwek-kweku201d (deep-fried orange batter covered quail eggs), fishballs, squidballs, kikiam, etc.

are sold in Filipino streets for 1 peso to 3 pesos per piece.

If you buy a stick of fishball which would cause around 5u201310 pesos depends on how much you want, you can still buy drinks (sagou2019t gulaman, softdrinks, sodas, etc) with the remaining 30u201340 pesos.

A dollar in PH can buy you a whole merienda/snack set to keep you full for at least a few hours.

,Karinderya food - eateries in the Philippines are very common and they can be found everywhere.

They sell food for a really low price and they are tasty as hell! Say an u201culamu201d (this is the dish you partner with rice, thereu2019s no direct translation) costs around 30u201340 pesos, then a cup and a half of rice would cost around 10u201315 pesos, you could already eat a delicious lunch to get you going through the day.

Plus, drinking water in karinderyau2019s are free, and they also have the additional (and very much in high-demand) free soup, so itu2019s all good!,Clothes - yes, you read it right.

Clothes! Thrift shops in the Philippines can be seen everywhere, especially if you go to the markets.

There are tons of places who might sell shirts, crop tops, and other tops for as low as 50 pesos, and if you are a person who likes shopling for clothes, this will probably be a great deal for you :),Toys - and I mean, market toys.

They are not Toy Kingdom or ToysRu2019Us quality, but Filipino kids used to enjoy these toys a lot (including me) and some of them can even last a long time.

Some are locally produced, while some are Made in China items, but theyu2019re all good to play with while youu2019re still young!,Fastfood - for 50 pesos, you can buy at least a single item/food from fastfood chains here.

For example, a McSaver would cost less than a dollar, so if you buy a single Burger McDo ala Carte, it will cause you 38 pesos.

A sundae would be about 30 pesos, and a McFloat about 30 pesos on its regular size.

Perfect if you just feel like eating but youu2019re not really hungry.

,Thereu2019s still a lot, but these are what I can think of right now.

Might add more if I remember more! Hope you enjoyed!

McDo Burger menu

I work in a McDonalds in France, and its really easy : every time you work during a rush (even just 2 hours, like 7pm to 9pm), you can eat.

You have 5 points, and you choose everything you want.

A normal burger would cost you 2 points, a big one 3 points, fries are 1 point, a drink is 1 point, sundae 1 point, salads 2 points.



You can take absolutely everything you want as long as you only take 5 points.

,When the shift is really rough, the manager often say that we can have a 6th point.

,So when youre a poor student, you can take a sandwich, and a salad and a muffin that you will keep in your fridge for you days off.

If you work twice a day, you eat burgers twice a day.

Not really good for your health, but working at McDonalds is so exhausting that I lost 9 pounds while eating there all the time.

,The thing is, you have to work during a rush : if you work from 4pm to 6pm, its not a rush time so you cant eat.

,Another thing : you can take a coffee everytime you want.

Most of the time you just have to put on your uniform, you go behind the counter and you make yourself a coffee.

Its supposed to be one for every shift, but actually you can take one when you come to work, one or two during your 30 minutes break, and another one after.

It helps surviving in this kind of job.

,We also have discounts, we are supposed to need to ask for the booster card, it works in every McDonalds in France.

Actually nobody asks for it, you have the discount as long as theres people behind the counter that know you work in a McDo.

The discount is you buy one thing the other one is free.

So you can buy a little sandwich and have another one for free, or you can buy a menu and save a lots of money.

,This is the way it works in France, it may not apply for other countries.

McDonalds Philippines

Simple answer: McDonalds Ph is trying to compete with its biggest competitor in the Philippines - Jollibee.

,Jollibee has Chickenjoy with Rice, Spaghetti, and Filipino breakfasts.

Rice meals are a hit.

So McDonalds has to compete and offer similar meals including chicken, rice, and spaghetti.