How do you track a phone through Google Earth?

Google Earth

Learning to track someones location is simple.

All you need is a functioning record with Google, a cell information plan and GPS-empowered cell phone that has Google Maps introduced with Google Latitude support on it.

Following are the steps on how the process is carried out.

From your cellphone, go to Google Latitude site.

Apart from the Apple iPhone, you will need to download Google Latitude functions onto your cell phone beforehand.

At that point, you have to arrange your dynamic Google account with Google Latitude.

Each gadget has its own arrangement that must be pursued.

,Spyic:Best Cell phone tracker appThere will be files in your cell phones instructions to help you with the configuration process.

Ask a family member or friend to volunteer for this task.

At that point, go to Google Latitude site from your PC or work area program.

Include the Google Latitude widget onto your iGoogle page so that you can use it on your desktop or laptop as well.

Now click on the button where it says Add Friends from the widget.

As you do this, all the contacts from your active Google account will be added to the list.

,At that point, therell be a symbol before those contacts that are utilizing Google Latitude too.

You can welcome them and sit tight for them to acknowledge the consent to follow them.

In the event that there are sure contacts who dont utilize Google Latitude however you wish to include them, you can simply tap on their names or send them a welcome by means of email.

,Once in the event that they acknowledge your solicitation, you will perceive what their area is on the guide.

Whats more, the data will change continuously once they go starting with one area then onto the next alongside their PDAs.

The following stage is that youll open the Google Maps and go to My Maps choice.

,It will be on the left side of your window screen.

Select this option.

When you create this map, save it.

As you view this map, youll see that the option of View in Google Earth being displayed.

This option will be on the right side of your window screen.

It will be alongside Send and Print options.

,When you select it, the map will be downloaded in a .

KML file that can be later on opened in Google Earth.

After downloading the file, it should open with Google Earth on its own.

If it doesnt, double click it.

When you open this file, you can easily view your friends location.

There are many online programs that claim phone tracking via Google Earth and Google Maps.

,Try to avoid them as they are not free programs will end up making you pay more.

However, there are some social networking sites which will let you view your friends locations from your cell phone.

The only condition is that they have to be in close vicinity to you.

Creepy things on Google Maps

Now, I know that Area 51 has been unblurred, but I just want to asku2026,What is this?,It looks like some sort of baseball field, but what is it doing at a government facility, in the middle of Nevada?

Weird things on Google Earth Street View

Weird things on Google Maps 2021

I believe so - Iu2019m not sure where the exact quote comes fromu2026probably multiple places.

He likes to keep these kinds of numbers on hand - and tends to repeat them quite often in different contexts.

,Itu2019s hard to say where Elonu2019s numbers came from - but my own calculation proves that what heu2019s saying isnu2019t complete nonsenseu2026,LETu2019S GATHER SOME DATA:My source data comes from these two websites - and can be confirmed on dozens of othersu2026,The first source gives us an idea of how much power a large-scale solar plant can generate and over what acreage, the second source gives us the total US energy consumption:,If we assume that we can build this monster in some almost cloudless desert - as close to the equator as possible and where environmental damage would be minimal - then the Chihuahua desert in Texas/New Mexico is by far the best choice.

Here is some climate data for that region:,GETTING THE LAND:The US portion of the desert is about 400 miles wide by 100 miles north/south - so weu2019d want to use about a quarter of it (!!).

Heck we could overlap it into Mexico some and give them free electricity in exchange for using some of their useless desert.

,As deserts go - itu2019s pretty boring - we could build a neat 100x100 square somewhere around Roswell and down towards Odessa - itu2019s do-able.

Land is very cheap out there.

If you look at it on Google Maps - youu2019ll see that there is a weird, regularly spaced grid of dots covering that area those dots are u201cnodding donkeysu201d - oil pumps - VAST portions of that area are just full of oil wells - which weu2019re trying to phase out anyway.

But we can build solar panels close around nodding donkeys and not disrupt a darned thing.

,So the right piece of land is right there - ready for use.

,LETu2019S CRUNCH SOME NUMBERS!100x100 miles is 10,000 sq.

miles which is 6.

4 million acres.

,The largest solar power plant in the world is Bhadia Solar Park in India which produces 2.

25 GW and covers 14,000 acres.

,Other very large solar power stations, such as the one in Qunghai Province in China, the Pavagada plant in India, the Benban plant in Egypt all produce similar amounts of power per acreu2026so Bhadia is pretty typical of what can be achieved at this kind of scale.


4 million acres would be enough space for 457 Bhadiau2019s.

,457 Bhadiau2019s would produce 1,028 GW - which is 1.

028 TW - that would be the output of Elonu2019s 100x100 mile solar farm.

,The Chihuahua desert gets 3,812.

47 hours of sunshine per yearu2026which is 10.

44 hours per day (on average).

,So thatu2019s 10.

74 TWh (TW-hours) per day.

,Total US electricity demand is 3.

8 trillion kWh per yearu2026which is 10 TWh per day.

,CONCLUSION: IS ELON RIGHT?Well, of course he is - heu2019s Elon Musk!,If Elonu2019s 100x100 miles of solar panels is situated in the Chihuahua desert, then yes! It could power the entire USA with about 7.

4% to spare.

,AH - BUT THERE IS A GOTCHA!Since the USA needs power at night, weu2019d also need a VAST energy storage system to handle nighttime demand and also to provide power on those rare cloudy days out in the southern deserts.

,Elon is a fan of battery storage (well, duh!)u2026so letu2019s see how the numbers work out for that approach:,Itu2019s painful to calculate how much of that 10TWh per day is needed at night - but in most places in the USA itu2019s about 15% of the daytime demand.

But itu2019s not that simple because the sun rises and sets at different times on East and West coast.

Chihuahua is a good choice because itu2019s about halfway between the two - so weu2019d probably need more storage for the East coast in the mornings and more for the West coast in the evenings - but our solar array would still be producing plenty of power for an hour or two after dark on the East coast and an hour or two before dawn on the Westu2026argh.

Letu2019s guesstimate 25% of the energy we generate needs to be stored somehow to get us through the night.

,Weu2019d sure as all hell want to fix u201cdaylight savings timeu201d and possibly nudge our timezones around to make this a lot cheaper!,But weu2019re GUESSING that 2.

5 TWh of storage is needed to get us through the night.

,As of 2021, the largest battery storage system (Moss Landing in Kansas City) which when completed will be able to store 2.

27 GWh.

,In addition to having 457 of the largest solar farms in the world, weu2019re ALSO going to need 1,101 of the largest battery packs in the worldu2026just to get us through the night.

,To be safe though - we should probably expect those 3,812.

47 hours of sunshine per year to include a few cloudy daysu2026and that could mean that we need 10 times that amount of battery pack just waiting for the worst case scenario.

,SO IS IT POSSIBLE?Well - yes.

If we place those battery packs on the outskirts of major cities - and provide enough grid connectivity to keep them charged - then there shouldnu2019t be a problem in theory.

,But the cost of all this?,I donu2019t want to even think about it - at present prices itu2019s pretty bad.

,Honestly, we should aim for a mix of wind and solar - and adding wind turbines within our 100x100 square miles would have almost zero impact on the productivity of the solar arrays (turbines donu2019t cast much shadow and their bases donu2019t consume much land area) - so we could have CONSIDERABLE excess capacity from wind - which works at night and on cloudy days - so that could cut the battery demand DRASTICALLY.

There are already a ton of wind turbines out in the Chihuahua - so we donu2019t have to worry about lack of wind there.

,Also, battery storage isnu2019t the best way to store LARGE amounts of energy when the demand is predictable an hour or two in advance.

Pumped hydro, liquid salt storage, there are lots of cheaper options if youu2019re not in a hurry to turn them on.

,Batteries are great for short unexpected demand - but nighttimes are 100% predictable and cloudy conditions can easily be predicted an hour in advance - so we can use cheaper but less-time-responsive systems in those cases and batteries for sudden unexpected drops.

,ULTIMATE CONCLUSION:The cost of all of this is insaneu2026but it is without doubt something that the USA (and other countries) should seriously plan for.

,With these VAST solar and storage systems - we should get phenomenal economies of scale.

Tesla-GigaFactory-sized facilities with a ton of automation can drive costs down substantially.

You could build your factory right in the middle of the 100x100 mile area to minimize transportation costs - and every time the factory spits out a hundred solar panels - you sent off a crew in a pickup truck to install it on the edges of the growing array.

The energy it produces ramps up in a smooth and predictable way over years (probably decades) of manufacturing - and within not much time, the plant is self-sufficient in energy and is presumably HIGHLY automated.

,The chief raw materials in a solar panel are glass and silicon - both of which are made from sand - of which there is no shortage out in the desert!,Once the array is finished, the plant will need to continue to operate to provide replacement panels as the oldest ones start to reach their end of life after about 30 years - and a solar panel recycling plant would need to be added at some point during the life of the project to recover the more exotic materials found in the silicon wafers.

,Once this is running - the USA gets more or less free, renewable electricity foreveru2026which will certainly help to pay for the thing.

Google Earth coordinates

JThis will be the first posting for this find on Google Earth.

Iu2019m not sure if anyone else has discovered this previously, but my research has come up with nothing.

,My oldest son, Evan, sent me this link one evening.

,I understand it wonu2019t be easy to access this link, thereforeu2026.

I BROUGHT PICTURES!,What my son discovered was on a remote beach, on Disco Island, off of the coast of Greenland.

,When arriving to the exact location, at the exact right time, you will encounter a remote coast line.

,Initially, when I received this link, I sent a message to Evan asking what I was supposed to be looking at.

He said u201cMom, look upu201d!,Ok.

Iu2019m looking up.

What the hell is that streak next to the sun? I follow itu2026u2026,And this is what he foundu2026u2026,I thought it was a bird at first.

I took this screen shot and played with the different setting (ie.

Contrast, brightness, etc.


Every edit showed the top of this thing to be glowing, on fire, or to be holding some sort of energy, in my opinion.

,Iu2019ve never seen a bird who had a glowing head! Keep in mind that this last photo has been distorted and manipulated by my different iPhone edit choices.

Nothing has been photoshopped.

This is all original screenshots taken from my phone.

,My son has found all sorts of crazy finds.

A huge cave opening on the side of a mountain, with a giant door, and many other crazy things.

I will try to find photos of his other discoveries and add to this later.

,By far, with out a doubt, the best thing about these Google Earth finds is the time we spend together on them.

He lives about 1000 miles away and I miss him terribly.

These discoveries have brought us closer together.

,I love you Evan W.

, to the moon and the stars, and the sun and backu2026u2026u2026.


mom !,EDIT*********Here are a couple more interesting finds from Google Earthu2026u2026u2026,This first one shows a bird in flight.

However, at first glance it looks like a person in flight.