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Places to go alone to clear your head Philippines

When I was 10 years old I suddenly declared to my mother that I wanted to learn Japanese and that she must find me a teacher.

We lived in a very Caucasian town in rural Australia - there were few Asians, let alone Japanese.

My mother was understandably surprised but figured she should ride with it.

An ad in the newspaper later, we somehow managed to locate the only Japanese person in town.

And so it was that I came to speak enough Japanese to win myself a scholarship there for a year, which pretty much sealed the deal - I was officially a Japanophile.

,Meanwhile, my husband-to-be was in rural Japan.

When I say rural - were talking no traffic lights and kids playing ball on the road in the main street.

He had declared to his parents that he was moving to Australia the moment he graduated.

This was a guy who had slept through every single English language class and flunked all his exams.

In Japan its only the smart, intellectual kids who get to move overseas.

His teachers heard about his ridiculous idea and actively discouraged and cajoled him about it.

It made no difference though.

He worked every spare moment of his free time for 3 years and saved up enough money to relocate himself to Cairns, Australia - as promised, pretty much the day he finished school.

,After getting back from my year in Japan I managed to convince my parents that to keep my language skills I absolutely must move to Sydney, where there are real Japanese people to talk to and native Japanese teachers.

And so it came to be that at age 17 I was living in the big city, finishing off my schooling, alone.

I knew no one in the city and the kids in this well-off city school were a different breed to me.

Life was a bit lonely.

There werent many Japanese kids at my school and the ones there all spoke perfect English.

I could feel my language skills slipping quickly.

,While all this was going on, my husband was going through the daunting process of trying to find a job in Cairns.

After 48 unsuccessful job interviews it was becoming pretty clear there was no work in the small resort town for a fresh high school grad whose only English skills involved the words I am a Japanese boy.

He was advised to move to Sydney and reluctantly did so.

,One day on my way home from school I saw a sign on the window of a tiny Japanese restaurant that read (in Japanese) Staff wanted.

It was just before the start of my final year of school and everybody knows thats a stressful and busy year - I didnt exactly have a lot of free time on my hands.

So I have no idea what compelled me to stumble into that little shop but some force from within me literally pushed me in.

Turned out they had never employed a foreigner before and werent really looking to do so - they knew very well they would have to pay me the minimum wage and that, it turned out, was too much.

The guy who greeted me that day was nevertheless really nice - and pretty good looking to boot.

He took my details and promised to pass them on.

I wrote a diary entry about him.

,Weeks went by and no one called.

I had all but put it out of mind.

,Then one day it came - a call from the owner inviting me in for an interview.

I later found out that the guy I had spoken to that fateful day had hassled the owner incessantly for 3 weeks to hire me.

In his short time with them, he had already established himself as their best up and coming chef.

Im pretty sure they hired me just to shut him up!,2 weeks after my first shift at the restaurant the guy and I were living together.

He made the best school lunches one could ever hope for and Im 100% sure it was due to him that I blitzed my final school exams and made it into the best law school in the country, much to the surprise of all.

,22 years later - we are happily married, globe trotting, business owning, cat loving food freaks.

Weve shared more than half our lives together and Im not even 40 yet ;) My husband eventually got dragged back to Japan by yours truly - poor thing, after thinking himself to have successfully escaped the place.

But apart from that, things seem to have worked out pretty ok, touch wood!,People often ask me what motivated me to learn Japanese.

What was the trigger? Who put the idea in your head? Honestly, I have no idea.

My knowledge of Japan was rudimentary at best.

I didnt even know where it was on the map.

,As for my husband - why Australia? His answer is that the continent of Australia is the same shape as the island he grew up on.

Pretty random also.

,Do I believe in destiny? Ill let you take a guess.

,Update: people have been asking for photos.

Feeling slightly shy about this, but here are a few snaps from over the years.

,Below: this is the oldest shot I was able to find without tearing the house apart.

Taken in Thailand on our first overseas trip together (excluding trips to Japan), this must be about 2001-ish I think.

Its a photo of a photo (which I have now discovered is stuck to its frame!) so the quality is shocking.



u200bu200bThis one was taken in the Philippines, during a food related ethnographic study we did together.

Circa 2011 (the date on it is wrong)u200bAnd this is us in 2015 drinking matcha tea with friends, near where we now live in Japanu200b

Places to visit alone near me


Soap football ( As the name implies, the players play on a field that is covered with water and a little soap to make it slippery.

),Soap football, Nungambakkam,2.

LasertagGame-on Laser tag, Anna nagar,Asgard entertainment, T.

nagar,G-sector, Nungambakkam,3.

PaintballPlanet adventure paintball, Kottivakkam beach,Take diversion, Old Pallavaram,Offroad sports, East Coast Road,4.

ParksSecretariat Park, near Chennai port,Semmozhi poonga, Teynampet,Theosophical society, Adyar,Chetpet Ecopark, Kilpauk,Tholkappiar poonga, Adyar,5.

GamingArknemesis Gaming, Nungambakkam,Blur, Royapettah,Freeing India( similar to escape rooms),6.

BeachesBroken Bridge, Besant nagar,Marina beach,Elliots beach (Besant nagar),Juhu beach, Uthandi, ECR,Kovalam beach, ECR,7.

FutsalWhistle, Nungambakkam,Go futsal, Velachery,Tiki Taka, Kilpauk,Turf 137, Velachery,8.

Off-road sports (Zip lining, ATV rides, scuba diving, Surfing, Bungee trampoline, jet-ski, catamaran rides),Wild tribe ranch,Bay of life,Barefoot scuba,Surf turf,Image source: GoogleEdit: Thank you so much for every single upvote, appreciation, suggestion, and share.

This really motivates novice writers like me to keep writing! :)

Solo travel Philippines 2022

Generally speaking, the Philippines are safe to travel alone and the risk for danger is low.

As long as you avoid high-risk destinations such as those mentioned here, youll be able to safely experience the allure of the Philippines.

Places to visit near Manila

ManilaThis is nothing against the people, as they are the friendliest in the world and so so nice and bubbly.

,I lived here for a year, and couldnu2019t stand it.

,The place is dirty,Has the unbelievable poverty I counted 50 homeless on an average commute not just adults most had children and families living like this.

It was really hard to see.

,The traffic, going to meeting for a 6 km drive would take 1.

5 hours if the street werenu2019t so bad I could walk it in less.

,One time getting to the airport to my condo took 3 hours its a 7 km drive.

It is by some metrics the worst in the world.

,The food, okay most south east Asian place are not the safest to eat, but never eat street food, and managed to get a stomach infection.

Two operations later and a high medical bill later due to the poor food hygiene.

,The pollution, this goes hand in hand with traffic but yes it was unhealthy at best and wouldnt recommend to walk/run anywhere.

,The lack of green spaces and over density,I like to run, and the place was near impossible with out getting chocked out or swamped by people.

,The subway I got on here once, as used Asian subways and have been pretty impressed (China, Bangkok, Hong Kong ect) this one was hell no air con was old muddy, and way way over crowded.

,Its shame that such nice people have to live in such a horrible place, I hope the government work ways to improve this city for the lives of the people.

Budget solo travel Philippines

Every time I do that I feel detached from my current self.

Makes me question u201cDafuq am I doing with my life by working from 9u20135?u201d but again itu2019s the same work which pays allowing me to travel.

,Srinivas Kattimanis answer to What is lifeu2019s biggest trap people fall into?But since I always go for the cheap deals ,you know off season, when nobody is able to take days off I have to go alone, which never bothered me anyway.

,Mentioning my 5 solo trips so far.

Apologies for a bit long answer.

,First solo trip was Thailand (not the kind of trip you are thinking of ),Pros : Visa on Arrival (for Indians) ,Lived in hostel , made fantastic friends, delicious Thai food.

Totally unplanned, Infact booked for the island hopping trip while walking by roadside.

And did my first ever scuba diving in the serene seas of Thailand.

,Cons : Had to take selfies most of the time or ask passer-byu2019s to click one for me.

Had to deal with never ending requests for massages, u201cspecial massagesu201d on every street I walked as I was alone.

,Second solo was Philippines ( Cebu Islands)Pros: Extremely beautiful beaches, cheap entrance to the clubs, rented the whole boat for myself for like less than $50 a day.

Great food and friendly people.

Infact the care taker of the hostel took me to the club and introduced me to the club manager and specifically asked him to take care of me throughout the night , which they did, and he left.

,Cons : Couldnu2019t find that many people in the hostel as it was the odd season.

,Third was Athens,GreeceAcropolis,Pros : Rich history.

You can just feel it everywhere as soon as you get there.

This time hostel was pretty good and met people from Netherlands and Germany.

Went to bar later in the evening with them.

Shared my stories, heard their stories.

Perfect setting.

On the first floor met a Indian worker in the cafe, heard how someone scammed him and looted his money to never return again ,thus he is working there to make some money and go back.

I gave a him a generous tip at the end of the dinner.

Thatu2019s the best I could with my limited budget.

,Cons : Short lived trip, didnu2019t have money or time to go to Santorini.

,Rome, ItalyColosseumPros : Being a big fan of Gladiator movie, this was a dream come true.

And also the lady in the picture ( couldnu2019t dare to talk to her ), pizzas,the sound of Italian , marvelous structures, and of course the rich roman heritage.

,Cons : Short lived trip, didnu2019t have money or time :/,And the last one ( last month) Bali, IndonesiaThe famous rice terraces of Bali,The view I am blocking is of Mt.

Agung, a active volcano, which is considered a highly unstable currently and might erupt anytime soon.

And the mountain on which I am sitting is Mt.

Batur ( a dormant volcano ) which I had to hike with the help of a guide early morning to catch the sunrise.

,Pros : Culture is almost similar to Hindu culture of India.

Can see numerous Hindu temples spread across the island.

It also Sky garden roof top club ( top 88 in the world), one of the best clubs I have been to.

All in all, itu2019s a complete package with serene beaches, mountains, night life, nature,Cons : Too many couples on honeymoon or vacation.

You might feel lonely if you are weak hearted.

,The best part of traveling alone is you can spend hours and hours in one spot to get the right picture of yourself and still donu2019t have to answer anyone .

,You can go party all night and be on the bed next day throughout the day recovering from hangover and still donu2019t have to answer anyone.

,You can go meet and talk to anyone or do anything without the fear of being judged.

Solo travel pandemic Philippines


,We have 81 provinces in the Philippines.

As solo traveler, there are few places to avoid in the meantime u2014 Marawi, Basilan, Maguindanao, Lanao Del Sur, Tawi-tawi, Cotabato City, and Sulu.

These islands still have occasional disturbances but the rest of the Philippines would be worth a visit.

There are 76 other provinces to have a peaceful visit.

,Of course you do know that we are still in a pandemic and the Philippines isnu2019t any different from the rest of the world.

The silver lining is: fully-vaccinated visitors are now allowed entry to the Philippines starting February 10, 2022.

Still, monitor the situation before booking your flight because situations do change.

,That said, let me share with you a video of a solo female traveler who traveled the Philippines.

Have fun!

Solo travel Luzon

Well, first and foremost, why would you go alone if you can enjoy it here with your family and friends.

,Plus, it depends on the location.

Most places are fine and safe.

I dont think most places in Metro Manila and some areas in Mindanao are though.

If youre going to Mindanao, Id suggest these places:,Davao,Bukidnon,Cagayan de Oro/Misamis Oriental,Misamis Occidental,Butuan/Agusan Province,For Visayas, its mostly safe especially the rural areas.

Cebu and Iloilo are the two big cities in Visayas.

,For Luzon, I would suggest these places:,Tagaytay,Baguio/Mountain Province,Olongapo/Subic,Ilocos Region,Angeles(Pampanga),For the capital region(Metro Manila), these cities would be fine:,Marikina,Las Piu00f1as,Makati,Bonifacio Global City(Taguig),Antipolo is also decent which is in Rizal province, just beside Metro Manila.

Its located beside Marikina and Pasig.