What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Cagayan De Oro, Philippines? What should you try while youre there?

Seafood Island price list

Depends on your palate.

There are plenty of local restaurants here that offer great food at an affordable price.

I hope this list helps:,Seafood-Panagatan, Bucket of Shrimps, Redtail Shrimps and more, Seafood island, Mesa,Meat- CIRCA (my favorite! Especially their breakfast dishes), Bigbyu2019s, Roadhouse,You may also visit SM Downtown Premier which has a food court at the fourth floor.

They have a lot of choices there too in one location.

,Now as for what you should do here, you may visit Seven Seas waterpark, go to Dahilayan Forest Park, or have dinner at High Ridge(love their blueberry cheesecake) overlooking the city, have drinks at Hugo Skylounge or at the Sky Bar.

Plenty of place to go to while youu2019re here actually.

Camiguin is also just a bus and a barge away from CDO.

,Hope you enjoy your stay here!

Seafood island branches

Yes, I would happily come to the Philippines tomorrow if the opportunity arose and not only visit but would love to remain.

You can probably take it from this that I love the Philippines both as a country and the people who are lucky enough to call it home.

,What does the Philippines offer to visitors from outside? The Philippines 7000+ islands are each different,diverse in their own unique way.

Offering a full range of experiences physical, emotional, and sensual.

,Enjoy rural transport,One day you could be diving, coming up close and personal with threasher sharks at Malapascua the next hunting out the Pygmy seahorse at Puerto Galera.

Above water your natural encounters are even more diverse Come face to face with a Tarsier in Bohol, or go on a boat to spot Whale Sharks in Oslob.

Or experiencing the magical fireflies dancing in the night at Puerto Princessa.

,The natural vistas are forever changing with the stunning beauty of Bohols Chocolate hills, to the majestic beauty of Mount Mayon a perfect conical shaped volcano in Albay province.

when there you cant miss the Cagsawa ruins in Legazpi city a Franciscan church destroyed by the volcanoes eruption in 1814.

Even today Mayon is considered active and has restricted access.

,Mount Mayon,If you are a history buff , the Philippines is the place for you.

From the colonial buildings of Vigan in the north of Luzon to Intramuros district in Manila.

If more recent history is your thing then there is plenty of WW2 relics around the country, take a day trip from Manila to Corregidor Island to experience the full horror of war as it was.

Or dive on the many Japanese naval vessels sunk near Coron.

For local Filipino history go to Mactan Island and visit Magellan shrine where Lapu Lapu defeated the Spanish.

,WW2 ruins Corregidor Island,If however you just fancy chill out time, there are literally hundreds of stunning beautiful beaches throughout the country, Some if the more stunning are Pagudpud in the north of Luzon, or head to Calaguas in Camarines Norte.

For more popular tourist haunts head to Boracay Island or El Nido.

,Boracay Beach,Beach near Puerto Galera,The Philippines is surely the most wonderful of places, with a friendly population who will generally make you feel very welcome.

Visit the rural Philippines and experience a local fiesta, or go to a local bar and experience the locals karaoke evenings.

The Philippines has a vibrant nightlife with music everywhere go watch a live band , from up and coming artists at one of Padis Point branches to more established acts at Historia, 19 East, or 12 Monkeys in Manila.

At the same time enjoy some local cuisine, try Sisig, Lechon Kalawi, or the amazing seafood dishes always in offer.

,Side A at Historia Quezon City,Yes the Philippines is a wonderful destination with something for everyone, So yes I will return as often as I can and I can only recommend it as a destination to visit.