Where are the best destinations in the world? When is the best time to go (or not go)? If youu2019ve been, who did you go with or who did you meet there? What made it your favorite place? What was the most memorable experience there?

Top 10 tourist destinations in the world

ADLABS IMAGICA, KHOPOLI,INDIAWe had a reunion of cousins at IMAGICA.

And believe me the place is just amazing.

,The breathtaking and frantic RIDESAnd so onu2026You can literally feel your cheeks moving and the level of excitement is just undefined!,The beautyWATER PARKSNOW PARKIt goes on and onu2026.

,This place is just wonderful and amazing! You can visit IMAGICA at any time of the year and each and every memory will be just awesome!,Image sources-Family Holiday Destination with Theme Park, Water Park, Snow Park, Stay options & lots of adventures near Mumbai & PuneHappy Reading!

Top 5 tourist destinations in the world

I know a lot of people will probably disagree, but Iu2019d have to put Thailand as one of (if not the) most overrated places Iu2019ve been to in a span of 30+ countries.

,Thailand used to be u201ctheu201d spot in South East Asia for cheap adventuring, but not anymore.

,Itu2019s a lot more expensive than people think, especially when compared to its neighbors (Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc.


,There arenu2019t many cultural activities unique to the country that are actually ethical.

Riding elephants, staring at long-neck villagers, petting tigers.

These are all terrible practices.

Less harmful activities include riding motorbikes, going to the beach, zip-lining, etc.

All things that you can easily find in other countries around the world.

,Thai people are somewhat cold and distant.

They might be u201cpoliteu201d to you, but itu2019s pretty clear that theyu2019ve dealt with enough tourists over the years that theyu2019ve stopped wanting to have genuine interactions with visitors.

,Itu2019s probably one of the worst countries Iu2019ve been to in terms of scamming.

I do my fair share of research before a trip and usually avoid falling victim to traps, but Thailand was another level.

We bargained with a tuk-tuk driver for a 60 baht ride, only to have him insist that we agreed on 60 euros after we already moving.

The bag checkers at the bus station tried charging us to put each of our bags under the bus, laughing as he did so, until a manager came over and told us it was actually free.

A waitress tried charging us for an extra water that we never ordered and yelled at us and rolled her eyes when we contested it, complaining loudly to her coworker in front of the whole restaurant after.

,The food isnu2019t particularly better than what youu2019ll find in other countries.

I personally love Thai dishes, but almost everything I tried there (yes, even at local joints/hole-in-the-wall type of places) was the same quality as what Iu2019d find back in restaurants in the U.


,Lack of u201ctravel magicu201d.

People talk about Thailand like itu2019s some exotic place full of adventure, but you can really feel the impact of tourism nowadays.

Thereu2019s a clear divide between tourist culture and local culture, and itu2019s difficult to form a real connection to the country.

Even the once famous nightlife destinations like Khao San Road and Phuket are just a bunch of Western tourists who traveled halfway around the world to party with each other like they do back home.

Maybe it was a great place to visit 10u201320 years ago, but those days are long gone.

,Youu2019ll notice that most people who rave about Thailand either 1.

) went over a decade ago or 2.

) havenu2019t visited many other places in the world to compare.

,If you want the real SEA experience, head to Vietnam instead.

Much cheaper, incredible food, genuine people, beautiful landscapes, and isnu2019t completely overrun with tourists (yet).

Top 50 travel destinations in the world

Itu2019s only underrated by Americans, if international polls are to be believed.

For political expediency, the American press and its ruling political party are absolutely vicious toward our guest workers and 2nd biggest trading partner, to whom we owe a third of our real estate (Texas, California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and much of Oklahoma and Kansas).

But most of Europe and Asia and the Middle East adores going to Mexico.

You canu2019t swing a dead cat in Isla Mujeres without hitting an Israeli.

,Also, if you subtract Americans (who think Taco Bell is Mexican food) from the food polls, Mexican cuisine is the second favorite on Earth.

,I have been to 90 countries, and was a travel writer for ten years, and I fully agree, Mexico ranks with Italy and Spain and France and Germany as one of the worldu2019s greatest motor tours.

It has the third most UNESCO sites of any country.

You can see 10 in 7 days.

Start in Mexico City, where there are four u2014 the Old Town/Cathedral/Zocalo/Presidential Palace/Montezumau2019s Palace, the Aztec canals at Xochimilco, the pyramids at Teotihuacan, and the house of Luis Barragan (the Mexican Gaudi).

Then up to Queretaro or east to Puebla.

Then San Miguel, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, and Morelia.

Or maybe south to the ruins of Xochicalco, with the astronomical observatory and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark beams of sunlight at the solstices.

Then the u201cPueblos Magicosu201d of Bernal, Tequisquiapan, Tepoztlan, Patzcuaro.

The monarch butterfly preserves in Michoacu00e1n.

,And we havenu2019t even mentioned the beaches yet.

Cancun and Ixtapa (both of which I hate as American built Mexi-Disneys, but tacky Americans love them), Puerto Vallarta, Zihuatenejo, Los Cabos, Puerto Escondido, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Isla Holbox, the beaches north of Merida, or near Campeche, and up north of Veracruz (really Mexican, really cheap, really fun, no gringos at all) which put you within easy striking distance of the cool UNESCO ruins of El Tajin.

,And CDMX, the biggest city in the world, the oldest, funnest, and culturally richest in the Western Hemisphere, with the best cuisine and the prettiest womenu2026.

Iu2019m meeting some friends there next week, for six days, before heading to Campeche, Merida, and Playa, and I lamented that 6 days isnu2019t enough.

Like Paris, Rome, and London, you could spend two weeks in CDMX, no problem.

Weu2019re having to make decisions about what NOT to see.

,If Mexicou2019s not in your Top Five, youu2019re either a rightwing racist, or a nau00efve fool.