Is there a complete list of surviving ancient and medieval buildings and other structures which are over 100 feet tall?

Medieval buildings list

Short answer u2013 I doubt it very much.

Long answer u2013 I assume youve googled this? For one thing it pretty much depends on how you define mediaeval and where you confine it to geographically.

Secondly, there are probably hundreds of thousands of mediaeval buildings.

They might be listed by individual country, as perhaps protected, but I dont think anyone would have the hundred foot filter on any of the lists.

Particularly as most of the countries that have mediaeval buildings are in the metric system these days.

Castles still standing in England

What is the oldest castle in England that is still standing?Berkhamsted Castle 1066.

Built by Williams half brother Robert of Mortain in 1066 Berkhamsted Castle Is the oldest castle in England and one of the oldest castles in the world.

,Substantial remains still survive of this castle.

_____________________________,Windsor castle is still occupied.

Construction started: 1070 CE.

,Regards, James.

How are castles still standing

The headline answer is six to seven hundred, but the question is harder to answer than you might imagine.

,It depends on how you count partially ruined castles.

For instance, of the Motte and Bailey of Oxford castle, only the Motte survives, so Id say no, but enough of the Bailey of Knepp castle remains so you can see a clear window, so Id say yes (but others might say no, because theres no intact room.

),Secondly, do houses built in the architectural style of castles but not actually for defensive purposes count? Or do you only say its a castle if it has genuine defences? Does castle Drogo, built between 1911-1930, count, for example?,Thirdly, what about rebuilt castles? The 16th Century West Cowes Castle on the Isle of Wight exists, in fragments, as part of the 19th Century artillery fort.

Does it count?,The quick breakdown, and links to the lists:,,In England, about 250 (http://en.


org/wiki/List_of_castles_in_England),In Scotland, about 200 (http://en.


org/wiki/List_of_castles_in_Scotland),In Wales, about 150 (http://en.


org/wiki/List_of_castles_in_Wales),In Northern Ireland, about 75 (http://en.



12th century buildings

What constitutes a medieval Cathedral, do both of these count:,Church of the Holy Cross, NinHagia Sophia - Istanbul, TurkeyAs to cost, the skills and trades required to build a stone cathedral today.

Stone masons, glaziers, scaffolders.



are the same and they cant work much faster / more productively than they could a thousand years ago; the skills are also just as rare and relatively expensive.

They may now have trucks to deliver the raw materials, tools that dont blunt as quickly, powered cranes, but every stone block still needs to be cut by skilled / expensive hands, and every stained glass window still needs to be manually cut, painted and assembled by an artist, carpenters still need to work the roof beams, roofers lay the lead sheets.




Surviving medieval castles

Castle Olavinlinna, in Savo, Finland, built 1476u20131495,Built upon an island at Kyru00f6nsalmi, a choke point between two great lakes (Haukivesi and Pihlajavesi) it effectively controlled all access to Central Finland and Savo.

Surrounded by water at each direction, with Kyru00f6nsalmi being extremely rapid strait, it was impossible to capture.

It was besieged several times, but never captured.

,The town of Savonlinna later grew in the vicinity of the castle, as it provided a safe and supervised place for trade and commerce.

,See Olavinlinna - WikipediaI have visited the castle several times.

Whereas Turku Castle is a romantic royal castle with magnificent history and Hu00e4me Castle is a central bureau and administrative centre, Olavinlinna is strictly a military installation.

It has nothing romantic on it or its history - just cold, efficient military engineering.

Medieval buildings Minecraft

Minecraft has always been the most popular and enjoyable designing game since the first time it was launched.

This game has three versions; The Vanilla Version, The Bedrock Version, and The Java Version.

,In this version of Minecraft, medieval houses are the most exciting feature people like to design, create, and build.

The Minecraft medieval houses give you the esthetic and authentic antiquated places.

,Letu2019s explore the different types of medieval houses in Minecraft:Spruce Medieval House 3In this Minecraft Medieval house, space is usually tiny, so what you can do is, you can plot a small kitchen with two large chests, a compact sitting area.

Now for the second floor, you can install a bed, two armor stands, a furnace, and a large chest.

,Unfurnished Nordic Medium House 2In this large and beautiful Minecraft medieval house, you can fit all the features and you can build a basement including a large chest, a furnace, a large area for your collected mines, and a minecart for the mineshaft.

,You can have a spacious bedroom with a bathroom, a kitchen with maximum storage, and a shared bathroom for the rooms.

,Gothic Medieval House 1To start with, the main floor will have a pretty cozy living area and an open kitchen with proper storage and a furnace.

You can use fire torches instead of lights.

On the second floor, you can have an armor room and bedroom with an arcade to give it a look.

,Warhammer Medieval House 7You can be freely imaginative and design many things for this medieval house than the other medieval places.

You can give this house a modern look by adding lots of furniture, rooms, and a much more excellent interior.

,So I guess you must be confused by which idea to choose, or why donu2019t you try all of them.

If you liked all these ideas and felt interested, share it with all the Minecraft fans and help them find their perfect Minecraft Medieval House!,For more interesting blogs on home decoration and architectural guidance, keep coming to Architectures Ideas.

Oldest castle still standing

I think Windsor castle is the oldest inhabited castle in the world.

It dates from post 1066 but in the 11th C,there may be slightly older, but not inhabited castles

Medieval houses

They were watched carefully.

King Alfred was on the run from the Vikings.

He sought shelter inside an old womans cottage.

She told him to watch her cakes cooking on the open hearth while she gathered firewood.

He dozed off & the cakes were burnt.

She gave him a scolding.

Later his men found Alfred.

They told the woman who he was.

The woman begged for mercy.

Alfred magnanimously forgave her.

He admitted he should have paid attention.

Indeed he could have burned down her cottage.