What are the arguments for and against the death penalty?

Reasons why cell phones should be allowed in school Essay conclusion

Support it? Im a fan of it.

,To begin with, I dont disagree with any of John Burgess points about failures in the practice of capital punishment.

He is correct on all accounts, but that doesnt deter my opinion.

,It isnt that I agree with putting people to death just to scare people into submission against.

I dont want it because it deters others from committing murder, it doesnt.

I want it because some people no longer deserve to live.

There are some people who have so egregiously damaged the lives of others, that they have forfeited the right to their own.

,What would I suggest being crimes worthy of capital punishment? Anything that severely damages society by the willful and permanent destruction of one of its members in the form of anothers physical sanctity and quality of life.

Interpret that however you will, but by it I mean anyone who can be found beyond reasonable doubt guilty of any of these:,,Murder,Rape,Treason,Torture and violence with intent to maim ,Terrorism,nI dont care if someone robs somebody or if they evade their taxes.

Fundamentally, that is just money.

Money and objects can be insured, reimbursed, or in time, replaced.

It hurts, but the victims can eventually work their way back, especially with societys help.

Everything on my list damages all of us on a fundamental level in ways that cant be healed.

They represent a person willfully committing the worst of possible offenses on others.

These are personal attacks that damage the victims forever.

My list requires that a person fundamentally abandon anothers humanity and the sanctity of their very life.

In so doing, they abandon their own.

We as a society shouldnt suffer ourselves with their continued existence.

We shouldnt debate their rights, when they have absolutely thrown away the rights of others.

We shouldnt try to reform them when that effort would be better spent healing the damage they cause.

At that point, the only thing they deserve is a quick and clean death and the rights to be buried with dignity.

For that matter, they should also be protected from a lifetime in prison.

I think that most people would not consider 80 years in jail a life, but merely an existence where they merely contribute to a massive and growing problem.

For humanities sake, and this isnt an easy thing for people of softer sentiments to grasp, the real merciful thing is just to end them before they endure that road or anyone else must endure them.

,I also want to make a few points for all the attention this question is bringing.

I will address the caveat of my argument that this punishment is nbrought about when a person is found beyond reasonable doubt guilty, as in, but a jury of peers.

When we say things like if even a single innocent person is ever executed, that is enough argument against we invalidate the whole binding philosophy behind our entire legal justice system whereby we say that a group of twelve people cant be trusted to come to a conclusion based on evidence.

If you want to say that 12 jurors cant be trusted, you simply must invent for us a better system which no one will argue with.


So very, very many have listed it as a problem, but no one seems to have solved that one in how many hundreds of years.

If you want to hear what nonsense sounds like, listen to the person pointing to holes in a system that have been known since the 16th century as if he discovered them himself yesterday, but doesnt have the humility to realize that he has offered nothing to the argument that wasnt said, already, at least two hundred years before his birth.

,Once you have a plan to solve the problem that everyone can agree with then come find me.

Until then, join the chorus of people who think simply complaining about obvious problems is useful.

Heres an example.

Everyone agrees that yelling at your cousin who lives twenty miles away is a terrible way to communicate.

Everyone complains about it.

But it takes a true genius a lot of time and energy, help, and hard work to invent the cell phone.

None of the complainers knew how to make the phone, they just hated yelling.

Stop complaining about obvious problems and get to work on solutions.

Quite honestly, anecdotal evidence will always arise that perhaps some group of people got it wrong, but to say that the practice should be nullified makes the same kind of sense as saying that grapes should be banned because someone choked.

,To further the point, in lieu of a dozen or so people who have brought about the rising evidence and that the evidence seems to be pointing towards more and more people on death-row having been falsely put there.

I hear these words over, and over again.

Yet, they are meaningless in an adult argument.

Give me real evidence that more and more people being wrongly convicted.

Dont give me anecdotes about some guy from the 40s who, thanks to new DNA forensic was one of the thousands from that era who has proven the system is flawed.

I mean I want to see real evidence that a statistically significant number of people are wrongly executed today, as in those people who were tried today, of crimes today, viewed under evidence gathered today.

Show me that a statistically significant number of them are wrongly executed, we will talk.

What do I mean by statistically significant? Well to understand the answer to that, you need to learn science, which is not the same as armchair philosophy.

,Of course, even if you answer that, it doesnt answer the question of justice.

If not this man, then none? Does no one deserve to be punished? If we could prove absolutely that this man, without a shadow of doubt is in fact the murderer who killed that woman/ the terrorist who killed those people/ the rapist who destroyed that girl, does no one deserve to die because you want to preserve your sense of humanity? People have asked me have you ever spoken to people whove committed these crimes? To that I can say this.

Yes, I have.

I have spoken directing to people who have committed these crimes.

While I worked at Quora, one of the men from San Quentin came to visit the office after being freed.

I spoke at length with him, met his son, and found out about his plans after moving on.

I shook his hand.

Having said that, have many of you ever spoken to one? ,I doubt it.

Most of those who would ask an almost impossible question like this have never had had this kind of experience yet assume that they hold some sort of moral high ground on the issue.

Id imagine though, that they are the ones who live pleasant lives far away from those people who would do those things, might wince if they were to find out their neighbor was a sex criminal, or lock their doors of their car when a man with tattoos walks by.

Yet they test others with tests they believe I cant pass which they havent taken.

If I may presume, these are people who believe that all people are to be treated with kindness, but really they just want to be liked.

They have become decadent, not moral, but decadent.

It isnt that they stand for anything, but that they are so committed to doing what is without burden that they do nothing.

,That said, this argument ignores who are hurt.

It cares nothing for their suffering.

It offers nothing to them.

Victims matter more than do their aggressors.

In the case of the death penalty, the victim is, regrettably, absent or at least, no longer the person they once were.

A person who willingly does that to another person doesnt deserve pity.

He certainly doesnt deserve mercy and he doesnt deserve for us want to be liked by him.

He also doesnt deserve for us to feel guilty at his passing.

He has robbed humanity of something valuable and I dont mourn for the loss of people like him.

For those of you who disagree, I dont agree that you preserve your humanity in preserving a criminals life.

Instead, you allowed someone who destroyed an irreplaceable artifact, a living part of the soul of your nation to fester within it.

He robbed you of the individual greatness and potential of all those people.

Yet, he goes unpunished.

Your people will cook his meals.

Your people will clean his sheets.

He will bathe in your water.

He will steal your air.

His comfort and safety will be your responsibility for all his future days, in the name of humanity.

Your taxes will not go to feeding your own poor.

Your taxes wont even go toward reparations for his victims, a much better use of them.

Your taxes will not go to building new roads or improving your schools or building theatres for plays.

These arent frivolous.

I believe roads allow nations to prosper.

I am a teacher, so I need not justify the education of children, and I dont know what my town would be like without the Ardmore Little Theater to bring it a few ounces of culture every few months.

We need these things.

They preserve our culture and what it means to be human.

This person, this killer of yours, he robbed you of beautiful humanity and every day, he robs you still and will do so until he is dust in the ground.

I believe people who would suffer themselves a lifetime of these people are indeed, too kind? They have reached a point where they believe so much in harming nothing, that they would sacrifice so much of their future, just to preserve their humanity today.

Perhaps, though, they arent preserving anything.

Perhaps this humanity business is just a mask, when really what lies beneath are just people unwilling to take responsibility for what is obviously the right thing to do.

,The second point to address is this false narrative that the state has no right to execute.

The state has every right to order the death of others.

This is the entire justification behind war.

And dont act like they are fundamentally different issues.

In both cases, a threat arises which has shown itself to be on some level an existential threat to the security and long term well welfare of the nation, be it a matter of differing scales.

No, that murderer or that rapist isnt going to bring down the entire system, but if enough of them are allowed to whittle down the penal system for a lifetime of incarceration after detrimentally harming one or even many of their own, isnt detrimental to the welfare of the state? The state has a right to defend itself and to prevent unnecessary harm.

Why cell phones should be allowed in school statistics

Every teacher knows the frustration of cell phones in the classroom.

So, the question of cell phones in schools is a matter of their use being appropriate and not a distraction.

,In todayu2019s world, every 8-year-old has a powerful tool that connects them to not only their parents, but the world.

Typically, in class, this connection is only to their friend in the next chair or down the hall.

The age-old problem of student passing notes in class has had a technological update.

,Given that cell phones are ubiquitous, we developed the following to give some thoughtful direction on how to incorporate cell phones in the classroom and into your lesson plans.

Instead of allowing these devices to disrupt your class, use them to your advantage.

,Ontario has made headlines with their cell phone ban in classroom.

But the reality is much more nuanced.

Even in Ontario, teachers will have discretion over how cell phones can be used in their classrooms.

,We begin with generic ideas for using cell phones in your classroom and then move on to ideas of how to incorporate these into your science and math classes.

,Structuring Your Class & Communicating with your StudentsClassrooms are easier than ever to set up with Google Classroom.

The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

You can have them submit assignments online and save some trees.

Text reminders are great to remind students about tests, papers or upcoming assignments.

Shoot them an encouraging message or study tip the evening before a test or big project.

This can refocus your students if they were getting distracted or just be nice encouragement.

They can also shoot you last minute questions or problems they are having.

,You can also send them updates about their grades, test, or paper scores as they come in.

This will lessen the pressure of that moment of seeing it for the first time in front of all their peers.

You can send out grading results (e.


mean score and standard deviations) of the class to show students how they are doing.

You can make personalized suggestions for how they can improve next time.

This allows you to add a personal touch and be more in touch with your students.

,Polling for ComprehensionUse polls online to collect information from your students.

This can be about the difficulty of a test to successful teaching strategies.

For one statistics class, I collected poll answers from students to use for the whole unit in about 5 minutes and used it for the rest of the semester.

You can also use this to get feedback from your students.

,Have you ever been faced with only have a short time to review for a large test (e.


midterm or final)? Then, using a questionnaire can help you quickly collect information on what your students would like to review.

It can even be used daily to see what topics in the lecture you may have covered too quickly.

Use technology to help you gather information from your students so you can teach them better!,Cell Phone Games for Review and Greater Classroom LearningOnline games have been a favorite of mine to review material for tests and are a great way to use cell phones in the classroom.

Kahoot!, Quizlet Live and Quizizz are easy to use and fun.

Students become competitive, engaged and excited to use their phone.

Nothing is more fun then competing with friends over brightly color screens.

And if they are busy competing, thereu2019s no time to get distracted with other social media platforms.

There are options for team games and solo games.

They are also a great way to review the material after a long lecture to ensure retention of salient information.

,Promoting Better Study HabitsHave students log different strategies they used to study, or hours spent studying.

This will allow them to see correlations between different study habits and study time.

It may be worthwhile to discuss the practices of some of your more successful students.

You can reinforce that success is not just the product of talent but also effort! And, in our view, effort trumps talent in the long run.

Or how about using the cameras on the back of the phone for something useful! Have them snap selfies when they are studying for bonus points.

,Get Creative with Cell Phones for Science and Math ClassSend your students on a scavenger hunt to find things that apply to class.

This can stretch from Fibonacci sequences they see in nature to playing ball for projectile motion.

Get creative because examples of science and math are all around us! When students experience the information in class in real life outside of the classroom the impact is incredible.

,Conduct some Real-Life ScienceThere are apps such as iNaturalist which allow students to snap pictures of plants and insects and learn their species.

This information is collected and stored for conservation works.

So, your kids can also be motivated by making a difference.

There are similar apps for Butterflies, Bees and other STEM fields as well!,Give your students bonus points for learning 10 new species in their yards or around their house! Discuss the impact of invasive species in your locality.

,This is a great example of how science has become crowd sourced on the internet and how you can use this to further engage your students.

,The Cell Phone as a Scientific InstrumentMicroscopeThere are also special attachments you can buy for the classroom that will allow the phone camera to work as a microscope.

This allows classrooms that donu2019t have the budget to buy a microscope to have those resources.

Look at rocks and minerals up close to see the structures or inspect insects.

It continues the idea that science and math are easy and accessible in our everyday lives.

Imagine inspiring a child so much that they ask for one of these attachments for a birthday or holiday present!,Scientific Data LoggerAdditionally, special attachments allow the cell phone to capture very useful data including:,Temperature u2013 be it ambient or of a liquid.

,Pressure u2013 of gases and liquids, including atmospheric and water pressure.

,Humidity u2013 relative humidity, dew point, and water vapor concentration,Voltage u2013 with useful adaptations to pressure, torque and load to force,Current: AC and DC,Conducting ResearchHave students conduct phone interviews with experts in the field for a graded assignment.

Nothing is more interesting than talking to someone that knows so much about something youu2019re interested in.

Let students pick topics from the semester to cover.

Let students get creative with who they talk to.

For a semester about mechanics, a student may talk to a baseball player about projectile motion.

Another to a construction worker about operating heavy equipment down a hill.

The opportunities are endless!,Managing Student Use of Cellphones in the Classroom for Non-Educational ReasonsThere are also teachers out there who allow their students to use their cell phones in the classroom for non educational reasons.

In exchange for not using their phones during teaching time, teachers allow students small breaks for phone time.

Setting strict rules about phone time is crucial for successful implementation.

All students in the class must agree to the terms.

Be sure to make it clear that you can revoke the privilege at any time.

After phone time, students must put their phones away in a backpack or pocket, not on the table.

Start with a stricter time limit, say 30 minutes of class for 30 seconds of phone time.

This could grow to 30 minutes of class and 2 minutes of phone time.

Allowing the students room to grow this new privilege will encourage them to be respectful of the rules you set in place.

,Report back,Try these strategies in your classroom and send us your comments with what worked and what didnu2019t! Let me know if you have any other tips, youu2019d like to share with the teaching communityDrafted by: Mackenzie Brandt ; Edited by Earl Du2019Souza