How do you fly to Churchill, Manitoba?

How to fly to Churchill, Manitoba

I believe Calm Air is the only commercial airline that flies from Winnipeg to Churchill.

and I think there is only one flight a day.

Alternatively you can drive to Thompson MB and take the train overnight to Churchill.

How to get to Churchill Manitoba from Toronto


In fact, no one found a route from whatu2019s now Alberta to whatu2019s now British Columbia until the 1870s.

,Most early trade and colonization of Canada followed water.

Much of the early west was settled from heading west from landing points in Hudsonu2019s Bay - mostly near modern Churchill, Manitoba.

It was in fact rare for people from Central Canada to move west until the railway was finished.

,As you can see, most of Canadau2019s major cities on the Prairies are found on rivers that empty into Hudsonu2019s Bay via Lake Winnipeg.

,If in the 1870s you wanted to go from Central Canada to Winnipeg, you generally took a train from Toronto to Collingwood, then a steamer up to Lake Superior, then you took smaller craft until you reached Winnipeg.

,The only problem is that there is a clear land barrier between the Great Lakes watershed and the Lake Winnipeg/Hudsonu2019s Bay watershed.

,The problem was twofold,The distance.

Before the railway, Winnipeg was still a frontier town that had very poor connections with Central Canada.

If you wanted to go from Toronto to Victoria, it was much easier to go through the United States - Chicago to San Francisco by rail, then by steamer up the Pacific Coast.

,The Rockies.

There were several well known passes in the American Rockies (the Oregon Trail went through one) but no pass was found through the Selkirk mountains until 1873.

There were few Europeans living near the Rockies and hardly any First Nations either.

As far as we know, even the First Nations didnu2019t deal with each other over the Rockies.

,In fact, when the Canadian Pacific Railway was proposed in the 1860s, the idea was nuts.

The route was too long, there was virtually nothing on the route except Winnipeg (then the Red River Colony), no one knew how to get through the Rockies, and no one had the faintest idea how to pay for what would be the most expensive proposed railway line to that time.

Train to Churchill Manitoba

Last time I made the trip was about 20 years ago.

Trip by train is very long as it travels west then north.

We drove to Thompson then traveled by train to Churchill.

Dont know if train is still in operation.

From Thompson much shorter.

We went in October to see the bears it was awesome.

You can see bolugas in the summer.

Winnipeg to Churchill train

It was a private line until it was forced to shut down due to washed out railbeds caused by flooding.

The government took over but I donu2019t know if it is actually part of via.

Expect plenty of delays, especially in the winter or during spring breakup.

Where to stay in Churchill, Manitoba


,I was crossing into the US at Emerson Manitoba/Pembina, ND, on my way to North Carolina for graduate school with my POS Tercel and a U-Haul trailer.

,Where are you from?Winnipeg.

,Where are you going?Going to grad school in North Carolina.

,Can I see your passport & visaI duly handed them to him,Do you have funds to support yourself while in the USA?Yessir,How much do you have?$50,000 USD,How much?$50K and I handed over a US bank draft.

,Where did you get all this money?From my bank account.

,But how did you come to have so much money?I earned it Sir.

,Where do you work?Well, Iu2019m between jobs as I quit to go to graduate school.

Thatu2019s why Iu2019m here.

,Well where did you work?In the Canadian Arctic, Sir,Where?Northwest Territories.

,Whereu2019s that?You know where Alaska is?,Yes.

Well if you go east from Alaska, you hit the Yukon Territory and then if you keep going east you hit the NWT.

I worked along the west coast of Hudson Bay.

,Blank stare.

So I said if you draw kind of a straight line from where we are 1500 km North, thats where it is,How long did it take you to earn this money?[seriously I have to give an accounting of how I amassed the $$?],A year.

,What! Who did you work for?I was a Clinical Associate Professor for the University of Manitoba,Kinda young to be a professor.

Arenu2019t they normally older and more established and they pay that much?[now I have to justify my worthiness for my job?],Sometimes they take the youngest and the brightest sir.

Its just a title.

I drilled and filled and took dental students with me.

I was paid a premium to live and work in some of the coldest places on earth.

,Can you prove it?[prove it, why?],I think I have one of my cards here [I handed it over to him],How much money did you earn to save this much? I mean donu2019t you have a house and other expenses?[ugh, no, you are right, I am a drug dealer],Look, I was provided an apartment in Churchill Manitoba, you know where everybody goes to see the polar bears roaming around before the sea ice freezes and they can go out and eat seals.

I saw that apartment for one weekend a month.

The rest of the time I would fly between Inuit communities 12 days at a time.

I stayed in hotels or transient apartments and my food was covered.

I flew back to Churchill to check my mail box and pick up all these cheques and deposit them in the bank.

My only expenses is booze at the Legion.

There arenu2019t any malls for me to spend my money.

,Still seems like a lot of money.

Ok Mr.

Dentist, what would you do with this tooth?And he leans in pointing to a lower molar with a cusp broken off.

,[seriously, now you want me to look in your mouth?],Well Iu2019d need a proper exam and an X-ray but we could either do a filling or if it was in rougher shape we could do a crown.

,Ok, thats what my dentist saidWell thank goodness for that.

,He handed me back my documents.

,Welcome to the USA Mr.


Thank you, Sir.


,What?$110 is what I would charge you for that consultation.

$50 for the consultation and $60 because it was an outside of normal clinic operations.

Kind of like a house call.

,That took like a minute!I gave him my best so what did you expect.

Head tilted, lips pursed, arms outstretched, palms up.

,He then nodded his head and smiled,Damn dentists.

Safe trip.

Thank you sir.

Winnipeg to Churchill train price

Well there are a variety of ways.

As has already been mentioned you can take a train.

Fare starts at $213, it takes 2 days and 2 nights to cover the 1,697 km journey (assuming you dont get snowed in along the way.

,Or, you can fly.

The 2 hour flight will cost you just under $1,100.

,Of course one could retrace the route of the Hudson Bay Company fur brigade and travel by canoe from Winnipeg to Churchill a mere 1,800 miles or so.

,Finally, for a trip of a lifetime one could sign on to a package tour to Churchill where you will be taken on excursions to see Beluga whales and of course head out in Tundra Buggies to see the Polar Bears.

Prices start at $5,000.

,However you journey to Churchill I can safely say it will be a trip to remember.

Can you drive to Churchill Manitoba

No the roads do not go that far.

,You cannot drive it off road as the land is basically impassable swamp with lots of rivers.

VIA Rail to Churchill

It was a private line until it was forced to shut down due to washed out railbeds caused by flooding.

The government took over but I donu2019t know if it is actually part of via.

Expect plenty of delays, especially in the winter or during spring breakup.