Where is a great place for breakfast in Manila?

Blue Bay Walk restaurants 24 hours

It really depends on your idea of a great breakfast.

,If you like a bayside breakfast, some outlet restaurants in Harbor Square in CCP will be pleasant.

Pancake House is my go-to place there but you can go to the Starbucks if thats your thing.

,Bikers Cafe in SM Mall of Asias Blue Bay area near the water is also technically bayside, but its harder to see the sun and the water from inside the restaurant.

,If you mean the Greater Manila Area or NCR, then some breakfast places on Maginhawa Street in QC can be okay-ish.

The food is so-so in my opinion, but its tolerable and the neighborhood vibe is nice.

UP Diliman is also nearby if you fancy a walk before or after the meal.

The tapsilog in nearby Rodicu2019s Diner is famous there, though there are more upscale morning beef places.

,If you fancy a later breakfast on the weekend and youre near Malabon then Nanayu2019s Pancit Malabon offers possibly the best version of that nationwide thats commercially sold.

Grab some Doloru2019s Kakanin or Malabon puto near the public market after your pancit.

,There are okay 24 hour Beef Pares places, too.

Theres Pares Pares near N Domingo in San Juan City and another branch on N Domingo.

Pares Retiro is open a little later on Tomas Morato.

,Theres a lot of other choices.

Depends on what youre looking for.

Blue Bay Restaurants

Burlingame downtown is a beautiful place to roam around and has many good restaurants.

I really like the Crepevine, Blue Line Pizza and Coconut Bay Restaurant(Thai) in Burlingame.

Blue Bay Walk buffet

Try a restaurant called u201cdie strandloperu201d up the west coast in Langebaan.

Not the average restaurant setting.

Its on the beach in the sand.

Buffet cost R150 per head.

Everything is cooked on coals.

,2) Game fishing at one of the many spots around Cape Town.

My favourite is fishing off the pier at kalk Bay harbour, simonstown along the railway or surf fishing at strandfontein.

Fishing gear can be bought or rented at some fishing tackle stores in retreat, muizenberg and fish hoek.

Dont forget to apply for a fishing permit at any post office.

Takes less than 10mins.


Rent a scooter /motorcycle and round the peninsula.

Preferably on a Saturday or Sunday morning just after sunrise.

Start at muizenberg and make your way towards Cape point.

Pass through noordhoek, Scarborough then over Chapmans peak to hout Bay for breakfast.

From there make your way towards Llandudno, Camps bay then take the high mountain Road towards the city passing signal Hill and coming down Kloof Street towards the CBD.

Then take the M3 PAST UCT back to muizenberg.

Takes about 3 hours.

,4) Shopping at the local malls.

Cape Town has a few good malls as any modern city.

We have Canal walk, Waterfront, Cavendish mall, Blue route mall to name a few.

Here you can blend in and meet the locals, catch a movie, have supper.

,5) South African Astronomical observatory.

Opened in the 1820s.

Below is an extract from their website,u201cSAAOu2019s Cape Town headquarters, on the site of the former Royal Observatory (1828-1971), includes administration facilities, offices, the main library, computing facilities, engineering workshops and historic telescopes.

,You are welcome to visit the SAAO in Cape Town on the second and fourth Saturday of every month at 20:00.

The gates will be open.

Please park near the Main Building then make your way to the Auditorium for a 45-minute presentation.

The topic of the talk is advertised on the SAAO homepage.

The eveningu2019s programme will also include an introduction to the historic McClean telescope and the observatory museum, as well as the observatory building.

If the weather is clear, there will be a chance for everyone to look at something in the sky using the McClean and other telescopes set up for the nightu201d,6) Kirstenbosch night concerts.

,u201cSummer isnu2019t summer in Cape Town without live music performances at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden on Sunday afternoons.


Gather your picnic baskets and blankets, meet with friends and family, enjoy our floral heritage on the slopes of Table Mountain, and let the music end your weekend on a high note.


Blue Bay Walk stores

A few years ago, I was walking past a disabled parking space when a BMW zipped into it really fast, cutting off a disabled person who was slowly lining up to park.

The disabled person had a visible wheel chair in the back seat.

nwhen the BMW driver got out of the car, there was no visible blue badge displayed and he didnu2019t need a space big enough to use a wheelchair.

I said he shouldnu2019t have cut the lady up like he did and that she clearly needed the space to fit her wheelchair.

His response was to tell me to f**k off and that his car cost three times what her piece of s**t cost and he didnu2019t want it damaged by some idiot not being careful.

He then went into the store.

I was so annoyed I followed him in asking him loudly and repeatedly why he had deliberately cut in front of a disabled driver and blocked her out of the space.

He was clearly very annoyed as I carried on doing this whilst he was shopping and (as you can imagine) attracting a lot of attention.

We both got plenty of dirty looks but he got many more than me.

When he went to pay for his items (we had quite an audience by then) he found that none of the cashiers were willing to serve him and so he eventually had to give up and leave without his items.

Outside there was a Police Officer taking his car details and the disabled lady in her wheelchair talking to the officer.

He got a bollocking from the Police Officer before he was allowed to drive off.

nUnlike disabled spaces on the highway, itu2019s not actually an offence to park in a disabled bay in a private carpark unless there are notices warning you of penalties, so I doubt there were any long term consequences for him.

I just hope he might think twice next time.

Double Dragon Plaza restaurants

1) The Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e*****Area: Champs-u00c9lysu00e9es,25, avenue Montaigne, 75008Suite at the Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e,The Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e might be one of the most famous Parisian luxury hotels.

Its construction was ended in 1909.

It was opened in 1913 on the avenue Montaigne.

Over the decades of Paris history, it was once the nest of the Nazi authorities, later that of American soldiers, and then the favorite place of movie stars like Marlene Dietrich and Jean Gabin, for example.

It was closed for a few years for u201cmodernizationu201d and was opened again in 1936.

Its architect also built the Claridge, a 4-star hotel, also located in the surroundings of the Champs-Elysu00e9es.

,Itu2019s a very high-quality luxury hotel with exceptional services, worthy of its rank: an ice rink settled during winter, a Dior health-care institute founded in 2008, a cocktail bar (obviously!), etc.

As for lunch and dinner, you can choose between 5 different restaurants.

The catering service is soberly called u201cAlain Ducasse au Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9eu201d (u201cAlain Ducasse at the Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9eu201d), by the name of its starred chef, who runs all 5 restaurants.

,Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e,The hotelu2019s 208 rooms overlook the very glamorous avenue Montaigne and its numerous luxury stores (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Givenchy, Prada, Ralph Lauren) or the indoor courtyard all covered in geraniums.

The ice rink is built for winter holidays and the summer restaurant is settled when days are warming up in that precise courtyard.

And, if youu2019re fond of geraniumsu2019 red colour, this is the perfect place for you: every roller-blind in the hotel is red! It is actually one of the distinctive features of the Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e.

,The courtyard of the Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e,A small detail to be noted: the spa is free, no additional fee needed!,What we like: the Japanese dishes served at the restaurant, on top of the more traditional French specialties.

,What we love: the opportunity to admire the Eiffel Tower from a few rooms; indeed, the monument is 15 minutes walk away from the hotel.

,Price range: an average price of u20ac1,130 for the Double Bedroom and u20ac2,800 for the Luxury Suite.

,2) The Four Seasons Hu00f4tel George V*****Area: Champs-Elysu00e9es,31, avenue George V, 75008Lobby of the Four Seasons,In between the metro stations Franklin Delano Roosevelt (lines 1 and 9), George V (line 1), and Champs-Elysu00e9es-Clu00e9menceau (lines 1, 2, 6 and RER line A), reachable in respectively 10, 5 and 15 minutes walk, the Four Seasons has already made a reputation for itself.

It is located very close to its neighbor, the Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e, in the very highly rated Champs-Elysu00e9es quarter.

The Four Seasons owns gastronomic restaurants like any good 5-star hotel: the Cinq (u201cFiveu201d) and the Galerie (u201cGalleryu201d), along with a spa where you can recharge your batteries and have fun.

Whatu2019s more, you can splash around in the swimming pool and in the whirlpool, which will guarantee you a moment of well-being in a proper luxury hotel.

You will also benefit from the babysitting services and the institute youth program to take care of your children when youu2019re going out for a romantic dinner or an evening with friends.

You can also savor the best French wines stored in the hotel cellar.

,The bar at the Four Seasons,A special characteristic you shall remember: youu2019ll contemplate a wonderful setting, full of fine-art reproductions, such as printings of Poussinu2019s paintings and Flanders tapestries (with a few original works of art, obviously).

Youu2019ll also broaden your knowledge of the arts!,The hotel has 244 rooms and suites.

,Room at the Four Seasons,What we like: the flower arrangement sessions by Jeff Leatham, Four Seasons Art Director.

,What we love: the trompe-lu2019oeil mural in the swimming pool; it depicts Queen Marie Antoinetteu2019s Petit Trianon gardens in Versailles.

,Price range: similar to the prices of the Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e hotel.

An average price of u20ac1,020 the night (for a room with twin beds) to u20ac2,700 (for a luxury suite).

,3) The Mandarin Oriental Paris*****Area: Tuileries,251, rue Saint-Honoru00e9, 75001This palace was founded in 2011.

The building is an old typical 1930s Parisian block of flats which used to house government offices.

,This classy building with a deeply Parisian DNA is close to public transportation: in less than 300 meters, youu2019ll be at the metro station Concorde (lines 1, 8 & 12), and in less than 500 meters youu2019ll be at the station Tuileries (line 1), and youu2019ll easily reach the Tuileries gardens from there.

,Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel,The Mandarin Oriental has, like any proper luxury hotel, a very spacious spa: 900 square meters wide!,Rooms were designed in an Art Deco style (the Museum of Decorative Arts is actually 10 minutes walk away from the hotel; add 5 more minutes and youu2019ll make it to the Louvre), with Asian art hints.

By the way, thereu2019s a huge dragon in the Oriental Royal Suite!,Room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel,Once youu2019ve had enough raving about the beauty of the rooms (and most of all, the beauty of the view!), you might want to get a little snack.

Itu2019s fortunate because the Mandarin Oriental is no exception to the rule: a good bed and a good meal make a satisfied customer! Want a quiet lunch/dinner? Thierry Marx Sur Mesure restaurant was invented for you.

Thierry Marx is specialized in molecular cuisine.

Need to go out for some fresh air? Have a traditional French dish in the Camu00e9lia garden.

Have a dry throat? The Bar 8 awaits you during its intimate evenings.

And if youu2019re looking for sweets and snacks, you should go to the Cake Shop and discover its pastries! Bon appu00e9tit!,Restaurant of the Mandarin Oriental,The hotel has 99 rooms and 39 suites.

,What we like: being near the Place Vendu00f4me.

,What we love: the beautiful Camu00e9lia restaurant Table du Chef, in the garden.

,Price range: for one night with two guests, an average price of u20ac975 for the luxury room, up to u20ac2,300 for the panoramic room.

As its name suggests, you will have the opportunity to admire both the indoor garden and a Parisian monument from this room.

,And if you come as a group, the 350 square meters Mandarin Royal Suite can be booked for u20ac20,000 a night!,4) Hu00f4tel Barriu00e8re Le Fouquetu2019s*****Area: Chamsp-Elysu00e9es,46, avenue George V, 75008The Fouquetu2019s restaurant,Above all, the reputation of the Fouquetu2019s lies in its restaurant settled on the avenue des Champs-Elysu00e9es: this is where the French cinema cru00e8me de la cru00e8me gathers after the annual Cesar Award ceremony.

In the early 1930s, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Gabin (again!) and later, Delon, Belmondo, and Pedro Almodovar (among others) attend the restaurant.

This is a legendary place, all covered in Harcourt photo studio portraits of the most popular actors and directors of the past decades.

,Pool of the spa at Barriu00e8re Le Fouquetu2019s,After youu2019ve set foot on the same floor as Kate Winslet and Kevin Costner, you can recover in a magical setting.

The hotel spa, known as the U Spa, comprises a swimming pool, separate hammams, beauty rooms, and a sauna.

Then, along with the 5 restaurants, you can go and have refreshing drinks in three different bars.

La Petite Maison de Nicole (u201cNicoleu2019s Little Houseu201d) serves homely cuisine from the South of France; the Fouquetu2019s is chic with its numerous chandeliers and its red velvet armchairs; the Diane with its large circular tables covered in flowers; the Galerie Joy, the ideal place where to have tea at 4 p.


or brunch in the morning; the Cafu00e9 Fouquetu2019s and its Belle Epoque decoration: youu2019ll have multiple options!,Room at Barriu00e8re Le Fouquetu2019s,The hotel has 81 rooms.

,What we like: the Diane circular ceiling and bay windows.

,What we love: the Escapade Du00e9tente package at the spa (u201cRelaxing Escapeu201d).

,Price range: for a night, an average price of u20ac800 for two persons in a Superior Room to u20ac1,800 for a Deluxe Suite,5) The Shangri La*****Area: Chaillot,10, avenue du2019Iu00e9na, 75116After youu2019ve slept in the Tuileries quarters and in the 8th district, letu2019s go to the 16th district! It is known for having a very high reputation (wealth and fanciness), but it still doesnu2019t have as many luxury hotels as the 8th!,You can reach it from the metro station Iu00e9na (line 9).

This magnificent hotel used to be the house of Roland Bonaparte, Emperor Napoleonu2019s great-nephew, which might explain why it is decorated in such a u2026 royal way!,Royal Suite at the Shangri La,However, to look like a prince doesnu2019t require much embellishment: shades of pastel, blue or white, golden and silver chandeliers with their discreet charm, classy furniture, brown tables and dressers u2026 The rooms are large: the biggest suite is 300 square meters wide.

In this romantic place, you can even celebrate your wedding anniversary or your honeymoon.

,Luxurious room at the Shangri La,Moreover, youu2019ll have the opportunity to dream in front of the Eiffel Tower, Parisu2019s most beautiful building.

Indeed, the monument is situated at the heart of the Chaillot quarters! If you want to look at it from an even closer distance, you can contemplate it during your dinner for u20ac1,500.

For an average price of u20ac2,400 for a night, you can rent a room with a view on the Eiffel Tower.

,The restaurant of the Shangri La,Last but not least, you can drink and eat in one of the three restaurants and in the bar.

Youu2019ll be enchanted by the Bar (yes, thatu2019s its name!) and its Empire style.

Lu2019Abeille (u201cThe Beeu201d), the Shang Palace and the Bauhinia will give you the opportunity to savor French or Asian dishes; itu2019s up to you to choose which ones you prefer.

,The hotel has 65 rooms and 36 suites.

,What we like: the cultural journey: the Guimet Museum, specialized in Asian Arts, is 100 meters away! The Palais de Tokyo and the National Museum of Modern Art are 200 meters away from the hotel.

,What we love: the Main Staircase, which will make you feel like Bonaparte himself!,Price range: an average price of u20ac880 for a night in a double bedroom, to u20ac1,400 for a night in the Deluxe Suite.

,6) The Park Hyatt Paris Vendu00f4me*****Area: Opu00e9ra-Bourse,5, rue de la Paix, 75002The Park Hyatt Paris Vendu00f4me,The Park Hyatt is 100 meters away from the very renowned Place Vendu00f4me, the Parisian mecca of the chic and quiet.

Come and take a walk in the neighborhood of Opu00e9ra, go window-shopping in its luxury stores, devour exquisite dishes in its numerous Japanese restaurants u2026 and book a room in one of its luxury hotels! The Park Hyatt is located 5 minutes away from the subway station Opu00e9ra (lines 3, 7 & 8) and the station Quatre Septembre (line 3).

,The whole place was designed by an American architect, Ed Tuttle.

One hundred years ago, it was a French haute couture brand.

Less textile, more style!,Since it is located a few minutes away from the Louvre, the Park Hyatt sometimes pretends it is a museum too: a lot of contemporary artistsu2019 works are on permanent display inside the hotel.

Now you donu2019t even need to go out to learn about art!,A room at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendu00f4me,Rooms are organized and decorated with much taste, and everything is as comfortable as it can be: leather sofas and armchairs, massive lamps, velvet pillows, modern ornaments.

,There is also a free underground parking lot.

You can also access the Place Vendu00f4me public car park.

Furthermore, you will have your newspapers delivered to your door on demand.

,The starred restaurant of the Park Hyatt Paris Vendu00f4me,The Park Hyatt hotel provides you with a daily catering service with three restaurants: the starred gastronomic restaurant le Pur (u201cthe Pureu201d) and the Table du Chef (u201cthe Chefu2019s Tableu201d) are open all day long, whereas the Orchidu00e9es (u201cThe Orchidsu201d) is open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

You will warm up with a tea at the Cheminu00e9e (u201cthe Chimneyu201d).

You will sip custom cocktails at the bar.

,This 5-star hotel also offers a hotel clerk, laundry, ironing, and shoeshine services.

And if you come as a family, you can also leave your children with the staff because babysitting services are also provided by the hotel!,The Park Hyatt has 153 rooms.

,What we like: the snacks offered by the Chimney, and its violet mojito.

,What we love: the bathroomu2019s heated floor.

,Price range: an average of u20ac835 per night in a double-bed bedroom and u20ac1,200 for the Park Deluxe Suite.

,7) The Prince de Galles, a luxury Collection Hotel*****Area: Champs-Elysu00e9es,33, avenue George V, 75008The Prince de Galles hotel,Youu2019ve been missing the Champs-Elysu00e9es, havenu2019t you? Donu2019t worry, weu2019re going back, in another 5-star hotel, 0.

25 mile away from the metro station George V (line 1) and 10 minutes walk away from station Klu00e9ber (on line 6).

,The hotel was founded in 1928.

Connected to its time of birth, the Prince de Galles is decorated according to the Art Du00e9co style, just like the Mandarin Oriental we have evoked earlier.

The Art Deco symbolizes the interwar period and the Roaring Twenties.

,A room at the Prince de Galles,You can sleep tight in stylishly decorated rooms, surrounded by dark-shaded woodwork, or brightened by the creamy, purple- and red-shaded living rooms and bedrooms.

The rooms are spacious but not huge.

Luxury but no excess is the Prince de Galles motto! Comfort lies in simplicity and quietness.

,The restaurant of the Prince de Galles,However, you can still order fine meals! The restaurant La Scu00e8ne (u201cThe Sceneu201d) has received one Michelin star.

A marbled bar counter, circular tables, off-white seats, and harmonious paintings depicting landscapes hang on the walls: youu2019ll have lunch (or dinner) in a warm and welcoming restaurant.

,Youu2019ll also have the opportunity to sit in Les Heures (u201cThe Hoursu201d) grey sofas: this bar is the kingdom of contrasts! Youu2019ll switch from Art Du00e9co to Contemporary Art.

,Last but not least: the Patio, which serves brunches on Sundays.

A refreshing and flowery setting that will cost you u20ac103 per customer, between noon and 3 p.


,Youu2019re gonna love the u201930s!,What we like: the Suite Bien-u00eatre spa (u201cWell-being Suiteu201d).

,What we love: the Patiou2019s mosaics.

,Price range: an average price of u20ac720 per night in a Deluxe room.

The prices of the suites, per night, start at u20ac1,100.

,8) The Meurice*****Area: Tuileries,228, rue de Rivoli, 75001Letu2019s go back to the first district of Paris u2026 No, please, donu2019t start nagging; itu2019s for your own comfort and good!,In-between the Luxor Obelisk and the Place de la Concorde, the Louvre museum and the Place Vendu00f4me, letu2019s enter this luxury den, under the arcades of the Rue de Rivoli!,A room at the Le Meurice hotel,At first, the Meurice was an inn, founded during the 18th century, in the rue Saint-Honoru00e9.

At the time, its purpose was to welcome English travelers during their stay in Paris.

In the 19th century, the hotel moved to the localization it still occupies now.

Its regular customers were aristocrats, writers, sovereigns, and all the celebrities of the time.

Nowadays they have been replaced by politicians and show-business celebrities.

,The rooms are organized according to the style of King Louis XVI.

It is a royal atmosphere, worthy of any luxury hotel.

,The restaurant room of the Le Meurice hotel,The lunchroom, which is named after the painter Dali, was reorganized by famous designer Philippe Starck.

The gourmet restaurant was created by 6-star chef Alain Ducasse, who has also been working for another Parisian luxury hotel, the Plaza Athu00e9nu00e9e (the first one on our list, thatu2019s right!).

When you hire such a famous u201cemployee,u201d you can never miss your point!,The hotel has 160 rooms.

,What we like: the ideal location.

The Champs-Elysu00e9es, the Invalides esplanade, the Tuileries gardensu2026 everything is close at hand!,What we love: the marbled bathroom.

,Price range: the average price per night for a double bedroom is u20ac1,010 and u20ac2,600 for a Deluxe Suite.

,9) The Paris Marriott Champs-Elysu00e9es Hotel*****Area: Champs-Elysu00e9es,70, avenue des Champs-Elysu00e9es, 75008This time, the hotel weu2019re talking about is no longer close to the Champs Elysu00e9es but actually on it!,The Paris Marriott Champs Elysu00e9es hotel,You will be 10 minutes walk away from the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais museums.

And if you want to walk along the worldu2019s most beautiful avenue, all youu2019ll have to do is get out of the hotel! The metro stations Franklin D.

Roosevelt and Saint-Philippe-du-Roule (both on line 9) will be 5 minutes away; from there, you can access the capitalu2019s main arteries.

If you take the line up to the Chaussu00e9e-du2019Antin-Lafayette metro station, youu2019ll reach the Galeries Lafayette mall in 15 minutes.

,A room at the Paris Marriott Champs Elysu00e9es hotel,You can choose either a room that overlooks the Champs-Elysu00e9es or a room overlooking the courtyard.

The rooms are simple, with no excessive embellishments, and their decoration will surely remind you of the comfort of your private home.

Youu2019ll be surrounded by the roomsu2019 beige and brown shades that create a soft and quiet cocoon.

Furthermore, the hotel comprises several family suites: itu2019s the ideal place to show your children what a luxury hotel looks like!,The restaurant room at the Paris Marriott Champs Elysu00e9es hotel,The hotel has 3 restaurants and a lounge barn, the Atrium.

You can eat either French meals at the restaurant, or more international cooking at the Marriott Square and the Adjoining Terrace.

,Slight advantage: the hotel also comprises a terrace looking over the Champs-Elysu00e9es.

On top of everything, you can buy cakes at the Pu00e2tisserie des Ru00eaves (u201cThe Dream Bakeryu201d).

They are very delicious!,And if all those calories make you feel guilty, the fitness room and the sauna await you.

Go on, letu2019s lift some weights, shall we?,The Marriott has 192 rooms.

,What we like: switching from the American breakfast to the typically French dishes.

,What we love: the health club.

,Price range: an average price of u20ac430 for a double bedroom and u20ac800 for a Salon Suite.

Blue Bay Walk opening hours

Its in Australia: Ok, Guinness World Records states officially that it is Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay (they have tested it).

,However I have been to Hyams Beach in NSW and to Lucky Bay in WA and I feel like they are equal.

In my professional opinion they are both the whitest and have the whitest sand.

,The most beautiful beaches in the world by far are in Australia: ,Here is some info of how you can see one of the Whitest Beaches in the world and also see Kangaroos on the beach as well! Adorable!!,SEE KANGAROOS ON THE BEACH AND SEE ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES ON EARTH: Lucky Bay WA.

,Eight Hours drive south, west of Perth, is the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, on the Southern Ocean coastline, home to the worldu2019s whitest beach.

,Another hour inland through one of Australiau2019s most beautiful National Parks, Cape Le Grand, is a bay with the worldu2019s whitest beach.

Many think Hyams Beach is the whitest, I have visited both and I can say from experience that Lucky Bay and Western Australia is home to the worldu2019s whitest beaches.

,LUCKY BAY u2013 ESPERANCE AND WILD KANGAROOS,Lucky Bay, Esperance can be described in two words, pristine and perfect.

The ocean here is an unimaginable blue, the sand is the whitest you will find, so stunning, its hard to believe your eyes.

The sand fine, like powdered sugar and when you walk the white snow-like sand squeaks between your toes.

Lucky Bay is easily one of the worldu2019s whitest and most beautiful beaches.

,All of this beauty is one thing, however we visited Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park for one reason: Kangaroos.

Lucky Bay is the only place on earth where wild kangaroos actually live on the beach.

The kangaroos are very tame and very used to visitors so its not uncommon for them to curiously hop over to you and allow you to snap a picture.

,The kangaroos live there permanently, so you can visit anytime of the year.

Best to visit in Summer-time when you can enjoy the turquoise ocean.

,Cape Le Grand offers hikes and camping overnight.

Frenchmanu2019s Peak is a popular trail that we walked up, 3km return.

The track leads from the car park, up the gentle east slope of the peak, to the summit.

Features great views over the Park.

Allow 1.

5-2 hours hard walking.

Make sure to pack a water bottle and camera for the spectacular views once you arrive at the top.

,Lucky Bay campsite, usually in operation, comes complete with solar hot showers.

Just imagine waking up to crystal clear water, snow white sand and a kangaroo for company.

We were unlucky this trip as the campsite was closed for renovations.

We camped outside the National Park in the town of Esperance and drive back the 50km inside the National Park to spend the day there.

,We visited Lucky Bay in Esperance while filming Incredible Islands: Animal Interactions u2013 a series about interacting with animals in their own environment u2013 no cages, no zoos, no bars, just wild animal encounters in beautiful surroundings.

Keep posted in this blog for when this series will air.

,The Luck Bay campsite is due to re-open soon.

Its strongly advised to visit when the Luck Bay site is opened to get the best experience and also save driving an hour each way back and forth to your campsite.