What is the best backpack for mountaineering and walking long distances?

Best backpack for walking

The best backpack for mountaineering isnu2019t going to be the best backpack for walking long distances, and vice versa.

If you want a great backpack for walking long distances, Iu2019m a huge fan of Osprey packs.

I thru hiked the Appalachian trail 11 years ago, and switched to an Osprey Atmos 50 about 1/3 of the way into the trip after starting with a Gregory Z pack.

(The Z pack was fine, but the Osprey was infinitely better).

Also, the best backpack for me isnu2019t necessarily going to be the best backpack for you.

How much load are you carrying & what kind (both weight and volume)? Do you prefer one big compartment, or lots of small ones? How many gear attachment points for stuff on the outside of the pack do you want/need? Fit is also a personal thing.

The best thing to do is to find a decent pack that will meet your needs as best you can; try it on with weight and volume in the store.

Then buy the one you think is best for you and try it out on small trips before embarking on a major expedition, if getting stuck with a sub-optimal pack is a big deal for you.

If you already have your tent, stove, hydration system and sleeping system selected, bring them all with you when you go to try out back packs, and load the pack up with your actual stuff and see how it feels (they should have a sandbag in the store to replicate your food & water supply.

If the store wont let you do that, shop elsewhere (I recommend REI).

Best hiking backpack for men

It very much depends on what your price range is.

,Gregory makes incredible packs over long distance, with good material, and solid construction, but they are very expensive.

They do have plenty of neat features.

They do tend to be a bit too round at times however and can be awkward.

One of the best things, found particularly in the Deva and Baltaros is the fabric they use.

Unlike the Deuter mesh its very smooth.

With Heavyweights and long distances I find that deuters mesh tends to rub the skin raw, where as the gregories remain comfortable, and get slick with sweat and not abrasive.

,ArcTeryx produces a huge range of very innovative products.

The new Altra series is incredible, and is likely to change the way packs are designed, much like the Bora did many years ago.

This is due to their new rotating hipbelt function.

It essentially allows you hips to move freely from the pack weight, creating a even load distribution with less friction against your hips.

For women this is a huge benefit as their hips move more then mens.

Some of their smaller packs are a bit too specific to one task and do not branch out well.

,Osprey is a very good brand but they often struggle with the balance between features, and simplicity.

If you like the features they are excellent packs in all sizes.

All Osprey packs are around 20% lighter than their competitors.

The Ariel and Aura series of packs are some of the best out there as are the Xenith and Xenas.

Super breathable without compromising control and comfort.

,Black Diamond is a great brand, but theyre smaller packs for adventurous scrambling are their main strength rather than long distance packs.

the Speed series is excellent along with their small mutli-pitch climbing packs.

,Mountain Equipment Co-op (available only in Canada or online) make very affordable equipment as they are a co-op and not profit driven.

They also dont do much in house research, and use old designs with some new features.

The packs tend to be sturdier and heavier.

,Berghaus is a decent brand if a bit overpriced.


,Deuter makes easily the most durable packs.

Ventilated backing (a large gap between the actual pack, and a mesh netting that stays close to the back) was created and perfected by Deuter.

A word of caution.

While this is a great system for ultralight hiking, these packs shouldnt carry more than 8kgs as the the space between the mesh and the pack is precisely where one should put weight in a pack.

The guide 35+ and 45+ are the most popular alpine pack of all time.

,NorthFace and Trespass should be avoided at all costs as these bags are poor quality, have shoddy stitching and are generally devoid of useful features for the outdoors.

They are however very good if you live somewhere rainy and want to look outdoorsy.

They also tend to be much cheaper.

,I myself own 7 packs at the moment, here are the ones I use the most.

,Salomon S-lab Adv Skin Set 12 - Running vest with lotu2019s of room.

For comfort this canu2019t be beat though fitting much more than water, snacks a jacket, fills it up pretty quick.

,Osprey Rev 12 - A really big 12 litres, more like 18, this pack is an excellent pack with lotu2019s of pockets and just enough space.

,Osprey Mutant 38 - My go to climbing pack.

Great for longer day trips, and bigger hikes.

Lightweight and versatile, if a bit simple.

,Mammut Trion Guide 45 (+7) - Everything I need for a overnight trip fits just fine into this pack, though Ive done a 3 day hut trip and it was perfect.

The front pocket works great with Avi gear.

It also compressed well for use as a summit pack.

,MEC Exos 65 - Probably should have gone with the 80 as its not much bigger than my 45, but the flexible hip belt is awesome.

Carries weight well, and is great for hiking, or mountaineering.

Best hiking backpack for women

No womens backpacks.

They are unisex.

If you want something feminine, you should not go hiking.

Best day hiking backpack

The best daypack for a hike is the one that fits you and holds all you want to carry.

nGo to a outdoors store and try a few on, ask the store to put something in it to add weight, I usually use a coil of climbing rope.

nBackpack fit is very personal.

,Depending on the time of year and where Im going, I usually use something around 35l with side pockets that will take a Nalgene bottle.

nBrand wise I like osprey or berghaus.

Hiking Bag for sale

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Best 40L hiking backpack

Everyone says osprey because itu2019s popular.

I think the fair point 40L is listed as the best travel backpack, but I tried it on and it didnu2019t fit.

Osprey is ok- but I wouldnu2019t use it long term.

It just doesnu2019t sit well on my back.

Thatu2019s not to say it isnu2019t a well made bag.

It didnu2019t work well for me.

,I have a marmot daypack I use for (you guessed it) day hikes.

I also have an eagle creek daypack which I love, adore, worship, and so on (my love for this bag cannot be adequately described with the English language).

For longer hikes I have an REI model that rivals all other brands.

Iu2019ve used a north face bag before, and they hold up well.

,If I had the money, Iu2019d buy only Patagonia.

I borrowed A nine trails model from a friend, and tried not to give it back.

There was an argument.

Strong Words were exchanged, and friendships were tested.

In the end, I lost, and Iu2019m still saving to buy one for myself.

,As far as brands go, there are a lot of great ones out there- you canu2019t go wrong with an established company (north face, Patagonia, osprey, etc).

I would suggest trying on bags before you buy.

If it doesnu2019t fit right, and you hike- you could suffer.

Find what works for you.