Who owns Bondi Beach, Australia?

Bondi Beach Australia

Who owns Bondi Beach, Australia?That would be me.

,As a citizen of Australia, I own 0.

00000004 of it, along with every other resident of the country.

If it was made of instant coffee instead of sand, my share would be almost enough to make a cuppa.

(If you come for a visit, and if you donu2019t mind weak coffee, Iu2019ll be happy to share a cup with you.

),Beaches in Australia, including Bondi, enjoy equal status to national parks.

They are not privately owned.

Best Beach in Australia 2022

Herein this photo lies a quintessential Australian image representative of our fine white sand and clear and sparkling blue seas which often decorate our coastline.

,Read about the history of Misery BeachMisery Beach, on Western Australias south coast, named Tourism Australia Best Beach 2022By Tom Edwards and Tim Wong-Seeu201cFor a place called Misery, its a little slice of paradise.

,Key points:Misery Beach, near Albany, is named Best Beach for 2022 by Tourism Australia,It is believed Misery Beach got its name from a gory connection to the whaling industry,The lists creator says Australians are looking for quirky and little-known beaches to visit,Little-known Misery Beach, 20 kilometres south of Albany on Western Australias south coast, has been named the best beach in the country by Tourism Australia.

,It beat beauty spots including Alexandria Bay on Queenslands Sunshine Coast and The Neck in Tasmania to take the top spot for 2022.

,Tourism Australias beach ambassador, Brad Farmer, said Misery Beach was world-class.

,It is a stunning beach, he said.

,It just ticks all the boxes of what the typical beachgoer is looking for u2014 uncrowded, crystal-white sand, turquoise waters and a very dramatic granite backdrop.

,Misery Beach was praised for its uncrowded white sand, turquoise water, striking granite outcrop and interesting historic backstory.

(Supplied: @merrwatson)Albany is a fascinating place to go exploring for other beautiful beaches in that south-west region.

,Bloody history behind nameMr Farmer said the story of how Misery Beach got its name was one of the compelling reasons for the accolade.

,A major whaling station operated just two beaches away until 1978.

,Whale offal would wash ashore, staining the white sand and clear waters blood red.

,Albany was a major whaling centre until 1978, staining nearby beaches red with whale offal.

(Supplied: Albany History Collection),Menang elder Vernice Gilles said during her childhood the beach was not good for swimming due to the whale blood and fat in the water.

,They would dump all the whales teeth, Ms Gilles said.

,I remember walking on the beach and seeing piles and piles of whales teeth.

,Ms Gilles said Misery Beach was historically good for spearing fish and camping.

,When the old warriors were hunting they would drive the kangaroos towards the beach and into the ocean where they could spear and catch them, so that was an important area, she said.

,Beachgoers bored with obvious choicesThe Tourism Australia list has not been without controversy over the years.

,In 2020 it ranked inland Wagga Beach u2013 270 kilometres from the New South Wales coast u2013 at in ninth spot.

,Mr Farmer said many of Australias famous beaches were fatigued and overexposed.

,Im really looking at the nooks and crannies and the stories and the communities that make a best beach, he said.

,People are looking for quirky and out-of-the-box beaches.

,Brad Mostert and Cat Wyszomirski are big fans of Misery Beach.

(ABC Great Southern: Tom Edwards)Western Australias hard border had increased interest in the states beaches, Mr Farmer said.

,The longer you lock us out the more we want to come, he said.

,Theres a lot of cabin fever and a lot of envy.

,As soon as you open the border, youll get an onslaught of visitors who love WAs coastline.

,While Misery Beach has been relatively unknown nationally until now, Albanys Brad Mostert said he had long been a fan.

,The colour of the beach, the sand and everything u2014 it ticks all the boxes, he said.

,Theres not much more you could ask for.

,Fellow beachgoer and Canadian tourist Cat Wyszomirski agreed.

,(Its) unlike any other beach Ive seen, she said.

,Its amazing.


Beaches in Australia Sydney

Brisbane does not have any beaches, other than the man made beach at South Park in the Gardens.

,Sydney has lots of beaches - Bondi (Bondi Rescue TV series is shot there), Bronte, Coogee, Tamaramma, Manly, Maroubra, Palm Beach (Home and Away TV series is shot there).

,Overall though, I have listed the states which are known for their beaches in order from best to worst.

,Queensland (but they have crocodiles up north) -Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in particular,NSW,Western Australia (but they have sharks),Northern Territory (but they have jelly fish and crocodiles),South Australia (but they have white Pointer Sharks),Victoria (they have great surfing beaches, but not family beaches),Tasmania (it is cold)

Australia Beach

If you mean are many private property instead, then yes, most are public beaches and can be visited freely.

,A few islands for instance are privately held, and landing is restricted, but that is uncommon.

,In these times of COVID19 pandemic, there are many city beaches which have restrictions on just how you can be there, but that varies.

Number of beaches in Australia