How many calories are in a glazed munchkin?

Glazed Munchkin

According to Dunkinu2019s website (source for quote), a single old fashioned (which I take to be glazed) Munchkin is 60 calories:,Nutrition Facts Per Serving,1 Donut Hole,Calories,60,% Daily Value*,Total Fat,3.

5g,4%,Saturated Fat,1.

5g,8%,Trans Fat,0g,Cholesterol,5mg,2%,Sodium,70mg,3%,Total Carbohydrate,6g,2%,Dietary Fiber,0g,0%,Total Sugars,2g,Includes Added Sugars,1g,2%,Protein,1g,Vitamin D,0mcg,0%,Calcium,4mg,0%,Iron,0mg,0%,Potassium,12mg,0%

dunkin donuts munchkins sizes

It depends on the size of the box and if you cut off arms & legs.

But if your talking donuts try checking Dunkinu2019 Donuts website