I am planning a 5-6 day honeymoon trip to Switzerland in late October. What would be the best itinerary possible and which are the must visit places?

Places to visit in Switzerland in October

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps.

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And here is some top 5 places to visit in Switzerland,1.

Matterhorn, ZermattThis pyramid shaped giant is arguably the most photographed mountain in the world and therefore, also Switzerlands most famous Alpine peak and a top place to visit in Switzerland.


The Jungfrau RegionThe Jungfraujoch is an Alpine wonderland that has much to offer adventurers and those seeking a quieter retreat.


Swiss National Park, ZernezSwitzerlands only national park is a spectacle not to be overlooked.

A throwback to how the Alps was before it was touched by tourism,,4.

BernNot many people know that the medieval city of Bern is Switzerlands capital u2013 but once you step on its narrow cobblestoned streets,,5.

ZurichAs the cultural hub of Switzerland, Zurich is not one to cross of your list of top Swiss places to see.

Unbeknown to many, behind Zurichs metropolis, financial facade exists a pulsating nightlife with a contemporary edge.

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Places to visit in Switzerland in summer

Obligedly stay a few days in Zurich.

You will be delighted with Switzerland, it is the most beautiful country.

He has everything except the sea.

Great people.

Its going to be hard to come home from there.

Sam is planning a jump to Switzerland.

I know German will be easier for me.

Although they have their dialect, a specific accent, but they understand German well.

Have a nice stay in Europe.

I also invite you to Poland.

Most beautiful places in Switzerland

The whole of Switzerland is beautiful.

Cities like Bern, Lugano, Lucerne, Zurich etc.

are all impressive.

I also highly recommend castles in Montreux, Rhine falls and any random Swiss village in the Alps.

My top three favorites are: n1.

Diavolezza (in Fall), n2.

Zermatt (in Winter) and n3.

Jungfrau region (in Spring).

Diavolezza: Diavolezza is a small mountain peak in Pontresina region, near a popular touristy place St.


There is only one hotel/hostel (relatively cheap in Swiss standards) on the mountain top that can only be reached by cable car.

An overnight on Diavolezza is really memorable.

The tranquility after all the day-passengers have left and the spectacular surrounding is just awe-inspiring.

,[View of the glacier from Diavolezza],[View of Lago Bianco from Diavolezza],The spectacular lake only a few miles away.

,Within a radius of 5 km, the landscape was really diverse.

Pristine lakes, glaciers, barren mountains and vibrant fall colors -all were coexisting in a harmony.

,It looked like another planet.

As the place is relatively unknown only a few locals were there and one can enjoy the nature at its best.


Zermatt in February is covered in snow and you can view Matterhorn (the Toblerone mountain) at its full glory.


Jungfrau is one of the most popular regions in Switzerland.

You can not go wrong here.

Interlaken and surrounding small villages like Lauterbrunnen, Murren, Wengen, Grindelwald, etc.

are heavenly beautiful.

The train trip to u201ctop of Europeu201d is very expensive, crowded and only makes sense if the weather is nice.

But there are many excellent hiking trails nearby that one can explore.

In springtime, the snow is there at the top but the yellow/white flowers fill the landscape.

,[Some random village in Jungfrau region]