What will be the next live-action Disney princess movie?

live-action princess movies not disney

Currently, there are no Princess films that have a set release date.

However, upcoming princess films in development are:,Disenchantment,Live action Little Mermaid,Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/Rose Red live action films,There are also upcoming films with female protagonists that could later be classified as princesses:,Raya and The Last Dragon (currently in theatres/premier access on Disney+),Encanto

Animated princess movies

Its hard to say because Gigantic just got canceled and instead of having Gigantic for 2020 were going to be having another original film from Disney that we dont know about.

Frozen 2 is on its way for 2019 but when it comes to original animated princess movies who knows but I think I have a good guess on what that original 2020 Animated Disney Film might be.

,Aka Disneyu2019s Galactic !!

Best non Disney animated movies


Hands down.

,It is a beautiful story of love, hope and togetherness.

It shows that love is that one thing that transcends time, and life itself! It is the goto movie when you are down and need some feel-good fictional respite.

,Another good animated movie would be Waking Life.

It has an unusual story, one that keeps you hooked right till the very end.

Animated movies not Disney or dreamworks


They tend to stay out of politics, and they were the ones that anno, shocked the world with How To Train Your Dragon trilogy.

One of my all time favorite movie series.

Amazing composition, great story.

Also Dreamworks made Shrek.

Disney used to be good, but novadays they heavily focus on pushing political agendas in both of their animations and live action movies, so they lost me pretty quickly.