What are the best things to do on weekends in Ottawa, ON?

Things to do in Ottawa this weekend

Take a bike ride along the rivers and canals.

,Go to Lake Phillipe and hike to Lusk Cave.

Maybe youu2019ll meet the Prime Minister.

Canadian Family Runs Into Shirtless Justin Trudeau on a HikeIf itu2019s winter, go skating on the canal.

Cute places in Ottawa

Okay not quite in Ottawa, but in Chelsea QB thereu2019s the Old Carbide Mill.

Itu2019s like an oasis in the middle of a forest.

I go there multiple times every summer.

Great place to get away from the city and relax in the clean streams with a drink!,Also not quite in Ottawa but Blakeny Rapids.

Near Carleton place.

You can bring food there, bbq, thereu2019s a cute little bridge and a beautiful river.

If you like the outdoors these are my top spots NEAR Ottawa.

Google Carbide Mill, or look it up on Instagram and see the amazing photos!

Things to do in Ottawa today

It is Diwali time here in India.

This Diwali there are several reasons that made me smile.

,Justin Trudeau wishes Diwali on Twitter, with a picture of himself in a black sherwani, lighting a lamp.

His Tweet was: Diwali Mubarak! We are celebrating in Ottawa tonight.


Singapore gets Diwali themed buses and trains.

These trains and buses will be running till 31st October.

,Plan your vacation!,3.

Delhi records cleanest Diwali in 3 years after crackers ban! Thatu2019s just amazing!Kudos to Delhi!4.

Prime Minister of India Mr.

Narendra Modi celebrates Diwali in Jammu & Kashmir with soldiers!I donu2019t know he is doing right or wrong but he knows how to win hearts!5.

Army troops deployed in Jammu & Kashmir shared a message saying , u201cLet the nation celebrate Diwali ! We are here to reply to enemy!u201dSo in this world where we are surrounded by so many negativity there several reasons to smile !Happy Diwali all !,Happy reading !,Sources:,Twitter.

,InShorts news application.

,Ban on sale of firecrackers may have proved insufficient to curb pollution in Delhi on Diwalihttp://m.



html?utm_source=inshorts&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Image source: Screenshot from Inshorts Application on my phone

Places to visit near me

There are plenty of places to visit in Bangalore, Bangalore is also known as the u201c garden city of Indiau201d.

Must visit places in Bangalore.


lal bagh 2.

Cubbon park 3.

Bangalore palace 4.

Nandi hills 5.

Wander la 6.

MG road is famous for shopping and entertainment hub of Bangalore.

Things to do in Ottawa at night

I live in Ottawa now.

Iu2019ve never lived in Toronto, but I grew up in Montreal, and Iu2019ve also lived in very small Yellowknife (Northwest Territories).

,For sheer liveability, Iu2019d choose Ottawa over Toronto.

Thereu2019s no denying that Toronto is huge and has vast entertainment possibilities, other OPs have commented on all the things to do there.

But in reality, how often do you, as a resident of Toronto, visit the CN Tower? or go to Wonderland? Mostly those are great tourist attractions, and often when you live in a place you end up going to your favourite restaurants, you visit friends at their homes, you go out to movies or cultural events, you go to work.

In Ottawa, all of those activities are easier to get to and there is plenty of variety to keep most people quite happy.

,Locals in Ottawa enjoy themselves by going to festivals and other locals events that are not just for tourists.

Ottawa has a world-class Bluesfest, a great Jazz festival, a folk festival (CityFolk), a winter festival (Winterlude), Italian festival, Jamaican festival, Greek festival, various local neighbourhood street festivals, plus the surrounding rural communities, which are part of greater Ottawa, each have a fall or late summer Fair, two of note are the Navan Fair and the Metcalfe Fair, with traditional agricultural shows, horse shows, midway etc.

There is a nearby casino (in Gatineau across the river) and Ottawa is building a new casino of its own soon, plus a Hard Rock Cafe at the Rideau Carleton Raceway, where they also (of course) have horse racing two nights a week.

There is more in Ottawa than what Iu2019ve listed, and Gatineau also has another list of events (hot air balloon festival, for one).

,The National Arts Centre has world-class symphony, theatre, music in a beautiful space with excellent accoustics and a year-round varied program.

There are also further theatre options, at the Great Canadian Theatre Company and the Gladstone.

,Montreal is two hours away by car or rail; Toronto about 4.

5 hours away, so if you need an escape or a change, those cities are close enough to visit (but wouldnu2019t want to live there).

The Ottawa airport is more user-friendly than Torontou2019s, and has direct flights to NYC and Boston for quick get-aways, as well as the usual Caribbean and Mexican destinations in winter.

,Add to all that, less traffic than Toronto, lower housing cost (both rental and to buy), decent public transportation (getting better all the time, with light rail in construction/expansion), good schools, and the best green spaces youu2019ll find in a city.

Ottawa is built on two rivers (Ottawa River, Rideau River), beaches in summer, park land all along both shores, and there is the famous Rideau Canal (that was built to bypass rapids and waterfalls on the Rideau) that runs through the city, for boating and skating depending on the season, with bikeways along all the rivers and canals, a network of car-free cycling that is well used by locals.

Nearby Gatineau Park has further hiking and cycling challenges, lake swimming and only 20 minutes from downtown.

,I sound like a tourist brochure.

But really, I canu2019t say enough good things, Ottawa is a great place to live.

For tourists, Toronto might possibly be more entertaining, but for living a full, safe and active life Ottawa canu2019t be beat.