How much do YouTubers make when each of their videos gets 50k, 100k, 500k, 1m, and 1.5m views? What about even more than that?

How much YouTube pay for 1 million views in USA

Oh, I like such questions.

It reminds me of good times.

Im going to show you MY STATS from MY CHANNEL (I sold my Youtube Business in August 2018).

,Donu2019t miss BONUS BELOWInstead of splashing a thousand words here you are:,50k views100k views500k views1M views1,5M views5M views9M viewsAND BONUS :)52M viewsImportant note: most of these views come from Russia, and if would create a channel in the USA segment I would make 3-6 times more.

,Im happy to share my experience with you.

Read my other answers to learn how I reached those numbers.

,After reaching 1000 Followers on QUORA I will show one interesting Youtube Case with 10k USD shoutout price and ONLY 20k channels subs base.