How would I go about writing an app in Swift that allows the user to take a picture of some text around them (like a page in a book) and then convert that image to a text document?

How to take a picture of a book page

There are many existing OCR SDKs for mobile development.

Just do a quick goggle and youu2019ll find many of them.

The one I have experience with is the ML from Firebase.

Before jumping into making this app, make sure that your app has some potential market.

Such a feature has log been implemented in many apps such as Google Translate.

Book photography ideas At Home

As we are all at home due the pandemic of Coronavirus, there are a lot of productive (personal & professional) things that you can choose to do.

,In my opinion, you can devote this extra time in self-quarantine to hobbies and rediscovering old passions.

You know yourself the best, there is no substitute for accurate knowledge.

Invest this time in what makes you happy, proud, positive & accomplished.

,Im a father of a 2 year old son and I love to devotee my time clicking his pictures.

Makes me feel proud capturing his special moments.

,Few pictures that I (Amateur Photographer) clicked:,While the Saree challenge was trending during the lock down on Whatsapp, Facebook & other social media sites, my son accepted the challenge & challenged few others ud83dudc67ud83dude0b,When your husband agrees for shoppingud83dude05 #taxtime u2764ufe0f,When husband steps on the mopped floor ud83dude20,How is the pose?ud83eudd14,Do not injure, abuse, oppress, enslave, insult, torment, torture, or kill any creature or living being.

#jain #jainmuni #spreadpeacelove,A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

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Im a beautician not a magician ud83dudc87ud83euddd9u200du2642ufe0f,I was 2 when I started cooking, up until then, I just ate.

ud83dude02ud83dudc68u200dud83cudf73The kitchen is SPRINKLED with love u2764ufe0fud83dudc68u200dud83cudf73,Todayu2019s menu has two choices TAKE IT or LEAVE IT.

ud83dude03 ud83dudc68u200dud83cudf73One day.


Iu2019m gonna make the onions cry ud83dude2dud83dude02,He who cooks, has to even clean #dishwashing ud83dude04,What!!! You didnt like the dish? ud83dude23,Happiness is the state of mind, that has nothing to do with the external world.

#HareKrishnaEvery child you encounter is a divine appointment.

#HareKrishnaPure happiness is found in nothing but in the innocent smile of a babyEvery great dream begins with a dreamerMakhan Chor (Butter thief),The innocence of childhood is like the innocence of a lot of animals.

Inspecting!! AUDI surely is in safe hands ud83dudc68u200dud83dudd27ud83dude02,Checking for Alloys with the light tester.

Soon the Car is gonna fly at lightning speed ud83dude05,God save the owner of the car ud83dude04,Ninja,When you are thinking about your girlfriend ud83dude0a,Overtime!! How many more hours youll take to be called FIXED.

ud83dude20,Your laughter heals a lot of my hurts & sets everything straight ud83dude02,Beach model,& few older clicks

Book Photo Ideas for Instagram

The great thing about well run large companies is that they are super focused.

They often stick to their core competence and thus leave a lot of small things off.

You can pick these up as a startup.

The great thing about poorly run large companies is that they are super disoriented.

They cannot decide anything and moving anything in there is such a pain u2014 pushing all the creative people out.

,You donu2019t directly compete with billion dollar companies doing the exact same thing.

You have to do things that the large companies are ignoring for a variety of reasons.

,When Microsoft claimed they had an operating system for the PC, IBM didnu2019t care much about the PCs.

It was not their priority.

Mainframes were.

By the time IBM realised how big the PC industry really was, it was already too late.

,Major book shops didnu2019t care much when Amazon started their store on the Internet.

The market was too small for the big book stores to worry about.

Amazon itself didnu2019t care for a lot of other things, like say selling shoes online, that allowed companies like Zappos to that take that space.

,Yahoo could have built Facebook.

But, they were super confused by that time.

Facebook could have built Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram, but they were focused on their core objective.

,I used to work for the largest tech company and everything moved slow.

More than a decade ago, I saw ideas for smart watch, tablets, IoT systems, multi-touch screens, brilliant photo editors, software market place etc u2014 all released without much energy or commitment.

These were all way ahead of time, but executive energy was too limited on these.

That guaranteed a virtual failure of all these systems.

A startup executive on the other hand tend to be super committed and focused on their u201clittleu201d piece of the market.

,Finally, a billion dollar company is like an army u2014 it is not only regimented, but also has something to protect.

A startup is like a terrorist/guerrilla unit, it has nothing to protect and is looking for a lucky hit on an unprotected gate.

There are a lot of misses, but sometimes there is a hit.

,but remember, we only have to be lucky once, you have to be lucky always,u2014- IRA to UK PM Margaret Thatcher who just escaped a bomb attack.

How to take bookstagram photos

If youu2019re an avid reader, Iu2019m sure youu2019ve had the experience where you pick up a book youu2019ve heard a lot about, and when you start reading, youu2019re let down.

,However, there are some rare books that are totally worth the hype, and no matter when you read them, you end up loving them just as much as the reviews claim.

,If youu2019ve heard about these books and are unsure whether or not to pick them up, Iu2019d say go ahead and do it.

You wonu2019t regret starting these five popular books on BookTok and Bookstagram that are totally worth the hype.


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins ReidTaylor Jenkins Reid does a fabulous job of showing the struggles of being a woman in Hollywood in the 80s, of the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, and the toll it takes on oneu2019s mental health and personal relationships.

,The book is a brilliant portrayal of a strong female character and stays true to its premise.

While the final reveal didnu2019t come as too much of a shocker, I believe everyone should read this book for the brilliant portrayal of the travails of everyday life and the miracles love can bring about.

,Purchase the book here.


Ninth House by Leigh BardugoI was certainly in two minds about reading this, especially because I hadnu2019t enjoyed Bardugou2019s writing in Shadow and Bone.

But this dark and delicious adult fantasy blew my mind.

,This book isnu2019t necessarily for everyone, but if youu2019re interested in dark academia and fantasy, youu2019ll definitely love reading it.

,Purchase the book here.


Boyfriend Material by Alexis HallI read this book because of the hype it generated on Bookstagram.

Every reader was talking about it, which, to be completely honest, lowered my expectations.

I thought this would be a light breezy YA romance with all fluff and no substance.

,But damn, did this book surprise me!,To say I loved this book would be an understatement.

But of late, Iu2019ve read so many great books, that I feel I end up saying this on almost every review.

Whichever way you look at it u2014 thereu2019s a whole bunch of amazing authors I have not yet come across, and Alexis Hall might well have been on the top of that list for his outstanding talent!,Purchase the book here.


An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa TahirSabaa Tahir creates one of the most dramatic, drawn-out, angsty romance of two characters you want to be together so bad, you almost wish you could be transported to their world so you could tell them how theyu2019re perfect together and how much they belong with each other.

,Even if you donu2019t enjoy YA romance fantasy, youu2019ll enjoy the magic, the plot, the pacing, the politics, and the intricacies of this world.

And youu2019ll definitely love the sparks that fly between the characters in one of the most well-written books I recently read.

,Purchase the book here.


Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon SandersonMistborn is probably the most talked-about book on BookTube.

But itu2019s so good, that itu2019s one of the first few books I recommend whenever someone asks me for fantasy book recommendations.

,Special mention to the delicious logic in the u201cmagicu201d and the edge-of-the-seat action sequences.

The author specializes in them and throws in just enough of them to make the book a treat.

,Purchase the book here.

,For detailed reviews, read the full article here:,,For more book reviews, follow me on Goodreads.

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How to pose with books

When I first started getting into photography, I looked into books on how to pose people.

There were books containing line drawings of various poses, and some that featured real models.

,I didnu2019t find any of them to be useful.

,The biggest resource is free and continually updated.

When I want to find inspiration and shoot ideas, I turn to sites like Fashion Gone Rogue and browse campaigns and editorials.

Magazines like W are good for this also.

,Youu2019re not going to see these in any book.

Posing for the sake of posing wonu2019t be helpful.

A great pose that doesnu2019t fit the intent of the shot, just wonu2019t feel right.

,I agree that posing help is valuable when working with inexperienced models, but you could just show them a few magazine editorials as visual reference if theyu2019re having trouble.

,The problem with poses are, a photoshoot (especially a fashion-centric one), is not a static entity.

Itu2019s a fluid journey.

You shoot with the tide in a symbiotic relationship.

Model + Photographer.

At least thatu2019s how I try to approach it.

Iu2019ve seen and worked with a few models who had trouble relaxing, and I know that pushing them into a pose would have resulted in some terribly stiff and uncomfortable shots.

,Fashion photography is more about attitude than it is about posing.


How to photograph rare books


,Many years ago, a former partner took me to a library in Canada for my birthday.

Sheu2019d arranged for the library to let us see their first edition, first printing of Robert Hookeu2019s Micrographia: or Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses.

With Observations and Inquiries Thereupon, a rare book printed in 1665.

,This book is filled with breathtaking illustrations of natural things seen through a very early microscope.

,Robert Hooke was a fantastic illustrator, and the book is quite extraordinary.

,We were taken to a special room to see it, and had to wear gloves to touch it.

We werenu2019t allowed to photograph it, which is a damn shame; modern reproductions cannot do justice to how exquisite it is.