What is the best project management tool?

Top 10 project management software

As a project manager, youu2019re juggling dozens if not hundreds or thousands of tasks every week.

Youu2019re a crucial part of your teamu2019s success, and you donu2019t have the liberty of allowing action items to leak through the cracks in broken processes.

,Unfortunately, many project management tools are not adaptable enough for different methodologies.

Introducing mondayu2024com: the no-code platform allows you to build the perfect project management solution for your team.

,Try for free (Free forever.

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Because the board will have been completely designed for you, you know your team will actually love using it.

,Both u201cbest in classu201d and the u201centerprise suite,u201d monday.

com is robust enough for over 100,000 companies to run complex workflows with the agility of a small team.

Asana vs Monday

As a PM, you know its not about software.

But the right tools can easily 10x your and your teams productivity.

,Here are my favorite product management tools that Ive used as an entrepreneur and as a PM.

,A quick note: people focus too much on project management software.

Thats part of it, but theres more to product management than Jira or Asana.

My 4 core PM software categories are:Project management,Brainstorming and whiteboarding,Customer research and analytics,Communication,There are also additional types of tools that I rely on as a PM often:Design,Development,Data visualization,CRM,Automation,Roadmapping,Collaboration,Customer support,And here are my favorite tools:,Project management toolsMy favorites: Jira, Confluence.

As a PM, this is where youll spend most of your time other than Slack doing things like:,Writing PRDs, user stories, or specs.

,Collaborating and tracking your teams performance.

,Documenting processes (via SOPs or otherwise) etc.

,I spent years cycling through Trello, Basecamp, Asana, Wrike, and so many others.

Lately, I gave ClickUp and Monday a spin.

,And I still think Jira and Confluence are the best overall (and Productboard is great for roadmapping).

,Heres what I like about Jira and Confluence in particular:,They work great for both small and large teams.

,The latest versions are pretty user-friendly.

,They offer all the core features a PM needs.

,Atlassian might not be fancy, but being a PM isnt about being fancy, its about being efficient.

,Whiteboard and brainstorming toolsMy favorite: Miro.

This is my favorite category of software, its where I spend most of my time by myself or collaborating with my team.

,And Miro is the only whiteboarding tool Ill ever use.

,I discovered Miro years ago and Ive been using it for literally everything:,Brainstorming things.

,Sketching and wireframing.

,Discussing code and design revisions.

,Drafting flowcharts, preparing presentations, and much more.

,And Miro isnt just for professional use only, I also use it for my personal projects.

,Heres why I like Miro:,Its very lightweight and intuitive.

,Its incredibly flexible and powerful.

,Its great for professional and personal use.

,There are alternative solutions like InVision Freehand and Figmas FigJam, but Miro is my top choice.

,Customer research and analytics toolsMy favorites: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Data Studio.

Great products are about the customer, so this tool category is crucial.

,When I think customer research, I think a few categories of software:,Web and mobile analytics to observe users behavior.

,Marketing and social media analytics for marketing and social listening.

,User interview, usability testing, and survey tools to interact directly with users.

,Business analytics and data visualization software to be more efficient with data.

,You dont always need all the tools in these categories, but its good to know them.

,As a PM, Ill use different analytics tools for different purposes:Google Analytics is my go-to analytics solution.

,Hotjar is my choice for heatmaps.

,Firebase is an option for in-app analytics.

,Google Data Studio or Tableau are great for data visualization.

,When it comes to surveys and usability, I prefer:Google Forms or SurveyMonkey for basic surveys.

,Qualtrics as a full-blown experience management tool.

,UserTesting or UserZoom for usability testing.

,And are hundreds more, from Mixpanel and Heap to CDPs like Segment and Amplitude and beyond.

Pick whatever works best for you!,Just remember: talking to your users is important, but so is observing them from the sidelines.

So is dogfooding.

No analytics tool will give you all the answers.

,Communication, collaboration, video conferencingMy favorites: Slack, Google Meet.

Learn to love your communication tools because youll be living inside them 24/7.

,Just kidding, well have regulation against this.

But really, get used to them.

,Two main categories here:,Business communication, e.


Slack and Teams.

,Video conferencing, e.


Zoom and Google Meet.

,My picks are Slack and Google Meet.

I like Slack.

Growing up with IRC is probably why.

In fact, Ive found Slack to be a great way to get things done fast.

You DM someone on the other side of the world and get your answer right away.

Email? Ew.

,As long as Im not expected to be available immediately, Slack is good.

Same with Zoom/Meet.

Its a great way to get your team together and get something cool done, its the useless meetings that are annoying.

,Tools are not the problem, the culture is.

,Other helpful tools and closing thoughtsAnd then theres everything else!,Here are a few other software categories I think are useful to PMs, along with some of my preferences:,Design and prototyping: Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD.

,Development and CI/CD: VS Code, Git, Jenkins, AWS, Sentry (and 100s more).

,CRM: Close CRM, Pipedrive, Salesforce.

,Collaboration and automation: Google Suite, Airtable, Zapier, IFTTT.

,Customer support: Zendesk, Intercom, Drift.

,I dont always need them as a PM, but I enjoy using them because:,Knowing Figma lets me collaborate with the designers.

,Knowing VS Code, Git and AWS lets me work with the developers.

,Knowing Airtable and Zapier lets me build powerful automations, and so on.

,Tools wont make you the best product manager, but they will surely make you a better one.

,And thatu2019s the list!,If youu2019re curious, Iu2019ve published a more in-depth version of this answer on my website - please feel free to drop by:

Monday project management free

In our material about 5 business apps to manage a company better, we have looked into a few project management apps:,Teamwork Projects - an advanced, scalable project management app to help you manage plans and responsibilities,Teamwork is an extremely functional app to manage your projects as it enables you to create and manage particular tasks, assign team members or attach necessary files.

,However, it is way more than only project management as it lets you create detailed charts and reports and enhances your projects with social experience, showing what your team members work on, in the companyu2019s news dashboard.

,Teamwork has built-in time tracking app, so you will also know which how much time you spend on particular tasks.

,Trello - u200aprobably the most popular, simple and free project management app,Trello is an app which is probably known to most of you.

Itu2019s neat, simple and straightforward and might actually be enough if youu2019re not looking for more advanced functionalities in your project management process.

,Monday - a functional and easily customizable project management app,Monday.

com is quite an interesting app to help you manage your projects and the way it works turns out to be especially useful for consulting businesses.

,With Monday.

com, you can set different tasks and easily set their status.

So e.


you can do very overall project management for your clients (e.


for M&A advisory: Teaser -> NDA -> Info Memo -> due diligence -> SPA) but you can also create separate boards for each client going pretty much into projectu2019s details, e.


managing the list of your potential investors.

,For more project management apps, you can visit picksaas.

com, where we look into multiple apps to grow businesses.

Free project management software

Project management can be a difficult task, right from finding the best tool, planning the project to estimating the budget.

While there is a huge development in technology every day, it has become more complex to find a simple solution.

Project management is evolving into a new era where a need for simple project management software is very crucial for managers.

,Many project management tools have become so strenuous that there are N number of features that we rarely use, over-designed view, yet they do not have the user interface.

This makes the job of a project manager very difficult.

Not every person who uses a tool is a certified project manager or has a great knowledge of it.

There are many conventional/ Non- project managers who use a PM tool to manage their work.

,Kissflow Project tool:,Kissflow project management tool is one of them.

This tool is ultimately built for the Non-project managers who have zero knowledge about what Project management is, yet they can manage the projects using simple tools like this.

It has minimal features yet the required ones.

So you pay for what you use, nothing extra.

,If keeping a tool simple is an Art, then the Kissflow project tool is the artist of it.

I have tried many tools like Asana, Trello, etc.

Everything in them is worth buying except the fact that we pay for what we donu2019t use.

They have plenty of features that make the tool tough and complex to use.

But when I had my hands on the Kissflow project tool, it was very easy to use and straightforward.

I started with a free plan since it was a small team project and it covered all the requirements.

,But if you need more features, then you need to pay for them.

They have 4 plans according to the needs and size of the team.

,This tool cannot be compared in terms of features with others, but if you are looking for a tool that is simple to use and free, then the Kissflow project tool will be my preference.

,Merci,,Emma Cox.