What are the best high-end and mid-range phone deals on Amazon Republic Day sale 2022?

Best mid range phones 2022

Amazon Great Republic day sale is back again, and this year Amazon is providing huge discounts on Mid-Range and High-end smartphones.

,If you are thinking to change your smartphone, this would be the right time for you.

,You will get up to 40% off on Smartphones during this Amazon sale 2022.

,The big brands like Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Redmi, iQoo, Realme, Vivo, and Oppo have dropped their smartphones price that you can easily get.

,So in this video, I am going to list you the best mid-range and Flagship smartphones you can get with 40% discounts during this Amazon Republic Day sale 2022.

,These are a few smartphones both from the high-end and mid-range smartphone you can grab at a huge discount.

Best battery life phone 2022

If you are looking for a phone with decent battery life, you may consider oneplus 9.

However, it is slightly on the pricier side.

You can buy any phone within your budget and use a power bank to ensure that you never face low battery problems with your smartphone.

Best iPhone for battery life 2022

iPhone 13.

Best iPhone for most people.

$829 at Amazon.

,iPhone 13 Pro.

Best iPhone overall.

$1,099 at Amazon.

,iPhone 12 and 12 Mini.

Best iPhone value.

$819 at Amazon.

,iPhone 13 Mini.

Best small iPhone.

$729 at Amazon.

,iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Best battery life.

Basic phone with longest battery life

In my opinion.



,Oukitel 10000 has the biggest battery life.

,,u200bnIt might not be the slimmest or fastest phone in the world but its battery backup is amazing.

With moderate use (web surfing, gaming, music, or anything not in excess) it can run for 5-6 days and with light usage it can run for 11 days! ,,,nIf you want to know where to buy just tell your country and I will give you the website.

,,,nLets be in touch, follow me here on quora and ask me about android, windows, phones, tablets, programming, hardware, game development and tech.

Android phone with best camera and battery life

Depends on your thresholds and expectations,All the major flagships at the moment have top-notch cameras - S22/Plus/Ultra, Pixel 6/Pro, Vivo X80 Pro.

They have their strengths and weaknesses, like the Vivo exceeds at extreme stabilization but the color profile is often too saturated, the Pixel excels at extreme situations like very dark photos or where HDR is needed but sucks at video, the Samsung is more all-round and fixes video and is a GOD at zoom.

nSo choose what you need.

,With battery too, all give one-day battery, at which point you donu2019t need to care about which is better and just plug in at night.

Take the Pro/Ultra versions of these if you want the extra peace of mind, and all have battery saver modes anyway