Why are printers the only technology that never works?

Color Laser Printer with Scanner and Copier

Because thatu2019s what people have demanded.

,The common u201chome printeru201d is an all in one copier/printer/scanner that prints in color, has a wireless router built in, and costs $100.

,Pretty impressive, yes?,Of course note that u201cWorks reliablyu201d isnu2019t on the list.

People get what they ask for.

,Years and years ago, my family bought a black and white laser printer.

It doesnu2019t have wireless, doesnu2019t print in color, yet has worked for years with basically zero issue.

And on the rare occasion I need something printed in color, thereu2019s a staples down the street that I can walk to, if so inclined.

The reality is that we almost never need a color print.

(Or I want photo quality that home printers canu2019t do anyway).

,Hereu2019s the deal: Donu2019t buy an inkjet printer if you want a reliable printer (unless you know exactly what you are doingu2026 and you donu2019t).

Making an inkjet at an affordable price requires a stupendous number of design compromises that make them unreliable and stupidly expensive per page.

Iu2019ll argue that in spite of their higher costs, color laser printers are much simpler than cheap ink jets are, and that makes them more reliableu2026 And of course, B/W lasers are even simpler.

,But all printers are shockingly complicated bits of kit, with countless mechanical parts that have to work under less than ideal conditions with exceptional repeatable accuracy, and with a user base that basically never performs any sort of maintenance on them.

HP Laser Printer Scanner copier

Typically lasers are cheaper to run than ink-jets, and amongst lasers Brother has about half the page cost of HP.

If you want an LED printer then OKI claims a low page cost also.

hp laser printer all-in-one

Connections, Software, and SecurityThe M479fdws standard connectivity consists of Gigabit Ethernet, 802.

11b/g/n Wi-Fi, USB, and Wi-Fi Direct, the last being a peer-to-peer protocol that allows you to connect mobile devices to the printer without either them or it being part of the same network.

In addition to Wi-Fi Direct, other mobile connectivity options include Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint, HP Smart App, Mobile Apps, and Mopria.

,Smart App is HPs cross-platform combination driver/value-added interface.

One way it attempts to streamline your interaction with the AIO is by providing a similar interface across the Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms it runs on.

You also get HP Smart Tasks, a collection of customizable workflow profilesu2014such as for scanning with your smartphone or printing from specific cloud sitesu2014that you access from customizable shortcuts inside HP Smart App.

,Security is fairly straightforward, consisting of the standard network authentication and encryption protocols, in addition to Secure Print for assigning personal identification numbers (PINs) to sensitive documents to lock out prying eyes.

You also get department ID authentication for controlling which features, such as color printing, are allowed for which users.

,A suite of embedded security features helps protect the Color LaserJet Pro MFP from being an entry point for attacks, and the optional HP JetAdvantage Security Manager lets you set configuration parameters and thwart potential attacks, taking immediate action with instant notifications of security issues.

Laser Printer All-in-One

An all-in-one laser printers are superior to an inkjet printer in all respects unless money is no object.

Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids by the ounce than almost any other liquid.

Toner is cheep compared to ink by any measure.

,If you really need color.

Buy an all-in-one black and white laser printer and a cheep color printer (not multi-function) for color.

If you need to print photographs and require personal control of the results, buy an additional color photo printer that is dedicated solely to that purpose and recognize that it will cost you more per print than a photo lab will charge.

I have multiple photo printers I bought when I was a working professional because it was a necessary and it made good business sense.