My Blue Yeti is plugged in and turned on, but wont show up as a microphone and wont work. Im on Windows 10. How do I fix this?

Blue Yeti drivers Windows 10

You may need to contact Blue for an upgrade.

My Blue Snowflake wouldnu2019t work with Windows 10.

I contacted them for a new driver and they sent me a new mic.

Blue Yeti firmware

Iu2019m told you can do it and have done it with a powered lightening to USB camera adapter, but while the sound is magnificent, I get a popping sound when using it with the camera on my iPhone 12 and have tried dozens of work arounds and none have worked so far.

(Any solutions?),I have tried: upgrading all firmware, changing all cables, replacing the adapter, adding a pop guard, moving the mic further from my piano, erasing files from the phone, reducing the quality the recording, etc.