Is it ever too late for someone to learn how to program?

Is it too soon to move in together after 3 months

Im going to play devils advocate here.

,Yes, its too late for you.

,There was a time when you were younger that it didnt occur to you to ask permission to learn.

You dont need much to learn programming, but you do need that, and you dont have it anymore.

,So consider: a Chromebook costs $300.

Given a small bit of work, you can download a much better set of software onto it (crouton).

Given that and some connectivity, you have access --- for free --- to (almost) exactly the same set of tools professional programmers use, and the documentation that explains those tools, and examples of how to use the tools, and commentary on top of commentary on how exactly those tools can be used to the best effect.

,The only difficult decision is figuring out where to wade in and start learning, and while there are better choices, there really arent any bad ones.

You can do this on your own, in your own time and on your own schedule.

The only other thing you need is a quiet place to think.

If you want to triple your productivity, get together with a few friends and learn,But you cant have the habit of asking permission to learn.

If you think its unseemly or embarrassing to be learning new things that students half your age have already mastered, dont bother starting (because soon enough youll get to the point where youre learning things that students a third of your age have already mastered).

,As to your second question: a degree in computer science will not teach you how to program.

Think of it in terms of a science rather than a medical degree: a computer scientist thinks about classes of programs, operating systems, and machines.

A programmer thinks about the program, operating system and machine in front of her.

,Programmers are self-taught.

Figure out how to draw fractals on your screen.

Then figure out how to do it quickly.

At that point, go and get an MS in computer science.

Youll have the credential and be ahead of the folks who have just an BS and similar experience.

,I started my PhD in my mid-30s and finished my postdoc at age 42.

It wasnt until I started reading Quora that I understood some people might have questions about whether I was too old to do that.

Is 9 months too soon to move in together

My buddy (as I refer to her sometimes) came at the perfect time in my life.

,Actually, any time would have been ok but I do know that having a child in my 20s and 30s would have been too soon for me.

I donu2019t think I was mentally ready.

,PROS:We go shopping together, go out for dinner when momu2019s away, make music videos and have photo sessions.

We make forts out of bedsheets and weave imaginary stories together.

,I basically have an awesome excuse NOT to act my age.

Iu2019ve been reborn.

,CONS:The only thing I can think of is that I worry about trying to stay healthy.

I donu2019t have any health problems to speak of and I get my yearly checkups.

,Iu2019m going to keep on preserving memories and creating new ones for us.

I want to be around long enough to see her become a young, strong, and independent woman.

Sheu2019s well on her way already.

,,~ 9 months old, having Dim Sum.

~ Practicing for our music video while shopping last month.

She was showing me her moves in the store.

I ended up getting her the glasses.

,~ Motheru2019s day, 5/14/17 (a very rare selfie moment for me),u221e

How soon is too soon to move in together Reddit

Theory and possible proof that Spiderman Homecoming is in a different timelineu2026I believe that I have found an MCU easter egg that absolutely no one has found.

Iu2019ve searched Reddit, YouTube, Quora, Marvel wikiu2019s & fan sites, 4chan, ScreenRant, Looper, etcu2026 and no site comes close to the easter egg Iu2019ve outlined below.

In fact, this easter egg has possible wide implications for phase 4 of the MCU.

,So, with no further delay, letu2019s jump inu2026,Remember the drawing at the beginning of Spiderman Homecoming? Kind of a throw-away scene huh?,Or was it?,This is the drawing that Adrian Toomes kid, Liz, drew of the Battle of New York that occurred in The Avengers movie.

,Toomes stares at this drawing for more than seems normal for that situationu2026 (itu2019s not like he is just seeing it for the first time in this scene; I think it is safe to assume that he brought the picture from home).

,I get it though, heu2019s being made to look proud of his daughteru2019s picture, but given the u201c8 years lateru201d timeline, that makes Liz 9 or 10 when she drew that (itu2019s noted later in the movie that sheu2019s a senior in HS, therefore she is probably 17 or 18 after the fast forward), and it seems just a little off-age for such a drawing.

I think the viewers were meant to get just enough tease from this drawing that something may be different, but then soon forget itu2026,As it has already been noted by other fans, there is some dialog trickery with hiding Lizu2019s gender by using u201ckidu201d, but I believe there is much more foreshadowing in the rest of the dialog as well (more on that later).

,So, back to the drawing itselfu2026,The first thing that jumped out to me was Iron manu2019s armor.

The chest piece drawn does not match either of the two armors used in The Avengers movieu2026,First, here is the Mark VI - carried over from Iron Man 2 (chest piece is very clearly a triangle):,Then later at the Battle of New York - the second armor - the Mark VII (very clearly a circle):,How am I certain that itu2019s different in the drawing? Well, hereu2019s a closeup of Iron Man:,Notice anything funny? Yeah - that chest-piece is distinctly pentagonal.

Up to that time, no chest piece looked remotely similar.

Why would Liz draw it so clearly in that shape? Hmmu2026,So, where does such a chest piece shape appear in the MCU?,Civil War?,Looks close, but not quiteu2026,How about the Ultimate Iron Man armor that appears in Homecoming (for those who donu2019t know, this armor resembles the u201cUltimate Iron Manu201d color scheme in the comics).

But, nou2026 itu2019s a similar shape to the armor in Civil War.

,Now, letu2019s look at the chest piece from Infinity War (also confirmed in the Endgame trailers to look very similar):,Looks much closer to Lizu2019s drawing than the original two armors that appeared in The Avengers.

,Convinced that somethingu2019s odd yet? No?,Allow me to elaborateu2026 How about we move on to the eyes:,Thereu2019s a definite u201cup-turnu201d at the edges of the eyesu2026 granted, the drawing is much more pronounced, but thereu2019s still a marked difference from the armors seen in The Avengers.

Many die-hard fans have previously noted that the Infinity War armor strongly resembles the Model Prime armor from the most recent Invincible Iron Man comicsu2026 which, as you may know or guessed, has distinctly up-turned eyes (Ohu2026 and it also has shape-shifting nano-tech!):,Still not convinced? Ok - how about Iron Manu2019s arms shown in the drawing?,Some might argue that those depict the flames from Iron Manu2019s repulsors.

Well, if so, that would make his arms look awfully short and weird.

,But, you might say, this is a kidu2019s drawing, and she didnu2019t draw them quite rightu2026,Well, she did just fine with the other characters hands and armsu2026,My point is, that I believe the arms drawn are depicting the ability of the Model Prime/Nano-tech armor to change shape at will.

Combine that with the eyes and chest piece not matching, and I believe that the armor in Lizu2019s picture indicates that she saw a completely different armor than what was originally seen in The Avengers.

An armor that would not be remotely possible for her to know about at the time of the original Battle of New York.

,As some have already theorized, the events of Endgame will revisit the Battle of New York, and that the result is a different timeline.

I believe everything Iu2019ve found here confirms that Homecoming is actually set in that new timeline already (which could help clear up the u201c8 years lateru201d and other strange timeline issues noted from Homecoming - see the end of this document for a brief theory on how the events of the other movies might play out in a new timeline after a revised Battle of New York).

,However, my initial findings still needed more proofu2026,So, back to that drawing againu2026,So, what else have you noticed? Did you see Capu2019s stars? Thatu2019s right, theyu2019re black!,Now when did we first see Cap with a black staru2026?,It certainly wasnu2019t in The Avengers:,It was in Infinity War (also, again, we see this in the Endgame trailers):,Hmmu2026 interestingu2026 and, yes, I know his shield has not shown up in the MCU with a black star yet, but there is a comment in Homecoming about a u201cprototypeu201d shield.

Also, from comic canon and in the Age of Ultron, we see Capu2019s shield broken (in the MCU, that was Starku2019s Wanda-induced premonition, and in the comics, it has been broken many times).

The drawing could be foreshadowing such a break and a subsequent replacement.

,Nevertheless, letu2019s look at that drawing once againu2026 Wait, whatu2026 Hulk has red eyes?,Well, we know from Age of Ultron, Hulku2019s eyes went red when Wanda bewitched him (as did anyone under her influence):,However, Wanda got dusted in the snap.

So whatu2019s the explanation for Hulku2019s red eyes in Lizu2019s drawing from a possible revised Battle of New York? One option would be to leave it up to some possible twist in Endgame where they bring her back, or perhaps the writers initially foreshadowed Wanda being involved in Endgame, and this is just exposing a last minute script change? Or perhaps it represents the u201cmind-time-travelu201d theory that could tie-in with the use of quantum energy to communicate with their past? (In the recent Endgame trailers, there is some stylized red-shading used for effect that some have theorized that it represents the reality stone or Wandau2019s powersu2026 perhaps thatu2019s another example of foreshadowing here too?),Also, the only other time in the MCU that I can recall u201cred-eyesu201d was the use of the Extremis serum in Iron Man 3u2026 Now that would be something! Extremis Hulk!,And we know that the Extremis serum was around during this time.

Maybe they got their hands on some? If anyone could easily handle itu2019s effects, itu2019s Hulk! Maybe theyll use it maximize Hulk to levels never seen before?,Anyway, that still doesnu2019t change the fact that it is odd that red eyes show up in a drawing of the Battle of New York, before Age of Ultron, when Wanda didnu2019t have her powers yet, and when Extremis was still being kept secret.

,But wait, thereu2019s more!,Letu2019s move on to the other characters in the drawingu2026,Thor and Widow look about the same as in the original battle (though, Thoru2019s armor does look u201cdarkeru201d)u2026 but whou2019s that way over in corner? Almost under Toomesu2019 thumbu2026 almost as though we are not meant to really notice him?,Why, itu2019s Hawkeye! I thinku2026 But, somethingu2019s odd thereu2026 whereu2019s his quiver? Is he wearing ammo belts across his chest? And, could that beu2026 a sword heu2019s holding (I certainly donu2019t see a bowstring or the other end of the bowu2026 and it looks rather pointy)??,Now when have we seen Hawkeye with a sword? Oh yeah, in the Endgame trailer!,OK, NOW youu2019ve got to be convinced, right? No? You still want more? Well, alrightu2026,What about the object coming through the wormhole in the drawing?,In fact, I believe it was New Rockstars* (on YouTube) that said that it looks like a spider - in reference to this being a Spiderman movie - but spiders have 8 legs, and I have another thoughtu2026,With a little imagination, it actually reminded me of this:,Remember the Chitari command ship that Iron Man blew up with the nuke in The Avengers?,No one from Earth, but Stark, saw that ship.

It was simply too far from the wormhole for anyone to have seen it, much less a child to have then included it in her drawing.

And no, I donu2019t think the drawing resembles the Leviathan coming through.

,So, continuing the theory of a new timeline, I think the Avengers actually let, or were perhaps somehow forced (by one or more people with future knowledge) to have the battle of New York extend longer in order to draw more of Thanosu2019 army out, if not Than-the-man himself.

Hence the command ship coming through?,They could be doing this in order to weaken and/or defeat Thanos at that time (when he had zero infinity stones in the gauntlet), and therefore changing Thanosu2019 future plans.

,Finally, there are just two more odd things about the drawing:,Tendrils of fire coming out of the wormholeu2026 that didnu2019t really occur in the original battle.

Thor used his lightning, but that didnu2019t have a fire-look to it.

,Also, what are those Floating u2018Mushroomu2019 shape ships in the sky of the drawingu2026?,They donu2019t really look at all like the Chitari flying chariots.

They actually vaguely reminded me of the weird floating u201cthingsu201d seen in the final battle of Doctor Strange when he was in Dormammuu2019s Dark dimension (which, ahem, was noted several times in Dr Strange as a place beyond time).

The Ant-Man quantum realm had some curiously-similar weird shapes as well.

Maybe a reference to other dimension-interference occurring here?,OK.

I digress (sort-of.


see more below).

That just about does it with my major theories regarding the drawing.

,Thanks for reading.

,__________________________________________________________________________________,*I actually tried to pitch this writeup to New Rockstars for them to present on their channel, but they unfortunately are quite busy and declined.

Nevertheless, they are literally the ONLY place on the internet who seemed to even think that the picture itself could have some additional meaning to itu2026I just obviously think there is much more hidden here than anyone else has noted.

I like to think that there is some group of Marvel writers out there who are just dying for someone to find this!__________________________________________________________________________________,Now, if youu2019ll bear with me for just one more page, I want to highlight a few other closing observations.

,Dialog notes from Homecoming:,u201cThings are never gonna be the same now.

u201d - Toomes says this as heu2019s looking at the drawingu2026 could be a hint that this movie is in a different timeline?,u201cKidu2019s got a future.

u201d - as said by Phineas Mason, responding to Toomes comments about the drawing.

It has been mostly agreed that the use of u201ckidu201d is a pronoun dialog tool to hide the later reveal of Toomesu2019 u201ckidu201d being Liz.

This also could be the writersu2019 subtle double-meaning hint that Spiderman is the u201ckidu201d in this dialog, and could be referring to him dying in Infinity War, but now he wonu2019t in this alternate timeline?,Then, Toomesu2019 response to u201cKidu2019s got a futureu201du2026 isu2026 u201cYeah, wellu2026 weu2019ll see, I guess.

u201dIf someone were to compliment one of my kidsu2019 artwork, I wouldnu2019t respond like thatu2026 then again, Toomes is a jerk and definitely makes a fast jump from a small businessman trying to do some good, honest work, to an international criminal as soon as he hits a rough patch.

I say u201cinternationalu201d because itu2019s implied that he is dealing with stolen materials from all over - i.


a sub-Ultron arm from Sokovia (which also means that event still happens u2014 i.


see my other theories at the end)u2026,Anyway, that line could also be another way at hinting that Toomes is still going to later try to kill Peter (continuing on, and further reinforcing the assumption that u201ckidu201d is a double hint about Peter).

,Stark, and several others throughout the movie, all seem to enjoy calling Peter u201ckidu201d as well.

,Certainly, inferring all of the above into the dialog could be seen as stretching for some verbal gymnastics, but as I noted, the writers are already playing the pronoun game with Toomesu2019 daughter, so whatu2019s to stop them from taking the dialog game even further?,Other time-travel notes (many of these have been noted by other fans, but they seem to gain new meaning as this proof comes out that Homecoming may be in a new timeline):,The slightly different action scenes from Peteru2019s self-documentary during the Civil War battle vs.

what was actually seen in the Civil War.

Which, given this whole theory, could be because itu2019s a different timeline and therefore the battle happened slightly differently?,No significant ending scene: Again, because itu2019s a different timeline and they donu2019t want to spoil that fact yet?,Reference to Miles Morales via Donald Glover as the Prowler u2014 Which is a possible foreshadowing of the u201cSpiderman into the Spider-verseu201d movie, and perhaps a hint that this movie (Homecoming) has a similar timeline/alternate reality shift?,Also, Donald Gloveru2019s character makes a time reference in his first scene (when trying to buy a gun): u201cI need something to stick up somebody.

Iu2019m not trying to shoot them back in time.

u201dThoru2019s belt u201cMegingjordu201d suddenly appears as a casual reference?? Hmmmu2026 maybe in their time travels, they brought the belt back/or somehow knew to look for it in order for Thor to use in the Battle of New York - possibly to increase his strength to defeat Thanos at that time? Or is it being kept safe for a later battle with Thanos?,Tonyu2019s mixup about Peteru2019s age: Stark calls him 14 during their discussion on the rooftop after the ferry incident, and Peter corrects him that he is actually 15 - another hint at differing timelines?,Tonyu2019s strange protective behavior of Peteru2026 could this be because this Tony was from the future/alternate timeline/or somehow had memories/premonitions of the future where Peter gets dusted? The pain of that could just be too much for him and thus the over-protection.

,Final thoughtsu2026,Certainly, many of the theories have been noted before, but when combined with this new easter egg, I truly believe that this opens up a whole new discussion.

,Now, I also donu2019t believe that any such u201crevised Battle of New Yorku201d in Endgame will feature the characters as exactly drawn in the picture (thereu2019s far too much that happens in movie production with writing, artistic license, and costume changes).

But, what I do believe is that Marvel placed these hints in the drawing in order to make it clear to anyone who finds them, that there will be a very different battle than what we saw in the original Avengers movie, and it will be a pivotable moment in Endgame.

,And to wrap this up, Iu2019ll leave you with thisu2026 (which Iu2019m sure you know already, but again, with new evidence, comes new meaning).

Thanks for reading.

,Marvel themselves have been vague about clearing up the events of Homecoming.

Given the official stance below (as found on Wikipedia): https://en.


org/wiki/List_of_Marvel_Cinematic_Universe_filmsHomecoming is strangely still left out of it.

I believe the reason is because there will be a big reveal that will use the time travel events of Endgame to set Homecoming in a different timeline, splitting at the point of the Battle of New York, as foreshadowed by the clues I have noted herein.

,__________________________________________________________________________________,As referenced in my write-up above, hereu2019s my quick side-theory about what could happen after the events of a u201crevisedu201d Battle of New York, but still provide for the referenced events (Civil War, Age of Ultron, etc.

) in Homecoming to occur in a new timeline:Events of Iron Man 3 would still happen but with maybe fewer armors and slightly less PTSD? Although, Iu2019d still be concerned about alien invasions if I were Tony Stark (Thanos isnu2019t the only space baddy out there), and AIM would still be around doing bad thingsu2026 i.


hiring fake u201cMandarinsu201d to cover up secret super-soldier plots.

Or as I noted above, maybe Stark foiled this plan earlier in order to get some Extremis serum to u201cupgradeu201d Hulk? I donu2019t see this affecting Homecoming though.

Thor 2 may happen differently depending on how Loki and the Infinity stones are handled in Endgame during the potential revised Battle of New Yorku2026 Nevertheless, Malekith will probably still awaken - so Thor will have to deal with him, but Lokiu2019s fate could be much different, or it might not change at all.

Doesnu2019t matter thoughu2026 this doesnu2019t affect Homecoming in any way I can see.

I think Winter Soldier will still play out the same, unless the whole time-travel thing exposes Hydra sooneru2026 or more possibly, even later, (if they get more cautious)u2026 and thus a possible extension to the timeline that we see in Homecoming? Nevertheless, itu2019s still highly likely that Winter Soldier/Bucky will make an appearance - which will eventually lead to the events of Civil War (the fact that he killed the elder Starks wonu2019t change).

On to Guardians 1u2026 again, depending on how the stones are treated with the potential time travel and a revised Battle of New York, this could change a lot, but it wonu2019t affect the possible new timeline for Homecoming that Iu2019m theorizing about here.

Next is Age of Ultronu2026 in order for my theory to work, we still have to assume that Ultron was created (e.


in Homecoming, Toomesu2019 crew shows Donald Gloveru2019s character a weapon made from a sub-Ultron arm u201cdirect from Sokoviau201d as they put it).

I donu2019t think that it is too far off to assume that Stark will still be concerned about protecting the world, and still mistakenly create Ultron.

Also, factions of Hydra will still have been running around playing with Shieldu2019s secret weapons (though events surrounding Lokiu2019s staff with the mind stone might change).

The timeline for this story could also push out a little (as noted above - maybe Hydra gets more cautious) thus giving even more credence to the mis-aligned time in Homecoming.

I donu2019t really see Ant-Man changing.

The Yellowjacket suit is still being marketed to the baddies - to which Pym will still feel obligated to stop.

After that, we get to Civil War.

The Sokovia Accords would still be happening.

Zemo would still be pissed about his family and set up Cap vs.

Iron Man, while also dragging the Black Panther into it.

Of course, then we also see Spiderman come into the story as well.

After that, I think the events of Doctor Strange will still occur, but even if they play out differently, I donu2019t see it affecting Homecoming.

As for Guardians 2u2026 see my comments on Guardians 1 above.

Nevertheless, Ego is still out there looking for his battery/I mean, son.

However, I somehow still think that the Guardians will still get together, but thatu2019s another thread - and it doesnu2019t affect my Homecoming theory here either.

And lastly, that brings us back to Spiderman: Homecoming with a slightly different timeline.

,*Update* 4/11/19First of all, thanks for everyoneu2019s feedback, encouraging words, upvotes, and shares.

(I have even already been plagiarized - which honestly, is a weird kind of a complimentu2026 not that I agree, mind you, but I suppose it is validation of sorts.

),If you want to share this, all I ask is that you link it back here (I have actually posted it myself to Reddit & Twitter now, so link it there too if thatu2019s where you found it)u2026,Iu2019m also making this update to fix a few minor typos and to address a few of the recurring questions and critical comments:,Regarding the general statement that u201citu2019s just a kidu2019s drawing, of course a kid would draw it wrongu201du2026 I counter that with the fact that this is an easter egg, not a real kidu2019s drawing.

Easter eggs are purposely planted clues/secrets by the writers or directors of a movie.

Most likely this was drawn by an adult involved in the movieu2019s story.

If you take that perspective, then the u201ckidu2019s drawingu201d argument fades.

Such an author of that drawing would know exactly how the characters looked in the original Battle of New York.

Such a person would have enough knowledge of details to make just enough changes in the drawing so a quick glance would not grab attention, but a detailed view would raise eyebrows.

If you accept the Hawkeye/Ronin clue (which appears to be thing that convinces most people), then I postulate that logically, you should accept that the whole drawing and all the other character oddities are clues as well.

,Regarding the argument that u201cthe story for Endgame was not complete at the time of this drawing appearing in Homecoming, so thereu2019s no way they are foreshadowing Endgameu201du2026 I counter that with u201cHow do you know that? Do you work for Marvel and have intimate knowledge of their storylines?u201d Kevin Feige has confirmed that they already have the next 5 years of the MCU plannedu2026 And given the complexity of the MCU already, which has had to take a huge amount of coordination to achieve the success that they have to this pointu2026 I would emphatically say that, Yes - they probably had a very strong idea of the direction they were heading for Endgame long before Homecoming was edited and released.

,Regarding the u201c8 years lateru201d being confirmed a mistake by Marvelu2026 I counter that it was only finally answered after the writers/directors were pressed for an official answer.

Marvel has been know to be very secretive about the MCU, so why not throw some ambiguity on this and let some people think itu2019s a mistake, but then answer it jokingly (which the Russou2019s did)? Additionally, Kevin Feige himself has even been evasive about answering this questionu2026 IMO, they are purposely making this unclear.

Why else would they be hiding all the in-movie dates in Spider-Man Far From Home? (i.


fans have noted in the trailers, Peteru2019s passport doesnu2019t show a year).

,As for u201cwhat about Thoru2019s hair and hammer in the drawingu2026 they look the same as in the original battleu201du2026 Yes, I am aware that Thor is not shown differently in the drawing.

Perhaps there is something else going on with Thor in this scenario that we are not privy to yet? Perhaps this is the original Thor and not one who time-traveled? Recent reports say the Avengers split into separate teams in Endgameu2026 Or perhaps time-travel brought Mjolnir back? Perhaps time-travel changes a person back to what they looked like at that time? We really donu2019t know though.



Thatu2019s why I didnu2019t include him in my theory above.

There wasnu2019t much to say about him in the drawing other than his armor looks darker (which does seem to flow with how his armor looks darker in the Endgame trailers).

However, I have pointed out the oddities I see, and connected some dots with logic as best as I could.

As has been noted by many, there is also a very weird reference to Thoru2019s magic belt (Megingjord) in Homecoming, so I believe there may be something odd going on with that.

Thor has other abilities from comic-canon that have yet to appear in the MCUu2026 so maybe weu2019ll see some more interesting stuff from him? Weu2019ve seen Thoru2019s ability to disguise his hammer (i.


as an umbrella in Ragnorok)u2026 so maybe thereu2019s a reason he needs to temporarily disguise Stormbreaker when/if he time travels? Stormbreaker did almost kill Thanos (if only heu2019d gone for the headu2026) As for Megingjord itselfu2026 How would Happy and Stark know that it is Thoru2019s magic belt unless Thor himself confirmed it was his? Itu2019s not like Stark found it and said to himself u201coh, look here, this is a strange looking artifactu2026 must be Thoru2019s magic beltu201d.

So why in the world would this belt be on Earth at the time of Homecoming when we havenu2019t seen or heard of it before? Thor didnu2019t seem to be using it against Ultron or Malekithu2026 so when else would this belt have surfaced?,Finally, as for saying my answer is too long and convoluted, I would replace u201cconvolutedu201d with u201ccomplexu201d, and then Iu2019d agree with you.

,I want a story that involves time travel to be complex.

I am attempting to explain a complex topic, therefore, my answer is complex.

Far too many time-travel stories fall flat when they donu2019t sweat the details.

I truly expect a lot from Marvel if they are going to tackle time-travel.

,I, along with millions of other fans, are hoping they get this right!

How soon is too soon to say I love you

The question of when to say u201cI love youu201d in a relationship is a contentious one.

In the many conversations Iu2019ve had on the topic, the consensus seems to be that three months in is the sweet spot.

But that feels like a lifetime to me.

In all my serious relationships, the L-word was dropped closer to three weeks.

And at the risk of sounding delusional, I often feel like Iu2019m in love with someone after, like, three days.

,I get that declaring love in less time than it takes to get over a cold seems deranged.

You donu2019t want u201cI love youu201d to feel like the emotional equivalent of drunk sexu2014reckless, overeager, and hangover-inducing.

But strategically withholding it to achieve some arbitrary u201cappropriateu201d benchmark feels depressing.

If the goal is to be truthful and vaguely sane, when is the right time to say u201cI love youu201d?,My worst u201cI love youu201d story is from back in my early 20u2019s.

Tragically, it was one of those u2018I like you more than you like meu2019 situations, and I couldnu2019t work up the courage to vomit my feelings onto his chip stained sheets without guaranteed reciprocation.

But after four months, while in a post-sex haze, it all came rushing out.

His response was simply: u201cUh-huh.

u201d We went on to date for two more years.

The word u201cloveu201d was never mentioned again.

,My most recent u201cI love youu201d was directed at my current boyfriend.

We started dating a little over a year ago, and I vividly remember driving home after our first date and thinking, Oh no.

I had that sinking feelingu2014the one that says, this person can really fuck me up.

For me, falling in love often feels ominous, because thereu2019s so much potential for hurt, rejection, and loss.

Like, even if it all works out exactly as you hoped, youu2019re both eventually going to die, most likely not simultaneously.

,We said u201cI love youu201d after six dates.

Fast, even by my impetuous standards.

He said it first, and I loved him even more for saying it.

Whatu2019s braver than saying u201cI love youu201d first? But inevitably, the following day I couldnu2019t help but think, Wait.



are we insane?! Is this just manic infatuation? Which leads to yet another question: How do you know if you actually love someone, or if youu2019re just high AF on dopamine and cum?

How soon is too soon to move on after a breakup

The day we choose to start living for ourselves, for the people in our lives who love us unconditionally.

,For the ones who stood by us throughout those vulnerable hoursu2014 making sure we arent giving up no matter what.

,But having said that, putting together our broken pieces and starting all over, is the most challenging task.

,Yet, if we make up our mind to not let those memories take charge upon our breathing.

Alas! We have found the answeru2014 u201cHow soon is too soonu201d to move on!,If weve ever felt for someone deeply, madly and most importantlyu2014 earnestly.

Trust me, overcoming that void is no less than aiming to climb the mighty Everest.

,Trying to find a procedure to erase those once beautiful moments arent humanly possible.

We have to live with it.

,The only difference will be to gain the strength to push it in the dungeon of darkness in our soul.

That it could no longer control us, our present and our future.

,It will be a gradual process.

We can in fact count our baby steps.

However, what matters is the intention to come out stronger, wiser, humble and even more grounded.

Is it too soon to move in together quiz

Yes, itu2019s perfectly normal u2014 assuming that sheu2019s hoping to move in permanently at some point.

,Consider this a trial living situation, even if itu2019s not one that youu2019ve agreed to in advance.

,I give her a lot of credit.

By making herself indispensable, sheu2019s setting up the possibility for the two of you to become a permanent couple.

,Clever girl.

,From u2192 Moving in Together: How Soon is Too Soon?u201cAre You and Your Significant Other Ready to Move In Together? Take the quiz and find out!u201du201cWhile cheaper rent, half the chores and sharing close quarters with your significant other may seem like a dream, moving in together too soon could cause rental regrets.

Thatu2019s why Rent.

com surveyed 1,000 cohabitating renters to find out if you should keep separate pads until youu2019ve tied the knot or if is it important to u201ctry it before you buy it.

u201d,u201cAccording to the survey, 27%of respondents said they moved in with their partner after dating for less than six months u2013 even though only 7% of renters recommend making that jump so quickly! In fact, 18% didnu2019t think couples should move in together until after marriage.

,u201cSo, when is the right time to move in together? The majority of the renters we surveyed said 6 months to a year was the perfect amount of time to date before shacking up.

u201d,u201cHere are a few additional survey highlights:,u201cThe #1 thing renters said they wished they discussed before moving in was how to divide their finances!,u201cDifferences in cleaning habits are the biggest hurdle of moving in together for more than u00bc of renters.

Only 11% said they discussed divvying up chores like vacuuming and scrubbing the toilet before they signed their leases!,u201cSay goodbye to girlsu2019 night outu2013 63% said they rarely (if ever) have a night out with just their friends.

,u201cOn the upside, 32% said the biggest benefit to moving in together was finding out if their significant other was u201cthe one.


How soon to move in with so

Who is to say?,A long time ago, my girlfriend of only about six weeks asked me to move in with her.

,We were both university students, living off government allowances.

I had had lots of girlfriends but really only one seriously lasting relationship, and had never cohabited with my partner.

She had (shes two years older).

I was in love and impulsive.

It was probably a stupid and irresponsible thing to do.

,I regret nothing.

That woman is still my partner ~16 years later.

In 2008 our son was born.

,Right now we have just finished dinner and watched Rampage.

,Now were watching Piranha 3D.

Red flags before moving in together

As ive learned from past abuse at the hands of my ex LEAVE HIM NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE