What would happen if the Chaos Gods could only be fed by positive emotions?

Disconnecting from games but internet is fine

The 41st millennium would become a much less interesting and fun place to be for a start, for example:,Khorne would go from the grimdark war-god of BLOOD, BLOOD, SKULLS, SKULLS, DEATH, WAR, MORE WAR, MORE BLOOD, MORE SKULLS, etc.


,(image from games workshop),To every paladinu2019s favorite, an annoyingly noblebright champion of decency and virtue, heu2019d be all Honour this, nobility that.

,(image from forgotten realm dnd),Slaanesh would go from the god/goddess of sex, drugs and rock u2018nu2019 roll,(image from games workshop),To just normal ordinary love and romance.

,(image from the internet),Nurgle would go from hilarious pox-ridden mountain of joy and kindness,(image from games workshop),To a god of just normal life and regrowth.

,(image from the internet),While Tzeentch that cosmic-level space-mollusk would go from warping your flesh into new and interesting forms,(image from games workshop),To being just all hopeful and sweet.

,(image from the internet),While itu2019s true all these things are fine and dandy in there own ways, they simply are not the dark Gothic brutally violent madness that is the 41st millennium, we all know and love.

,40k is meant to be a world were martial pride will inevitably be corrupted into blood-fulled savagery, while love corrodes into obsession, a persons stubbornness and desire to live becomes ever darker slowly falling into morbidity whilst the hope for a better tomorrow will slowly twist and change you, mind, body and soul into shapes unrecognizable even to your own mother as you chase it ever on towards eternal damnation.

,That kinda the whole point, it is the franchise that coined the term grimdark after all.

,This isnu2019t even mentioning that the ruinous powers are only one of the many disconnected and disparate reasons that galaxy is the cosmic-level fuster-cluck it is, but the shear lunacy and extremity of the setting is a significant part of the appeal.

,We fans all know and will happily admit the setting is a godawful place to live in, yet its that very fact that makes it so compelling, when you read about the live or death struggles of a mere guardsmen, willing him to succeed against the impossible odds, all the you while knowing that regardless of the result he will not be missed, it is quite unlike nearly any other setting out there.

,Hell if you asked a star trek fan if they would want to live in the world of the show, the answer is almost certainly yes.

If you asked the same of a star wars fan theyu2019d probably answer the same.

If however you where to ask a 40k fan that question the answer heu2019d almost immediately give is, oh hell no, followed by a long list of all the terrible ways heu2019d die if he said yes.

,Honestly i went off on a bit tangent there, so in summary if the dark gods were to be fueled by positive rather than negative emotions it would take a significant part of the flavor of the setting away.

,Although thinking about it further, if you retro-actively applied the original in-universe logic to this new set of emotions it would still turn out just as badly for all involved, this is because the denizens of the warp would still retain their inevitable drive for ever greater intensity of feeling and thus ever greater power for themselves, in so doing they would slowly and inescapably corrupt those once positive emotions into dark, twisted parodies of themselves in time, thus maintaining the grimdark in the long run just at a lower intensity than before.

,Hope that helps.

League voice keeps disconnecting

Ill be using the both the Justice League animated series core members as well as the movie members for this answer.

,u2022Batman,More often than not, he serves as he field team leader during combat/battle.

He and Superman are often considered to be the founders of the Justice League.

When not on the field, Batman actively serves as a kind of forward scout, gathering intel on various individuals from the top of the food chain to the bottom.

Even going as far as to follow bread crumbs of such individuals from other worlds or dimensions.

Heu2019s even known to utilize these skills as a u201cjust in caseu201d scenario for his own teammates in the unlikely scenario that they become rogue and turn against the people of the Earth.

His strong sense of justice (or rather justice at any cost besides murders) often puts him at odds with other members of the League.

But make no mistake, he will defend them all to his dying breath if needed.

Even if it meant going head to head with them.

,u2022Superman,Operating within the first and last lines of defense for the Earth, Superman is a heavy hitter thats every bit as immovable as he is nearly unstoppable.

Primarily, he acts as the moral compass for the League with his country boy raising serving as a staunch foundation for Big Boy Blue.

Often regarded as a brawler or muscle head, Superman has shown himself capable of some impressive intellectual feats.

Both his caring and good nature has helped many an individual (superpowered or not) in a wide range of situations.

Many view his impressive power set and power levels as something that can only be regarded as a threat or a sleeping bomb.

To this end, he works tirelessly to control himself as both the hero and the reporter.

Always willing to fight the good fight, Superman is nothing less than greatest of the greats.

,u2022Wonder Woman,Like Superman, she also serves as a heavy hitter for the Justice League.

But unlike others, she serves as the heart of the League, believing that all things deserve a chance for life so long as itu2019s not threatening all that she defends and loves.

She is a staunch believer and defender of justice with no reservations about doing whatever is needed to ensure it, including taking lives.

She has, on more than occasion proven that she is more than capable of standing either shoulder to shoulder or face to face against mortals, aliens and gods.

Whereas many people believe that she is hardly more than just a u201cfemale presenceu201d, make no mistake here.

Wonder Woman has proven that her gender has nothing to do with her capabilities as a team player or as a warrior.

,u2022Cyborg,Inarguably the most u201chumanu201d of the Justice League.

He operates as the tech guy and also as the heavy artillery.

Of all the members of the Justice League, Cyborg seems to have the most human heart of them all, not only caring deeply for everyone around him but also understanding that some actions need to be taken.

Hes often at odds with himself over his appearance and how hell never be fully human again.

However hes always been capable of putting his personal feelings aside for the sake of the team.

His unique physiology allows him to perform a large number of mechanical and computerized acts at once, all while maintaining a near robotic level of performance.

When he isnt hard at a task (which is almost never) he can always be found running data or improving himself.

But even with all this said, he always find time to enjoy a good game of football or just chilling with a few friends.

,u2022Martian Manhunter,Due to the fact that the Martian Manhunter has recently been at odds with the League on the comic, Iu2019ll be focusing on his time as a Justice League member from the animated series in which he made a profound impact on the team.

Acting at times as an enemy of the Justice League (by virtue of conflicting ideals) and as a member of the League Im the past, he could easily be regarded as the u201csoulu201d of the Justice League, choosing often times to preserve life and find a way to comprise in all situations.

The most alien of the League, Jonn is the odd man out, but thats never stopped him from wholeheartedly trying to blend in (via shape shifting abilities) with humanity and truthfully seeking to enjoy his time on Earth as he learns and understands more about our cultures and societies.

Jonn has proven himself to be a truly formidable opponent when angered and a very cunning one at that when it comes to defending his ideals or team members or taking the fight to the bad guys.

One of his most notable abilities is that he allows members of the League to use him as a kind of person to person chat with members in a pinch, using telepathic channels Jonn has set up to reach out to him to relay information.

,u2022Flash,The fastest man (more accurately, the fastest individual) alive.

Barry is the voice of reason among the League.

Hes often portrayed as being immature and quick to act, but this is because he can think faster than he can run.

Barry is more than willing to try an help absolutely everyone he can but he also realizes that even with his powers, hes only human.

In the field, hes a blur of action performing scouting, recon, rescue and retrieval ops.

Like his allies, hes also willing to fight the good fight.

But unlike his allies, he seems (at times) to be the one most personally affected by negative results and blaming himself.

He probably has the biggest heart of the Justice League members.

,u2022The Green Lantern(s),Taken at face value, its easy to see the Green Lanterns as just another police force.

And while as thats true to a point, they also serve as so much more than this.

The Green Lanterns are a highly specialized, skilled and experienced combative team that work incredibly well with and within any given group.

They serve as the very foundation for trust and teamwork within the Justice League and seeing as how they have a large number of members from an equally as large number of races and worlds, the Green Lantern Corp is exactly what the League needs to keep them open-minded about their acceptance of others.

Their diverse roster brings about many unique experiences and these experiences all serve to aid them with dealing with any threat.

And its in this that we find their greatest contribution to the League.

The Green Lantern Corp is truly the living embodiment of the very essence of the League.

They are a team of different people who come together to bring about real and good change.

To every life and sector that they touch upon.

,u2022Aquaman,Arthur is an impressive individual who has overcome a large deal of misfortune and personal loss and still stands steadfast and ready to defend his people and Earth.

As king of Atlantis, he is not only a fair and decisive king, but also a truly fierce opponent being strong, fast and durable enough to take the fight to even Superman.

Often times, his worst critic is himself and as such, he always tries to carry himself in a kingly manner.

He is however, often disconnected with humanity as he spends more time in Atlantis.

This can make him act very harshly and seemingly unfair.

But remember, he has a kingdom to run.

One that isnt composed of humans.

,And there ya go.

League keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

Thats a very big decision that everybody goes through? It is the uncertainty and unknown of the future that causes anxiety.

You will be on your u201cownu201d to control u201cyour timeu201d pleasures, relationships, activities sports travel and finances for 8hrs a day, for the next 20 yrs.

age 85?(Check your life expectancy calculator to be more accurate ?Also,our health is a factor relating cost, health care and our restriction in do the things we enjoy doing?,Thereu2019s a 50u201350 chance you will be satisfied with either decision? But, here is a suggestion, break down ages from 65 to 85 in 2yr increments .

Example 66u201368 68u201370 70-72 72u201374 74u201376 76u201378 78u201380 82u201384 84u201386 Now it is a little easier to look at the u201chealthu201d aspect of u201cretirementu201d vs health in the u201cwork placeu201d There is no one answer that fits all?I have a friend that retired and then started painting and doing odd jobs for seniors.

He loves it and works 6 and 7 days a week.

He has replaced his 40 yr + work routine with his own routine.

Something that gets him up in the morning.

He most certainly doesnu2019t need the money?(He is 80 +),Regardless of the decision good health is the key.

( I retired in 1990 worked at other jobs I liked, until 2000? From my experience I can sum up whats important, and that is FAH ( Friends - Activities - Health ) When we retire we u201cdisconnectu201d from the work force and reconnect to our retirement friends .

Iu2019ve been retired 29 yrs, this acronym u201cFAHu201d says it all.

POST IT ON YOUR MIRROR ?,PS I still play ball on a seniors league,pleasure skate 3 times a week with a adult- seniors group and downhill ski when the weather is good?

League of Legends disconnect in loading screen

Disclaimer: This post is long.

Hereu2019s a compilation of gaming terms you should know when playing the following genres:,General:LOL/LUL: Laughing out loud.

,LoL: League of Legends (only including this because there is a difference),XD/xD/xd/Xd: A smiley used to express an emotions that I canu2019t describe.

,GG: Good game.

,BG: Bad game.

,GF: Good fight,,GR: Good round.

,GLHF: Good luck have fun.

,HF: Have fun.

,RMB/LMB: Right mouse button.

Left mouse button.

,Noob/n00b/newbie/nub: A new player or derogatory for someone who sucks at the game.

,FPS: Frames per second.

,One shot: To kill someone in with one high-damaging ability.

May also be used to refer to any skill which instantly kills something.

,KDA or KDR: Kills/deaths/assists.

Kill/death ratio.

,Iframes/Iframe: A frame/frames in which your character is immune to damage.

These frames may be used to dangerous one shots or other CC abilities.

,Lag: Noticeable delay between when you press a key to the action of your character in the game.

,Ping: Network latency.

,DLC: Downloadable content.

,Nerf/nerfing: To make changes to a game which worsen an aspect of the game e.


nerfing a character implies that the character becomes less powerful.

,Buff/buffing: To make changes to a game which makes an aspect of the game stronger e.


buffing a character implies that the character becomes more powerful.

,Owned/pwnd: When you get a hard to execute kill and you want to brag about it you say that you owned that player.

,Rekt: When you kill someone in a flashy or hard to execute way.

,Rage quit: Stopping the game youu2019re playing because you got angry that you lost.

,Tilting/tilted: Getting angry as a result of something in a game which does not go the way you wanted it to (tilting), leading to a state of being where you cannot play properly as a result (tilted).

This term is often used loosely in a jokingly manner.

,Rubberbanding: When your character gets stuck in a hilarious back and forth, incredibly awkward looking motion.

It may also refer to when the AI unrealistically compensates for the player being too far ahead or behind.

,RNG: Random number generation, often referring to the randomness of what kind of rewards a boss will drop.

,Teabagging: The act of repeatedly crouching over someoneu2019s corpse in a game to show arrogance and disregard for an enemy.

,Cheese strategy: A cheap, easily countered strategy that should, in theory, be easy to counter, but when a player falls for a cheese strategy at a high level, it may cause that player to become annoyed or tilted.

As I understand it, cheesing is often done is fighting games by juggling a player repeatedly in a corner, making them immobile and hence quitting the game.

,Ragequitting: To quit a game as a result of being enraged.

,AFK: Away from keyboard.

,BRB: Be right back.

,Lmao/lmfao: Laughing my (fucking) ass off.

,ROFL(lmao): Rolling on floor laughing.

,OMEGALUL: Exaggeration of LOL.

,FTW: For the win.

,Twitch: Streaming site: TwitchMLG: Major League Gaming can be used to refer to a player as being exceptionally good.

,Risky play: A play from which you can earn a high reward but which also carries a huge risk of failure.

,PogCHAMP: This Twitch emote:,Poggers: Something awesome.

,Source: u2018PogChamp, Twitch, Twitch Chat, viralmemeu2019 Sticker by viralmemeGratz/GZ: Congratulations.

,JK: Just kidding.

,IRL/RL: In real life.

,ATM: At the moment.

,TTYL: Talk to you later.

,TYT: Take your time.

,TY/thx: Thank you.

,WB: Welcome back.

,BBL: Be back later.

,NP: No problem.

,GTG: Got to go.

,Premade: A group of friends playing together in a group that was already pre-determined.

,DC: Disconnected.

,Spam: Doing the same action repeatedly, often considered annoying.

,Triggered: An enemy or mob doing an action that annoys you, so you say youu2019re triggered because it makes you mad.

Often used jokingly now.

,Trolling: Purposely trying to make your team lose.

,HUD/UI: Heads up display/User interface aka.

the stuff on your screen that shows your stats and abilities etc.

,EZ: Easy.

,Leet/1337: The elite.

,Salty: To be annoyed and bitter,Toxic/BM: Being an asshole to other people in game.

BM stands for bad mouthing or bad manners.

,Triple A games: Big budget games.

,Bug: An error in a game.

,Glitch: An error in a game.

,LAN: Local network.

Can also refer to several people getting together to play while in the same room instead of using services like Discord to communicate.

,Acc: Account.

,NS: Nice shot.

,MB: My bad.

,MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) e.


League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite:Health/HP: Health refers to how much damage your character can take before dying.

HP stands for hit points.

,Mana: Mana is the resource needed to cast abilities and ultimate.

,Ability/Abilities: A specific skill set relating to one character in the game.

,Ultimate often referred to as simply u201cultu201d: The most powerful ability in your arsenal.

May also be referred to as an ability.

,AoE: Area of effect.

Often used when referring to abilities and what they can do.

,DoT: Damage over time.

,HoT: Heal over time.

,Burst damage/heal: Refers to an ability which deals instant damage or insta-heals a certain amount rather than doing damage over time (DoT).

,Hero, Champion, God etc.

: Refers to the character you play.

,Cooldown/CD: The down time of an ability right after you cast it to when you can cast it again.

,CDR: Cooldown reduction.

,Basic attack/auto attack (AA): The primary fire of your character that you will use when your abilities are on cooldown.

,Melee: Your characteru2019s basic attacks that are usable at close distances.

,Ranged: Your characteru2019s basic attacks that are usable from range.

,A Lane: Broken into several subsections:,The mid-lane (a midlaner is the person who defends the mid-lane):,The short lane/the solo lane/off-lane (a solo laner is the person who defends the solo lane):,The duo lane/the long-lane:,The jungle is everything which is not lane (a jungler roams the jungle and kills camps to gain experience.


,Jungle camps (most often referred to as just u201ccampsu201d): Monsters in the jungle whom a player can get experience or buffs from killing.

,ADC/The carry: The attack damage carry is in the duo-lane and is meant to dish out the most damage on the team in order to gain a victory.

,Tank/Support: The tank stands in the duo-lane with the ADC and protects him/her among other things.

A tank has high health and a low damage output.

,Buffs: A buff is an increase in your characters statistics for a limited duration e.


in many games you will come across the mana buff that is gained from killing a specific jungle camp.

The mana buff gives you increased mana regeneration for a period of time.

,Mana buff/Blue buff: Explained above.

,Damage buff/red buff: The buff which gives increased power for a certain period of time.

,Speed buff/orange buff (relating to Smite): The buff which gives increased movement speed for a certain period of time.

,Cooldown reduction buff/White buff: Not sure if it exists anymore, but this buff gives cooldown reductions (CDR) for a certain period of time.

,To Gank/Ganking: The act of sneakily approaching a lane to help out your team put pressure in the lane or get a kill on an enemy.

The jungler will come from the jungle and surprise attack one of the three lanes.

,Minion/creep: An NPC (computer controlled) that comes down the lane that you kill in order to gain experience to level up.

,Minion/creep wave, often referred to as just a u201cwaveu201d: Clusters of minions that march down the lane.

,Clear: To eliminate something e.


a creep wave.

,Gold: The currency used to purchase items, which better your character, from the store in the game.

,CS-ing/Last hitting: Getting the killing blow on a minion in order to get maximum benefits from it in terms of gold gain.

CS stands for creep score.

,Early, mid and late game: Stages of the game e.


early game is when each team has one point in their ultimate and prior to this, whereas the late game is when everyone is maxed out in gear (purchasable with gold from the store) and level.

The mid game is in between these two stages.

,Team comp: Team composition.

,Being passive: Trying to avoid taking as little fights as possible and not initiating any fights.

,Farming: This term can be used if your team is for example your team comp is a better late game team, and you want to focus on getting there as fast as possible, so you play a passive game until later in the game, where your team comp shines.

,Kiting/juking: Avoiding enemy attacks to stay alive.

,Crowd control (CC): Abilities with effects that hinders or fully prevents enemy movement such as a stun/daze/slow etc.

,Chain CC: A chain of crowd control abilities that completely shuts down enemy movement.

,Lifesteal: Attacks or item effects which allow you to gain health by attacking enemies.

,Feeding: Continuously dying.

Intentional feeding refers to when you get killed continuously to help the enemy team get an advantage at the cost of your own team, and it is not advised to do it.

,Being fed: To have a HUGE advantage in kills.

,Carrying: To be so good that you are the sole reason that your team wins the game.

This can be done by getting fed or being at a huge level advantage which enables you to get kills and hence win the game.

,A Build: The sequence and types of items you buy in a certain game on a certain character.

,Broken/overpowered: Characters which break the game because they are simply too good compared to the rest of the characters.

,A pick: The character you choose to play in the character selection screen.

,A must pick: A character that must be picked in every game because it is overpowered or broken.

,A tier list: A list, often created by professional players with great insight into a game, which provides information over which characters are good and which are bad.

,S tier/God tier: Characters which are blatantly broken or overpowered and are a must-pick in every game.

,A tier: Strong characters that often make up the meta game.

,B tier: Good characters.

,C tier: Average characters.

,D tier: Below average characters.

,E: Weak characters that almost never get picked up.

,F tier: Donu2019t pick these characters.

,The meta: Characters in a game which are most often picked in high level play because they bring something strong to the table.

The meta game also refers to the places in which a jungler, mid-laner, duo lane and the solo-laner starts at the beginning of a match e.


a jungler and a mid-laner might team up to take the mana buff at the beginning of a game.

It can be considered as that which is the fixed standard for playing a game that is ever evolving.

,Back dooring: When the enemy teamu2019s core/titan/nexus is really low and you kill it without the enemy team noticing to win the game.

,MIA/missing: A player is missing from a lane in which they would be under normal circumstances.

MIA stands for missing in action.

,Splitting experience: Being two people in one lane that under normal circumstances only have one player in it in order to share experience with the entire team.

,Soaking experience: The process of being the character to come into a lane to gain experience.

This term can be used negatively to refer to a player who keeps soaking all the experience from one particular lane, starving the player in that lane and putting the team at a disadvantage.

,Underleveled: Being levels behind the enemy team.

,Roaming: Walking around in the jungle from lane to lane looking for opportunities or soaking experience.

,Rotating: Moving from one lane to another to group up with the team.

,Pushing/Making a push: The act of grouping up and trying to get one of the enemy structures (e.


a tower, inhibitor, turret, get the Baron/Fire Giant etc.

) down.

,Being squishy: Characters with low HP that are easy to kill e.


mages, ADCs and any high damage, low health targets,,Glass canon: Characters with low health and high damage.

,Focus: To prioritize to kill.

,Harassing/poking: Doing chip damage to the enemy to slowly lower their HP.

Think war of attrition.

,DPS player: A character with high damage output.

DPS stands for damage per second.

,Peel: Helping a team member survive by trying to turn the enemyu2019s focus away or crowd controlling them away from a key DPS player on your team.

,Baiting: Making a play to get rid of a high cooldown skill of an enemy player, e.


the flash in League of Legends or an ultimate, without using any major cooldowns on your team.

It can also be used to refer to the action of getting low in HP and then baiting the enemy to follow you (because he or she wants to kill you) into your team wherein your team will punish and kill him.

,Deserter: The punishment for leaving too many matches in a row before they are finished which ruins the game for your team.

,The word counter can be put in front of many of these term with the meaning that is expected e.


counterganking, counterbuilding, counterjungling (meaning that you steal away the buffs in the enemy jungle),FPS (First person shooter) e.


Counterstrike, Overwatch, Call of Duty:Tank: The character with the most health.

,Main tank: The tank who can create space and do well on this own.

Think Reinhardt or Winston in Overwatch.

,Off-tank: The tank that needs the support of healers or other tanks to perform well.

Think Zarya in Overwatch.

,Support/healer: The character who can heal the team.

,DPS: The character that deals damage.

,Flanker: The DPS that flanks behind the enemy team to take out or distract key targets.

,Not sure if this has a name, but the other DPS that stands in the backline and does reliable damage from a safe distance.

,Creating space: Being in an area as a tank that allows the backline to do damage and heal safely.

,Frontline: The place where the tanks will stand to create space.

,Backline: The place behind the tanks where the healers and DPS characters will stand to heal and do damage.

,Payload: The load carried by a vehicle exclusive of what is necessary for its operation used in the game mode u201cEscortu201d.

,KOTH: King of The Hill refers to the game mode where two teams must compete for the dominance over a single point.

,2CP: 2 Control points which must be captured to be victorious.

,CTF: Capture the flag.

,Deathmatch/Free for all (FFA): A game mode where all players fight against all players, and the player who gets the most kills by the end of the round wins.

,Team deathmatch (TDM): Two teams with one life each.

Eliminating the enemy team before the eliminate you grants a win.

,Survival: Two teams against each other fight until either of the teams have no lives left, meaning that the team with lives left has won.

,Camping: Standing in a hidden place and waiting for players to come to you so that you can get a cheap kill.

Often this is seen with people who play snipers.

,Search and destroy: A game mode where one team plants a bomb, and the other team has to try to disarm it before it blows up.

,Crouch/crouching: To bend your knees lol.

,APM: Actions per minute.

,Game sense: How well aware a player is of what is going on around him.

,Aimbot: Refers to a way of hacking in a game that allows your to have 100% accuracy in all of your shots.

,Wall-hacks: Refers to a way of hacking in a game that allows you to see through walls.

,A frag/fragging: A kill.

,No scope: To get a kill, often with a sniper, without scoping in.

,LoS: Line of sight.

,KP: Kill point.

,Friendly fire: Being able to also damage a team mate.

,To respawn: When you die, you wait for a set amount of time before you come back alive in a game.

This is called respawning.

,A push: Refers to the action of going in as a group in a coordinated attempt to make progress on a payload, a point or a score.

,To pick someone off: The act of getting a kill before the team fight has begun, effectively ending the incoming push because the enemy team has to wait for the dead player to respawn.

,To clutch: Make a play when you are at a player disadvantage that saves the push for your team and allows you to come out on top.

,Hard counter: A character that is good to play against a certain character.

,Soft counter: A character that is good to play against a certain counter, but is not as good as a hard counter.

,Melee: A short, quick, close ranged attack that deals minimal damage but may allow you to clutch out a kill instead of letting the kill get away as you reload your magazine.

,Team wipe: Killing the entire enemy team.

,Wombo combo: Refers to several ultimates being used in combinations in order to team wipe.

,Spread: This refers to a certain kind of gun that has decreased accuracy as a function of the time where the player holds down the trigger.

,Burst fire: Firing in short bursts to avoid your weapon spread.

,Headshot/critical hit: Shooting someone in the head.

,Bodyshot: Shooting someone in the body.

,Weapon accuracy percentage: Measures how good you are at hitting other players.

,Damage fall off: This refers to some characters who are effective at short to medium range and therefore do less damage at long range, meaning that they have a damage fall off at long range.

,Hitscan: Characters with guns that, when they fire, they instantly do damage in that line in contrast to:,Projectile: Which has travel time before it hits its targeted location e.


a rocket launcher shoots a projectile.

,Choke point: The main doorway or opening at a point on e.


a payload map.

,KDR/KD: Kill/death ratio.

,Kill cam: The replay you see of your own death.

,PUG: Game of randomly selected players,Scrim: Arranged, custom game between two teams that are trying to become better or practicing against each other.

,The ladder: The long list of players who play the competitive game mode in order to become the number one best player in the world.

Also refers to the place that the people are when they play ranked.

,Comp/competitive play/ranked: A game mode that is more serious and intended towards players who want to climb the ladder.

,Leaver: A person who left the match before it was finished.

,Smurf: A player at the top of the competitive ladder who makes a lower level account to play with people who are worse than him.

This can be done to ruin low level games or to play with a friend who is at a lower rank than you, whom you cannot play with because your rank is too high.

,Alt account: Alternative account.

,Trickling in: Going in one by one and dying.

,Flashed: White screen while you are hit by a flashbang grenade.

,Smoke: Smoke grenade that blocks line of sight.

,Smoke/gas/ring: In battle royale games, this refers to the ring that pushes the players together, since it does damage to you if you stand in it.

,Iu2019ve never played CS:GO, so hereu2019s a random list that I found online of CS:GO gaming terms: Steam Community :: Guide :: The Great CS:GO DictionaryMMORPGS (Mass multiplayer online role playing games) e.


World of Warcraft, TERA, Runescape:Class: The type of character that you choose.

,Tanks/warriors/knights etc.

are characterized by having high HP and high defense.

,Mage/sorcerer/elementalist etc.

are characterized by having either high firepower or high controlling abilities, meaning that they have high CC.

,Assassins/rouges/thieves etc.

are characterized by their low HP and high damage often with stealth and traps.

,Ranger/trapper/bow-person etc.

are characterized by low HP and high damage.

They do damage from afar and often lay traps for their enemy.

,Healer/cleric/priest etc.

are characterized by their supportive nature and ability to heal the team.

,A mixture of these classes are often made under different names.

,Race: The species that you choose for your character which are often:,Humans.

,Dark/light/high elves.

,Animal crossover.


,Midget/small, cute race.

,Demons,Level up: Becoming a little bit stronger.

,Leveling: Planning to go from a low level to a higher level or the act of doing it.

,Grinding You can grind many things e.


experience to level up, or items to becoming stronger.

This means that you do something repeatedly, and it can often be a tedious task.

,Aggro: The attention of monsters put on a player e.


a tank can pull aggro to make sure that his team is not being targeted and are safe to do damage from a distance.

,Attribute: Special characteristics of a certain class e.


strength, intelligence, dexterity.

,BAM: Big ass monsters are characterized by having high HP and giving medium good rewards.

,Loot: The rewards that drop from killing monsters.

,Bind on equip: An item which, when equipped, cannot be traded.

,Souldbound: An item which, when looted, cannot be traded.

,Account bound: An item which, when looted, can only be transferred between characters on your account.

,Account wide: Items, abilities which can be used and shared between all characters on your account.

,NPC: Non-player character is a character controlled by the computer.

,Corpse run: The act of retrieving your u201ccorpseu201d when you have died.

,Critical chance/crit: Extra damage that triggers based on a stat called the critical chance or something along those lines.

Not to be confused with critical damage which is damage multiplier when you roll a crit.

,Crafting: A set of skills that allow you to craft your own weapons and items.

,Debuff: The opposite of a buff.

,Dex: Dexterity.

,Sin: Assassin.

,Str: Strength.

,Int: Intelligence.

,Item rarity is split up into several sections explained below:White items: Common loot,,Green items: Less common than white items, but very common as well.

,Blue items: Less common than green items, but fairly common as well.

,Purple/pink items: less common than green items and not very common.

,Orange/red items: Often referred to as legendary or mythical items and are very rare.

,Yellow items: Extremely rare items.

,Some games use the two last tiers interchangeably or in reverse order, but the first four tiers are very commonly accepted among the MMORPG community as being the definitions stated above.

,Experience/XP/EXP: Resource gained from killing monsters that, when you have gained enough, you will level up.

,PvP: Player versus player.

,PvE: Player versus environment.

,Mobs: Monster that are NPC that you kill to gain experience or loot.

,To spawn: A player or mobs who come out of nowhere that you must deal with.

,Add: Additional mob spawning during a boss encounter.

,Dungeon: An area that you go to with a party to clear the mobs and the boss of that dungeon for a chance to loot a specific item or for experience.

,Raid: Can often not be accessed more than once a week and is a big place with mobs and several bosses that test your teamwork as a bigger party than what you would bring to a dungeon.

,Farming: This can mean that you try to grind a specific dungeon to gain a piece of rare loot.

It can also mean that you are repeatedly killing someone in a PvP environment.

,F2P: Free to play.

,Pay to win/P2W: A game wherein certain items can be purchased for money that give you an advantage over other players.

This is hated within the gaming community, and gamers prefer not to play these games.

,Guild: an organization of people with related interests, goals, etc.

especially one formed for mutual aid or protection GM: Guild master.

,GC: Guild chat.

,Griefing: Going into PvP and killing players who have no chance against you to feel better about yourself lol.

I actually had to google this.

,Inc: Incoming.

,Instance: Instance based means that your party was formed using random players who wanted to do the same activity as you.

,KS: Kill steal.

,PM/whisper: Private message.

,LFG: Looking for group.

,Mez: Mesmerize is a status effect that immobilizing mobs or players.

,Min-maxing: Optimizing.

,Mod: Modification used to change the game.

Often used by players to change the way certain things look in a game e.


if you are colorblind, and the game does not offer a colorblind mode, you can install a mod to fit your colorblindness.

,OOM: Out of mana.

,Main: The character you played the most and prefer to play.

,PK: Apparently people use this???? It means player kill.

,Power leveling: Leveling fast.

,Luring: You can lure a mob by gaining its attention/aggro to pull it into a specific place since the mob will follow you when you hold its aggro.

,Pulling: One person lures several mobs in an area to make it easier for the party of kill them fast as they are grouped up.

,Quest: A task you accept form an NPC that, when completed, gives you a reward.

,Regen: Regeneration of mana or HP.

,Respec: Changing the attributes or skills of your character, often for a fee.

,Rez/res: Resurrection.

,Soulbound: Bound to your character and cannot be traded.

,Twink: A powerful low level character used to dominate a level bracket.

,Getting wiped or wiping: Refers to when the entire party dies or when you kill the entire enemy team.

,WTB: Want to buy.

,TP/port: Teleport.

,WTS: Want to sell.

,Dinging: Leveling up.

,IGN: In game name.

,Bait: Often used to describe characters moving to certain places in order to bait the bossu2019s mechanic to target you or the area under you in order to minimize wasting important space.

,Threat/Aggro: A number value that each player has that determines who the mob will attack.

The higher threat, the more aggro a player will have.

,Fixated: Refers to a mob that can target a random player in spite of threat/aggro on it.

,Sorry if I missed some.

Iu2019ll add them if you tell me what they are.

League of Legends connection issues

Even though Iu2019ve put in a lot of hours into Dota2 and less than 100 into LoL my opinion of why I play Dota2 is based on mostly the pay 2 win aspect.

Rune Mastery and buying heros automatically gives me and advantage over a person unable or unwilling to pour money into the game.

Sure Iu2019ve probably dumped $200 into Dota but NONE of it gave me an edge over another player.

I bought the pretty hats.

,I play dota because I like itu2019s competitive nature, and having every hero available as well as not having to pay for those small extra edges given by runes makes it a level playing field for everyone.

And no, I donu2019t care if playing 20k hours would eventually unlock everything in LoL for free.

Thatu2019s not fair to say, that is still nowhere near a level playing field.

,The only unfairness I have to deal with in Dota2 is internet connection issues on my team or on the opponents team that is affecting their performance.

League of Legends Troubleshooting

League of Legends (LoL) refusing to launch is a common occurrence on Windows PC.

This often happens when the app never closed properly, or because some background apps are interfering with LoL.

,Go through the troubleshooting solutions below to restore League of Legends back to normalcy on your device.


Ensure League of Legends Is Really ClosedYour PC might not run LoL if you didnu2019t close the app properly the last time you opened the program.

Terminate LoL in the Task Manager and relaunch the app.

,Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager.

,Look for processes labeled u201cLeague of Legendsu201d, u201cRiotu201d or similar names.

,Right-click on each process and select End Task.

,Try reopening the game after removing all running instances of League of Legends.


Run League of Legends as an AdministratorIf you have zero luck launching the LoL directly from its installation folder, try running the game as an administrator.

Right-click on LeagueClient.

exe and select Run as Administrator.


Repair the League of Legends AppThe LoL PC client has a built-in repair functionality that lets you troubleshoot and fix issues affecting the app.

Note that this only works if the launcher itself opens.

,Locate and open League of Legendsu2019 installation directory.

,Right-click LeagueClient.

exe and select Run as Administrator.

,Sign in when prompted to.

,Select the gear icon in the top-right corner.

,In the General tab, select the Initiate Full Repair button in the u201cTroubleshootingu201d section.

,Launch the game when the full repair is complete and check if that resolves the problem.

Otherwise, try other recommendations below.


Reboot Your Computer5.

Close Potentially Interfering Apps6.

Update or Reinstall Your GPU Driver7.

Update Windows8.

Reinstall League of LegendsCheck out troubleshooting tutorial on Online-Tech-Tips.

com for more fixes to try when League of Legends wonu2019t launch on your PC.