I want to buy an affordable Android smartphone. Which are the best ones which come under Rs 7000 (good RAM and camera)?

Affordable Android phones with the best camera

Thanks for the A2A,I think there is only one phone that fits your budget perfectly is the Xiaomi Redmi 2 , which will cost you just in your budget .

,Now this phone has almost what you can expect from a phone with double its price , now the UI is just a little bit tacky but still it does the job quite well , now it also has some problems with the after sales service but if you are in some big city you will be able to manage them .

,Hope this helps .





Best budget camera phones 2022

i suggest the poco m3 it has 48mp back camera which can take hdr photos and you can do basic editing on it for social media,also it is only 10000rs or arounf 145 dollars,hope this helped if it did please upvote ;)

Android phone with best camera and battery life

Depends on your thresholds and expectations,All the major flagships at the moment have top-notch cameras - S22/Plus/Ultra, Pixel 6/Pro, Vivo X80 Pro.

They have their strengths and weaknesses, like the Vivo exceeds at extreme stabilization but the color profile is often too saturated, the Pixel excels at extreme situations like very dark photos or where HDR is needed but sucks at video, the Samsung is more all-round and fixes video and is a GOD at zoom.

nSo choose what you need.

,With battery too, all give one-day battery, at which point you donu2019t need to care about which is better and just plug in at night.

Take the Pro/Ultra versions of these if you want the extra peace of mind, and all have battery saver modes anyway