Should I buy an iPhone XS or wait for the iPhone 11?

iPhone XS night mode camera app

There are several significant differences between the iPhone Xs and the iPhone 11.

In some areas, the iPhone Xs is still much better and in some, the latter one just beats the hell out of its predecessor.

,But, to be perfectly clear, the iPhone 11 isnu2019t exactly the iPhone Xsu2019s descendant: itu2019s more of a successor of the iPhone Xr, while the iPhone 11 Pro continues the Xs lineup.

,So, with genealogy out of the way, letu2019s see how these two phones compare and what makes them differ from each other.

The first obvious difference is the chipset: 11 uses A13 Bionic chip while Xs is running on A12 Bionic.

,Now, despite the fact that the newest chipsets are always more powerful and fast, youu2019re not going to notice any significant difference between these phones in terms of performance.

Theyu2019re both very - and I mean, VERY - powerful smartphones.

There is nothing - no game, no app, no task - that they cannot perform without a single glitch or a bug.

So, the A13 is better but at that level of mastery, itu2019s not too significant.

,Next up, the RAM.

Here, again, do we come to a dissonance: the iPhone Xs has 3GB memory while the iPhone 11 - 4GB.

Of course, one additional gigabyte is always beneficial to the performance, however, when it comes to iOS devices, theyu2019ve always been very well optimized.

The numbers on a sheet donu2019t really make much difference because both of these phones are, still, very powerful.

,However, thereu2019s one particular area where the iPhone 11 gets a massive upgrade: the camera department.

While the iPhone Xsu2019 camera was already one of the best with its 12mp f/1.

8 main lens and a 12mp f/2.

4 2x zoom lens, the new iPhone gets the same resolution, however, the zoom lens is replaced with the ultra-wide lens which is so much more usable.

,Besides, the iPhone 11 has a staggering Night Mode which is basically a slow-shutter mode which is super-handy for night shots and astrophotography.

On top of that, thereu2019s a Deep Fusion mode which is automatically turned on when you get into not-too-dark but not-too-bright environments.

The software does the whole job, capturing several photos before you even press the button and one additional one after the fact.

The image that comes out of this whole process is such a high quality that youu2019ll be blown away.

,Now, the area where the iPhone Xs shines is the screen.

It has an OLED display with 1440p resolution while the iPhone 11 has a same-old LCD display with a bit more than a 720p resolution.

While you can quickly adjust to the iPhone 11u2019s low-resolution display, itu2019s nowhere near that 2K miracle thatu2019s also one of the top-rated on the market right now.

,So, these are some of the most prominent differences with the iPhone 11 and the iPhone Xs.

Does iPhone 8 Plus have Night mode camera

Although the iPhone 11 is cheap, it is not the cheapest iPhone on the market.

Apples iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus released in 2017, which have been discounted after the launch, and they are the most cost-effective iPhone on the market now.

Then what is the difference between Apples iPhone models?,iPhone 11 VS iPhone 8:1.

DesignIf you put iPhone 11 and iPhone 8 together, you wont mistake them.

The size of the iPhone 11 is 5.

94 x 2.

98 x 0.

33 inches, which is significantly higher and wider than the iPhone 8.

,Because the new iPhone adopts a full-screen design, while the iPhone 8 generation of the iPhone still uses the classic design, which has the upper and lower chin and the classic Home button.

This is a big innovation for Apples iPhone.

After Apple launched the notch screen full-screen iPhone, it led the trend of full-screen.

Nowadays, old-fashioned design is rarely seen on the market.

Both the new and older models have glass backplanes, but the iPhone 11 surpasses the iPhone 8 in colour selection.

For the new iPhone 11, you can choose from six colours: black, green, yellow, purple, white and red.

The iPhone 8 is available in gold, silver, red and black.


WaterproofThe iPhone 11 is more durable, and the IP68 waterproof rating allows it to soak for 30 minutes in 2 meters of water.

The iPhone 67 of the IP67 can only be immersed in water of 1 meter depth for the same time, but it is rare to put the phone into deep water in daily life.

Apple said that u201cthe iPhone 11 is more durable than before, and although third-party durability testing supports this claim, we still recommend buying the iPhone 11 caseu201d.

Its also worth mentioning that the iPhone 8 has a 3.

5mm headphone jack, which is crucial for some people who play games.


DisplayThe iPhone 11 has a larger display of 6.

1 inches and the iPhone 8 has a 4.

7-inch display.

Like the old iPhone, the iPhone 11 is also equipped with an LCD screen, but their names are different: Apple says the iPhone 11u2019s screen is Liquid retina display, while the iPhone 8s screen is retina display, but they are not much different.

The iPhone 11 has the same pixels per inch as the iPhone 8.

When we tested the display, they were similar in terms of colour reproduction and colour accuracy.

Both iPhones support True Tone, the technology that Apple adjusts to display based on ambient lighting.

iPhone 8 supports 3D Touch; while iPhone 11 is steering haptic feedback, users can call up shortcuts and other commands by long-pressing the iPhone screen.

Considering that iOS 13 adds support for long presses to all iPhones, losing 3D Touch support does not mean downgrading.


CameraAnother obvious difference between the old and new iPhones is the number of cameras on the back of the iPhone: the iPhone 11 is equipped with two lenses, while the iPhone 8 has only one 12MP widescreen camera with f/1.

8 aperture.

You can use the iPhone 8 to take some pretty good photos, but the iPhone 11 has a richer image thanks to its expanded features, including improved smart HDR and new night mode.

Apple focused on the video when it released the iPhone 11, so users will get some features, such as shooting 4K video with the front camera, and the iPhone 8s ability to shoot 4K video is limited to the rear camera.

Youll also experience some of the core features of the iPhone 11, such as slow-motion selfies and quick photos of still images.


PerformanceIn 2017, the A11 Bionic processor built into the iPhone 8 set an example for other smartphones.

It is arguably the best mobile phone processor at the time, but in the past two years, Apple has made even greater improvements to it.

Today, A13 The bionic chipset performs quite well on the iPhone 11 and all iPhone 11 models.

,Here are some data to give you an idea of the superior performance of the iPhone 11.

In the Geekbench 5, which measures overall performance, the iPhone 11 has a single-core score of 1,333 points and a multi-core score of 3,251 points.

But that doesnt mean the performance of the iPhone 8 drops, it just means that they wont be as fast as a mobile phone launched two years later.

The iPhone 8 still has many of the features of the iPhone 11, because the iOS 13 software update can run on the iPhone 8.


BatteryIn recent years, Apple has spent a lot of energy on mobile phone batteries, these efforts have achieved results in the battery life of mobile phones: In the battery test, iPhone 11s battery life is 11 hours and 16 minutes.

iPhone 8 performance is not so good, only 9 hours and 54 minutes.

During Apples release of iPhone 8 to iPhone 11, there was little change, both iPhones support fast charging, so you can charge your iPhone 50% in half an hour.

The problem is that you have to buy a quick charger separately because Apples iPhone 11 and iPhone 8 are not equipped with a fast charger.


PriceThe iPhone 11 for 64GB phones starts at $699, which is a very competitive price compared to other flagship products, but the price of the iPhone 8 is much lower than the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 8s 64GB model starts at $449.

,However, it should be noted that this years iPhone 11 is not a 5G version.

In the 5G environment, this is still very important.

If you have an iPhone 8 now and want to change the 5G version, it is not recommended to upgrade.

,iPhone 11 VS iPhone X will post next timeu2026

Does iPhone XR have Night mode camera

We compare iPhone 11 and iPhone XR from the aspects of appearance, configuration, camera.


AppearanceAs an upgraded version of the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 has no other major changes in appearance except the rear camera.

Both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR are designed with a double-sided glass body, and the thickness and weight of the body are the same (thickness 8.

3mm, weight 194g).

Both sides use the same Liquid Retina HD display on the front, and the screen size and border width remain the same.

,On the back, we can see that the iPhone 11 has been upgraded from a single shot of the iPhone XR to a double shot, and the camera module position is also located in the upper left corner of the back, but changed to the u201cbathroomu201d shape.

In terms of colors, the iPhone 11 offers six colors of purple, yellow, green, black, white, and red (green and purple are new colors).

Although the iPhone XR also provides 6 colors, it forms with the iPhone 11 in specific colors, specifically red, yellow, white, coral, black, blue.


Photo configurationWe know from the appearance that the iPhone 11 upgraded the rear camera module, the specific change is from the original iPhone XR 1200W pixel wide angle (f/1.

8) single camera upgrade to 12 million pixels wide angle (f/1.

8)+12 million pixels super wide angle (f/2.

4) Double shot.

As a result, the iPhone 11 has a significant improvement in camera capabilities compared to the iPhone XR, especially in the new night scene mode, which allows for relatively clear photos in dimly lit environments.

This is also a selling point for the promotion at this years conference.

,At the same time, the iPhone 11 is upgraded to a 12-megapixel front camera, which has a significant improvement in clarity compared to the iPhone XRs 7-megapixel camera.

But compared to the same level of Android phones, the iPhone 11s front camera configuration is less competitive.


performanceIn addition to the differences in the camera, the difference in performance between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR is also very obvious.

The iPhone 11 is powered by the Apple A13 Bionic processor, a 7nm process that delivers 30% better performance than the Apple A12 Bionic processor on the iPhone XR.

It is worth mentioning that the A13 Bionic processor uses the artificial intelligence core Neural Engine, the machine learning (ML) performance is greatly improved, the 8-core neural engine can perform 1 trillion operations per second, to bring 6 times performance upgrade.

,In addition, in terms of storage, iPhone 11 is upgraded from iPhone XRs 3GB storage to 4GB, and the capacity version is increased by 256GB to 64GB/128GB/256GB.

Thanks to the better-powered A13 processor and upgraded battery capacity, the iPhone 11 offers up to an hour longer than the iPhone XR.

However, it should be noted that the iPhone 11 still comes standard with a 5V/1A charging head (if you need fast charging, you need to purchase an additional 18W charging head).

In addition, the iPhone 11 waterproof capability is upgraded to IP68 (XR is IP67).


PriceThe price of Apple official website: Apple iPhone PriceCurrently the difference between iPhone XR and iPhone 11 is at $100.

,Actually, if you want to buy a 5G smartphone next year, I suggest that you can buy a used iPhone instead which is cheaper, and then you can update to the new 5G iPhone.

There are many e-commerce like Amazon, Backmarket, CellphoneAge, you may have a look.

iPhone 6s Night mode camera

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook sales in many developing countries including in India is decreasing because of three main reasonsu2026,First of all people having iPhones are not upgrading to the latest versions of the iPhones which is affecting its sells in developing countries.

,Second is the foreign exchange value which has increased too much which is finally increasing the value of dollar in comparison to the local currencies of the developing countries.

,Third reason is there battery replacement programme which made it inexpensive and efficient to replace the battery and hold onto their existing iPhones a bit longer he explained.

,But besides these reasons one more reason that Apples CEO would not like to mention it is that from Apples older iPhone let us take for example iPhone SE to iPhone XS max there is no major update in iphones if we leave face unlock, rather than increasing display size.

,Now people want some major updates in iPhone which encourage them to buy newer iphones.

,Apple should take this seriously otherwise sales worldwide will fall steeply and they can do nothing rather than watch .

,Updates upto 6 April 2019It seems that company has finally decided to expand its market in South East Asia ( in other words Indian market ) because company has initiated its iPhone 7 assembling in India with Taiwanese supplier Wistron also Apple is going to start manufacturing of X series iPhones in trial with Foxconn Technology Group and if it works than company is all set for setting its manufacturing plant in Chennai and Bangalore.

,For more information you can visit for more details.

,Finally it seems that company is focusing on 3 rd biggest smartphone market after taking lessons from previous incidents.

,Updates upto 13 Aug 2019So now Apple has terminated the selling of entry level iPhone models such as iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 6s/6s Plus in India to maximize its profits.

,We are only a month away from launch of new iPhone 11 but rumours are that it will not be 5G enabled.

So if again company price its iPhone appprox 1 lakh than I think no one is going to buy this time because OnePlus has already launched its OnePlus 7 which is cost effective with great features.

,Updates upto 21 Oct 2019As of now I hope you all have seen new iPhones.

Available in three models iPhone 11($699) , iPhone 11 Pro($999), iPhone 11 Pro Max($1099).

But it will get more costly after import taxes will be imposed by respective country.

,Most awaited Features:u2022 Fast ChargingMany iPhone users are crying for this because Android at very cheaper rate comes with fast charging.

Now since all three models support fast charging but only 11 pro and pro max comes with fast charger.

iPhone 11 supports fast charging but you need to purchase it from Apple store.

,u2022 Battery backupFor long time Android smartphones are beating iPhones when compared with battery backup.

But now this will not happen anymore.

iphone 11 pro max which comes with approx.

4000mah battery has successfully beaten Android smartphones makers mainly Samsung & Huawei.

Their top notch smartphones having battery size of approx.

4500mah failed to last longer in comparison to pro max battery by almost 30 min.

,Battery Drain test : iPhone+Huawei+Samsung,u2022 CameraiPhones have a major problem in camera segment is that the night mode but now those are things of past.

Now iPhone 11 series comes with night mode which gets enable automatically when you are in dark.

,This year iphone pro and pro max launched with wide & ultra wide lens and also with telephoto lens which enchances photography to the whole new level.

,Front facing camera(12 MP) supports 4K video recording.

,Minus Point :,We all expected that this years iphone will be 5G compatible but still these expensive iphones are incompatible with 5G.

For more features:,iPhone 11 iPhone 11 pro & iPhone 11 pro max Companys Feature Strategy:According to Apple their is no loss to company in not launching 5G incompatible iphones because 5G is still in testing phase and needs time to be fully available to citizens across globe, their are only very few operators those who provide 5G network.

Therefore nothing to worry about it.

Also it is clear that 2020 iphones will be 5G compatible.

Apple has already bought Intels modem development unit in order to develop 5G modems which will be fit into the iphones and hence they are working towards removing dependancy on Qualcomm.

,Also this year Apple shows some bold decisions to not to increase prices of iPhones but to increase profit of company by selling services to customers like TV+ and Arcade.

,For more details:,Apple Arcade Apple tv+ According to rumors 2020 iPhones will have no Notch.

Thats a big news for iphone lovers.

Also company is seemed to be planning to launch updated model of iPhone SE in 2020.

,Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple will launch at least one iPhone with very small notch.